Time Saving Secrets For Running Your Business

By Kendall Summerhawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert


Solo-entrepreneurs often find themselves awash in tasks, with little time for their “heart” work. Let’s face it, there are a lot of activities that can quickly eat up time if they aren’t managed properly. But the thought of structuring and systematizing the workload can feel very restrictive to a freedom-loving entrepreneur.

The truth is that systems liberate you – helping you get more done in less time so that you really do have more time and freedom in your life. The key is to batch your tasks in order to maximize the time spent in completing them.

Batching tasks into groups and doing them all at one time helps you stay focused and complete work more quickly. It’s also a great way to schedule work in a way that flows with your personal and energetic style.

Here are 8 hot tips on how to get more done so you can make more money:

Tip #1: Know Your Peak Energy Times

We all have a rhythm to our day, with highs and lows in our energy. Take advantage of your unique rhythms by scheduling your most challenging tasks (for example coaching calls, marketing, and content creation) during your peak energy times. If you aren’t aware of when those times are, take a few days to monitor it. You’ll be much more efficient when you work with your personal energy patterns.

Tip #2: Have a Structure to Your Day

Set up each day with a specific purpose and structure. For example, Mondays may be for creating new content; Tuesdays and Wednesdays for client calls. Don’t let other people’s priorities structure it for you – schedule your days in the ways that work best for your needs.

Tip #3: Stick to Your Schedule

Each day or week may have its own theme or focus but keep that theme the same from week to week. Moving batched tasks around each week upsets your momentum. The key to success is to set the systems and stick with them! Long term benefits in productivity … and profits… will come from creating your systems thoughtfully, adjusting them as needed, and then sticking with them – every day.

Tip #4: Tame the Email Beast in 2 Batches Each Day

Email is probably the biggest time drainer of all our many tasks. Batch email tasks into two separate batches each day – no more than 30 minutes each. If you can’t seem to ever get through your inbox(es), it may be time to hire an assistant!

Tip #5: Schedule Coaching Calls on Specific Days

Working with clients requires lots of concentrated energy. Although it may seem better to spread out the calls each week, it’s actually easier and more enjoyable to have a limited number of days and weeks each month that you schedule calls. Your non-coaching days become your opportunity to focus on other business building projects. Remember, batching is about becoming more efficient by keeping similar tasks together.

Tip #6: Accomplish Your Marketing Tasks First Thing

On the days that you schedule your marketing tasks, do them first thing in the morning. It’s a psychological and emotional boost to complete the tasks we find the most challenging. The rest of your day will flow more smoothly and with greater joy when you’ve jumped your biggest hurdle first.

Tip #7: Know Your Energy Limits

Pushing yourself beyond exhaustion on a regular basis isn’t a good plan for success. Make sure you take short (5-minute) rest breaks between batches and don’t over-schedule yourself in general. If you are consistently booked with no free time, it’s time for an assistant (or two).

Tip #8: Schedule Your Batch Times in Your Calendar

Written To Do lists can become overwhelming and unwieldy. Better to use your calendar to schedule the blocks of time set aside for each batch of tasks. Keep in mind that tasks will take as long as you give them, so keep yourself on a tight timeline and you’ll accomplish more than you ever thought you could!

The more you batch your tasks, the more time you will have to create, play, and enjoy your life and your business!

© Copyright 2012 Kendall Summerhawk

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