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How To Play To Your Strengths When Marketing & Branding

Today we’re interviewing Danielle Louise Ross of Brand Y-O-U. She is an actress turned coach turned marketing guru, and she gives some really good hints for businesses on how to really hone your message and really play to your strengths to get those first couple of clients in your business. She’s also really hot on networking in terms of finding new clients, so if you’re a networker, there’s some good stuff here for you, too.

By Meredith Eisenberg

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness – Your Biggest Strengths Are Your Biggest Weaknesses

In some ways, I’ve had it easy as an entrepreneur.

One of those ways is how my passion for writing has dominated both my life and work.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Video Podcast: An Easy 6-Figure Revenue Plan For Entrepreneurs

“Results Lady”, Michele Scism – Business Coach and Business Strategist from today talks about whether or not you can really hit that 6 figure income with your business. Here Michele talks about a plan to do precisely that, and it is particularly useful for coaches, mentors, authors and speakers – somebody who is making money from their knowledge. For more great tips go to

Watch her latest video here.

Michele Scism Pod Cast

By Michele A Scism

Choosing Happiness

Hi Friends! I’m excited to be a Happiness Crusader and joining over 100 women in spreading the message of #ChoosingHappiness to women around the world. In today’s post, I talk about the quest for happiness — and how most people have it backwards.

By Dana D'Orsi

YOU Need To Be On Stage (Get Over Yourself Already!)

I encourage all of my clients to include speaking in the marketing plan for their online business.

Is this something that you’ve added to yours?

If you haven’t, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

By Krista Martin

Mardi Gras Challenge

Before you run off to a parade, go make your gumbo or leave to go to that big party with your family and friends I need just a couple of minutes of your time.

By Michele A Scism

A Secret Game for Blog Content Strategy

One of the hardest actions to take is sitting down to work on social media for your business and sometimes hardest of all: taking the time to write a blog post. Yet writing these posts consistently for your website, your followers, and prospect clients is crucial to establishing your voice, your expert status, and foundational content that remains on the web for years, just waiting to be found.

By Karen Yankovich

Loving Yourself And Your Business – Heart And Soul

Today we are interviewing Priscilla Stephan of Sweet Path Wellness. Priscilla is a health and business coach who helps women embrace their undeniable magnificence to tap into their own spiritual wisdom and use fierce self-love to build powerhouse businesses, fulfilling lives, and nourishing habits from the inside out. She talks about the first steps that you can take to add more self-care and self-love to your life and your business.

By Meredith Eisenberg

Video Podcast: 4 Ways to Fill Your Events and Programs

“Results Lady”, Michele Scism – Business Coach and Business Strategist today talks about events – whether that’s a live one day, or 3 day event, or even a teleseminar or webinar – here are four ways you can make sure that those events and programs get filled – getting those “butts in seats”! For more great tips go to

Watch her latest video here.

Michele Scism Pod Cast

By Michele A Scism

How Can You Make Your Offerings Stand Out?

As an entrepreneur, you are most likely selling:

* Products

* Services

* Some combination of products and services (for instance, events and group programs)

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

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