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What to Delegate in Your Business

You are trying to grow your business, get your blog written, edit your sale pages, and create a new product. Does your to-do list feel like it is never ending? Michele A. Scism explains how you should focus on what you do well and delegate the rest.

By Michele A Scism

Why Being Vulnerable Grows Your Business

The power of personal authenticity (and sometimes vulnerability) is more important than ever in business. But how much is too much? In this video, Fabienne Fredrickson with you how to be vulnerable from a powerful place.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

What To Do When You Are Afraid to Raise Your Prices

It’s scary to raise your prices. You don’t want to be mean. You don’t want people to think you are “expensive”. You don’t want to scare people away. Monica Shah shares a few steps to keep your confidence up in the process.

By Monica Shah

What Affiliate Partners Need to Promote Your Coaching Practice

Would you like to learn how to get other people to promote your product to their audiences for you? The secret is affiliate marketing. Michele A. Scism shares the criteria for building those lucrative partnerships.

By Michele A Scism

To Grow Your Business, Go For Yoga Or For a Walk On The Beach

Your business cannot grow if you keep doing everything yourself. Fabienne Fredrickson invites you to think about the functional areas in your business that fall in your zone of competence or incompetence that you can hire someone else to do.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

How to Find a Business Model that Works

You don’t want to be boxed in to doing what everyone is doing. You want to create your own model and do it your way. Monica Shah explains that there are some rules you must follow if you are going to consistently and quickly make money – and it doesn’t matter what your “model” is for that to work.

By Monica Shah

Grow Your Business with L.O.V.E.

What’s LOVE got to do with it? When you are building a business, LOVE is everything! Michele A. Scism explains that L.O.V.E. is simply the four things you need to have in place for your community and business to grow.

By Michele A Scism

Don’t Let Debt Get You Down

The number one concern of many businesses is the amount of debt that piles up during the first two years of business. So how do you start getting ahead of the game to pay off large portions of debt? Monica Shah shares three steps that will help.

By Monica Shah

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make Growing Their Lists

What is the easiest way to grow your business? Yes, you can have more strategy sessions, hold more webinars or build up your audience on social media. But, if you don’t have a decent sized list to begin with, you won’t see the results are you are hoping for. These tips from Michele A. Scism will help.

By Michele A Scism

My Secret to Building Know, Like and Trust

People do business with people they know, like and trust. So, how do you start building those relationships if you don’t know anyone? Michele A. Scism shares five easy ways to start building relationships.

By Michele A Scism

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