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Information Products Articles



Creating products is how you begin to move past the hours for dollars to a more leveraged income stream. Michele A. Scism shares how you can create a product in 4 easy steps.

When you are generous with your content and expertise, your customers love it! But there is this moment when it shifts, when your content becomes too much for them. How to avoid overwhelming your customers with too much content.

If you have a book or audio program that you are selling, here’s an idea on how to not only extend the product to more fully leverage it, but also help your clients learn more at the same time. Fabienne Fredrickson shares three things that worksheets do for your clients.

Inspired by the first time she dipped my toe in the info-product pool, Michele Pariza Wacek talks about the mistakes entrepreneurs make when they try and sell an info-product.

Should you create an information product for your business? It depends. People consume information in a variety of ways and often appreciate that they can have access to you or what you know without having to work with you personally. Jeannie Spiro explains how information products can be a great way for customers to learn more about your work.

Imagine — money flowing into your business from all sorts of places. That’s what it’s like to have multiple streams of income. Your business isn’t dependent on one stream of income but instead you can make money from a variety of places. Is that what your business actually looks like?

You may have heard adding information products (or info-products) to your service business is a smart business decision. And indeed it is. There are many benefits to selling information products as part of your business. However, there is a dirty little secret around selling info-products and here it is.

Here are 5 reasons why you want to add information products to your business.

Business owners are always looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality for their customers. One option for doing that is drop shipping. But, what is drop shipping really?

In private, candid conversations many entrepreneurs and service professionals share with me that what they really want is to make a difference in the world by sharing with others what they have learned about life and business. But instead of starting right now, they postpone doing this until some undefined time in the future! And instead of using their knowledge as an Attraction Tool™ and help more people at the same time they keep chasing crummy tactic of the day ending up disappointed with their results, tired, and often broke! Big mistake! For three reasons.

There is a misperception that it’s difficult to create information products. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes when you’re struggling to really make a go of your business, it’s tempting to look for the latest “money making” opportunity as a way to end the struggle.

Have you ever created an information product-- say a home study or membership program, e-book or online workshop that didn’t sell? I have. Are you surprised?

Sometimes you need to give product sales a little helping hand, particularly if you’re launching a new product. In today's brand new article I’d like to share with you three ways in which you can increase your product sales through using special offers.

Many coaches, consultants, authors and other experts have amazing knowledge and know-how that others would be willing to pay for, but they just don’t know how to turn their wisdom into a 6-figure business. Yes you can always work with clients individually, but that should be your highest priced service—after all your time and know-how are very valuable.

As a small or solo business owner you undoubtedly have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that others need and want—probably more than you realize. Many of you may have purchased downloadable e-books, home study courses or other information products in order to learn about some aspect of business or marketing.

Here are three marketing and sales lessons every service professional, business owner, and information marketer should never forget.

Do you have anything to offer your clients between your free level (newsletter) and most expensive one-on-one services? If not, an info product is a great first step as it allows your clients to experience your service and expertise without the big step of going from free to very expensive. Read on as I'll share with you how you can create your first info product in 7 easy steps.

I want to attempt to help you understand when to buy information products as well as which ones will work for you and which won’t so you can avoid throwing money away on one after the other and ending up no better than when you started.

There are many ways to sell your information products. When you're publishing your first ebook it can be overwhelming trying to decide which way to go. Choose a cart that is designed for downloads and you'll be able to sleep better at night knowing that your customers are reliably receiving their purchases.

It doesn’t matter what kind of small business you have, you can create a downloadable information product in 30 days or less. Information products are in demand, and you can use them in multiple ways.

One of the most rewarding parts of having an online business is the opportunity to communicate with folks around the globe. There are a number of ways this can be done; simple email messages, ezines, teleseminars, blogging, social marketing, and of course various eProducts. All of these methods should be a part of your overall business model. You will gain greater results by a combined effort. However, one of my favorites is eProduct development with eReports at the top of the list

Here are three easy tips on how you can turn one idea into multiple streams of income. Remember that this simple shift in your business model will make a HUGE shift in your income!

It’s never a good thing when you rely on one stream of income. That stream dries up and you’re, ahem, up that creek without a paddle. That’s why having multiple streams of income is so valuable. One stream dries up, you’ve got a few other ones to depend on. Here are 3 quick and easy ways you can start adding more streams right now.

Have you ever seen the movie "Bridget Jones Diary"? There's a scene in it where Bridget notes that one of her friends had one hit song in the 1980s and realized that was more than enough to carry him through the 1990s and so didn't bother doing anything new. When you look at your business, have you TRULY set it up for success in the long term?

So many small business owners, coaches and infopreneurs sometimes make the mistake of creating or promoting products and services they’re passionate about without really knowing if there is a market for them. This is where keyword research comes into play.

Have you noticed that when you’re presented with a “step by step system” you’re much more likely to make a purchase? That’s because most people crave order and flow. A system makes it much quicker and easier for people to solve their problem, especially when compared to trying to figure out on their own what to do first, second, etc. Here are four simple tips you can use right now to transform your service into a marketable system.

One of the best ways to get your info products (such as CDs, workbooks, home study programs, etc.) into the hands of the people you want to help is by selling “back of the room” when you give a presentation. But, if you just mention your products at the end of your presentation and hope someone buys, you’ll likely end up disappointed.

You've worked for months to create the perfect ebook. It includes the answer to every possible question your audience could have. You've created a sales page. You even offered threw in a ton of bonuses. So why aren't they buying?

Building a million dollar information marketing business doesn't start with getting all excited about the latest article or blog submitting gizmo, or a fly-by-night tactic that works today and is obsolete (or banned) tomorrow. Instead, information marketing millionaires build strong foundations first by focusing on developing an effective business model that allows fast growth. Here are the five critical components you must include in your business model.

When I'm coaching clients on how to make information products I often hear, "You know, creating info products sounds great but I'm not sure it will work for me." Or, "Others are already an expert on this topic, so why would anyone buy from me?" If you've found yourself thinking these same thoughts then let me reassure you, nothing could be farther from the truth.

We all know the importance of keeping in touch with our ideal clients and prospects via frequent AND informative content. But that doesn't mean your articles, a.k.a. "informative content", should be relegated to your hard drive forevermore.

Repurposing – the art of doing something once and using it in other ways – is one of the most effective and efficient systems you can create within your business. Before your eyes glaze over with the thought that this is yet another article telling you to market your newsletter articles online, read on.

9 out of 10 professionals and small business owners have at least one book or information product inside their head, but lack the time and organizational skills to get it out into digital or print form.

Creating a recorded information product is a great way to instantly boost your credibility, plus help you create passive revenue (everyone's dream!). Here are 7 quick and simple tips that will help you create a recorded information product you can sell online and offline.

If you want to generate more income you need to stop selling your expertise by the hour. Instead sell your expertise 24/7/365.

Knowing HOW to create the product is one thing, but actually getting your idea from a brilliant inspiration on a sticky note to a beautiful product that is serving and selling is a whole other endeavor. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to set yourself up for success in creating your information product.

It seems nowadays you cant spend five minutes browsing the Internet without finding at least a handful of websites offering to eliminate all of your life's problems for just a few dollars. And I predict there will be more of those sites popping all over the Internet, because getting started in information marketing is so darn easy and profitable. Here are the top 11 reasons you should start your own information marketing business.

Payment options will often give a "maybe" client just the incentive they need to say "yes" to purchase your product. Perhaps because the idea of making installment payments feels more palatable than paying all at once. Watch your sales go up when you implement the following six key tips.

What I've learned is that practically any business can create an information product. All it takes is branding, creativity, and an eye for how to turn what you do into a marketable product. The other thing I've learned is that if you don't have an information product yet, now is the time to focus on creating one. Here are five reasons why.

There are TONS of things you find interesting in your life. You could write an informational tips booklet about any one of them to help other people learn what you know, and make some money from the booklets in the process. Where is the place for you to start?

Everyone has something they want the world to know about and a tips booklet is a great way to do that. Paulette Ensign has sold almost a million copies in four languages of a tips booklet called "110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life," all without spending a penny on advertising.

At long last your book is done. The cover and the contents look as terrific as you hoped they would. Your marketing plan is ready to fully launch. You’re primed to make tons of money from your book, yet there’s a little voice saying ‘But wait, there’s more.’ What could that be?

Five important tips to consider when selecting a size for your booklet. Content is great, a potential audience is waiting, but here is what you need to know about your presentation before you ship it to the printer.

Learn to leverage your effort through licensing your material to reach an even wider audience. Increase your sales and profitability with these proven tricks of the trade and novel marketing approaches.

You are an expert in your business. And you are eager to share your expertise with as many people as possible. Writing a book may have crossed your mind. Who has time for that? Consider writing informational tips booklets instead, a format that conveys much of your valuable expertise, with a lot less effort on your part.

Here's a great checklist you can use to create your own client capturing back matter.

Making assumptions about what people will or won't buy can be a costly mistake if you're trying to create an information-based business instead of a 1-on-1 business. Here are three assumptions to check out (and what the truth really is!) so you don't lose out on profitable opportunities!

By now you know that there's only one way to instantly re-launch yourself as an expert and that's to create an information product. But when you look at the wide range of formats to choose from it can be overwhelming! Which format is the best?

How many times have you heard the same sound bites come out of your mouth to your clients, prospects, and audiences, almost boring yourself to tears in the process? Imagine generating money directly from those sound bites, from those pearls of wisdom that effortlessly trip off your tongue. Yes, it is completely possible, and here's how to do it.

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