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7 Techniques to Strengthen Your Self-Confidence

When you believe in yourself and you’re sure that you’ll succeed at something, you have self-confidence. Throughout life, your level of self-confidence might fluctuate when you’re faced with challenging situations. However, you have the power to build your self-confidence. Eva Gregory shares 7 Techniques to strengthen your self-confidence.

By Eva Gregory

Evidence is There

When you want something to change, one of the first things you do is ask yourself (and others) what you can do about it. If you can take action, you do. If you're anxious, you may hold off until you feel safer. Jeanna Gabellini explains how to looks for evidence to see that a change is happening.

By Jeanna Gabellini

Make the Effort Don’t Worry About the Outcome

Do you ever avoid taking action because you’re worried about what might happen? If so, repeat after me: I am responsible for the effort, not the outcome. Simply put, you need to do the necessary things, the right things, and the important things.

By Liz Uram

Catch The Wave of Success

The exciting thing about life is that you never know what’s right around the corner. But… it can be hard to maintain a feeling of excitement and anticipation when you’re working hard to achieve something and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting results.

By Liz Uram

A Simple Formula For Solving Problems

Dwelling on issues and feeling sorry for yourself never solved anything. I know because I’ve spent plenty of time feeling sorry myself and I can assure you that dwelling on the negativity never helped me move forward. Not once. Even worse was sharing the misery with others. It is true that misery loves company.

By Liz Uram

How Enhancing Your Creativity is Good for Business [audio interview]

Ellen Britt of The Future of Ink interviews Laura West on how cultivating your creativity can be good for business, both in terms of coming up with new ideas and in terms of more productivity.

By Laura West

Top Creativity Killers for Your Projects [Video]

Creativity is the lifeblood of entrepreneurial success. One of your main goals in creating content is to keep feeding those creative ideas. Every day you are coming up with ideas for articles, blog posts, information products, sales pages and new programs. Your creativity is constantly being called on for a fresh thoughtful perspective. But sometimes the ideas don’t come. It’s the dreaded Creativity Killers.

By Laura West

Banish Self-Neglect

We are all guilty of self-neglect at one time or another. If the craziness of all of this year's happenings has brought your energy down, here are 10 ways to lift yourself back up.

By Marley Majcher

Growing In Confidence

It isn’t uncommon at all for people to question their abilities or the path they’re on. In fact, it’s probably more the rule than the exception. It’s funny how easy it is for us to look around and think that everyone else knows what’s going on. That everyone has the answers. The truth is, people are looking at you thinking the same thing.

By Liz Uram

Stop Selling Yourself Short

If you’re selling yourself short it might be due to not having spent the necessary time to dig into your position, your proposition, and the value you place on your services. If you are not convinced of the importance of holding yourself in high regard and placing yourself in a premier position to reach the best clients, then you could be holding yourself back.

By Liz Uram

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