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Do you ever struggle to come up with blog topics? Providing valuable content to your peeps is one of the most effective ways to market your business—so it’s crucial to come up with subjects that will appeal to your audience. Here are Dana D'Orsi's top 6 tips for choosing what to write about.

Feeling stuck? Did you know that by adding a blog to your existing Web site, it can actually help make you a better, savvier business owner? Marley Majcher shares just a few ways that blogging not only helps you attract customers, but actually strengthens your business.

Even though there may be several components to the services or products you offer in your business, if you blog for any length of time you will soon start running into the perennial problem of running out of things to blog about. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us! The key is to take those really meaty subjects that you wrote about in the past and find new ways of reusing them. Meredith Eisenberg shares some of the ways you can reuse that great content

What do all the “good” blogs have in common? They have awesome content and you can learn almost everything you need to know about the subject matter – just from reading the blog posts. Meredith Eisenberg shares tips on how to start building your own blog content.

How do you promote your blog OR how do you promote your website? The answer to this question starts with a question: Is your goal to promote your blog so you can make money as a blogger, or is the point of your blog to promote your biz? Michele Pariza Waceck shares tips on how to promote your blog.

Starting a blog for your business is a good move. The best way to gain momentum with your efforts is to start seeing results. The more visitors you see, comments you receive, and clients you book, you’ll be even more motivated to keep going with what can seem at first like an onerous undertaking. Promoting your blog will get you the results you want very quickly, and it’s easy to do. Holly Chantal shares just five simple ways that you can promote you new coaching blog.

For many solopreneurs, their blog is the first port of call for potential clients and subscribers. Ensure that you WOW your visitors, not overwhelm them, with easy-to-navigate and well laid out content. Read on for three simple strategies you can implement to ensure your blog is organized so that your visitors will want to become subscribers.

Blogging should be looked at as a marketing tool. Although becoming a successful blogger doesn’t happen overnight, if you follow the right method you’ll start to see results that tell you you’re on the right track relatively quickly. Here are some tips to help.

How can you avoid “slow load syndrome” and speed your WordPress blog? Paula Eder provides some timely tips to try.  Any of them will help, and most likely the more you implement, the speedier your blog will be.

Having a blog is a great marketing tool to add to your marketing toolkit; however I know for many of you that maintaining your blog with fresh new content on a regular basis is a real pain. Here are my top three ideas for blog posts so you can create at least three new blog posts every week.

You do know you should be blogging – but can’t seem to find the time to actually blog? Michele will share with you how she gets her blogging done.

So are websites and blogs even worth it? Should we just throw all our chips in the social networking pile and not spend any more time or money on websites or blogs? And what if you don’t have a website yet — should you even bother?

You blog because you’ve got something to say… maybe it’s a message to share, maybe it’s a way to help more people, maybe it’s a personal expression thing. Whatever your motivation, it’d be nice to make a little money from it, right? Here are five ways you can make money with your blog.

Finding time to write regularly is very important if your blog is part of your business plan. But that’s not all! Along with posting regularly, it’s key to make those posts fresh and eye-opening. You want to offer something unique in your blogging, so that people are drawn to your posts and find them useful and entertaining.

There is a ton of information out there on blogging tips, how to publicize your blog, how to make money with your blog, how to link up your blog with social media sites and on and on. But what if you just need the bare essentials so you can just get going?

You might want to take some time and answer these questions before researching new WordPress themes.

Blogging offers so many great rewards. A chance to get your expertise out there and create your legacy. A chance to educate your market. A great way to get Google to notice your blog and get you higher up in Google rankings. A way to give your market a taste of your style, knowledge, skills and personality so that they can get to know, like, trust you and ultimately buy from you. Let's look at a few more ways to spice up your blog posts and pump out more blog posts more often.

Sandra will share with you the very valuable 8 Steps to Fat Blogsite Profits!

Blog writing is part science and part art. As a business owner it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident writing content for your business. Content is too important to disregard or not take seriously. The good news is that even if you aren’t presently comfortable with your writing skills there are simple things you can do to improve writing your blog posts.

What do readers get when they subscribe to your RSS feed? A bouquet of beautiful flowers? Okay, that can’t be easily delivered digitally, but you can give them a gift. A freebie offer can encourage readers to subscribe by RSS, or you can use it as a nice unannounced gift for your readers.

We’ve all been told that a blog is a great relationship builder and can help you increase your sales. It can also be pretty fun. But in order to make it profitable, you need to understand how to get more interaction and reaction to what you post.

What are some favorite WordPress Plugins? Have a sneak peek at 5 favorites!

Finding time to keep that blog of ours going is, it turns out, probably the biggest fear that most of us have about blogging. So, how to address this perennial issue? We each have 24 hours in our day, and many different tasks and priorities clamoring for our time. If you don’t want time fears to keep you and your blog silently stuck, here are 3 time tips to help you get yourself to hit that “Publish” button and keep your information flowing!

Creating a popular post for your blog is like showing up at a potluck with the best tasting dish around. Everyone loves your casserole, it’s better than everyone else’s casserole, people ask you for the recipe, you’re seen as a successful cook, and they all want to invite you to their own potlucks. Word of your success travels and opportunities open up before you in ways you never dreamed of. Here's some ideas for making that successful casserole!

Many internet marketers have more than one blog and there’s nothing wrong with that. Here are the pros and cons of having more than one blog.

Looking for ideas to help you figure out what to tweet about, post on your fan page, share on your blog, issue a press release on, or otherwise shout about you and your business to get some attention? Here are 101+ different reasons/occasions/ideas so next time you're staring at a blank status update box or brainstorming ideas for a press release, you can use this list to help you come up with the perfect idea.

You can get additional subscribers to your email list by becoming a guest blogger on a popular blog. Many blogs allow or even encourage guest posts from other writers in their industry. Are you ready to start guest blogging your way to more subscribers?

Fifty title ideas you can use to start writing your next blog post or article.

Confused by all the WordPress Plugins? Let me share with you what a WordPress plugin is and my top five favorite plugins for enhancing my websites and turning them into my own.

This online visibility tip came to me in a learning moment, when I found a video on my YouTube channel that was set up to accept all comments. Here are 4 of my criteria of when to delete a comment and keep a clean conscience.

I always recommend the WordPress platform to people looking to get their own website or blog up and running fast. You also may know that I use and highly recommend the Thesis theme. What’s a theme? A theme with regard to WordPress is just a way to alter and customize the design, look and presentation of your WordPress site.

Is your website and/or blog mobile friendly? If you want your share of growing traffic from 4 billion mobile internet devices, it needs to be. If you don't have a mobile theme installed yet, it's a quick and easy fix!

Plugins are one of the reasons WordPress is so popular as a blog platform. Plugins add functionality to your site and allow it to do almost anything you can imagine. WordPress itself was built to be very “lean” and simple—and plugins exist so that each user can tailor their site exactly the way that they would like. They can be installed easily too--right from within the dashboard of your blog.

Want your own website or blog for your business without having to be at the mercy of a Webmaster? (With all due respect to those Webmasters out there!) If so, there is no better choice than WordPress. In fact, I believe it is the best out there, and many others would agree.

Publishing articles, especially via an ezine or blog, is the ideal opportunity to showcase your business. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you build credibility as an expert, while spreading the word about your services and products. While I'm sure that sometimes you have dozens of content ideas, I bet other times you find yourself staring at a blank computer screen, grumbling that it's publishing time again. Well, have no fear! Here are 11 quick (and good) content ideas for when you're in a pinch.

It’s hard enough to get readers to leave their thoughts, without asking them to jump through more hoops. So don’t. Here's how to free your comments.

One of the greatest tools on the internet is to have a blog focused on your business movement – the thing you are most passionate about in your business. It’s a great way to establish credibility, visibility and your expertise in a particular area. My clients often get excited about a blog and get it up and going and then ask, “Now what do I post?”

WordPress is a great way to build and manage a blog or website. Like any online software though, there are steps you should take to secure your WordPress installation and keep it safe from hackers. Some are common sense for any website and others are specific to WordPress.

If you already have a traditional, "brochure" style website for your business that's great. You should keep that as a place for prospective clients and customers to visit to find out more about you and what you offer. I use my blog as my main site, meaning I don't have a separate, static website. That's a personal choice. Many people choose to have both, with the blog being linked to from the main site. If you don't currently have a blog, there are several important reasons why you should consider it:

To many people, the idea of guest blogging is fresh and new and very "Web 2.0." Personally, Karon finds the discussion to be a rather déjà vu-like experience. In fact, one participant on her blog responded to a post about articles by asking how Karon would contrast guest blogging with article marketing. He wanted to know how Karon chose between placing her articles on directories and writing an exclusive blog post. The short answer is: She doesn't.

Should you have an ezine, a blog, or both? They are both great communication tools for staying in touch with your target market, but both do require a substantial amount of time-investment from you. So which one is really the best choice for your solo service business? Learn why you need a blog as well as an ezine, and how you can leverage your time to make both forms of online marketing successful in your business.

Blogs are the hottest thing going these days when it comes to marketing on the Internet. A blog is a way of delivering your messages and article to clients. They are a like personal web sites, easy to create and far less expensive than traditional web sites.

Blogs are the hottest thing going these days when it comes to marketing on the Internet. A blog is a delivery medium. Here are 10 reasons why you should deliver your ezine articles via a blog.

10 tips for publishing great blog content that attracts prospects and clients in your niche market.

It is perfect for creating a web presence for independent professionals, blog gives you credibility and a forum where you can show your expertise.

The biggest complaint we hear from professionals is that their Website and Ezines don't do anything to bring them new business. Do you know why?

Hundreds of blogs are started each day and many of them are abandoned after several months because it takes time and energy to keep a good business blog going.

Like any website you own, you must do some blog promotion to start driving traffic to your site. Here are 16 steps, in no particular order of importance, that you can start doing now to get traffic moving to your blog.

9 out of 10 professionals and small business owners have at least one book or information product inside their head, but lack the time and organizational skills to get it out into digital or print form.

Marketing your business is one of the biggest challenges for any solopreneur – it’s a task we all find quite daunting, and are simply overwhelmed by all the information that’s available.

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