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Solo Entrepreneur Articles > Mindset & Personal Development Articles

Are you on a quest to be more successful, more productive, and more effective with your time? If you are, then you are in good company. And you are going to like what I have to share with you in today's article.

As women entrepreneurs, when faced with a challenging client it’s easy to take the blame personally, or to find fault with yourself. Don’t. And here’s why: Challenging clients give you the perfect opportunity to both grow as a coach, and, to help you create fresh boundaries that serve the growth of your business. Kendall SummerHawk shares with you how you can gracefully and confidently handle challenging clients with these 3 important tips.

One of my original marketing mentors was Dan Kennedy—the grumpy old guy on the bull. That’s not only who I learned powerful direct marketing principles from, but more importantly, I learned the saying, “Good is good enough.” When I first heard that, I was taken aback. You mean I’m not supposed to keep trying and working on things over and over.

Getting others to trust you takes work and sometimes it can take a lot of hard work. To succeed in career, business or life, you must gain a reputation as someone who can be trusted.  Dr. Laureen Wishom lists 7 keys to becoming more trustworthy.

Sometimes for whatever reason, a brand new client decides to back out and not go forward in working with you even before you’ve started to work together. So, here you’ve spent time marketing to that client, following up, cultivating the lead, successfully going through the whole closing of the sale process, and you’ve gotten a brand new client who suddenly backs out. So, what do you? What is the right thing to do? Fabienne Fredrickson shares four strategies to deal with clients who back out.

Leaders who are known for developing their people become a target destination for the best, most talented people. They become the touchstone for the creation of the next generation of leaders for the organization. The trickle-down effect can be the continuous engine that drives the company or the business for years to come. Dr. Laureen Wishom lists her Top 10.5 ways to improve your leadership skills.

Worried you may not be creative, or you may not be creative enough? Take this quiz and find out just how creative you are.

Let’s be honest here, most women hate conflict and will do or say practically anything to avoid it. But avoiding conflict can cause a domino effect that can be, at the least, emotionally draining for you and even worse, dangerous for your business. You can’t avoid conflict in business, no matter how “nice” you try to be. So rather than caving in like our cave woman sisters did long ago, use my personal best tips to give you the strategy and the confidence you need to expertly handle any issue decisively and with feminine grace and ease.

Assumptions occur when we do not have a clear picture of what the other person is trying to say, or when we do not understand their actions. Eva Gregory provides 4 Tips for a fully engaged conversation that is free from assumptions.

Story Coaching is the most exciting, innovative way to coach, and it’s so instinctive, you’ll realize you’ve been doing it forever! Lisa shares the 4 Storytelling Secrets that Every Coach Should Know.

Did you ever notice what happens when you hear a powerful story? Can you see how we connect through story? This connection is an important element of your business and you can create it any time you choose.

Through powerful, authentic storytelling we ENGAGE people to our cause. It may be in organizations, in communities or in families. Having a clear and authentic story is so important to keep people engaged. In this era of unbelievable distraction and choice, engagement is one of our biggest challenges.

When did we decide that it’s okay to carry a phone and answer it at any time, no matter where we are and what we are doing?

Do you know how amazing you are? Do you recognize your brilliance? Did you actually hear it when you got that fantastic feedback? There is one really important difference between feedback that helps us grow and develop and feedback that can shut us down and make us feel completely dispirited. What's the difference?

As we spend time and energy giving what we feel we can, we also need to be aware of those that truly need us. It’s not always the people you expect. And often it comes at us in less desirable ways. Everyone needs stories.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you have the full belief of your spouse, supporting you in your business. But what do you do if (or when) that support isn’t there? How can you get your guy (or you partner) to support you when they may be facing their own doubts about the economy, how success may change you, their own frustrated ambitions, you name it!

Communication is a critical factor in building professional and personal relationships. So often misunderstandings, conflicts and mis-connections arise around communication. Learn one of the critical factors that can make or break a conversation in an instant.

Do you find that your clients all seem to exhibit the same patterns at certain times? For example, you always seem to attract clients that want to negotiate your rates. Or you attract clients that challenge your boundaries. Your clients are mirrors into yourself and they are often your best teachers into both what you need to learn and what you have to teach.

Yes, I love technology. But technology is useless without a story. You see you can’t connect unless there’s a story in there somewhere.

I am amazed that so many talented, smart people, who are brilliant at what they do, just can’t seem to talk about it. Being good at what you do is really important. But it’s only the start. You also HAVE to be good at talking about it, you have to tell a good story.

How are you with setting boundaries with clients and sticking to them? Do you find yourself giving in and compromising your boundaries only to regret it later? These three steps can help you create and maintain your boundaries.

As entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on our individualistic natures and the strength it takes for us to show up every day and run our businesses. But once we step into a big role, even we can't escape those humbling moments where we come face to face with our inherent weaknesses. Identify your weak spots as a business owner by taking this short quiz.

How often do you find yourself imagining the outcome of a given situation, you become immersed in the details of what could be or may have been, without really noticing the reality of the situation.

Think about it, when we speak of the most important moments of our lives, the births and deaths, the pain and the joy, they are all moments related to intense connection. And we need to talk about it. We need to tell the story because in the telling, we make it come alive. When we tell stories in our business, we are creating connection. How can this connection ultimately make your business thrive?

Expect more from your clients. In turn, you’ll have more satisfied clients and those types of clients become RAVING fans who refer like crazy.

How well do you bounce back from criticism? Do you let it roll off your back and keep moving, or does it stop you in your tracks as you obsess about what it could mean about you, your path, and every other decision you’ve made in your life? Here are a few tips on how to bounce back.

Many of you are lying to yourself. You have been for a while. Don't get huffy — you know it's true and it isn't intentional, but it is happening. So, read on for seven down and dirty steps to getting real, getting honest, and getting ahead fast.

As a business owner, business consultant, and business professor, I have been asked numerous times for the secrets of recession proof businesses. Recession proof businesses that I work with all seem to have one thing in common: recession proof business owners. Here are the top 10 vital qualities of recession proof businesses and their owners.

The power of gratitude and appreciation is a great power indeed. It opens doors and new possibilities in your life. The Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like". If you are gracious and appreciative and let others know it, the positive energy you create will attract more positive things to you.

Have you ever gotten upset with a colleague for not responding to an email or phone call? What about someone cutting corners or not being honest with you? I know I get really irritated when people are inconsiderate of my time. What about you? There are a few things you can do to remedy minor, yet aggravating, situations that include other people.

As a person, your success, or failure, depends in part on how well you adapt to change. Do you run screaming like a banshee towards it, ready to conquer? Or do you go sit in a closet, close your eyes and wait for it to go away, hoping that everything will return to "normal"?

What if you could strengthen significant connections and enjoy heightened productivity by enhancing your authenticity? It may be easier than you think! Learn 5 ways that authenticity can help you reap the benefits and also avoid the potential pitfalls of professional relationships.

When was the last time a client called your cell phone after hours or sent you an email at 8pm and expected an answer by 9pm or didn't pay you per your agreement? Or a vendor or coach took a week to answer an email?

No doubt you've heard sayings about happiness and the power of positive thinking. For instance, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" and "some pursue happiness, others create it." Turns out that optimism truly is a powerful force. And, regardless of your circumstances or personal setbacks, you can choose to approach life with a sunny outlook, transforming negative thoughts into positive ones and increasing your chances of success. Still not convinced? Here are five findings that prove the power of positivity.

Here are some tips for overcoming the insidious paralysis of perfectionism.

When should you say no?

Learn 4 ways to increase your awareness and change your attitude.

Here are five factors which, when practiced consistently in your life, will help you tap into the giant creativity reservoir you have within.

What *is* essential about who I am and how do I stay connected with what's true and essential and core about who I am. while at the same time growing and adapting and changing with my environment?

You can prevent difficult client situations from occurring and minimize those that pop up unexpectedly. Simply watch for the early warning signs and then follow the "Horse Whisperer for Business’ five tips for handling difficult clients with grace and elegance.

We live in a society that tends to "bond over stress instead of success". We give each other permission to complain freely- it's actually become the way we interact with others. While each of these little snippets of conversation seem meaningless, when you look at an entire day it can really add up to a negative outlook on life. With this negative way of thinking it can be hard to believe in our dreams, be truly happy and feel gratitude for our life.

"Kendall, how DO you get it all done?!" I hear this question all the time. At first I didn't see what the big deal was and lightly shrugged the question off. But over time, I see that how I run my business is VERY different than how a lot of people run theirs.

Are you ever asked to volunteer for something or work on a project you didn't want to do? Did you feel pressured to say yes when you really wanted to say no? Maybe you needed the money, didn't want to disappoint someone, or the old guilt thing? If you struggle to find the words to say no, read on.

Learn how the relationships you create affect your success.

Are you a great listener or a big talker? Listening is one of the key factors in forging strong relationships in your business and personal life. If you're turning off people in your life, it's costing you more than you realize. Learn tips to becoming a great listener!

Whether you are saying no to a colleague asking you to do something, or saying no to a potential client that you really don't want to have, the ability to say no gracefully is a key skill when you are in business as a solo entrepreneur. Here are four quick steps to learning this skill.

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