Five Ways Your Blog Can Make You Money

By Michelle Shaeffer

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You blog because you’ve got something to say… maybe it’s a message to share, maybe it’s a way to help more people, maybe it’s a personal expression thing.  Whatever your motivation, it’d be nice to make a little money from it, right?

Depending on your blog topic and how it fits into your business, you’ve got lots of options!

Here are five ways you can make money with your blog:

1.  Advertising

You can offer advertising spots on your blog.  For example:

  • Image/Banner Ads (check out WP125 plugin or

  • Text Ads
  • Paid Posts
  • Ads in Your Newsletter or RSS Feed

Or you can consider options like Google Adsense.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

What products or services have you used and can recommend that your readers might be interested in?  Check into whether they’ve got affiliate programs you can sign up for.

Here are some strategies for promoting affiliate products:

  • Write a review post

  • Create a resource list blog post or page
  • Write and giveaway a free report you can include a link in
  • Ad a link or add to your sidebar
  • Do a webinar or teleseminar (you promote on your blog and social media to get people there, the presenter gets to make an offer after they deliver valuable info and then you get a cut of any sales)

3.  Virtual or Physical Products

What products do you offer?  Be sure to promote them on your blog!

No products yet?  What could you create or put together to sell?

4.  Communities or Continuity Programs

What could you build a community or continuity program around to offer on your blog?

5.  Your Services

What services do you offer?  Do your blog readers know they can hire you?  Consider adding a page to your website highlighting your services, if you don’t already have it.

Brainstorm what else you could offer!

Other Options

You can also make money from your blogging by flipping blogs (you start or purchase a blog, make it thrive, then sell it for a profit) or by using your blog to help you get a job or grow an offline business.

See how many options you’ve got?

Michelle Shaeffer's Twitter profile describes her as: "Caffeine powered, Libertarian gal enjoying life with my kids and husband. Empowering entrepreneurs by simplifying online business websites and marketing." That sums it up nicely.   Depending on the time of day you might find her blogging compulsively, hosting a teleseminar, writing an ebook, homeschooling her three children, chatting on Twitter, managing her website hosting company, or playing with her kids in the beautiful Alaskan sunshine while enjoying a frappucino. In addition to a hopeless addiction to Starbucks, she's also a fan of political thriller novels and the Deadliest Catch. Catch up with everything she's into online and claim your free treasure chest of resources for entrepreneurs at

© Copyright 2012 Michelle Shaeffer
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