Who the Heck Are You and Why Are You Emailing Me?

By Michelle Shaeffer, Consultant & Trainer

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert


Who the heck ARE you and why are you emailing me about… (fill in the blank)?

Have you ever asked that question when an email lands in your inbox?

I had another one of those moments this morning.  It took me about 20 minutes of Google searches and following rabbit hole trails to figure out that I’d opted-in to the person’s list months ago, for a freebie totally unrelated to what they had written in their email this morning, and I hadn’t heard from them since that freebie.

I unsubscribed.  After searching because the unsub link wasn’t easy to find.  Then the unsub link didn’t work.  I had to try unsubbing from just that list because the system couldn’t find me in their database.


But are we doing that to our subscribers without realizing it?!

What can you do to make sure that your subscribers know who you are and look forward to your emails instead of searching for the unsubscribe link.

1. Identify Yourself Consistently

Don’t change “who” is sending the email.

One of the reasons I didn’t recognize this particular email was because the sender in the from line didn’t match the one that had sent me the freebie I requested and I didn’t connect her with the brand that offered and delivered the gift.

Either use your business in the from line, or your name in the from line, but keep it consistent.

2. Send Mail to Your List Consistently

Don’t go months without emailing your list.  They’ll forget who you are and why they subscribed to your list.

If you haven’t emailed regularly, plan to start now.  You can recover from it but you’ll need to be extra careful as you work to build relationship with your list.

A couple tips if you need to recover from “oops I disappeared from my list” syndrome:

  • If you haven’t emailed in a while, don’t start back with hard sell promo and five emails in a week.  Give your subscribers a gift, some links to great resources, or a knock-their-socks-off awesome article.

  • Include a little note like… “You were added to my list when you requested XYZ” I would have immediately recognized who it was and why I was getting that email.  I’d also have been thinking about the positive value I had received instead of wondering how they got my email addy.
  • Offer them reassurance about what you’ll be sharing with them if they stay subscribed — something about what they can expect from you in the future.
  • Be consistent from here on out.

3. If You Totally Change Directions… Don’t Keep Your Subscribers in the Dark

Seriously… if I opted in for a gift on how to create an organic garden and you’re suddenly sending me email about how I can learn to speak Russian overnight…  I’m going to unsubscribe, and probably be annoyed.

This email was something similar.  Completely unrelated to the gift I’d opted in for, and while I totally understand how we entrepreneurs tend to build different brands and have different projects going on, segmenting our lists is key to keeping subscribers happy and engaged.

© Copyright 2012 Michelle Shaeffer

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