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You Just Can’t Skip Steps! The Exact Order In Which To Build Your Service Business

Just like any other business, there’s a model to the service business – meaning there’s a certain sequence of steps. Monica Shah shares the steps to launch products (and large group programs) in your service business (yes, breathe that sigh of relief).

By Monica Shah

My Super Easy Speaker Sheet Shortcut

If somebody approached you about speaking at your next networking event – would you be ready? Michele A. Scism explains how speaking is one of the best ways to build your community fast and provides a tool to help.

By Michele A Scism

How to Handle An Unsupportive Spouse

Ever experience having a conversation with your partner about investing money in your business and not getting the answer you wanted? This 7-minute content video (and script) may help you turn things around.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

How to Handle “I Need To Think About It”

So what the heck are you supposed to do when someone says that they need to think about it? Krista Martin explains how to effectively handle this situation with an ideal client.

By Krista Martin

How To Successfully Write a Book While Working Full-Time

It’s very difficult to find the time to work on a book while working full-time. Fabienne Fredrickson shares how she has done this and what she has found to be the most effective process.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

ClockWatching – The Key To Getting The Right Things Done

Are you trying so hard to get things done, but feeling like nothing is really working? So how do you solve this problem? Start watching the clock! Here are Monica Shah’s rules of clock watching.

By Monica Shah

Is It a Business Or a Job?

Are you building a real business – or are you just creating a series of jobs for yourself? Michele A. Scism explains that if you are serious about having something for your hard work at the end of the day – building a solid business – a legacy business – is the way to go.

By Michele A Scism

How To Find Your Ideal Clients Online

Many business owners become so busy with their full client load that they virtually stop marketing. But if you (they) stop marketing, there won’t be clients in 6 months. Fabienne Fredrickson explains how you can move your marketing online.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

How Do You Get It All Done?

As entrepreneurs we struggle constantly with having more on our to-do list then we can ever possibly get done. Monica Shah shares tips on how you can get it all done.

By Monica Shah

Why Focusing On How You Are Different Is A Waste of Time

Fact: A quick Google search for any type of coach or consultant will bring up at least 15 pages of relevant results. How are you going to stand out? Krista Martin explains why focusing on how you are different is a waste of time and what you should do instead.

By Krista Martin

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