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Is Branding Really Important? A brand is who you are, what you represent, what you value, what you believe, and what you stand for. It is truly the heart and the personality of you and your career or business. Dr. Laureen Wishom shares Part 4 of her strategies for elevating your brand.

Is Branding Really Important? A brand is who you are, what you represent, what you value, what you believe, and what you stand for. It is truly the heart and the personality of you and your career or business. Dr. Laureen Wishom shares Part 3 of her strategies for elevating your brand.

Is Branding Really Important? A brand is who you are, what you represent, what you value, what you believe, and what you stand for. It is truly the heart and the personality of you and your career or business. Dr. Laureen Wishom shares Part 2 of her strategies for elevating your brand.

Is Branding Really Important? A brand is who you are, what you represent, what you value, what you believe, and what you stand for. It is truly the heart and the personality of you and your career or business. Dr. Laureen Wishom shares her strategies for elevating your brand.

Your relationship with your business is not unlike a personal relationship. Sometimes you’re just not a good match, or you begin to grow apart as you grow as a person. But how do you morph your business into something new, exciting, and that suits where you are now? Holly Chantal explains how to re-brand without starting from scratch.

Building your brand is a process that is so powerful; it can literally propel a struggling business to the forefront of the marketplace and from potential failure to massive success. With that being said, is branding really important? Dr. Laureen Wishom explains that right brand can really help your business.

When it comes to getting your website designed and out into the world you are virtually (pardon the pun) at the mercy of your web guru. You may not even realize that some of their “bonus services” such as purchasing and hosting your domain for you, could seriously compromise your business in the future. So to help ensure that you have total control of your brand here are a few suggestions from Holly Chantal that you should hammer out with your website designer before hiring them.

So many new business owners and coaches think that once they have a business name, logo, and website their brand is established. For whatever reason, they did not get the memo stating that you must have commitment, focus and consistency to build a successful brand. Dr. Laureen Wishom shares four essentials to building an awesome brand for your business or coaching practice.

So what is the bare minimum that YOU need to have a brand? Surprisingly it’s not a logo, a website, or even a tagline. All you need a personality, which is something we’re all born with. Holly Chantal shares some ways you can express your personality in your business.

The idea of stereotypes generally holds a negative connotation. As individuals we don’t like the idea of being put into a box. We are highly unique and don’t want people to make assumptions about who we are based on what we look like, how we talk, or what activities we choose to engage in. Holly Chantal explains that when you’re creating your brand you need to decide how you want to be perceived, and you can use these stereotypes to your advantage either by playing into them or playing against them.

The one thing that all entrepreneurs have in common is they are all striving to achieve their own definition of success while adding to their bottom line. Dr. Laureen Wishom shares her checklist to those game-changing, high-achieving women who want to Get Connected, Get Noticed, Get Known and Get Paid.

While branding/re-branding yourself is an important piece in your biz success puzzle, it’s also a piece that can really screw you up if you don’t do it right. Michele Pariza Wacek shares mistakes entrepreneurs make when they think they’re ready to brand or re-brand themselves.

Social currency may not be something you’ve heard of before but it is a critical part of building a community around your brand. Social currency is how engaged your followers are with your brand, and how much they respect and value your opinion. Holly Chantal explains that you should take your social currency into consideration and make sure you’re spending it wisely.

Defining your brand is like a journey of business self-discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and uncomfortable. Marley Majcher shares simple, time-tested tips to define your brand and get the word out.

Many people think of graphical elements like logos, websites and brochures when they hear the word brand. But a brand is SO MUCH MORE than that. Dana D'Orsi shares 3 Steps to Strengthen Your Brand.

Determining a niche is perhaps one of the most perplexing and nerve-wracking things for a new coach. Some people call it choosing a niche. Many marketing gurus say that you must make a decision about this, and that it is going to be the entire foundation of your practice, so you had better get it right! That’s a lot of pressure for a new coach! Karen Cappello explains that when you receive your niche, your whole coaching practice becomes filled with ease.

You can have incredible content, but if no one pays attention, you’re lost in the crowd. I created a special creative Prezi presentation to share with you more about how to a Creative Thought Leader. I share over 60 creative ideas for how to package your content so that you can break through and stand out in the marketplace as the expert leader you are.

When it comes to selling your packages and programs it pays to play the long game. Sure there will be those few brave souls that contact you upon seeing your website, but for the most part you will need to build trust over time with prospects before they’ll take the leap and hire you. Holly Chantal shares 3 ways to help you create a more immersive experience with your brand that engages prospects.

Create an about page with your in depth story, showing benefits to your potential ideal client, as well as answering their objections.

To really play a big game in your business and make a great impact with your clients (and therefore your income), you must be really, really good at what you do. One thing that’s important to stress about mastery is that you can’t be good, let alone masterful, at everything. Fabienne Fredrickson explains that when you focus your time on things you’re uniquely masterful at, that’s where you make so much more money in your business.

As humans most of us are creatures of habit to some extent, and when it comes to running your business shaking up the status quo can be a bit daunting. The truth is – you’ll never have it right forever and nothing in your business is permanent. Holly Chantal explains how to grow your business with experiments so that you can get clear on what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Building a strong brand is a must in today’s market. But, how do you do that? How can you consciously construct how people think of you and your company, without having a huge advertising budget? Shannon Cherry shares few smart ways to effectively build your brand.

Creating content every week for a teleseminar, let alone for free is a big undertaking – and something many solopreneurs shy away from. After all, why do all of that work if you aren’t making money from it? Holly Chantal explains that having a free community call will go a long way to building your brand and will pay for itself in clients that are lining up to work with you.

Are you struggling to come up with your business name? This can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people who are starting a new business. You want to get the name right, maybe have something clever or memorable. Fabienne Fredrickson gives three big reasons why you don't need a clever business name.

One important part of branding is the image you yourself portray. Developing a likable personal brand is essential for succeeding. If you want to rise to the top of your particular arena, you need to first be able to sell yourself to your potential customers. The first impression a potential customer receives is from you. Make it a good one. How can you accomplish this? Here’s eight tips by Shannon Cherry to help you always be “on your game” for business.

One of the best ways to create awareness of your business and brand yourself as an expert is to have another entrepreneur “vouch” for you by inviting you to speak or write for their audience. What an honor! If you make this a great experience for THEM and show them what a cool person you are to work with, then they will be more inclined to refer clients your way and/or collaborate on future projects with you. Holly Chantal shares tips so that you are the best guest expert you can be.

It is easier than ever now to start your own business, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and attract attention. So how do you compete? Holly Chantal explains that the important thing to remember is that while your specialties are similar, there is always something you can do differently or position in a strategic way that makes you unique.

In this noisy, competitive environment it’s so important that you identify what makes you unique. What is it about your approach, perspective or even personality that allows you to shine? Cindy Schulson shares 6 tips to help you communicate your message simply and powerfully.

When you think of branding, chances are your mind goes immediately to your website and logo. Traditionally branding has been thought of as the visuals that are associated with your business, but your brand is so much more than that! Holly Chantal lists 4 aspects of your brand perception and any one of these can either make or break your chances with a prospect hiring you.

This article is about how we define “authorities”, “experts” and “masters”. After all, I call myself a “Small Business Growth and Marketing Expert” and it got me to wondering if I’ve earned the title.

For better or worse, every business out there has a brand and without a strong brand, you’re going to struggle needlessly trying to grow your business. So how do you know what’s going on with your brand? Ask yourself these questions.

Being consistent with your online marketing will help your followers remember you and associate you with the solution you provide. Nancy Marmolejo gives you 3 places to start in order to stay consistent with your online visibility.

Do you feel invisible within your business? Kendall SummerHawk shares a checklist of simple steps you can take to stop being the brilliant-but-invisible entrepreneur and to start owning your gifts in a public - and profitable - way.

Of all the different marketing tools out there, the most nebulous, and also the most misunderstood, are these two — branding and positioning. And since they’re misunderstood, they aren’t used correctly, leading to all sorts of problems. Branding and positioning are extremely powerful. Used correctly, you will magically attract your ideal clients to you. Used incorrectly, and that same power can destroy your business.

You’re a business owner. You want more clients and more sales. You want to make more moolah. You know you need to differentiate yourself. You want an edge. So you create a marketing plan or you launch a referral campaign, or you do a joint venture with someone who serves the same market you do. This is all good stuff. But you are missing one key thing.

What is an archetype and how is it important for a successful business?

Social media has turned out to be one of the most powerful branding mediums in today’s digital age. When social media first came on the scene, both major brands and small businesses were hesitant to get in the game. But today, just about every business — big and small — is leveraging this powerful tool. These are the five rules of using social media for branding.

Selecting the right business name can make a tremendous difference in attracting the right clients. A well-crafted name also helps communicate what you do quickly, making it that much easier to let people know how you can serve them.

You already know that each and every day more businesses are opening up and competition, if it hasn’t been already, is getting fierce. Combine that with the fact that potential customers are holding onto their money more carefully, it is making it more difficult than ever to stand out and profit. In order to thrive, you need to get an edge over the competition.

There comes a time in an entrepreneur’s life where a certain restlessness sets in. You’re bored. You don’t like the type of clients you’re getting. People pigeon-hole you into a certain category. There’s more to you and you know it, but your current branding doesn’t say that. Your message no longer reflects the depth and breadth of your brilliance so you realize something’s got to change. It may be time for the big scary REBRAND.

The dictionary definition of relevant is “bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent: a relevant remark.” It’s all about what people need NOW in an ever changing world of tactics, strategies, and solutions. The good news is, you don’t have to go into fear mode to address staying relevant. It’s an ongoing job of seeing where you are, where your prospects are, what the winds of change are blowing your way, and of course where your passion is directing you.

Every day I meet another business owner who isn’t putting herself out into the world because she isn’t sure about her niche market, her tagline or her company name. Can you relate? Do you find yourself avoiding networking events or not talking about your business at parties or events because you aren’t quite happy with the name of your business or you aren’t totally sure who you serve? Let Monica can help you make a decision and move forward so you can concentrate on the important things, like getting new clients and making more money.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, the stepmother was ugly but good, and the princess was beautiful but mean! Why is storytelling experiencing a dynamic revival and how is that relevant to coaching and what is the role of storytelling in coaching and why is it becoming such a hot topic in business?

Once upon a time…a long, long time ago… Tell a few more lines and then look carefully, what’s happening to your listener? What happens when we tell a story. It’s a kind of magic really, and amazingly, it happens from the very first few words.

We are all storytellers. We tell the stories of our lives all the time. It's not necessarily the profound, live changing stories, but the everyday ones. Where we ate the day before, how we got to work, the person we met outside the store, the strange email we received; these are the stories we tell, they are the day to day stories of our lives.

Here are some coaching tips to help you drop the fear, stand out from the crowd, and really be the one people remember.

If you’ve been in business on the Internet for any length of time, you are probably coming to the conclusion that the same old, same old just doesn’t sell the way it used to anymore.

Lately, there’s a lot of people in the Internet marketing world who seem not to care about their credibility – or their brand. Some are bold face lying to keep up appearances. Others, it seems, are so caught up in their emotions they forget who they are online. Here’s the reality folks: you are being watched.

There’s a good chance your business might be hiding out and you don’t even realize it. There are 5 big ways that entrepreneurs stay hidden. And if you’re a business owner whose business is built around your expertise, this is particularly for you!

What does this sushi dinner have to do with your marketing? Surprisingly - a lot! Read on and find out!

You aren't really in business if you aren't selling. The transformation is actually IN the sale. I know many people are really concerned about feeling pushy, hard, or aggressive. There is one easy key that makes sales fun, easy, and profitable - LOVE!

There was a time in my career, when I did think that using your picture was an exercise in ego-stroking and that too often people used their photo – taking up otherwise valuable marketing space – in ads and brochures and on business cards, when they could have used that space to add more words to describe the benefits of their products and services or to show the actual product itself. Not any more. Now I encourage people to use their photo everywhere that they can reasonably do so.

When we start off in business we all have visions of who we think we need to be in order to please (or convince) our clientele and colleagues. We decide what we should look like, how we should act and dress, what our websites and marketing materials need to say—or not say; we envision our model of business success, and we chase that model to the extreme exclusion of our own true selves. We create a disingenuous version of ourselves, and our businesses suffer for it. In reality, none of this is what our clients want.

Do your potential clients like you? Do they perceive you as likeable? And I mean really likeable. The fact is that if they don't, none of the rest of your efforts to establish yourself as a category authority will matter. When you get right down to it, Sanders points out, life is a series of popularity contests. You may not want to admit it or believe it. In fact, you've probably been told it ain't so, but ultimately, if you're well liked, if your likeability factor is high then you're more likely to be chosen and to get booked solid.

With so many people talking about getting powerful messages out to the world, chances are something in you is awakening. It’s not always easy to navigate spiritual, social, and emotional channels around marketing, so read these tips to take your message out to the world in a powerful and meaningful way (that does your business good, not harm!)

To help you get your next three clients, fast, here are three simple tips taken from the same system I used to leap from frustrating 5-figures to what is now a multi-million dollar coaching business in just a few short years. Truth is, I STILL use this same system, so you know it works!

Are you feeling like you've lost your calling in all this marketing madness? I understand. Reconnect with you special gift by following my quick fix tips for the marketing weary!

As you start your business telling your story is very powerful - it's what really enables you to connect your clients. Read on for more.

YOU are a gift. A gift to share with others. And if you are standing knee deep in your own worry, fear, self-pity or disappointment, then you are not living your highest purpose. It breaks my heart when I get emails/calls from people who are bursting with possibility and purpose, yet they can't make the quantum leap. Their reasons are always the same....

If you are going to try and be someone else, behave like someone else or do it the "right" way, building a business is going to be a struggle. When I decided to be ME in my business, everything changed. Read on for some tips for your own authentic marketing.

Just as in life, our brands can reach a state of “mid-life crisis”. You look at your business one day and feel like everything is wrong, outdated, unappealing, and that your cherished ideal clients and leads are going to run off with the 22 year old neighbor.

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Only everything… but, you might ask, isn’t being in business just about business?

No matter how much a Soul-Preneur™ loves what they do, if they can’t figure out how to TALK about their services they’ll never attract better, higher paying clients. Okay, sounds good but HOW exactly do you do that?

Did you know that on Coca-Cola's balance sheet more than 90% of their value is represented by their "brand equity"? If building a unique brand is good enough for them, don't you think it could do some good for you?

Branding has always enjoyed a certain elusive mystery. Is it a logo, a tag line or a color theme? Is it what you stand for or are known for? In a word, the answer is, "yes!" Unfortunately, most small business owners get the cute logo graphic, then quit there, thinking they're "branded."

When I first started my career as a solo entrepreneur, I hired a web designer to create my website for me. He was awesome, and I loved his work. When I received my first bill, it included a contact email address for his "support department" and "billing department". I was a little curious about who those other people were! Later I found out it was just him...he was ALL of those departments -- design, support, billing, the works! A true case of putting lipstick on the pig. Learn why pigs shouldn't wear lipstick?

There is what I call a “Hierarchy of Connection” – the higher the level of your connection, the more credibility you have and the more likely prospects are to turn into clients and refer others to you – think of this as the “know, like and trust” factor you hear so much about.

How many times have we heard “Xerox this“ when the copier involved may not be a Xerox brand at all? What brand do you think of when you hear the words “Just do it“? Branding is a powerful tool in our business lives. Here is a seven step formula that will give you a great start toward establishing yourself as the brand of choice.

Learn why you should add personality to grow your business.

Take a look at the superstar women entrepreneurs in your industry and you'll see that they aren't wall flowers. Especially when it comes to flaunting their quirky personalities’ strengths in their marketing strategies. You can start to infuse more personality and style into your marketing strategies with these three simple tips.

Get better clients by engaging your hero archetype.

Explore and learn how to brand your business with the power of the Alchemist archetype.

When a brand understands its archetype, and adheres to it, it creates harmony and clarity, both for them in their marketing and for US as their customers.

Just to clear up any confusion once and for all about whether branding is just baloney, here is a quick checklist to make sure YOUR brand is authentic, persuasive, pushes the right emotional hot buttons and is memorable for more than just a fleeting moment.

Assess WHAT message you send and HOW it is received.

What motivates people to hire YOU?

Here are five strategies to turn your talent into a highly profitable business that lets your passion run free.

Okay, so you've been in business a while. You have a few different services you offer. You have regular clients who know, like, and trust you. So now it's time for me to ask you, do you have a signature line of products and services, each one feeding into the other?

Learn how easy it is to be bold, stand out from the crowd, and reap the rewards you want.

When you "live your brand" you tap into a source of power, energy, and clarity, that breathes passion and focus into your business. Learn more.

Whether you're just getting your business started or you're thinking of a logo facelift, you'll want to consider these tips before you proceed.

Have you ever noticed that certain movies, books, or songs seem to instantly touch a cord in you? You naturally resonate with the characters. Their story is one that in some way, you feel you've lived yourself. The same is true for your brand. It's not just a fancy logo that sparks recognition. It's the emotional appeal it creates. A brand rich with personality and magnetism tugs at our heart, stirs our imagination or tickles our funny bone.

Are you ever frustrated or hesitant when you talk to prospective customers because you can't readily explain why they should come to you rather than go to your competitors? Sure, you might have your 30-second elevator speech, but then they ask you that dreaded question, "So what makes you different?" Then, all those self-doubts creep in, and you just aren't sure what to say. Differentiation can boost confidence--yours in yourself and that prospective customer's confidence in you!

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