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When you think of building your list what comes to mind? Do you think of sending out endless newsletters? Do you think, “my list is only 30 people – it’s never going to grow!” Maybe you think, “How can I even find people that want to opt-in?” Karen Yankovich shows you 6 places you can use your squeeze page to build your email list.

As a business owner your days can be hectic, harried and overwhelmed. Karen Yankovich explains that making time for social media marketing is important because of the power it has to bring you customers, partnerships, and a lot of revenue.

So you’ve amassed a small army of followers on Twitter. Congratulations! This can sometimes be hard work, but with consistent effort you now see how it can pay off. Karen Yankovich explains how you can use Twitter to your advantage in creating and maintaining relationships, becoming visible to influencers, and for finding research that is like gold.

What do you need to do to show up on social media, establish your presence, get clients AND not spend hours each week doing so? Krista Martin shares tips about harnessing the power of social media to grow your business.

Meredith Eisenberg shares information about how to get Apple to promote your podcast on New and Noteworthy. This method helped her to create a top ranking podcast – but also helped her get her clients to the top of New and Noteworthy in their categories.

So, you’ve decided to start podcasting. Congratulations! iTunes listenership has doubled in the past year. This post by Meredith Eisenberg is about how to make a podcast that stands out from the crowd.

Growing your business requires some savvy marketing strategy and keen awareness of where you’ll get the best ROI for your time, money, and energy. Krista Martin explains that social media is only one of the many avenues to building your loyal client base.

How important is trust to online marketing? Susan Martin explains that trust has always been is a key component of marketing, and building internet trust is just as, if not more important.

A great way to position your genius is to spark memorable conversations online, particularly in social media. All you need is a HOT TOPIC! Nancy Marmolejo shares some examples of ways you can start a hot topic on your blog, in social media, online video, emails, or whatever mediums you choose.

Most of us end up struggling to find the time to maintain a presence on our own blogs without going round finding other people’s blogs to comment on. Meredith Eisenberg explains that that is precisely the time that you should be out there creating a name for yourself. You don’t need to be everywhere – just everywhere that matters to you.

While social media is undoubtedly a great tool for getting visibility and connecting with your ideal prospects, it can be tempting to get lost in the news feeds and find minutes and hours slipping away from you. Dana D'Orsi shares her 4 key strategies for saving time with your social media marketing.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ — oh my! If all the different social networking platforms are making your head spin,this quick quiz from Michele Pariza Waceck should help you get a handle on which social networking platform is right for you.

When building your social media strategy you must start with the basics. Michele A. Scism talks about what she considers to be the three most important steps in setting up your social media strategy.

How do you know how many posts are optimal to gain a good level of interaction on your Facebook business page? This takes some trial and error to figure out. Fabienne Fredrickson shares tips on how to use Facebook posts to your advantage.

Why do we use social media tools for our business? To get more exposure and to cast a larger net out to the public. Using Twitter can be a fantastic tool, if you know how to utilize it correctly. Marley Majcher shares 5 tips to get ahead on Twitter.

Finding exactly the right words to use is the key to getting people to open your e-mails, to click on and share your links. One of the best ways to get people to open more of your communications over time is to keep testing and improving your headlines. Because it is text based and fast moving, Twitter is an ideal place to quickly test your headlines. Michele A. Scism shares how to test your headlines on Twitter in three easy steps.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, when it comes to knowing how to market your business online using the web and the Internet, social media and networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are receiving lots of attention as tools for Client Attraction – to attract more clients and build your list. Derek Fredrickson shares three great strategies when it comes to using social media to attract clients.

Let’s talk social media mistakes!  Most online entrepreneurs know that social media is an important avenue for business growth.  But not everyone knows how to use it the right way. The end result is that many end up hurting their brand reputation and bottom line by making social media mistakes. Michele A. Scism lists 3 common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

With so many voices on social media, from angsty teenagers to big brand marketers, it's easy to get drowned out in all the noise. So how do you add your own unique thumbprint that attracts the right people to your profile?

With Facebook's new Timeline feature, post more visuals, post often, use the Pin to Top feature for more likes, comments, and shares

Good Facebook strategy includes content related to niche or expertise, should show expertise and include some non-biz updates. Some ideas include open-ended questions, tips, links to other relevant posts, appreciation, asking for feedback.

If you’re an entrepreneur who also has a day job and is building your side business on your lunch hour, nights and weekends then you’re a Moonlighting Entrepreneur. What you need to know about your situation is that everything about you is different, especially the time you have to build and market your growing business. As a Moonlighting Entrepreneur you’re already challenged by how much time you have to work on your business every day. Jeannie Spiro shares creative ways of network marketing so it won’t be nearly as challenging.

Do you want to know the quickest path to getting known online? Michele A. Scism states "if I were to pick one thing that made the difference to me – it was when I got to the point where other people were interviewing me." Michele shares 5 steps to take to get other people to interview you.

Millions of retailers now use Pinterest to promote their goods. And for small business owners like you and me, it can prove to be a valuable, fun way to build brand awareness for your business via visually driven content. So, how do use Pinterest to promote your business? Below 5 tips to get started.

When it comes to marketing your business via social media, Facebook, and Twitter get most of the hype. But, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for attracting new clients to your business and impressing your current ones, especially if you are a service provider. Here are five steps to creating a LinkedIn profile that can grow your client list.

Fabienne Fredrickson is big believer in using social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with more people. In this article, she explains how to leverage these tools well in order to add value, build relationships and share your solutions and offers.

Every day, Twitter is abuzz with clever comments from the likes of everyone from Rihanna to Martha Stewart to Seth Godin. It’s an equal playing field where people are free to share and discuss any topic under the sun. And, with 140 million users, it’s a great way for entrepreneurs to get known and connect with potential customers. But, many business owners fall into the trap of using Twitter as a soapbox, rather than a tool for conversation. Below are five Tweet formulas to try that will engage your clients and customers.

Being consistent with your online marketing will help your followers remember you and associate you with the solution you provide. Nancy Marmolejo gives you 3 places to start in order to stay consistent with your online visibility.

Ali Brown shares tips on how to become aware, manage and keep track of your online reputation as you and your business develop an online presence.

So are websites and blogs even worth it? Should we just throw all our chips in the social networking pile and not spend any more time or money on websites or blogs? And what if you don’t have a website yet — should you even bother?

Social media has turned out to be one of the most powerful branding mediums in today’s digital age. When social media first came on the scene, both major brands and small businesses were hesitant to get in the game. But today, just about every business — big and small — is leveraging this powerful tool. These are the five rules of using social media for branding.

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the two newest social media channels — Google+ and Pinterest. Which one should you choose? The answer is the same as it was before G+ and Pinterest exploded on to the scene, go where your audience hangs out the most. Michele will go through the two platforms, you’ll learn which one would work best for your business.

When Twitter was first taking off as the latest and greatest social medium, many believed it to be a resource that would appeal mostly to consumers. Today, however, business people are becoming more and more aware of Twitter as a tool to build Business-to-Business (B2B) sales. Here are a few big ways that Twitter can impact your B2B sales.

One of the more popular places where online ads have been growing in popularity is on Facebook. The social networking site has over 750 million users – which demonstrates a massive reach when it comes to offering your services into new markets. But, there is a catch. What is the success formula for creating an effective Facebook ad? While there is no “magic bullet” that addresses how to design the best converting ad, here is a list of guidelines that you can follow when designing your own Facebook ad.

How do you build a Facebook fan page quickly?” – Facebook ads. Unlike pay per click, which can get very expensive with little result, Facebook ads are still reasonably priced, and usually end up with a great click rate because you can target the ad very specifically (Google does not have the same demographic data – so you can’t customize those results quite as much). Here are five tips for creating successful Facebook ads.

The first step in sharing your business through Facebook is to create an effective profile. Follow these four steps and you will be off to a great start!

Finding time to explore Pinterest – the social networking site that’s been all the buzz lately – has raised some important questions about copyrights and copyright infringement.

Are you still staying away from Linked In? Many people I talk to shy away from Linked In’s “buttoned-up” very professional image. Not using it is turning your back on access to millions of people. Where else can you get that kind of advertising for your business?

You can really boost your visibility and personal brand by being consistent and following these 10 rules.

A consistent five minutes a day liking, sharing and making comments on posts is much more likely to build relationships than all the scholarly white papers in the world. Still, many business owners miss out on many opportunities because they are sporadic social media users — or they get fed up and stop building relationships all together. Whether you have an on and off relationship with social media or you’ve given up all together — really we are talking about procrastination.

Did you know that your social media accounts are a gold mine of information about your prospects. Often small business owners get wrapped up in sending out information via social media — that they don’t bother to track the information that their clients are giving them every day via interaction. Keeping track of the results of your posts will help you to build relationships more quickly because you’ll be giving more of what they’ve been reacting to.

Here are some tips on using Facebook to attract new clients, get more publicity and build your expertise and community online.

If I were to pick the one “secret sauce” ingredient to a successful social media presence – what would it be? The answer to that is very easy. The “secret sauce” is consistency with a capital C!

When it comes to marketing and making money, size does matter. The size of your newsletter list, Facebook Fan list, Twitter follower list and connections on LinkedIn that is.

When Twitter was first taking off, it was believed to be a tool mostly for consumers. However, in today’s marketplace, business executives are becoming more and more aware of Twitter as a tool to build B2B sales.

One great way to get more fans for your Facebook fan page, and make it easier to manage your social networking, is to link your Facebook fan page and Twitter profile. In this article I’ll show you how to set up your Facebook fan page so that your status updates are copied over to Twitter — and include a link back to your fan page at the end of each update.

You may have wonderful ideas for products and services and you may have worked hard to set up a great small business website. Perhaps you’re networking and trying really hard to get people interested in what you do. However if the results have been disappointing or a bit slow, it’s not the economy. The problem is more likely that you haven’t built your sphere of influence.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new kid on the social media block. And our friendly online giant, Google, brings it to us. Google+ is offered on practically all Google products (Gmail,, Google Docs, etc.), and its adoption is spreading quickly. But, as a marketer, what do you need to know? What’s the lowdown on Google+ to help you with marketing and your online presence?

In the world of social marketing, a dull public presence will sabotage your efforts and send potential clients running for the hills. This doesn’t mean you have to put on a fake persona or try to re-invent yourself for the spotlight. It’s about authentically being yourself and tapping into what attracts people to you and your brand. Here are 3 strategies to use so you don’t come across as BORING. Remember: you want to stand out as the voice that people remember, not just the voice people hear.

This article talks about three mistakes that I see business owners making on Facebook. These are mistakes that are all happening on personal profiles. Remember your personal profile is prime real estate on Facebook.

Social media and networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are receiving lots of attention as tools for Client Attraction – and it’s easy to spend a lot of (wasted) time there. To attract ideal high paying clients from social media, it’s important to remember that that the same rules apply for social media as they do for traditional marketing: giving value, building relationships!

Finding time to connect using the available on-line social venues can be a time-consuming task. How do you find time to connect? Once you find the time, how do you connect meaningfully? Connecting isn’t just a matter of sharing blog posts and links and auto-tweets. Connection is a matter of real engagement.

Here are 3 simple steps that you can use on a regular basis to get massive visibility on Facebook.

This article discusses ways a virtual assistant can help with social media marketing.

If you're thinking about getting someone else to manage your social networking activities, read this article first where I'll share with you the dos and don'ts of successful social networking — it may give you some things to consider that you hadn't thought of!

As business owners, we must accept the fact that our online presence opens us up to 24-hour customer service requests. They come in as emails, Facebook wall posts, Tweets, and even instant chats on Facebook and Google. And, if you're not prepared for these requests, you could risk harming valuable customer relationships in front of your entire community. What do you and your team need to do to maintain a high standard when handling customer service issues via social media?

In this article I’ll share how you can add any set of social networking icons to link to your profiles to your WordPress website or blog.

Looking for ideas to help you figure out what to tweet about, post on your fan page, share on your blog, issue a press release on, or otherwise shout about you and your business to get some attention? Here are 101+ different reasons/occasions/ideas so next time you're staring at a blank status update box or brainstorming ideas for a press release, you can use this list to help you come up with the perfect idea.

A foundational part of any small business is your list of clients and potential clients. I remember in my corporate days in the shopping center industry we had lists of frequent shoppers for each mall, current and potential retailers for each mall and list of colleagues in the industry, as well as, media lists nationally and local to each market. Your List is your business equity. For you as an entrepreneur marketing your own business it's the same, but because you are marketing yourself and your services it needs to be more personal. Your goal isn't to just build a big list. It's about creating a list full of relationship possibilities.

Think about how you got started with social media. It's likely that you started your own personal profile first, and then created a separate one for your business, or vice versa. I can bet that the way you use your business profile is very similar to the way you use your personal profile. You log in, read posts, messages and notifications, set up a few broadcasts to go out, and call it a day. That might be enough to keep your friends posting, but if that's all you do on your business profile, you are truly missing out on the power of social media

If you’re launching a Facebook Page, here are a few ideas for getting it into the hands of your ideal clients and raving fans.

While you set your business goals for the new year, make sure you’ve outlined how you’re going to get seen and get known online- preferably with little effort and a lot of authenticity. Here are 3 places to start.

With the advent of web 2.0 and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, some business owners are finding a bit of frustration trying to figure out this new marketing tool.

When your Facebook fan page is new it can be challenging to figure out what to post. Here are 11 easy ideas to help you get started and generate content to interact with your fans.

Now let’s celebrate the people who are doing it right. Being real, being themselves, and leading the way. And in that spirit, I bring you the “Do’s” of Transparency in your online visibility. You may agree or disagree, but click on each link so you can see it all in context.

Here’s an online visibility tip that will help you determine the fine line between authentic transparency and divulging too much information, better known as TMI

One of the great things about the work I do is that I have a birds eye view of what’s working and what’s not when it comes to social media. Every so often I like to give sort of a “state of the union” on Facebook and Twitter best practices, because as I am sure you know, social media is constantly growing, changing and evolving.

One of the strategies I use to build a following on Twitter is to share helpful tips and articles as often as possible. If you’re doing the same, consider using this strategy to take your tips to the next level.

While on the surface Foursquare may seem easy to dismiss, many small businesses are already embracing it to engage with customers and build loyalty. Foursquare recently passed the milestone of 100 million check-ins, and it even made Entrepreneur Magazine's annual List of 100 Brilliant Ideas.

Sometimes you need to step back and really assess whether it is in the best interest of your business as a whole to continue to try and juggle everything alone. In terms of affordability, there are many reasonably priced virtual assistants out there who can take a lot of the administrative tasks off your plate so that you can focus on the activities that make you the most money instead.

Twitter is a little different from any other form of social media, but at its heart it is essentially a communication tool. When people first begin using it, it can seem a bit confusing. You may wonder, how can I really type anything of substance in 140 characters or less—and how can I make the most of it once I’ve signed up?

I hear a lot of things about social media in doing what I do. There has been a major theme lately popping up with people who say that social media is not working for them. They're frustrated and ready to throw in the towel on it, convinced it just doesn't translate into dollars in their business. I patiently listen to their frustrations, and upon digging deeper, I often find a major flaw in their marketing process.

I get the question “will social media work for my business?” a lot. For the purposes of this article, I should clarify that the term “social media” doesn’t just refer to the big sites like Facebook or Twitter. It applies to anything interactive that takes place online—including blogs, message boards, video and more. Not every business will benefit from the same exact sites and tools.

Social media is a terrific channel to use for spreading the word about an upcoming event. However, I find that small business owners are often hesitant to do so for fear of appearing too promotional or “spammy.” Here are some ways you can do it.

Recently Google introduced “Buzz,” a social sharing tool that’s built right into Gmail. Buzz allows you to share updates, links, photos and videos with either the world or privately to a select group of friends. In its first 48 hours, Google reported that tens of millions of people had already tried the service.

Let me let you in on a little secret: the most successful people in social media, the ones that appear to be everywhere--and connecting all of these “everywheres” seamlessly, to boot—are doing so by way of a few specific, focused strategies. You could call it “social leverage,” and I am going to share with you exactly how you can do this too—and no, it won’t take up all of your time either!

Lists are one of the newer features that have been added by Twitter. They are also one of the best ways to leverage strategic connections with your followers. Lists are important because they allow you to closely track and respond to specific people—which starts to become imperative once you are following more than a couple hundred “tweeps.”

At their recent F8 Conference, Facebook and their CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a lot of announcements regarding changes they've made, and I've been getting some questions about them. Truth be told, some of what was announced was a bit complex for the casual, everyday business owner user of Facebook---so you're not alone if you heard about it and kinda went "huh?"

These six steps were born out of common frustrations I hear from people about understanding how to market online. Does this sound familiar? I know I need to figure out all of this social media stuff, but it’s all piecemeal now and I just don’t know where to start!”

Are you tweeting? If so you may be wondering if it’s really paying you back for the time and effort you put into it. I must say I wondered the same thing when I started but now I’m grateful I stuck with it, because it’s become an indispensible business building tool.

What if you could profit from your Twitter time and enjoy it at the same time? These 3 top tips can help you make a strong start.

By now you know that we can all benefit from networking online with experienced business professionals, just as we can offline. LinkedIn is one of the best places to do this, and it currently has over 53 million members in over 200 countries--and grows at a rate of one new member every second.

It sounds simple, but before you implement a new marketing strategy in your business, you need to first know what your objectives are. That is, what is it that you are trying to accomplish? Social media is no different. It’s not enough to want to add it to your marketing mix because “everyone else is doing it.”

I don’t think I would be anywhere near as productive as I am in social media today without having systems, tools and processes to organize and monitor my expanding network. They really have been the secret to my success, and of my clients' success. In the work that I do in social media, overwhelm and time management are always the biggest concerns that I hear--but they don't have to be.

More and more, there is becoming a divide between those businesses who have Facebook profiles and Twitter pages and those who do not. Learning to navigate this new social media landscape can be very powerful for your business--and here are some of the top keys to harnessing that power.

Many small business owners are already on Facebook but are confused about how exactly it can work for them. Starting a Fan Page for your business may be your answer. But how can you use a Fan Page to achieve fantastic results?

We all want to do more in less time with social media. The good news is that there are lots of tools to help automate your social networking activities. Although I don’t suggest automating your entire experience (that’s kind of missing the point), there are some great productivity-boosters worth checking out.

When I tell other business owners and clients how active I am in social networking and what a valuable marketing tool it is, they ask me how I find the time? If you’ve dabbled a bit with Facebook and Twitter it can seem like a lot of work to keep up with everyone. For a busy business owner it seems impossible to find the time.

This past year has been fascinating as social media not only put more voices and visions out into the world, but also catapulted a number of people from relative obscurity to the limelight. Not everyone is cut out to do the limelight 24-7, so what do you do when you need a little break?

Getting visible is great- in fact I’ve crafted this entire blog to support your online visibility, branding, and overall public presence- but without a clearly outlined Profit Path, your visibility ends up being all window dressing and no substance.

Today, there are almost constant references to social media tools like Twitter and Facebook in everyday culture. If you’re not already using them, chances are that you’re wondering if you should be. If you’re already using them and not seeing any positive business results, below are some very helpful ideas.

When used in conjunction with a strong social media presence, your blog can serve as a powerful tool to drive traffic, establish you as an authority, and bring new opportunities your way. Here are 3 quick and easy tips you can start using today to get more traffic and visibility for your blog.

With social media fever running at an all-time high, it's easy for people to lose sight of the fact that these tools are only one part of an overall online marketing strategy. While Tweeting, Facebooking and the like are fantastic methods, they are not the only game in town. For best results, you will want to have a varied mix of marketing tools in play all at once.

I am often asked how you can tell whether the time you've spent on social media activities is really making a difference. Here are some easy (and free) ways to help determine whether your social media efforts are sizzling--or fizzling.

By now, you know that being active on social media sites is a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog. But what happens once those people have arrived at your site?

Two big questions small business owners have for me when it comes to Facebook are: 1) is there a way I can separate my personal information from my professional information and 2) what is the best way to engage others and bring attention to my business? Facebook "Fan Pages" are the answer to both.

If you are looking to take advantage of Twitter in your business without it taking over your life, here are some great "shortcut" tools and applications to keep you in the social media game without sacrificing all of your precious time!

One of the most basic but most important pieces of your social networking presence is having an effective profile. Not only is it a snapshot into who you are and what it is you do, it's usually the first impression others will have of you. Here are some ways to make your profile work for you and get you noticed--without boring people to tears.

Originally, serving that more corporate-type population was why LinkedIn was established. However, I have recently noticed more activity among small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. While Facebook offers a more personal snapshot of a person, LinkedIn has really become a good place to create beneficial professional relationships as well as be found by potential clients and customers.

I am not usually a big fan of rules when it comes to social media, but I do think there are ways to make your experience using tools such as Twitter more beneficial to yourself and others. There are some common mistakes I see new users make that I want to share with you. The good news is, once you are aware of them they are really easy to avoid!

More people than ever are using social media tools so more of your target market is reachable there today than even just a few short months ago. Take advantage of these top ways to add subscribers when using social media sites so that you can begin communicating regularly with more potential clients and customers.

By its very nature, social media can be time-consuming in the beginning. You need to get familiar with the platforms and tools and how they work, not to mention the time necessary to truly "build relationships." Add to this its seductive qualities of being both incredibly fun and a great way to procrastinate. How do you take advantage of these tools to benefit your business without wasting all your time?

People like to do business with those they know, like and trust, right? This article describes some of the ways to use Twitter to create rapport and get more visibility for your business. Remember that Twitter is a place to be you, listen, respond and be helpful. The results for your bottom line may not be immediate, but you are building your reputation and strengthening relationships each time you participate. And that's great for business!

Too many people are gripped by the fear of “missing out on something” or “not being taken seriously” if they don’t have 5 digit followings. The number doesn’t equate your success in business. You may look cool or popular, but at the end of the day, if it’s not making you money, inviting opportunities, or enriching you… what’s the point? I dare you, no make that DOUBLE dare you, to go into your Twitter, Facebook and other social media followers and do some purging. Want a peek at how I do it? Here’s my uncensored list of who to purge.

When George Clooney was recently asked about his take on Facebook at the Toronto Film Festival, his response was short: "I'd rather have a prostate exam than a Facebook page." But unless you already have more prospects and high quality clients than you and your business can handle, your approach to Social Networking should be drastically different.

Even though there are many, many advantages to using social networking as an online marketing strategy, there are several pitfalls that can easily be avoided ... if you’re aware of what they are, and so enable you to benefit from this powerful online marketing strategy. I’d like to share with you my top four social networking pitfalls.

Social media success can’t happen if you’re glued to the wall simply waiting for the action to happen. It didn’t work like that on the first day of kindergarten, it didn’t work like that at your high school dance, and it doesn’t work that way on Twitter.

Is social media anxiety keeping you up at night? Are things moving too fast for your comfort level? Do you feel compelled to check your Twitter messages constantly just in case someone sent you that million dollar message? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It occurred to Michele as she looked around at what people are and aren't doing with their social networking that this is a microcosm of your entire business. Let her explain. How do you approach your social networking?

Social networking can give you credibility, visibility, leads and can help grow your business. It can also lose you jobs and customers. And that's the point of today's article. What you do on
social networking is public.

Have you ever fallen into a Facebook stupor? You know, you lose track of time clicking and commenting then suddenly realize 3 hours have gone by. You feel a tinge of guilt… maybe an upwelling of justification as you struggle to figure out if you just wasted your time or were diligently schmoozing your network. Everyone wants to know what constitutes time well spent and time wasted on Facebook, Twitter, etc. So how do you know the difference?

Social media has made getting famous much easier, but does fame equal credibility? Of course you want a high level of visibility to get your message out and attract opportunities, but you MUST have a trail of proof that you are who you say you are, and you know what you say you know. That’s called CREDIBILITY. When I meet someone new on Twitter or Facebook, I click over to their profile. Even though I’m very intuitive, I often do a quick check to learn more. Here is a list of what I immediately check out.

We all know that people do business with those they know, like, and trust… but how does this translate in the rapidly accelerating world of social networking? Here are 5 things you can focus on to build trust and attract pre-sold, ready to buy clients.

Twitter was all a tweeting with the unexpected suspension of thousands of accounts yesterday -- it was a human error and has since been fixed, but leads me to a larger question... Were you prepared for it to happen? Is your marketing diversified? Here are several ideas of ways you can get the word out about your business.

Here are 10 things you can Tweet about- drag this list out when your mind runs blank.

Making money with social media is more than pitching your contacts. Learn 3 tips to make your followers want to buy from you without ever having to apply pressure or coercion.

Join me in a collective groan as I reflect on the enormous amount of hard selling and pitching on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I’m down to two possible reasons why this is so prevalent.

As a coach, consultant, author or speaker or other small business owner, you are always in the mode of creating your "expert status." That means that you know enough about your clients, their needs and desires and solutions to help them, that you can claim expertise in this area. With social media, it's easy to create and share real examples of your expertise. Here are 5 easy examples of how to post pictures on Facebook to build your "Celebrity with Integrity" platform.

So, how do you make money with social networking? A lot depends on the words you use and how you interact with your friends and followers. Today I’m going to focus specifically on Twitter. Here are 3 more tips to make those tweets as compelling and persuasive as possible.

One of the first questions people ask me about social networking is how to find more friends. After all, a big part of social networking (when you're doing it for business that is) is to find more prospects. And if you don't get some friends and followers, you're not going to accomplish that. (Not to mention the fact that the whole point of social networking is being social, and without friends or followers that will be tough to do.) So how do you find friends and followers?

Isn't social networking fun? You get to meet all these people and connect with them and spend hours looking at their profiles and videos and photos and... Okay, so clearly social networking can take an awful lot of time. The question is, is it worth it? Will spending all that time doing social networking lead to an increase in sales?

What is Twitter all about? Here is the short primer on what you’ll discover when you venture on Twitter.

Social networking can be a lot of things. It can be a waste of time or a huge marketing tool. Whether it's a waste of time or getting you new business depends on how you're using it. And one of the ways to make sure you're using it as a marketing tool is to post effective, results-oriented social networking profiles. So how do you do that? Well, let's start with 3 things you should NEVER do.

When cut down to its barest essence, I think of "social currency" as essentially the trust and personal connection you create with people when you do things for the better good, or in service of others. How big is your 'wallet?'

Everywhere you look, people are talking about Web 2.0, social networking, Twitter, Facebook, Tweetdeck or Twhirl, to name a few. There's even a whole new Twitcabulary: tweets, tweeples, retweets, twitpics, etc. which can make things seem a lot more complicated. Here's the skinny on social networking. . .

If you like trying new things, if you like testing new systems then Myspace is another line in the fishing pond for attracting prospects, building your list and your network.

There's a new phenomena called "social network marketing" which should become a part of your online marketing strategy. Some web experts are saying it could become more important than search engine optimization in driving traffic to your small business website.

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