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So, you’ve decided to start podcasting. Congratulations! iTunes listenership has doubled in the past year. This post by Meredith Eisenberg is about how to make a podcast that stands out from the crowd.

Do you have a “dream package”? The package that you would offer someone if time and money were no object? You don’t? Why? Because you don’t think there is a point in having something nobody will ever buy? Meredith Eisenberg explains that you are missing possibly the most important part of your funnel.

Without the consistency, a prospect can feel confused, apathetic and eventually tune out. Shannon Cherry shares some steps that you can take to beef up your messaging.

What if there was one single action you could take that would exponentially enhance your marketing results? What if it was a shift in perspective? When you put on your marketing hat, you are able to deeply relate to your potential clients, and this will greatly enhance your results. Karen Cappello shares 3 benefits of putting on your marketing hat for marketing activities.

At some point in your business, your success will be your downfall. That’s when you’ll more or less max out the amount of profit you can make coaching or consulting. After all, there are only so many hours in a day. In order to continue to grow, you need to create new products or explore new markets. Shannon Cherry shares some tips to help expand your business to make more money.

To get clients, there is a certain degree of skill when it comes to writing sales copy. Finding out what makes sales copy great can dramatically change the number of people who convert from lookers to buyers.

Your marketing mix and strategy should fit both you and your business. So if you find you’re NOT marketing the way you should be, or you dread marketing, or your business results aren’t what you’re looking for, take a look at these 3 keys by Michele Pariza Wacek to see if maybe your overall strategy is the problem.

If you are spending all your time marketing – where is the time to do the work your heart calls you to do? Meredith Eisenberg shares three common reasons why you are spending more time on your marketing than you absolutely need to.

One of the fastest, easiest ways to get your ideal clients and prospects engaged with your marketing is to start using stories. But there IS a right way and a wrong way to share stories. Michele Pariza Wacek shares 3 keys to using stories in your marketing.

When you are speaking live or conducting a free teleclass, you want to finish with a strong call to action for your audience. Years ago Fabienne Fredrickson created a formula that she's used successfully as a call to action that is authentic and pulls prospects towards you.

You wouldn’t head out on a road trip without your GPS, some printed directions or a map, would you? Then why are so many business owners winging it—and then wondering why they’re not seeing the results they’d like to see? In this success strategy, Dana D'Orsi lists the key elements you need in your marketing plan.

One of the biggest reasons many business owners’ marketing doesn’t work is that their core marketing message is neither clear nor compelling. Don’t let this happen to you! Dana D'Orsi shares exactly how to design a marketing message that will WOW your ideal clients.

What comes first a website or marketing strategy? Does the same principal apply to website development? In website development, it’s necessary to develop a marketing strategy before you do anything else. Susan Martin shares tips on how to go about doing this.

Sometimes entrepreneurs have trouble filling their higher-end programs. The problem can often result from people not seeing the program’s full value. To get clients and fill your programs, you must communicate a lot of value. One of the best ways to do this is crush them with social proof. Fabienne Fredrickson explains how to incorporate social proof into your marketing.

How do you market group coaching? This is a big question, and can have as many answers as there are coaches. Marketing your group depends on your ideal client, how they like to be communicated with, and what has gotten you the best results in marketing your individual coaching. Karen Cappello shares tips how to market your coaching.

One of the key factors in making your content appear at the top of a search is how many other (quality) people are linking to you. Ultimately, the search engines are looking to provide the searcher with the most valuable content to them. Getting other people to link to your posts doesn’t happen overnight. Meredith Eisenberg shares 3 exercises to optimize your internal linking.

If you’re like many small business owners, you probably don’t like to sell. It makes you feel a bit cheap, kinda like the ubiquitous used car salesman depicted in movies. But as winning new clients is the lifeblood of any business, how can you be successful without having to employ all kinds of questionable sales tactics? Susan Martin shares tips on how emotional marketing can bring prospects to your small business.

Do you ever avoid taking action because you’re worried about what might happen? If so, repeat after me: I am responsible for the effort, not the outcome. Simply put, you need to do the necessary things, the right things, and the important things.

The very first step to finding clients to get them to opt in to your e-mail list. In these days of e-mail overwhelm, it is harder than ever to tempt people to put their name in the box. You need a giveaway that is tempting, tantalizing and that stirs your ideal client to action. Michele A. Scism shares three steps to creating a giveaway funnel that works.

Event marketing is one of the hottest tickets in town according to the B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends North America report. 67% of B2B content marketers say live events are effective and 61% of B2B content marketers consider webinars to be effective. That is good news if you market to other businesses.

Have you been working very hard in your business but not seeing the results you should be getting for all your effort? The thing is, effective marketing is more like a carefully orchestrated 7 course dinner than a buffet. You need to follow the steps to success one by one rather than skipping around. Meredith Eisenberg shares the Magic 8 success system to make sure you are covering all your marketing bases.

Five time-tested principals make your marketing awesome: authentic scarcity, authentic urgency, guarantees, social proof, and calls to action.

Conducting a survey is one of the easiest ways of getting information about YOUR target audience. Meredith Eisenberg shares 5 great reasons for surveying your customers.

Media outlets spend tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) researching who their audience is so they can better attract advertisers. They compile their findings in handy dandy portfolios called a Media Kit. There’s only one problem though… most magazines that create these kits make them VERY hard to find. Nancy Marmolejo knows where to find this gold mine of info and provides tips to use this valuable data to grow your business.

Once you build momentum and get the right systems in place, you’ll find that your marketing runs like a well-oiled machine. It will support you in filling your practice with ideal clients. You’ll also create more visibility for the solutions you offer, and generating the income you need to enjoy the lifestyle of your choice. Marley Majcher explains how to build a strong foundation for your marketing.

It’s common knowledge that the first step to marketing your coaching business is defining your target market. After all, if you don’t know who you’re marketing to then what’s the point, right? The problem is that most coaches will stop when they’ve narrowed down their target market demographic, and there is much more to the story than that. Holly Chantal explains that you need to know the specific language that your target market uses to describe their problems so that you can position yourself as the best solution.

Some days it just seems like a mystery. Where do your clients come from? How do they find you? Why does it seem like some people find clients easily and for others, it just takes forever between each new client? Monica Shah shares marketing insights to help you get your first 10 or next 10 clients.

Social media is not just about getting your name and your business out there, it’s about using social media as a tool to build relationships with potential clients. Michele A. Scism talks about relationship marketing strategy and how you can use it for your business.

Create an about page with your in depth story, showing benefits to your potential ideal client, as well as answering their objections.

Schedule your marketing and be consistent, asking clients what they need, and sharpen your copywriting skills. Track results, do what works, and soak up knowledge to better serve your market.

Online, customer engagement is the act (and art) of connecting with your customers and building a community. It’s a powerful way to strengthen and build a business. Your community can become lifelong customers, provide you with a vast source of information, and help strengthen your brand. Shannon Cherry explains how you can work more quickly towards your goal when you utilize persuasion techniques.

If you’re the only one singing your praises, then you’ve got a problem. You see, in order to be taken seriously as an expert you need OUTSIDE PROOF that you’re all that. This is what we call “credibility”. And how do you get credibility? And what if you’re just starting out? Watch Nancy Marmolejo's video to find out!

When it comes down to “image” in business, the first impression is not that of the customer, but your own. Dr. Laureen Wishom shares 15 ways to boost your business image.

Have you ever thought about what position you hold in the marketplace? Modesty might dictate you respond that you don’t need to be #1, that you’re okay with just being in the race. But why not strive for top position?

“Watch your tone, young lady!” Oh if I had a dollar for every time my mom scolded me with that one when I was a sassy little teen. Even if I was saying something benign, a sarcastic tone changed the meaning of EVERYTHING! Nancy Marmolejo explains that the TONE you’re marketing in is as important (if not more) than what you’re saying in your message.

You’ve been working really hard…. You’ve asked your customers what they want, you’ve created a freebie, and a paid product, maybe even hired a business coach of your own… You’ve built your empire and you are ready to see the clients start enrolling. Michele A. Scism shares five great ideas for marketing your product or service.

Teleclasses are a highly effective way for coaches, consultants, speakers, and many other professionals to market themselves for a few reasons. One, there are no geographic limitations with teleclasses. Because of this you can create an International client and prospect base with business owners all around the world. Two, you can host a teleclass without spending any money. Three, you get to showcase your expertise.

How are you marketing to your prospects and clients? Are you giving good value? Are your prospects getting something from your free stuff or are you simply pitching with no value? Fabienne Fredrickson explains that if you’re not providing high-content, high-value then it’s time to make some changes.

As an expert in your industry, you tend to think in technical terms but your prospects, who are lacking the same information you have, are thinking of the symptoms that their problems are producing. Another way of looking at this is to think in terms of what is weighing your prospects down? In other words, what is keeping your client up at night?

The subject of how much marketing is too much is a topic that bears repeating. Often. In fact, this has been a recurring theme recently. There has been a lot of talk about standing out from the crowd, increasing your visibility, and not blending in. Most of the information you’ll find will tell you that you need to do more of what you are doing to make an impact.

Marketing can be one of the biggest money drains on a business budget and the bad news is there’s rarely enough money to cover all of the marketing expenses you need or want. But, the good news is that there are a few reliable ways to stretch your marketing budget and make it work harder for you without spending any extra money. Shannon Cherry shares her tips to ensure you’re spending your marketing budget wisely.

Something that you will quickly discover as you begin to use your website to market yourself is that marketing doesn’t get you clients, building relationships does. So marketing your website is not going to be worth the time, money, and effort if you aren’t building a relationship with your visitors. Holly Chantal shares three simple but critical corner stones that you must have in place before you start driving traffic to your website.

Your most valuable tool when it comes to marketing your business is your website. If you think about it, your site has all of the major pieces that every good marketing campaign should. Holly Chantal shares her methods for getting more traffic to your website and using it as a platform for all of your marketing.

If you have an office or store front location, running an open house event is a powerful way to attract new clients. This gives prospects a chance to meet you and that helps them to get to know and like you to build trust. People do business with those they know and like. The question is how do you spread the word and get people to attend? You want the room to be full for this event to be most effective. Fabienne Fredrickson shares her favorite strategies to help you pack the house.

Is there anything more important than visibility to the solo entrepreneur? Your first reaction might be… yeah, sales. That would be putting the cart before the horse. People can’t do business with you if they don’t know about you. It starts being visible.

Once you’ve decided to build a product, you then have to market it. A sales page is often the first part of that marketing approach but it can be something that people get stuck on. Michele A. Scism shares some sales page tips to get you started.

Have you ever launched a course, program or product and instead of it selling out you were freaking out from the lack of sales?  Guess what? We’ve all been there. Jeannie Spiro takes you through three stages to a launch so that you can have a successful one.

Great titles sell! That’s the bottom line when it comes to naming your coaching programs, products, and events. The title is the first thing that people see or hear, and if it doesn’t grab them immediately, they’re likely to turn away before they even look at your content. Are you ready to start creating some client attracting titles? Use this easy 7-step system by Kendall SummerHawk and watch those stale, confusing, or downright boring titles become red hot, results-oriented titles that sell!

While for women, our businesses are a deeply personal expression of ourselves, at the end of the day, it’s landing new clients that keeps us in business. So what is the solution? Here are a few of Kendall SummerHawk's favorite tips on how to quickly and easily sign up new clients, as many as 5 (or more) in the next month.

Just when I think I'm satisfied, when I think I’m settled in for a while and have all the pieces in place for my business, I get bit with a new idea. You see, I’ve been blessed with what some call that true entrepreneurial spirit.

Getting back to basics when it comes to effective marketing is a topic that comes up frequently when working with business owners. It’s easy to get off track and forget what works and start chasing BSO’s (Bright Shiny Objects). Here are a few ways to get back on track.

You know that old saying “you only get to make a first impression once”? That is still true in the online world.  The first impression your website and welcome email make are indelible in the mind of your prospects. Michele A. Scism shares some tips that can help to determine if your first impression needs some work.

Getting people to sign up for your list(s) is only half the battle. Once they’re signed up, you want to be sure to keep them interested and engaged. One way to do that is to ensure you’re staying relevant! Michele Scism shares 3 tips to help you stay relevant to your subscribers.

Can you remember a time when a story moved you? Was it recent? Was it this week or even today? Can you imagine how powerful that is in your coaching or in your business? Lisa Bloom explains how the STORY is the key and it’s how we connect most deeply.

Maximizing assets? What does that mean? Your business assets account much more than *just* revenue or credit. Your business assets include your website, your content, your programs, your relationships, your reputation, the goodwill and credibility you've accumulated. It encompasses everything that your business is.

A lot of attempts at storytelling simply don’t work.  You know what it’s like, a person starts talking and at first it’s kind of interesting but pretty quickly you notice your mind wandering and you’re quietly planning your exit.  You need to make sure that you deserve the attention you are asking for. To avoid losing heart and losing clients, Lisa Bloom shares the top 3 storytelling mistakes that dull your message and dampen or even destroy your prospects.

Great marketing has the power to position your business so your ideal clients find you, follow you, and buy from you. Think about it: if you’re the first one people think about, you’ll be the first one they buy from. Nice place to be, right? However, somebody somewhere started making marketing really complicated, especially for solo-professionals and other small businesses. With so many marketing tactics and doo-dahs everywhere, where do you begin? Nancy Marmolejo provides a handy checklist to guide your path to success.

Many coaches, consultants and other solo professionals think they have a clearly defined marketing message but the truth is that they don’t. It’s often the reason they’re not attracting as many ideal clients as they would like. Cindy Schulson explains how you need to create your Magical Marketing Message to instantly communicate your unique value.

Times are changing. While this statement is always true, it seems to be even more so now when many online-based businesses have been built around passive revenue streams like ebooks. Reality is ebooks aren’t what they were.

Are you having trouble promoting yourself? Maybe you find it hard to write emails about upcoming programs or announce events on Facebook. You might wonder what is holding you back or blocking you from getting out there and letting people know what you offer. Fabienne Fredrickson shares a few ideas if you have encountered resistance in this area.

Ever notice how we think we do more than we actually do? Or we eat more or spend more than we think until we add up all the calories and cents? It’s almost as if our brain is working to support our intentions rather than our actual actions.

Today, I want to focus on whether or not you’re ready to add leverage. First, the answer is “yes”… you’re always ready to incorporate SOME types of leverage in your business. The challenge is that many small business owners start with the wrong types for where they are.

Your ezine is one of the best tools you have for communicating regularly with your clients. It will also help you establish the “know, like, and trust” factor with potential clients, as well as solidifying your brand. It’s also a fabulous place to market your business. Kendall SummerHawk lists 7 super easy ways to add marketing energy to your electronic newsletter.

What does your business sell? Over 80% of the market sells services and yet most marketing describes how to sell products. The difference between the two is huge:

How do you know how to speak the language of your target market? How do you know what kinds of solutions and programs your ideal client are looking for? It’s very simple. You just ask! You have to gather ongoing feedback from your target market throughout the life of your business. And one of the best ways to get that feedback is through surveys. Cindy Schulson shares some tips to keep in mind when conducting your own survey.

Do you know what differentiates you from the competition? Can you clearly explain what does?  If not, you’re not alone. It’s essential to know and understand your competition. After all, we don’t operate our businesses in a vacuum. You can bet that your ideal clients know who your competitors are. Shouldn’t you?Cindy Schulson challenges you to shift your perspective about your competition in three important ways.

Free content establishes your expertise, allows you to reach more people at once, gives you more of an online presence, allows you to help more people at once.

I hear it from almost 90% of my clients… “ Ali, I’m working 10-to-12-hour days to run my business. My husband and kids hardly see me, and I’m starting to burn out. What am I doing wrong?” When I dig a little further, I usually find that the sense of overwhelm is coming from the same source: These people haven’t identified their most profitable projects, and placed those tasks ABOVE everything else in their business priority list. In other words, they haven’t created a profit calendar.

There’s a universal marketing success principle that says you can’t create a desire in the marketplace. You can’t make people want something they simply don’t care for. That’s why one of the keys to your success is to realize that your customers are your compass. In fact, there’s no quicker way to build a sustainable business than to talk to your market directly and ask them what they want. What I’m about to share with you will save you HOURS of time, and possibly a lot of money as well!

It happens to everyone. It’s like a rite of passage. You go to the vending machine to buy your raisinets and get your major chocolate fix. You put your money in the machine but your candy gets stuck. Doesn’t it stink when you spend money and you don’t get what you pay for? Or you have to pony up more money when you thought you wouldn’t have to? Especially if it’s for your business! Justin Krane lists 5 things you can do as a business owner to make sure you get what you set out to get in the first place.

If you’re finding that you don’t yet have a full practice of clients, or your flow of clients is very inconsistent (think feast or famine), then I suggest you look at the systems you currently have in place for getting more clients. Take these 5 steps today to create your new client systems.

To be a successful marketer, you want to deliver the products and services that your prospects want and expect from you. To best do that, you want to elicit ongoing feedback from them. And a great way to get that feedback is through surveys. Cindy Schulson shares some tips to keep in mind when conducting your own survey.

Your marketing message is your ‘elevator pitch’. It’s a short, concise way to tell people what you do. Done well, it can turn a stranger into a potential client. But if it’s not well-crafted, it can actually kill your credibility, and turn people away. When a struggling entrepreneur comes to me for help with their marketing, I make our first order of business to review their marketing message. I do this because it’s often the Achilles’ Heel in a business that’s plateaued, and it’s a simple fix that doesn’t cost a penny to implement.

One of the most popular ways many of the entrepreneurs I coach choose to add a new income stream to their business is by creating an info product and selling it online. It’s true that ebooks, teleseminars, CDs, and videos are a great way to leverage your knowledge and skills. You do the work once, and you get paid again and again and again. But that’s only if you do it the RIGHT way. Below are four of my best secrets to choosing an info product topic that will SELL.

The reality is that many business owners are likely to experience, at some point, the Feast-or-Famine Syndrome: streaks of many well-paying clients followed by stretches of the doldrums with few paid clients in the pipeline. Often times this syndrome can be cured with a successful marketing plan. Even if you already have a marketing plan, Dr. Laureen Wishom explains how you can try to re-craft it using these seven points.

There’s a lot of value around being first in your business. The first person to come up with a hot product or service tends to reap a huge amount of rewards in the process. However, being first isn’t always all that and a bag of chips. In fact, there are times when being second to the party puts you in a better position than being first. Michele Pariza Wacek lists 3 reasons to celebrate being second.

It happens. Business slows or stalls for any number of reasons. Occasionally it can be a good thing, for instance letting you catch your breath after a huge growth spurt. But most of the time it’s simply a time of great stress. So what do you do to kick-start the growth? Michele Pariza Wacek shares 3 tips to get you started.

So what’s the trick to fill your room at your next speaking event? You have to plan, organize and manage the marketing – even if you are partnering with another organization. Monica Shah provides two tips that will help your success at your next workshop.

Many entrepreneurs are drawn to open their business because of a defining moment or series of events that changed everything in their lives. Because of that moment, some of us dropped everything and decided to dedicate the rest of our professional lives to doing what we now do. Fabienne Fredrickson talks about not underestimating that and how you can actually use your story to attract ideal clients. 

It is always a plus to have a Top 10 List on a topic that interests your ideal clients. A Top 10 List can demonstrate your understanding of their issues, provide concrete information they can use immediately, tastefully promote your products, services and invite them to take a next step (e.g. opt-in to a new promotional item; contact you or make a purchase). Dr. Laureen Wishom lists the Top 10 reasons to have a Top 10 lists.

Have you created your proprietary system? Every step builds on top of the first one and then on top of each consecutive step. Fabienne Fredrickson provides tips about the best way to use the system with your individual clients once it’s been created, which will make your marketing so much easier.

If you have watched an episode of Shark Tank or ever witnessed a desperate business owner trying to pitch his/her product to a potential customer (could this be you?), you may have observed something interesting: the person listening to the pitch knew within the first 15 seconds how the meeting was going to end. Dr. Laureen Wishom provides tips on what your presentation must include if you want to be successful in presenting your recommendation, product or service point of you.

In business, timing is everything. You always want to be on the radar screen of your prospective clients. Fabienne Fredrickson talks about how to always have clients—not just clients once in awhile, but to always have clients consistently.

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, marketing is not one of your favorite activities. The problem is if you aren’t regularly marketing your business, your cash flow is also not that regular. So what can you do? The easiest fix is to start marketing regularly. And the easiest way to start doing THAT is to make marketing a habit. Michele PW helps you get started with 3 marketing habits that are essential to business success.

Here are Laureen's 77.5 tips on how to increase sales, market, attract and keep more clients.

The bottom line? No matter where you are on the creativity scale, your attempts at creativity won’t hurt your marketing (no matter how “bad” you think you are at it). But if you don’t at least try to be creative, you’re definitely never going to stand out from the crowd. Michele Pariza Wacek shares 7 Reasons why you absolutely must get creative with your marketing RIGHT NOW.

You can have all of the best products and services in the world, but if you have no one to offer them to or no one to sell them to they won’t sell very quickly. Once you figure out which irresistible, free offer you will use to build your ezine list quickly and consistently it’s time to create great content. Fabienne Fredrickson recommends three different types of content for your irresistible offer.

Of all the things entrepreneurs struggle with, marketing is probably the most difficult and most dangerous. Why? Because it directly impacts the success of your business. Here are 3 steps to get you started.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) many marketing challenges can be traced back to a handful of marketing mistakes. Read on to learn about the top 5 marketing mistakes business owners make.

There are many ways to market, but one of the easiest is called “seeding.” There are many ways to use seeding effectively and with a little practice, it will become second nature to you. Still need convincing? Kendall SummerHawk provides five great reasons for making seeding a regular and natural part of your daily marketing activities.

It can make good marketing sense to partner with a nonprofit or a cause. More than ever before, consumers are socially minded. Connecting your business to a good cause is more than just making you “feel good” it can also make good business sense. Michele Pariza Wacek lists some ideas to help get you started.

Is it time to create packages for your business? Whether you are a coach or run a martial arts studio, offering packages gets potential clients to commit to a longer time frame. Fabienne Fredrickson provides steps on how to create irresistible packages your prospects can't refuse.

Are you struggling to find a new twist for your advertising or marketing campaigns? Tired of sounding like everyone else and want something new and fresh? Never fear. Here are 3 ways to get those creative juices (and new ideas) flowing.

What are you doing to promote your business? Do you sometimes feel like you start getting on track promoting your business only to later get off track because you don’t know what to say or what to promote? Michele Scism shares 5 tips for creating your 90 Marketing Plan.

Over the years I’ve attended my share of live sporting events, but I must say there’s a lot to like about live NFL games. In fact, I’d like to share 3 of those lessons below that you too can use to build your business.

As you’re building your business’ client base, it’s much more efficient to cultivate relationships with long-term clients (the kind you’d go steady with if they were men) as opposed to clients who buy from you once and then disappear (much like a one-time date). Establishing a loyal client base frees you up to spend more time earning money (that is why you’re in business, after all, right?) and meeting current clients’ needs—with less time spent hustling to market yourself and find new prospects. Here are five strategies that encourage clients to keep coming back for more.

Everyone talks about multiple streams of income, but not too many people talk about multiple marketing streams. I’ve come to believe that having multiple marketing streams is at least as important as having multiple streams of income.

Have you ever noticed how you feel after a coaching session? Are you energized and focused? Or are you feeling drained and unsure? What are you passionate about and are you attracting your ideal client?

What do you do when you get to full practice capacity? You can’t take on any more clients without pulling your hair out and there’s just no more ‘you’ to go around. Fabienne Fredrickson provides suggestions on how to clone and leverage yourself within your business.

Don’t be afraid to be real with your clients about your numbers, your story, your struggles, and your joys. Monica Shah explains how “little white lie” marketing in newsletters and advertising copy will not benefit you as much as telling the truth.

One common mistake I see small business owners and entrepreneurs make time after time is this, relying on one source for leads. When you rely on only one marketing source, like word of mouth, your business may look like feast or famine. Either you’re buried in work, stressed to the max, or you’re starving. Nothing is coming in and you spend your days worrying about how you’re going to pay next month’s bills. So how do you avoid that situation?

To make your marketing stand out, you need to get creative. Michele Pariza Wacek shares five tips designed to get your creative juices flowing. These tips will work whether you sell a product, a service or both.

Fabienne Fredrickson shares five ways about being more authentic in your marketing because it does result in more clients, more money and it helps you multiply your business.

You’ve planned the event. Your content is set and ready to deliver. You’ve launched your marketing campaign. But… you don’t have nearly the sign-ups you anticipated. In fact, the numbers are scarily low and the event date is drawing near. Now what? Do you cancel?

Same old same old just doesn't sell anymore. To make your marketing stand out, you need to get creative. Below are five tips designed to get your creative juices flowing.

Is word-of-mouth marketing something that happens by accident? Years and years of marketing research has shown that it’s not. In fact, word-of-mouth marketing can be consciously created -and more importantly, profitable – if you understand what drives it. Here are some of the most important factors that drive word-of-mouth buzz – and how to make it profitable.

Most marketing advice for coaches suggests that you have to give away your “good stuff” or create packages loaded with goodies in order to attract new clients and make sales. That can be useful advice … to an extent. What happens with big-hearted coaches is that they often give away TOO much – too much of their time, their expertise, and their budget – leaving them exhausted, frustrated and struggling to grow their businesses. How do you know how much is enough? Here are 3 critical clarifying questions to consider.

Do you have a product, service or message you’d like to share with the world? How would you like marketing it to be easy, natural and fun?

The reason so many businesses often fail (only 29% of businesses are still open after 10 years according to the SBA) is because they do not understand marketing. They aren’t doing what it requires to let the world know what they do, who they are and/or where they are. Marketing requires a strategy. It requires being seen in multiple locations. That means both online and offline places. Yes, sometimes it requires money. But there are lots of things you can do now to market that are lost cost. So to put together your plan ask yourself these questions.

Ever add a new marketing tactic(such as blogging or writing an ezine) and eventually you ‘forget’ to continue doing it consistently? Eventually, you drop it all together because you look back and feel like you failed. Here’s the thing: you didn’t fail, your project planning system failed. But you can (and should) get back on track with your marketing efforts. Here’s how.

You need more customers, yet the traditional avenues you’ve been using just aren’t delivering as many as you’d like. Here are five ways to find customers in “the real world.

The weather doesn’t seem to deter the sign wavers, waving their signs, hot or cold. You’ve seen those folks; the ones that stand at street corners and in front of shopping areas, waving a sign — often shaped like an arrow — that is supposed to entice you into their stores and restaurants. I feel sorry for these people out in the elements trying to drum up some business because so many of the signs I see are pretty useless. And by “useless” I mean they lack the one element that ALL marketing should contain and that is a call to action of some kind. So what about your advertising and marketing materials?

If you're thinking about launching a new product or program within the next few months, then you really want to start planning it all out NOW! Yes, it might be several weeks away but the pre-launch phase is the biggest part of a launch — and is crucial when it comes to planning and strategizing.

Coaches often struggle to grow their businesses because they focus too much of their effort on a few key potential clients or opportunities. It’s easy to get excited about individual sales, but the reality is that they aren’t the key to creating big sales growth. If you’re serious about making your business successful you need to create massive connections with people, not just occasional ones. Here are three key tips to help you make this crucial activity flow smoothly for you.

Are you having trouble squeezing Client Attraction activity into your work schedule? If you already have a job or a growing practice, it might be tough. So how do you make time for the recommended hours you need to attract new clients?

It sounds magical, doesn’t it? Attracting leads, clients and sales to you effortlessly. In fact, it almost doesn’t sound possible. But the truth is, it IS possible, even if it isn’t magic. It’s all about good, solid marketing principles. And if you follow the below 3 keys, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing that for yourself in your business.

Everybody wants more prospects. After all, if you don’t have prospective clients, you won’t make any money. But even more important than the quantity of your prospects is the quality. It’s not worth it to have thousands of prospects who simply drive you crazy and you’d never want to work with them as customers and clients. You need to give the right people the right reasons to work with you and to stay working with you. Here are some ideas to help you attract the right prospects to your door.

Marketing and promoting what you’ve got (with consistency and conviction) is very valuable because it’s the answer to someone’s problem, and if you’ve been given a talent and a gift for helping others, you OWE it to them to let them know you’re out there. But it’s HOW you promote that makes all the difference.

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, the thought of marketing makes you slightly sick to your stomach. And it’s more then a simple like or dislike of marketing, it’s the idea of trying to fit it into your to-do list. You already have a million things going on, how can you possibly fit marketing in?

Does your marketing lead anywhere? Is there a plan and a purpose behind your content or do you just toss something out there and see what happens? While there is a place for general content marketing that keeps us in the forethoughts of our prospects, there is also a need for funnels that strategically guide readers through from introduction to sale. While there are many ways to construct a content marketing funnel, this easy 3-step model will get you started quickly.

All small and solo business owners know the importance of getting the biggest “bang for their buck”. Whether its money you spend on technology, systems, outsourced help or training, you want to get a great return on investment. Bootstrapping needs to be part of your small business planning.

Do you ever find yourself being afraid of marketing in a BIG way for fear of growing too big and too fast? Typically, the worry of growing too big is based on a fear of change, fear of overwhelm, fear of failure, and perhaps fear of success at the same time. It all comes down to a fear of LOSING CONTROL.

Remember, marketing isn’t a magic button (although it’s pretty darn close). But it can’t fix everything. Below are 5 things marketing can’t do for you.

What Marketing Can Do For You (And No, the Answer Isn’t Everything) While marketing is as close to a magic button we have (think the Staples Easy Button) to transforming your business, it’s still not an actual magic button. So here are some misconceptions about marketing.

Too often aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs and business owners who try to “get” marketing, unfortunately have it all wrong. Well, most of them (99% in my opinion) out there think marketing is just marketing. Marketing is not marketing. Marketing is not branding. Neither is advertising. Marketing is about response.

If you want to pull clients in with your marketing, first you’ll need to get their attention by providing real solutions. And, I mean not the fluff you see out there – but real solutions your clients can use and get results from.

There's a hard truth about marketing: People don't care about businesses (and that includes your business). What they care about is how your business's products or services can solve THEIR problems, meet THEIR needs and make THEIR lives easier. So what can you do about it?

You just put the finishing touches on your kick-butt marketing plan that’s going to skyrocket your business. Hooray! Only problem is that kick-butt marketing plan isn’t going to do a thing for your business unless you actually put it into action. And that, alas, is where most marketing plans end up — a really good idea that never got implemented. So, how do you stop that from happening? Here are 3 steps to help you move from thinking to doing.

When I started my coaching business ten years ago, marketing was totally different than it is today. What worked then doesn’t work as well now. Yet I see small business owners who cling to certain marketing methods because it’s comfortable.

The dictionary definition of relevant is “bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent: a relevant remark.” It’s all about what people need NOW in an ever changing world of tactics, strategies, and solutions. The good news is, you don’t have to go into fear mode to address staying relevant. It’s an ongoing job of seeing where you are, where your prospects are, what the winds of change are blowing your way, and of course where your passion is directing you.

There’s no question you can start and grow a business without a marketing plan. However, I can tell you from personal experience, if you’re feeling stuck and can’t get to the next level, it’s probably because you never took the time to put a marketing plan together. Having a marketing plan really is the key to growing and sustaining a successful, profitable business. Otherwise all you’re doing is winging it, and winging it only takes you so far.

I learned many valuable lessons from being in business for myself as a teenager. An important one was that you don’t really have a sale until the check clears the bank. I also learned that you don’t have to do work you don’t want to do. And that was when I learned that you must always put your area code with your phone number on every marketing piece you produce. Why is this still important today?

Most entrepreneurs have NO idea how much they really need to be marketing in order to effectively and consistently attract more clients and make more money. You need to be really clear on what you want to accomplish that will make you happy with your progress.

The only way to make sure that you always have a full practice is to always market. And the best way to do that is to make all the pieces of your marketing pie run on a system, like a well-oiled machine that doesn’t need you to be there the whole time, just once in a while to make sure everything’s going smoothly.

To get more clients from networking, you’ve figured out where your best clients have come from and where your ideal clients can be found in large numbers and inexpensively. It’s time to create a marketing plan that has you focusing on “fishing where the fish are.” The more focus you have, the better the results.

What makes you different? Does it shine in your web copy, in your newsletters, in your videos, and when you talk to people? So many of us struggle to figure out what this point of difference is. Here are some places that you can look to find your point of difference.

You may have wonderful ideas for products and services and you may have worked hard to set up a great small business website. Perhaps you’re networking and trying really hard to get people interested in what you do. However if the results have been disappointing or a bit slow, it’s not the economy. The problem is more likely that you haven’t built your sphere of influence.

In today’s instant communication era, a personal letter sent through the mail is considered somewhat of an anomaly. But that’s why it’s so valuable. When you write a note by hand and the sentiment is personalized, it demonstrates to the recipient that they were important enough for you to pull out the stationary box and choose your words carefully. And as a business owner, sending a “thank you” note sends a very clear message: you are important and valued. Here are 5 easy steps to the perfect “thank you” note.

The staying power of visibility- not just to be seen, but to be MISSED, is to be sought out, to be longed for. This is all part of the emotional imprint that your business leaves on others. Here are 5 tactics to make a lasting emotional imprint on your audience so they miss you when you’re not around and keep you top of mind.

Getting clients through networking is important for you to succeed in your own business, no matter what level you've reached (start-up, ramp-up or already successful.) Problem is, while networking to get more clients, you may be unclear on "what to say" and "how to say it." And that means you can easily make people's eyes glaze over, which is NOT good for Client Attraction. Time to change that!

Most of us would do anything to snag a TV interview where we could promote our business, book, program, or event to viewers around the country. And there’s a rise of a certain type of talk show called “branded entertainment” that could get you there faster than you think, because you can pay to appear on them. This is no secret in our industry, but because these shows are targeting many of my clients and members, I’ve received several questions asking about these types of opportunities and if they are worth it. So let’s discuss what these opportunities are, the pros and cons of this type of marketing tool, and open up a conversation about it as well.

When you grow your list, you grow your business. It’s as simple as that, but often times our lists are one of the most neglected marketing tools we have. It’s not that we want to neglect it, but it’s often hard work to consistently grow our lists. But by following these five easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to building your list with targeted subscribers who are eager to buy what you offer.

We know that credibility is important. It helps brand your business. It’s also a primary buying trigger. After all, we buy from people we trust and consider experts. The good news is that with a plan you can achieve or increase your business credibility. Here’s how.

There are many marketing tactics to use to grow your business. As a matter of fact, there are more than 100 ways to market your business! From direct mail to Facebook and Twitter, from sponsorships to email marketing, from paid ads online & offline to networking – the sky is the limit on what you can choose. No matter what tactics you choose, here are some things to consider.

My clients often ask me, “What is the quickest way to get clients, when you need money, like yesterday?”. My answer is simple: speak in front of a room full of people. Do a workshop, event, lunch and learn – whatever you want to call it. Just get out there and speak.

Are you using an old style approach to coaching? Admittedly, if you’re a coach trained in the “old school” method, or you’re new to coaching and you haven’t quite found your footing yet, this new paradigm of blending information with coaching can feel uncomfortable at first. You need to know how much content to include in your coaching sessions, and even more importantly, WHAT content your clients are most likely to pay you to deliver. Here are 3 easy steps you want to take to help get you started.

You have to make it easy for people to do business with you. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling — products or services. And it doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in. Never, ever, ever make your prospects and clients work too hard to do business with you. What do you need to tell them every single time?

You’re a small business for a reason. And if you are the only one working in your business then you’d likely call yourself a micro-business. But no matter how you identify your business, the fact remains that you likely cannot afford to market like a big business would. And, you really can’t afford to sit around waiting for your marketing to work. Here are a few advertising ideas that will get you quicker results.

Small businesses don’t have the same marketing muscle as large businesses. A small business simply doesn’t have the advertising budget needed to build a “big” brand and to gain recognition in the market through that brand. So how is an entrepreneur to compete with the “big guns?” The answer is to try utilizing effective communication strategies with their customers.

Your influence is the power you have to affect others. The more you have, the more you can sway people. You can direct their attention to your business, to events or to websites. You can motivate their decision to buy. However, boosting it takes a strategic plan, commitment and a system. Here’s how to boost your influence for more business profits and success.

Your business is always changing and evolving. As you grow, your business grows. Growing can mean a lot of different things - higher paying clients, creating products or programs, or adding a new line of revenue. As your business continues to shift, you will find that it might be time to upgrade your client.

Whether we admit to it or not, we as humans love things like gossip, soap operas, eavesdropping, sharing secrets, peeping, and Entertainment Tonight (basically, everything on the E! cable network). For whatever reason, we stay glued to the minutest details of peoples’ lives. It’s something you should think about implementing to attract clients.

Think about those great ideas you have, just sitting on the backburners of your mind. You want to makeover your brand, but you just can't afford to hire a designer right now. Or maybe you know your fulfillment processes are a nightmare, but you're so swamped that you just need to get by for a little bit longer. You don't have to unearth your business in order to make these changes happen. If you choose one area to work on at a time, you'll eventually start to see a shiny new version of your business appear.

Part of attracting clients to you in large numbers involves having people get to know YOU. Having more clients consistently is about having a better quality of life, something they're not convinced is entirely possible. For many self-employed people that's just not a reality right now. They don't have that kind of role model showing them that self-employment CAN equal freedom and fun. SO, the idea is that, if people get to know you better, like you more and trust you faster, the sooner they'll be ready to buy from you, right?

Ready to add tens, hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers to your email list in a very short time? Then pay attention to today’s way to build your email list because we’re going to skyrocket your sign-ups with contests and giveaways! Discover a step by step plan to get your contest or giveaway going?

It's a phenomenon that happens to most people in business for themselves after a few years. When solo-entrepreneurs first get started in marketing their business, they have gusto, they have energy, and many take a no-excuses approach to getting clients. They're WILLING to do what it takes, and they do it often (most of them). But after a few years, they begin to rest on their laurels, they get lazy, and after a while, they stop doing what they used to do to get clients.

“The only difference between salad and garbage is timing!” When you’re in a service business, timing is EVERYTHING. If you wait around, let the proverbial ‘hot iron’ get cold, that hot lead turns into a cold lead, and you can just forget about turning it into a happy paying client. The question then becomes, ‘How can we ALWAYS be around to have the elusive Perfect Timing?’

If you already have an established online business – or even if you’re just starting out, you may be under the impression that your marketing efforts will be based solely online. After all, you have a business that is online and where is a better way to market it than through the Internet, right?

Would you be surprised if I told you I've actually mentored a LOT of marketing consultants and business coaches who help others build their businesses? Many of these consultants and coaches come to me because, even though they know how to put these steps into practice, they still don't have a full practice, or at least not consistently. WHY?

I’m writing this from the airport at 7:03pm. My goal is to be done at 7:13pm and schedule this post. I’ve got 30 minutes until my plane boards and I can complete three small tasks to move my business forward.

Think of marketing like exercise. You’re not going to see results if you only do it once in a while. It’s only when you stick to your plan that you will get the outcome you want. As a matter of fact… there’s a lot more marketing has in common with physical fitness.

One common mistake small business owners and entrepreneurs make time after time in their marketing is this — relying on one source to generate their leads. Here are some ways to market your business.

Most business owners go into business, in part, to create a desired lifestyle and that lifestyle usually doesn’t involve working 24/7. The best way to avoid that is, wherever possible, to create leverage.

Have you ever become a victim of your own perfection paralysis when it comes to marketing yourself? I talked to a few clients this week who have been toying with the idea of putting together a talk to promote their services for months but haven't done anything about it.

Through these three areas of Eat – Pray – Love, the author gained a deeper understanding of herself and got into touch with her passion for life. She came alive in a way that was deeply genuine and self-appreciating. This got me thinking…. what if you apply these principles into the marketing of your business. What would this look like? What would be possible?

I am trying to be as real with you as I can - honesty is my strong suit. A lot of marketers and coaches have been lying to you. Now, I do believe that most of them have not done it intentionally. They forgot or are so focused on their position they have ignored their own facts. So, I ask the question, what if we stopped marketing?

So many businesses are "launch-based" -- never earning revenue unless something is actively being promoted or clients are locked into long-term contracts. And then, once that promotion is over, the business owner is frantically trying to create the next program, product or service to launch. Imagine it, high revenue one month, low revenue the next two, then high again, then low. Your revenue isn't meant to be a roller coaster ride.

It is so important that we always – ALWAYS – make it easy for people to find us when they are ready to either do business with us or when they want more information – or to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.
Here are ways to help people find you when they’re ready.

Sometimes, it's best to not reinvent the wheel or "fix what ain't broke," as the saying goes. Let's say you have several clients you absolutely LOVE (they get great results from working with you, they pay you on time and never negotiated, you like them, they send referrals, etc.). Now, look at where all of these clients have come from.

I just returned from an awesome vacation visiting friends and hanging out in New York City and on the Connecticut shoreline. Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by lessons on what to do or what not to do when it comes to marketing. I’ll share a few observations I made while traveling.

You already know the importance of marketing your business. You may even have gone so far as to write out a marketing plan and are now implementing it. Good for you! You’ve done more than most small business owners have done. But is simply marketing your business – working your plan — going to bring you the success results you want?

Are you on track for hitting all your business goals for the year? If YES - congratulations. If not, now is a great time to review and modify your marketing action plan. Here are five key areas to focus on with your quarterly marketing makeover.

There are three very key ways to make a difference and make money right now. Do all three and you WILL make millions while making a difference. Read on to find out what those keys are.

It’s a well-known fact that these days your prospective clients don’t ask if you have a brochure anymore, they ask if you have a website. If you’re a savvy 21st Century entrepreneur you can probably readily answer that question with an enthusiastic “yes” and give them your website url. But you aren’t always standing in front of a prospect and they may not always find you by searching for you online because most of your prospects have no idea that you even exist yet.

Everyone wants to attract affluent clients for their business – why not sell to those who have the money to spend? But not everyone knows how to gain these clients successfully. Moving from a general clientele to a wealthier client base requires a shift in your mindset, but it's a shift that can pay off tremendously for you and your business. Here are a few basic tips on how to appeal to affluent customers.

Your Marketing Action Plan, or MAP as I like to call it, is at the heart of your business. It lays out exactly what you're going to be doing, when you're going to be doing it, and how you're going to be doing it. It should be a document that you constantly refer to and update as necessary, and having a MAP in place takes out a lot of the guesswork when it comes to running your business.

In marketing your business, there's a line *out there* between what's effective for your ideal clients and what's just plain annoying.

Many business owners, especially online, preach about "marketing with integrity" and "marketing authentically" and then immediately do things which, in my opinion, are exactly the opposite of what they preach. Here's just a few marketing mistakes I've seen recently which make me cringe.

Could one phone call change your life? What about one article submitted to the right publication, or meeting one person at an event? Here are three simple tips for using the power of one to help you rev up your marketing, increase your leads and, as a bonus, connect you to your source of power.

Sometimes business owners make marketing more complicated than it needs to be. Follow these five mantras and you'll go a long way toward simplifying the path to closing that all-important sale.

A mentor of mine once said that when it comes to business, “the marketing is just as important as the mastery.” They were basically saying that the know-how and the “what” of your business is important, but if no one knows about you and what you do, it doesn’t matter.

The real challenge for the woman entrepreneur isn’t how to deliver a great service but how to find time to market. Unfortunately, avoiding marketing only leads to feeling guilty or overwhelmed. Or worse, feeling downright scared because you’re cash flow is shriveling up. If you’re being totally honest you have to admit that the reason you don’t seem to find time to market is because you’re either not sure what the best way is to market your business, you don’t want to feel pushy or inauthentic, you’re not sure where to start or you’re afraid that it won’t work and you’ll have failed. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Why would you waste one dollar or one hour on marketing that doesn’t work? It happens all the time and the reason is often just a lack of knowledge or understanding about what would work better. As small or solo business owners, who can afford to waste time or money on marketing your business that doesn’t work?

I regularly interview small and solo business owners who call my coaching company looking for help. After getting a sense of what their business is all about, what their biggest goals are, and what lifestyle they are trying to create, I ask them what their biggest challenges are. Nine times out of ten, it’s getting more clients and the problem is marketing. Here are some tips on what you need to think about in order to begin to master marketing.

Here are three quick and simple tips you can use if you’re not getting the response you want from your marketing. Use them to keep your mindset, your emotions and your actions in alignment with your highest and greatest good and you’ll find that your audience begins to respond positively to your marketing!

Here are five Essential Marketing Action Steps that I believe will help you more than anything else, at least in the beginning stages of your managing your business.

Learning to ask for what you want in your business does not come naturally to most entrepreneurs. Let’s discuss some key principles to help you formulate a plan for asking the right questions, to the right people, at the right time, to get the right results.

Of course, we all would love to have instant results with any marketing strategy we implement. Actually, that’s what we call “making a sale.” The real key to marketing effectively is consistency and the best way to do consistent marketing is to have a plan in place and then work that plan.

Small business owners often make the mistake of creating and marketing products and services that they are passionate about without learning first if there is a need or demand for them in the marketplace. This can lead to unnecessary struggle, frustration and disappointment. You think you’re doing everything right but the sales just aren’t rolling in.

When in business for yourself, we succeed by getting "yeses!" It is the "yes" that excites us and makes us money! The "yes" enables us to help more people. But many time Helpingpreneurs wait - they want the time to be right - but the most authentic you can be is showing up everyday and going after the "yes."

Solopreneurs say that they want more clients, but they do not act that way. In this article I will share with you five steps that are specific and aggressive, so if you really do want more clients then jump in!

It pays to play to your strengths. But how do you pinpoint the areas that will increase revenue and earn you more money? Simple: by following the Pareto Principle. Developed by Italian economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto, this short, simple rule states that 80% of our results come from 20% of our activity.

Now, remember that intuition is not fear or self-doubt. Those emotions are just trying to side track you from stepping into your place of power. You can tell if it’s fear or self-doubt because you’ll find yourself saying things like, “It’s not the right time” or “I don’t think I’m ready yet.”

Small business owners are busy people, there’s no denying that, and too often we get so caught up in the “business of the business." When it comes to working on our own business, whether it’s the bookkeeping work or filing tax papers or doing some marketing activities, we often feel stressed, anxious, and worried about all the other work that we need to do, too. Rarely do we gift ourselves with the full attention and sacredness that we give to the exchanges we make with others. So here are some tips to help make your marketing work — or any of your work for that matter — a more sacred experience.

Would you blow your entire annual marketing budget on just one ad to run once during the Superbowl? Of course you wouldn't. You know that people seeing your message just once wouldn't be enough.

How many times have you thought "If only I had more clients, all my problems would be solved"? Most businesses - regardless of whether micro, small or corporate giants - have found themselves believing that all their business problems would be solved if they could just get more clients. True? Well, maybe.. read on.

Today I know it’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of negativity right now but if you want to succeed you absolutely MUST rise above it. People are still going to buy no matter what the economy is doing. It’s YOUR job to position your products and services as the ones they buy.

During my recent vacation I tried very hard to completely forget about work. But while traveling throughout California I just couldn’t resist picking up a few marketing “gold nuggets.” I think you too will find them insightful.

Discover 12 deadly marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. This is part 2 or a 2-part article.

Discover 12 deadly marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. This is part 1 or a 2-part article.

Sure-fire 10-step formula to quickly get started as a coach or consultant. And, if you are a well established practitioner, these ten tips may just give you the swift kick in the pants you need to re-invigorate your marketing.

”But this won't work” said Steve. “I’ve tried it in the past and had no response.” Does this sound familiar? My newer clients often resist implementing certain strategies based on past experiences. However, I usually find out that it wasn’t the strategy itself – but how it was implemented that caused the dismal results.

Building a coaching or consulting practice can be rewarding and lucrative. Sadly, many who get started on this path simply can’t make it. Almost daily I talk to people who give up on their dream of “solopreneurship” and, resentfully, join the ranks of job seekers.

It seems nowadays every marketing guru and their brother-in-law has a “deadly sins and how to fix them” book, ebook or at least an article! But apparently nobody is reading this stuff! How do I know? Because nine out of every ten businesses continue making the same marketing goof-ups.

5 Marketing Lessons from Apprentice: How a Team of Donald Trump Apprentice Wannabes Made $12,788.94 from Thin Air in Just One Day.

Are you on track for hitting all your business goals for the year? A quick check-up of your promotional efforts can reveal "week spots" and help identify what needs tweaking to give your business a healthy boost in the next few months.

Did you know that Max Factor was a marketing genius? You won't believe the strategies he used to get the rich and famous clamor for his services and products. His strategies can be simply replicated in your business to attract all the new and repeat clients you want. Here is how...

A marketing rip-off that makes me sick! If you are interested in learning how to better promote your business, there are hundreds of "gurus" out there ready and eager to RIP YOU OFF!

Did you know that most solo-professionals hire the Cheshire Cat as their marketing consultant? Frankly that’s the only conclusion I can come up with watching so many excited entrepreneurs eager to build a great business but ending up overwhelmed by too much information and

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of reasons about the tough times and why people aren't making money. But what I'm not hearing are all the reasons why people can make money. So what are YOU doing to increase your revenue this year, this month, this week?

The difference between highly paid soul-preneurs and everyone else, is that they follow the formula religiously. Luckily, the formula includes ample opportunity to be yourself -- authentic, genuine, powerful and confident.

Find out the real secret behind successful marketing.

What questions do you need to ask yourself during a recession?

Learn the seven marketing habits of super-successful companies.

Whether you are a professional in a solo-practice or own a small business, chances are you feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. While you may be an expert in your field, consistently attracting new clients probably isn’t one of your strengths. Here is just a short list of "marketing culprits" that are likely keeping your business from reaching its full potential.

I once had a client who would tell me he figured out how to "fix" his business and what he needed to do to succeed. Unfortunately, he did this DAILY. Each day he had a new marketing strategy that he would drop everything else to implement. It was exhausting as well as counterproductive - for both of us. Does this sound familiar?

Learn the keys to creating a client communication Plan - a simple system for building a relationship with your prospects.

In Part I of this article series, I shared how I've used my inner and outer environments to support creating a million dollar business. Since you're marketing YOU, how you feel and how you think about yourself plays a big part in how successful your marketing will be. Here are three more environments you want to pay attention to so that you can focus on what REALLY brings in money and joy to your business.

Recently I was named the Attraction Marketing Expert at Stepping into that "expert" role publicly has me thinking about Attraction Marketing and what is it, really?

This is the third article of a three-part series. I'm illustrating the marketing challenges of a small business. If you don't remember anything else about marketing, remember this: Frequency is king.

This is the second article of a three-part series. I'm illustrating the marketing challenges of a small business.

One of the Million Dollar strategies that's helped me experience rapid growth in my business is to make certain that my environment supports my success. What I'm talking about goes beyond cleaning out your desk drawer and simply hanging a crystal from your ceiling fan string.

We all recognize the importance of having a business plan (even if we haven't yet done one), but do you recognize the value of a good marketing plan? While most marketing plans take up a few pages of the standard business plan, I recommend you take the time to create a dynamic marketing plan if you really want to kick your business into high gear. A good dynamic marketing plan is ...

It used to be if you were a small business, you were at a distinct disadvantage with your marketing compared to the bigger companies. No more. Small business owners will actually have an edge over bigger companies thanks to the emerging marketing model. Yes, you heard right. Emerging marketing model. The old ways of marketing are dying. And a new regime is coming of age.

It's not your grandfather's communications model. Communications has drastically changed. Target markets are fragmented, customers have more demands on their time and they've learned to shut out the majority of marketing messages out there. The old ways of marketing don't work the way they used to. To succeed in the new communications model, you need every advantage you can find. And that includes harnessing your creativity.

When I first joined Gold's several years ago, I didn't pay much attention to the "muscleheads" - the professional bodybuilders. But I've come to realize they can teach us a lot about marketing and business success. Here are 7 lessons we can all learn from.

Having the right mindset for your marketing can mean the difference between amazingly impactful marketing and marketing that is blasé and falls flat with little to no results. Learn ten marketing mindsets that will help you stay the course and focus, expand past your comfort zone, and keep your energy up so you don't get down on yourself and get frustrated with your marketing before you've given it a chance.

Most small and solo business owners don’t begin to see the profit potential in their business. If you own a small or solo business, I’m sure you had a big dream when you started. Whatever your dream was, it certainly included making the most of your business. Here are just a few tips that can help you be more successful than 90% of your competitors.

People are talking about a recession and that means fear is in the air. Well if you want your small or solo business or practice to flourish anyway, make sure you’re not making any of these common mistakes. Just correcting one of these can make a huge difference in the results you’re getting.

Here are 10 of my favorite ways of building relationships with clients and potential clients and gain more success for your business.

Marketing your business doesn't have to be overwhelming. The trick is to create effective marketing rituals that are easy to follow through on each day. Here are six marketing rituals to make sure marketing gets done and you bring in a steady stream of new clients.

Learn to recession proof your business. During this time solo entrepreneurs stand the biggest chance of not only surviving, but thriving. Learn why.

If you are a small business start up, a micro or solo entrepreneur, you're probably wondering where to find the money that will allow you to grow your business.

How do you consistently find time to work 'on' your business instead of in it. Employ these simple, effective tips and you'll be on your way.

If you're going to advertise, you need to be smart about it -- or you can quickly find yourself with a blown budget and not much to show for it. Here are seven questions to ask yourself before writing out that check.

Handling emails, filing, problem solving (unless you are solving clients' problems), administrative trivia, surfing the 'net, sorting your Outlook files, paying bills, fiddling with your website, creating brochures... are a waste of time. These tasks don't put women entrepreneurs closest to the money; they pull them away from i

Playing small with our marketing strategy keeps us feeling small as well. The antidote is to set the marketing strategy bar high, aiming attract dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people, not just one or two. When we stretch ourselves with this type of vision we leapfrog our thinking past its comfort zone, right into the "gulp" zone.

Motivate yourself and others using my direct marketing innovative marketing ideas to get three new clients now!

Are you working with the same level of client you were a year ago? How about the same type of client as two years ago? If the answer is "yes" then it's time to look at moving "up-market."

Learn how testing is vital in marketing.

Most of us build our small businesses around a basic talent, skill or passion that we assume will easily make us profitable. Yet our surveys show that attracting new customers is the main area where small and solo business owners (SBO's) say they need help. Learn more.

The single biggest, non-renewable asset you have is your time. There are only three things you can do with it: waste it, sell it, or invest it. As an entrepreneur or a service professional, what you do with your time acutely impacts how much money you can make. If this year you want to make clients come to you, earn a six figure income, become the expert in your chosen field, positively impact lives of many people, gain fame and earn respect of your peers - you have to invest your time into creating Marketing assets!

Marketing is more than just one technique. It's about becoming proficient at many little things. Here is my list of a few of those little things. I call them '15 Irrefutable Marketing Proficiencies'.

Develop Your Marketing For Your Potential Clients. Not Yourself. Follow up, Follow Up, Follow Up!

Marnie Pehrson, award winning novelist, and founder of over 10 successful websites and mother of six introduces you to 7 business building strategies that she learned the hard way - she learned these after 13 years of business. She shares these techniques with us and shows us how to avoid the mistakes she made. What does Marnie do now to build her businesses? Some of which are, and - read on to find out.

Are you trying to be perfect? Trying to plan everything ahead? Standing in your own way? STOP. Learn what to do instead!

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