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How To Find a Hook And How To Use It Right

Everyone has a hook…whether they know it or not. Everyone needs a hook…whether they know it or not. Everyone should have a hook…and Karen Yankovich is going to tell you how to find it and where it needs to go on your LinkedIn profile.

By Karen Yankovich

5 Surefire Ways to Establish Trust on LinkedIn

What are you doing to establish trust on LinkedIn? Karen Yankovich shares 5 surefire ways you can start to dial up the trust meter today on this professional platform.

By Karen Yankovich

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Company Pages Are A Must Do

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn Company page this article is for YOU. Karen Yankovich shares 5 targeted reasons why you and your business need to be up and visible with a LinkedIn Company page.

By Karen Yankovich

There are 6 LinkedIn Profile “Types”. Which One are You?

Knowing how you are being perceived is half the battle of your personal branding efforts as well as a HUGE indicator of how successful you will be at what you want to achieve on LinkedIn. Karen Yankovich shares the 6 different “types” of LinkedIn profiles. Which one are you?

By Karen Yankovich

5 Reasons Why You Should be Publishing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows members, not just influencers, to publish “long-form” (essay type) posts to be shared with your connections and followers. What does this mean? Karen Yankovich explores the possibilities.

By Karen Yankovich

Manage Your Connections in a Few Simple Ways on LinkedIn

Karen Yankovich shares tips on how to manage your connections in a few simple ways on LinkedIn.

By Karen Yankovich

What’s Your Social Media “Why”?

What’s Your Social Media “Why”? The important thing is to remember to ask yourself, what is your “why” right now and then plan accordingly. Karen Yankovich shares tips on how to do just that.

By Karen Yankovich

Make Magic Happen: Build Your Email List With Social Media

When you think of building your list what comes to mind? Do you think of sending out endless newsletters? Do you think, “my list is only 30 people – it’s never going to grow!” Maybe you think, “How can I even find people that want to opt-in?” Karen Yankovich shows you 6 places you can use your squeeze page to build your email list.

By Karen Yankovich

Your Successful Social Media System Must Contain 4 Essential Parts

As a business owner your days can be hectic, harried and overwhelmed. Karen Yankovich explains that making time for social media marketing is important because of the power it has to bring you customers, partnerships, and a lot of revenue.

By Karen Yankovich

Twitter Lists Are Like Gold – Are You Using Them Right?

So you’ve amassed a small army of followers on Twitter. Congratulations! This can sometimes be hard work, but with consistent effort you now see how it can pay off. Karen Yankovich explains how you can use Twitter to your advantage in creating and maintaining relationships, becoming visible to influencers, and for finding research that is like gold.

By Karen Yankovich

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