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8 Social Media Tips That Will Amplify Your Engagement

As an entrepreneur you should be building your expert status, as well as building and engaging with your community. Michele A. Scism shares a few social media tips that will amplify your engagement.

By Michele A Scism

Facebook and Twitter Strategy in Less Than 30 Minutes a Day

Many entrepreneurs confess that they just don’t know what to do once they get on social media. Do you feel like this? Michele A. Scism shares a Facebook and Twitter strategy that you can implement in less than 30 minutes a day. You will never suffer from not knowing what to do on there again!

By Michele A Scism

The Power of Social Media Relationships: Your Guide to Finding the Hidden Profits Offline!

Social media, it can cause us to hide behind our computers. After building online relationships, it’s time to take them OFFLINE. Karen Yankovich shares ideas for you to use the powerful medium of social media to actually meet real people!

By Karen Yankovich

19 Ways to Build Social Media Relationships From the Ground Up

Social media is a great place to grow your network. Plain and simple. It doesn’t get any easier to find, build and nurture a group of fans, followers, and future clients, but it does take some work. Karen Yankovich shares some quick ideas on how to build relationships online before you need them.

By Karen Yankovich

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Build Your Personal Brand

Twitter and LinkedIn are great places to build your personal brand. Karen Yankovich focuses specifically on what you can do on Twitter to make that brand shine!

By Karen Yankovich

What is Social Media Optimization?

There are two ways you can work to do that as you build your business on the web: SMO and SEO. Karen Yankovich tackles the basics of SMO, how it can help you and what to do about it!

By Karen Yankovich

Does Your Profession Limit Your Use of LinkedIn?

As a professional, needing to be online and visible, LinkedIn is the best place to be. Karen Yankovich raises some questions to be sure you answer when looking at your LinkedIn profile to see if your profession limits your use.

By Karen Yankovich

How To Find a Hook And How To Use It Right

Everyone has a hook…whether they know it or not. Everyone needs a hook…whether they know it or not. Everyone should have a hook…and Karen Yankovich is going to tell you how to find it and where it needs to go on your LinkedIn profile.

By Karen Yankovich

5 Surefire Ways to Establish Trust on LinkedIn

What are you doing to establish trust on LinkedIn? Karen Yankovich shares 5 surefire ways you can start to dial up the trust meter today on this professional platform.

By Karen Yankovich

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Company Pages Are A Must Do

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn Company page this article is for YOU. Karen Yankovich shares 5 targeted reasons why you and your business need to be up and visible with a LinkedIn Company page.

By Karen Yankovich

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