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A Little Secret About Sabotage (Learned From “Cutthroat Kitchen”)

One of my fave guilty pleasures is “Cutthroat Kitchen.” If you’re not a fan of the show (What?!?! That can’t possibly be?!?!) what it is is a competition cooking show where 4 chefs bid to sabotage each other, with the last one standing the winner.

What’s fascinating to me is how much it’s taught me about sabotage.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Sweet Child of Money

This is hilarious.

I can’t believe this happened.

My wife and I were in temple for the Jewish New Year.

Everyone was quiet, listening to the Rabbi talk. All of a sudden, out of nowhere this weird music started to go off.

By Justin Krane

Free Calendar Scheduling Tool

I’ve used and recommended different online scheduling tools through the years, and I’ve come across one that I especially like. It’s called Calendly, and it interfaces beautifully with Gmail and my Google calendar. It even interfaces with my calendar on my MacBook Pro laptop.

By Karen Cappello

The 6 Best Ways to Build Your Community in 2015

The number one thing you can do to succeed in your business is to start building your community. The world is changing so fast – technology gets outdated in an instant. The thing that will separate the winners and the losers in 2015 and beyond is the ability to build a community that matters. According to Peter Diamandis, in his book Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World, we now live in a world where communities can grow exponentially. Don’t believe me? Think about Air bnb and Uber as example. Uber is one of the largest personal transportation companies in the world, and they don’t even own any cars.

By Michele A Scism

My Accounting Confession…

I have a confession to make. Even though I was in financial planning in my former business life, doing accounting has always been a chore for me. I have waited till the last minute to do my taxes each year, and it has taken me a good 10 hours to pull all of the information together and prepare for my annual appointment with my accountant.

By Karen Cappello

Trump’s Boo-Font in Baby Stroller

This mom’s stroller was Hyaj.

Jersey talk for huge. Like the size of Donald Trump’s Boo-Font Hairpiece.

By Justin Krane

The 3 Main Reasons We Fail To Get Results

Happy Fall to you! I’ve been talking with many of you, and there’s a spirit of determination, goal setting, and possibility in the air. Love it!

Listen, in these conversations with business owners I’m seeing a trend. I’m curious if you’ve been feeling the same way.

The trend is this: women hustling their buns to reach their goals, and then feeling terrible when it doesn’t go the way they wanted.

Can you relate?

By Monica Shah

How To FEEL and Grow Rich

Though we often talk here about strategic things like marketing techniques and plans for growing your business, today I’d like to take a different tack and talk about your…

By Fabienne Fredrickson

Shvitz City

Man I was shvitzing (Yiddish for sweating).

I was grilling outside at the barbecue. In 100 degree weather.

What was I thinking? Probably some weird form of manliness. Without the musky cologne and white tank top.

By Justin Krane

Find Your Ideal Coaching Clients Quickly and Easily!

I’m so excited to share the news! My new book “The Clients You Are Seeking Are Also Seeking You” is now available on Amazon!

If you want to develop a highly successful coaching business with ease and joy, and grow your profits to their full potential, this book will teach you how.

By Karen Cappello

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