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Self Confidence Articles


Solo Entrepreneur Articles > Mindset & Personal Development Articles

When you believe in yourself and you’re sure that you’ll succeed at something, you have self-confidence. Throughout life, your level of self-confidence might fluctuate when you’re faced with challenging situations. However, you have the power to build your self-confidence. Eva Gregory shares 7 Techniques to strengthen your self-confidence.

When you want something to change, one of the first things you do is ask yourself (and others) what you can do about it. If you can take action, you do. If you're anxious, you may hold off until you feel safer. Jeanna Gabellini explains how to looks for evidence to see that a change is happening.

Do you ever avoid taking action because you’re worried about what might happen? If so, repeat after me: I am responsible for the effort, not the outcome. Simply put, you need to do the necessary things, the right things, and the important things.

The exciting thing about life is that you never know what’s right around the corner. But… it can be hard to maintain a feeling of excitement and anticipation when you’re working hard to achieve something and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting results.

Dwelling on issues and feeling sorry for yourself never solved anything. I know because I’ve spent plenty of time feeling sorry myself and I can assure you that dwelling on the negativity never helped me move forward. Not once. Even worse was sharing the misery with others. It is true that misery loves company.

Ellen Britt of The Future of Ink interviews Laura West on how cultivating your creativity can be good for business, both in terms of coming up with new ideas and in terms of more productivity.

Creativity is the lifeblood of entrepreneurial success. One of your main goals in creating content is to keep feeding those creative ideas. Every day you are coming up with ideas for articles, blog posts, information products, sales pages and new programs. Your creativity is constantly being called on for a fresh thoughtful perspective. But sometimes the ideas don’t come. It’s the dreaded Creativity Killers.

We are all guilty of self-neglect at one time or another. If the craziness of all of this year's happenings has brought your energy down, here are 10 ways to lift yourself back up.

It isn’t uncommon at all for people to question their abilities or the path they’re on. In fact, it’s probably more the rule than the exception. It’s funny how easy it is for us to look around and think that everyone else knows what’s going on. That everyone has the answers. The truth is, people are looking at you thinking the same thing.

If you’re selling yourself short it might be due to not having spent the necessary time to dig into your position, your proposition, and the value you place on your services. If you are not convinced of the importance of holding yourself in high regard and placing yourself in a premier position to reach the best clients, then you could be holding yourself back.

Success involves understanding the practical magic of mindset, letting go of fears that hold you back, and embracing your own expertise and self-worth.

Do you have a team member who is under performing? Or a contractor not coming through for you? Or repeated delays with getting your website finished or your social media presence done? When you find yourself in situations like these, what do you do…say nothing, cross your fingers and hope for the best? Or do you face the situation with feminine strength and leadership? Kendall SummerHawk shares 3 essential ways for you to own your power with feminine strength, grace and ease in any business situation.

Learning to make fast decisions can be a difficult task, but with practice it certainly can be done. Although making decisions too quickly can backfire, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from your mistakes and still make future decisions fast and effectively. Eva Gregory shares tips on how to make effective decisions quicker than ever before.

If you desire to live the life of your dreams, it’s necessary to concentrate on what you want and keep working toward it. You may experience periods of time when you lose focus and it becomes challenging to keep pursuing your goals and dreams. Is it a constant struggle to give 100% in everything you do? How can you stay motivated and continue to work up to your potential? Eva Gregory shares 7 strategies to soar at whatever you do.

Solo-entrepreneur’s are particularly vulnerable because they are always trying to figure everything out on their own. The problem with that is that we tend to be limited in what we can come up with for a solution. There’s another way.

Everyone wants to be the best at what they do regardless of what that activity might be. You’ve likely had experiences when you felt disappointed about your performance or actions. Although it’s important to reach for the stars, it’s also necessary to be comfortable with your level of achievement. Eva Gregory suggests to apply these strategies to learn to accept your performance level.

An important aspect of self-development is to know when it’s time to change something about yourself. When you change, you often become more knowledgeable, skilled, and comfortable about a task or situation. However, any kind of change, even if it will make your life more enjoyable, can be difficult because it involves stepping out of your comfort zone. Eva Gregory shares her suggestions to step out of your comfort zone.

It is a recognized maxim that fear is the greatest barrier for most people when it comes to achieving goals. Dr. Laureem Wishom talks about the different stages of they typical business life cycle and how you can conquer your fears at any stage.

Being a woman entrepreneur means expressing yourself, your ideas, and your creations. And getting them out into the world means you open yourself to being applauded…or possibly criticized. Kendall SummerHawk shares 4 powerful steps you can use for handling critical comments, without letting your self-worth take a hit.

Making decisions is a fact of life. The best we can hope for is that we make the best decisions possible with the information we have. In searching for guidance to make the best decisions possible for some personal and business situations recently, I came across what is referred to as the Four Way Test.

No matter who you are, you’ll eventually experience struggles with reaching an agreement with someone. Disagreements in your personal life or inability to reach consensus at work will occur occasionally. How do you perform when it comes to negotiating a solution to a vexing issue? These tips by Eva Gregory can help strengthen your negotiating skills.

Should I or shouldn’t I? Your heart says “yes” and your brain says “no”…or is it the other way around? And is it really intuition saying "this isn’t the right time"? Feeling undecided, or waffling on a decision once it’s made, is unsettling for anyone. And for women entrepreneurs, it can cause our already shaky confidence to take a hit of self-doubt. Kendall SummerHawk shares 3 strategies to make aligned AND informed decisions, with confidence and clarity, so you can keep moving forward purposefully and profitably in my business.

Are you brave enough? Do you believe you can do it? Have you jumped at the chance to go on an adventure? Starting a business is like that adventure. You know it will be exciting and though maybe not dangerous, certainly risky. Lisa Bloom explains how If you have someone that has faith in you, it REALLY helps!

Admit it, you secretly fear that someone will question your value, right? And as a result, you’ll avoid doing business-generating actions that call into question your value, such as Discovery Sessions, raising your fees, offering high-end programs and more. Kendall SummareHawk shares 3 truths that will help you see the value of what you do, not through the eyes of someone who is doubting herself, but through a lens that will set you free to confidently get on with the business of exponentially growing your business!

One of the biggest things that affects your business and your income is your level of self-confidence. You’d think it would be marketing and yes, marketing is massively important, but if you don’t have confidence in your abilities, if you don’t have confidence in your business or in what you’re doing you’re not going to get anywhere in your business. Fabienne Fredrickson shares two simple things that allowed her to keep her confidence at a natural level.

Have you considered that faith is as big a part of growing your business as marketing? Faith is soul food and without it, your energy, passion and commitment will wither in the face of the challenges that every entrepreneurial woman will inevitably experience. Kendall SummerHawk shares 3 VERY personal principles that she uses to apply faith to growing her business. Which principle illuminates best for YOU where you can strengthen your faith?

Sometimes people just starting out in their practice feel nervous about credentials and experience. That’s totally understandable since you are moving into a new area. However, for you to build your practice and feel good about what you have to offer, you need to shore up your belief in yourself. Confidence is very attractive in business and life right? Fabienne Fredrickson lists four ways you can build yourself up to exude confidence.

Many entrepreneurs tinker with their new profession before they jump into it with both feet. This is typically what’s called being a “Hobbyist”. But there comes a time when you begin to feel a sense that all of your efforts are starting to pay off. You start noticing that there’s an internal confidence shift and an external awareness that your product or service may in fact really have two legs to stand on. Jeannie Spiro explains how it will take both an internal and external shift and here are some ways you can start.

Do you struggle with confidence about your abilities? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of solo entrepreneurs experience self-doubt from time to time. The good news is that you can develop your self-confidence so you can unreservedly share your unique talents with the world.

Do you have a team member who is under performing? Or a contractor not coming through for you? Or repeated delays with getting your website finished or your social media presence done? Or a client who is under performing and blaming you for their lack of results? Kendall SummerHawk provides 3 essential ways for you to own your power with feminine strength, grace and ease in any business situation.

In childhood, you did your best to keep yourself safe. Now, invite yourself to stretch as you leave perfectionism behind. Paula Eder invites you to begin to reduce your perfectionism using these 5 friendly tips.

Sometimes it's subtle - sometimes it's glaring. But on any and every level, perfectionism exerts a paralyzing influence. Paula Eder invites you to open your mind and open your heart and remember that perfectionism is overcome with compassion and realism!

Woman notoriously put a lot of pressure on themselves to do and be ‘better’. Only better isn’t clearly defined or worse yet, it’s code for “I better be doing as well as the top leaders in my industry otherwise I’m failing.” Kendall SummerHawk explains how you can eliminate endless, spirit-draining comparison from your life and business.

Women entrepreneurs secretly live in terror that someone will question their value. And as a result, they engage in all kinds of sabotaging behavior as a cover up. Kendall SummerHawk shares 3 truths that will help you see the value of what you do, not through the eyes of someone who is doubting herself, but through the lens of a fresh perspective that will set you free to confidently get on with the business of exponentially growing your business!

The inner game of client attraction is about your attitude. Fabienne Fredrickson shares her three tips that will help you move through the fear so you can play a bigger game with your inner game.

Being an entrepreneur is all about taking risks. Nancy Marmolejo provides 7 tips to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there in ways you haven’t before. You can take risks, be vulnerable, and survive.

Sometimes you may have difficulty getting those creative juices flowing. Lisa Bloom shares her ideas to help you access your innate creativity, figure out how to rekindle that creative spirit, and connect with your true creative self.

Mick Jagga Has the Swagga. The one quality that entrepreneurs must have is confidence. What’s your rate for return on your confidence? The higher it is, the more you will get what you want.

If jealousy had a wicked sister, it would be comparison. Yes, it’s human nature to compare, but many women entrepreneurs get caught in a destructive cycle of first comparing, then finding fault with themselves, only to then feel inadequate and play small. Ladies, you gotta get a handle on comparison and stop “feeding the beast”, otherwise you’ll never get your message out into the world and help the people you’re supposed to be in service to! To help out, Kendall will share 3 HIGHLY PERSONAL tips with you.

Sometimes you may struggle with building confidence and maintaining a positive outlook as you wait for the success you are working towards. Fabienne has two things she wants to share with you that she has done herself to stay up on a bad day.

Fear occurs so often as an entrepreneur; if you let it, fear will take you out of the game. Fear comes in many forms: procrastination, resistance, hiding, avoidance, blame, anger, sadness, discomfort, and laziness. Here are three things that Monica learned about fear and discomfort.

Instead of comparing you and your business to others (and feeling unworthy), compare yourself to where you were last year, embrace the success of others, practice gratitude, and focus on the journey.

Did you know that self-responsibility actually leads to more happiness, success, and yes, freedom? Everyone has distinct memories, beliefs, and patterns of behavior around self-responsibility. Sometimes those patterns will trip you up and keep you stuck and frustrated in your business… until you identify them and consciously develop new thoughts and new ways of understanding what it means to be self-responsible. Here are 3 essential ways that you can take charge of your business and your success.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night worried about how you are going to pay your bills? Maybe you can’t even fall asleep because you are thinking that you might have to go get a job again. Then the thoughts of failure and lack start to roll around in your mind. Then the dreaded “I am such a fraud” conversation takes over. Any of this sounding familiar?

A woman entrepreneur’s spirit and faith can often be tested when it comes to marketing and business. For example, let’s say you just signed on a new client, only to have their credit card decline. Women take setbacks like these personally, allowing these situations to stir up painful feelings of doubt or fear. Discouraged, they begin thinking they’re not good enough, or that the Universe is "giving them a sign" to try something else. The problem isn’t the client’s credit card, it’s giving up too soon.

What do you find most challenging in your practice and your performance? Think about it? What gives you that horrible feeling like you just don’t feel like it’s right for you and you’re no good at it? The chances are, that very same thing that you find difficult, is really important in your business and a part of your ability to be successful. So, what can you do about it?

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We look for ways to do things that we like and we stick with them. And we get terribly comfortable with the way we interact with other people and anything that prods us out of that level of comfort can send us into panic mode. But, there is something to be said for a bit of prodding every now and again to get us to step out of our comfort zone. Marty shares some steps you can take through the Comfort Zone door.

Women entrepreneurs secretly live in terror that someone will question their value and as a result, they engage in all kinds of sabotaging behavior as a cover up. It happens all of the time — under charging, over delivering, putting up with flakey client behavior, not making enough offers, hoping to get on stage at an event instead of asking outright, tolerating boundary issues with team, answering emails in the middle of the night. What really matters here is solving this issue once and for all. So here are 3 truths that will help you see the value of what you do.

There are times when you may feel your professional confidence wavering. This happens more often to people than you may think as a result of a move, a shift in your niche, networking with a new group and so on. How can you shore up and strengthen your professional confidence, especially as it relates to being in the public eye? Here’s what Fabienne did to build her own self-worth and confidence.

This is a touching story about the power of developing a healthy entrepreneurial mindset.

It’s easy, once you have a business up and running, to ‘go with the flow, to no longer take risks and settle for the business that you have. Frankly, that decision to stay where you are may be the riskiest of all. To have more courage in business there are a few tried and true tactics.

This week in L.A., a local news channel did a story on “NoMoPhobia”—a new term to describe the panic some of us feel when we don’t have our cell phones on us. The idea made me chuckle, until I came to realize that it was likely very true. Our attachment to technology has become a very real phenomenon. And for online entrepreneurs, like you and I, it also brings about cyber envy. How many of you can relate to these experiences?

Do you ever wonder, "Who needs my program anyway? This is basic information that I offer. People already know this stuff!" This is so common, but in most every case, this is absolutely not accurate. On the contrary! What’s common knowledge for us, is a secret to someone else.

Have you ever found it difficult to talk about what you do? You know you’re really good at it, but you struggle to articulate exactly what it is you do? You are not alone.

What makes one person stand out from the crowd and attract attention, while someone with the same level of knowledge or expertise remains unnoticed?

Given that it’s only within the past few decades that women have had the opportunity to flourish as entrepreneurs, it’s no wonder that so many feel hesitant about becoming major income earners. But with the economic changes of the past few years, women are now starting businesses in record numbers. And in the process, facing their feelings and their fears about making more. Which is why it’s critical that as a woman entrepreneur, you get comfortable becoming a “tall poppy”. A tall poppy is the one who stands tall, leading others.

There is no end of self-sabotaging stories that we tell ourselves, the question is how do we get rid of them, what can we do to make ourselves strong, confident and really shine? Do you chose to empower yourself with self-belief and confidence or give in to doubt? Discover four areas to overcome your fears.

It’s said our purpose here on earth is to create, and I see achievement as simply stepping into our best creations. Whether it be making a million dollars, or making our most delicious batch of cupcakes ever, achievement inspires. It encourages us to keep bettering our best and also excites others to reach for the stars as well. One of the best things I ever did for myself, and my success, was to start keeping a success journal. It’s my secret tool to winning big.

Do you find yourself making excuses as to why you have not followed-up with potential clients? Is follow-up last on your list - that one thing that never gets crossed off? How can you work through these “reasons” (really excuses) and move into earning the money and receiving the clients that you so dearly deserve?

Many women get “taken out” of succeeding in their business by a few simple basics. The consequences can range from disappointingly low sales to settling for mediocre results to even throwing in the towel of entrepreneurship. That’s the thing about understanding what takes you out. You need to know what are you telling yourself that makes you play small. And what triggers it. Here are 3 specific reasons why you MUST catch yourself in the act of taking yourself out and reverse that energy into decisive action.

We all have days when we feel less than on top of our game, shrinking and self-doubting, but are you spending too much time on the bottom? Take this quiz to find out how confident you really are.

People often stop themselves by using excuses for not doing something in their business, and in their lives. The thing is, they're not even aware of it. People SAY they want something very badly, that they want a change, and theoretically, that they'd do anything to get it. But when the rubber meets the road, it's a totally different story. How can you make a change in perspective, stop using excuses and "just go for it"?

So many of my clients struggle with the limiting belief of “I’m just not skilled/good/ready enough to charge more for what I do. Well, if you are struggling with that deep inner belief that you just aren’t good enough, or you just aren’t ready, PRINT THIS ARTICLE OUT! Read it to yourself daily. Because I’m about to give you three really good reasons why you are worth every penny that you ask for.

We women business owners tend to ignore money. Here’s an easy way to start shifting your thoughts and put your attention on money in a way that is easy, graceful and innately powerful.

Our mothers may have taught us to say please and thank you, but when it comes to running a business, some of the other things we learned as a girl could hold us back big time. Discover 7 business tips that allow you to still be a lady AND take care of business.

Finding time is not just a matter of time management. That’s an odd thing for a time management coach to say, but it’s true … and important. Finding time is a matter of energy management, too. One of the biggest energy drains that we all experience is F-E-A-R. How can you keep fear from stopping you in your tracks?

Are you dealing with friends or family that just don’t believe in you or your business? Perhaps you go out to lunch with a girlfriend who asks, “so just how any clients do you have now?” in a way that really isn’t very nice, and actually sounds a little competitive. Or what about that call you get from your mom who suggests that now might be a good time to get a full-time job. Don’t worry, this happens to every business owner. Here are four steps to combat negative feedback about your business in a way that works for everyone involved.

A woman entrepreneur’s spirit and faith can often be tested when it comes to marketing and business. For example, let’s say you just signed on a new client, only to have their credit card decline. Or, the new program you were so excited to launch fizzles out with few registrations. We don’t like to admit it, but most women take setbacks like these personally, allowing these situations to stir up painful feelings of doubt, fear or diminished self-worth. Learn my 3 favorite secrets for keeping the faith so that you can continue to grow your business, even when something happens that might tempt you to throw in the towel.

The real reason we make excuses around self-promotion is that self- employed people are afraid of what people might think. Our businesses are such an extension of who we are that we are very careful about how we talk about our businesses and what we say to others about it. The problem is (as I've said so many times before), if you don't market consistently, you won't have clients consistently. Period. So, how can you stop being afraid of what people might think of you?

Sometimes, saying no is the easiest thing in the world. You speak honestly and communicate clearly. As a result, you exercise a lot of positive control over how you spend your day. But other times, the word gets caught in your throat. Breathing gets hard. You're just scared to death to say no. How do you handle this now? Here's a quick quiz to help you understand how you might approach this stressful situation.

Playing your Business Goddess Bigger Game goes beyond running a successful business. It goes beyond just having fun and being creative. It goes to the deeper reason why you are in your business and the dream you only dare to write in your journal. Isn’t it time to let that dream--that Bigger Game--out to play? I’d like to share four questions to get you starting in playing your own Business Goddess Bigger Game.

To trust and surrender and just be in the moment was my special gift that day. It occurs to me that this is a broader truth that relates to my life and my business, and yours too!

When we allow ourselves to worry needlessly about anything, we simply create a story that does not need to be told. What reality do you want to live in?

I was conducting a session last week with a new Revenue Breakthrough Mastery Participant and we were reviewing what to say in an initial session with a potential client. After I gave her an example script, she said to me, “Monica, I think that sounds great, but I would never have thought to say that to her. I just wouldn’t have come up with those words. I just don’t have that kind of confidence in marketing myself or putting myself out there. It just makes me want to hide in my room, or take more nutrition classes, or just do anything but go out there and try.” Can you relate?

One of my favorite sections of Woman's World is “Old-Fashioned TV Wisdom” where they share some wise words gleaned from old TV shows. One of these tidbits of wisdom appeared a couple of weeks ago and was from the old Cosby Show. Learn how it applies to you and your business.

Creativity coach, Eric Maisel outlines 6 stages of a project and why anxiety creeps in at each one. This article deals with what is needed at each of these points of paralysis. Ali's suggestions are based on Maisel’s recommendations and the hard lessons she's learned when she's hit these impasses herself.

If your marketing plan includes giving workshops then there are three skills you must learn.

I think fear is so misunderstood these days, especially in business. Fear is getting a bad rap.

The VIVA Formula is an acronym I apply to a variety of situations in business. It consists of 4 simple steps that can be applied to marketing, selling, building buzz… you name it.

Finding time to untie the knots that keep you tangled and stuck on a project may lead to some surprising discoveries for you. The more you are open to listening to the Inner Wisdom that you bring to every moment of your life, and to learning new things about yourself, the more quickly you’ll be able to get back on track.

Finding time to actually SOLVE problems is one of the most energizing things you can do! Just watch as one problem successfully solved leads to a dramatic increase in your confidence and energy for taking on new challenges – even in areas that are totally unrelated to your original problem.

Call it flummoxed, frustrated or bamboozled … when you are engaged in a prized project, or even fulfilling an ornery obligation, getting stuck can sour your whole day! So what can you do? Here’s an excellent strategy to help you step beyond stuck.

As an entrepreneur, or someone who is thinking about becoming one, you realize that most of what you do is make lots and lots of decisions. It’s not easy making all those decisions alone, and you probably have a process for making the tough ones. But what do you do if you find yourself in analysis paralysis?

Belief begins with believing in yourself. Sometimes it can be hard believing in yourself. There have been those giving you feedback all your life. Some of the feedback has been positive and some not so positive. So how do you become Wonder Woman (or Batman, if you like)?

What makes something a business vs. a hobby? Now I certainly don’t claim to be the expert here, but here are a few of the things that have made the difference for me.

What keeps people from implementing? People get stopped from implementing new ideas for several reasons. Are you stopping?

As a business mentor coach to solo-entrepreneur women, I work with women in all types of services businesses. You get excited talking about new marketing ideas, income opportunities and creative ways to package your programs and create products. Then something happens. The excitement stalls out. The inspiration drains from your body, and you can’t remember what you were so pumped up about. What happened? Here are 5 habits that can sneak up on you and pull you into the cycle of doubt.

Here are some tips if you too are feeling the urge to transform and you’re afraid it might harm your business or reputation.

Do you know that you have the power to succeed at everything you do right now, this minute? Are you surprised? Your thoughts control the actions that create your successes or failures. So if your thoughts are the foundation for success, if we spend some time focusing on the type of thoughts that are typically manifested and the ones that create success, you'll have the tools necessary for self-empowerment.

Delegating is a must-do part of everyday business life. But most woman struggle with delegating because they’re often afraid they’ll come across as “too bossy” or “too demanding.” You don’t need to delegate with the brusqueness of a man, nor do you need to turn into a you-know-what just because you’re requesting someone do something for you. They key is to know how to stand in your power as a woman AND as a leader. Let me help show you how with these three simple tips

It happens to all of us small business owners. Things are hopping along in our businesses: we are growing our lists, increasing our visibility and attracting new clients, and then suddenly… BAM! The gremlin inside you starts whispering sweet nothings, accompanied by a dull ache in your stomach or a tightening of your throat. Everyone, business owner or not, has some versions of this destructive self-talk. Here are seven tools for creating awareness and shifting your energy quickly.

Love in your business makes your day feel full of joy. You are engaged and alive. You feel like you just resuscitated lives by helping make someone’s life better through your product or service. Love is that spontaneous flow of inspiration and ideas that you don’t know where it’s coming from, but you trust it for how awake and engaged you feel and the impact you can see you have on others. Here are 5 ways you can consciously practice infusing love in your business.

So often we were taught when we were young or even in college that the only way to make big decisions was by writing a pro and con list. I don’t know about you, but whenever I try doing that, I end up still sitting there wondering what to do. There’s more to making a decision than the logical issues, and there’s more than one way to go about making important decisions. Here are my top 5 favorite ways to make decisions in business.

Have you ever noticed self-confidence is very much like money? It may not buy happiness, but it sure makes the journey more fun. And when it comes to money, they say the rich tend to get richer, while the rest of us wish we were better off. Here are 13 tips to be more confident!

I am hopeful about lots of things, such as my business, my family and my world, but mostly I am hopeful about what I have to offer. That's what this article is all about -- what YOU have to offer. How you use that to attract clients, help more people, shape your life and transform your world.

If you desire to break into six figures and you haven’t reached it yet, (or you’re already in six figures and you’re frustrated, trying to double that) chances are good that you may be struggling with a few sneaky little self-sabotage mistakes that are keeping you from surging ahead with your income.

Every day you are faced with making decisions in your business. You are looking over your year and planning the next program you want to offer your clients. Do I launch it in this month or that month? Do I support it with this marketing strategy or do I use that one? Which virtual assistant do I hire? We search for information, ideas and resources outside of us and then at some point you have to bring it inside and make your own decision. This is where a well developed sense of your intuition to support your decisions is critical to your success. Here are 7 steps to help you hone your intuitive sense.

Over and over I see women entrepreneurs who are multi-talented, brilliant, hard working, warm, loving, humorous and passionate. Often overwhelmed and unsure, they have been selling themselves short. What are they missing?

There's one marketing condition I see over and over with my clients, and it's called "but-I'm-not-an-expert-yet-itis". These people are afraid to play bigger because they think it's not their time yet. (The important words there being "they think".) Please listen carefully: This attitude will kill your business and take years off your life! It's VERY important to position yourself from the get-go as an expert in what you do.

The key to a fulfilling life is attuning according to who you truly are. It is that image in the mirror, naked and unadorned that is your true self.

At one time I thought that how I spent my time was the essential ingredient in determining how well I succeeded. That's so true but I now also realize that how I think determines how I spend my time, so I go a bit deeper.

Everyone relates to the fear we face trying to succeed as entrepreneurs. Whether you're just gathering the courage to strike out on your own, or you've been at it for a while, at some point you're going to have to know how to prevent fear from stopping you from going after your dreams of building a successful small business.

I believe one of the things that prevent people from fully realizing their creative potential is the idea of stereotypes. They think they cannot be creative because they don't look, act, live, etc., a certain way. And, unfortunately, that belief can become so powerful it truly does cripple their creativity.

I've had the opportunity to watch Favre over the years, and I realized how his career provides some valuable business-building lessons. How? Because success is success, whether you've built a multi-billion dollar company, written a dozen best-selling novels or are a famous quarterback. Many of the same mindset and principles are the same no matter how the success manifests itself.

The story behind the successful creation of my first Tips Booklet. How I got started. How I marketed it. A blueprint for how YOU can do the very same thing with your own Tips Booklet to start or expand your own profitable business.

What's your definition of success and how does it affect your success?

Tings that appear or seem too big to manage might be easier to overcome than you might think. Read on to fine out why "if you can't, you must."

Learn the 5 key reasons people get stuck and how to overcome them.

Claiming and giving voice to what we want isn't just a skill we can practice; it's a mindset that bubbles over into creating the business and the life we dream of.

How do you break new ground even when you're afraid? How do you move forward toward a big goal or dream when the thought of what you'll need to do is overwhelming?

If everything always stayed the same, day in and day out, what would your life be like personally and professionally? Would you be growing as a person? Imagine stepping into new experiences with an explorer's sense of adventure and curiosity! When you open your mind and your heart to possibilities, amazing things can happen! Learn how, read on...

To what extent does fear rule your life? How is fear controlling or motivating you? If your life is ruled by fear, learn powerfull tips that will empower you to take charge of your life, NOW!

Life is full of uncertainty and unpredictability. Learn concrete ways to feel more in control of your life regardless of your life situations at home or at work!

Some people thrive on change - they love it and even create more of it. Others view change with anxiety and resistance. Often times we react to it; we try to control it; we create situations and problems to avoid dealing with it. If you're facing (or anticipating) one change or several changes, these tips will help you navigate through transition and help you land on your feet.

Fear of success/failure are two sides of the same experience. Both results offer opportunities for self-discovery and change. Developing the clarity to know who you are on the inside is a key ingredient to achieve rich outcomes with ease, strength, and focus!

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