Internet Marketing Dilemma - Improving Your Double Opt-In Rates

By Terri Zwierzynski

You know that having a double opt-in* process for your newsletter/ezine list is a "best practice" in permission based email marketing. Several reasons:

BUT--sometimes your subscribers don't click that link they receive from you in the confirmation email. And so you lose 10, 20, even 50% of your "subscribers". Arghh!

How can you improve your opt-in rates?

Generally, the more compelling and relevant your "offer" is to folks, and the easier it is for them to complete the process, the better opt-in rate you will enjoy.

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*Double opt-in defined:

  1. new subscriber fills out a form on your site
  2. your list management software sends a confirmation email with a special coded link
  3. new subscriber clicks the link
  4. subscriber is added to your list

Single opt-in eliminates steps 2 and 3.

About the expert(s):
Terri Z is The Solo-CEO: a self-employed internet marketing consultant to solo entrepreneurs, freelance writer, and grassroots promoter of the solo entrepreneur lifestyle. She runs, the resource website for solo entrepreneurs which attracts thousands of visitors monthly from over 100 countries on six continents.

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