Try Blab: A Fun and Easy Group Video Broadcasting Tool

With so many new, cool platforms emerging over the past year, social media feels new and exciting again. :)

One of these tools I’m diving into recently is Blab. It’s a place to watch live conversations, and the website itself describes it this way:

By Christine Gallagher

Why It’s Not Happening Faster

First of all, have you watched the video I made for you about why I am so excited to be focused on Mindset this month?

If not, go do that now, OK? I’ll wait 😉

Quite a few of my clients are eyeing the million-dollar mark this year. Some are looking at adding another million.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

The Bad Habit That Is Killing Your Business

I really hate to say this, but the reason you aren’t succeeding in your business is simple. You are lazy.

You are lazy.

By Michele A Scism

Can You Really Celebrate Your Way to Success?

As you’ve probably heard me say 100 times before, I see so much value in working with my business coach to help me think big, play even bigger and to stretch me so that I can live the most amazing version of my life possible.

What I’ve invested dollar-wise has come back to me many times over.

By Krista Martin

Internet Marketing ‘Insider Tips’ – 2/1 Edition

8 Surefire Ways to Build Your Email List Using Social Media – Article by Christine Gallagher

More people than ever are using social media tools so more of your target market is reachable there today than even just a few short months ago. Take advantage of these top ways to add subscribers when using social media sites so that you can begin communicating regularly with more potential clients and customers…more

By Terri Zwierzynski

How I Reprogrammed My Mind (So You Can Too)

People always want to know exactly what I did (and continue to do) to achieve the extraordinary results I experience in my business and in my life…

And today, I will tell you.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

SoloSecrets Weekly Newsletter 2/3


  • 2016 Top Social Media Strategies
  • Creating Handouts People Take Home
  • Outsourcing Checklist
By Terri Zwierzynski

Are You A Fraud?

Have you ever heard that little voice creep into your thoughts and say, “oh, yeah right. You aren’t good enough”, or “you don’t know enough to be an ‘expert’ and to help someone else”?

By Krista Martin

Here’s Why Your Last Launch Didn’t Make Money

Have you ever created an amazing product? One that would transform your clients businesses forever? As a reader of the Decisive Minds Blog, I bet that your answer is yes.

There is nothing better that pouring your heart and soul into launching a new product, class or coaching program. There is nothing more exciting than seeing all of your hard work end in more clients and more revenue in your business.

By Michele A Scism

Top 10 Posts For January 2016

Our busy readers have spoken! It’s no surprise that in the first month of the year, there was a lot of interest in planning for the year, setting goals and tracking results. Here are the top 10 posts that visitors read in January.

By Terri Zwierzynski

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