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Law of Attraction Articles


Solo Entrepreneur Articles > Mindset & Personal Development Articles

As humans, we tend to overcomplicate things when in reality, keeping things simple tends to serve us better. Michele Pariza Wacek suggests a simple 2-step process to start getting the Law of Attraction to work for you and see what magic starts to happen in your life and business!

Have you ever noticed how many conversations that you’re a part of include some form of complaining, blaming, whining, criticism or gossip? Whether it’s about the economy, the weather, one’s spouse, their children, how busy they are, how hard life is, blah, blah, blah…It’s become so normalized in our society that we sometimes don’t even realize we’re doing it. Dana D'Orsi shares 4 reasons why you need to stop complaining.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a robot? Chances are you haven’t (although we may think of others that way) and yet most of us are robotic in our ways and thoughts.

How do you start adding a practice of gratitude to your life? Here are 3 tips to get you started.

Years ago, my honey, Robin, and I planned a trip back to his homeland, Australia. Part of that trip entailed me driving. I knew that they drive on the opposite side of the road than Americans do. What I did not pay too much attention to was the fact that the driver’s seat is on the other side of the car.

You do not have to be religious to believe in other Laws of the Universe do you? You can choose to ponder who set up these Laws of the Universe, but this is not necessary. Eva Gregory speaks about The Law Of Attraction so that you can create a shining life filled with brightness and abundance.

If you want your business to truly thrive – and you want the time to create and grow personally – you need to monitor what you’re tolerating. Kendall SummerHawk lists some “areas of toleration” that may be holding you back in your business.

Why is tithing something that so many already successful people believe in? Perhaps, because they recognize the cycle of the universe that says that in order to make room for more, we have to let go of some of what we have. It's a classic Win-Win for everyone involved.

Happiness is often thought of as a state of mind. This assumption is both right and wrong. It is right because when you are happy, you usually have happy thoughts in your mind. Your outlook on life is one of hope and abundance. What Eva proposes is that happiness is a state of BEING. This has to do with perception. If you can change your perception of the world into a positive one, then you can unlock sustaining happiness.

Can you feel it? The freedom to live life as you choose? To make decisions based on your desires instead of necessity? The opportunity to live life to the fullest and experience all of the things that you thought were out of reach? Does this sound too good to be true? It's not!

Take a guess at the following question. How much time do you spend thinking about positive things versus negative things? The average person spends a substantial amount of time discussing and pondering the negatives that have occurred over the positives. Can you see the danger that results from participating in this pastime? Doubt, fears, negative beliefs, and undermining are a few to start with. If you've been a victim of negative focus don't be alarmed, there is hope through reprogramming.

We live in a vibrational universe where all of reality is simply different manifestations of vibrational energy. Just as we know that radio and TV broadcasts are unseen but real vibrations sent into our physical universe, it has long been known that there are vibrations existing in higher realms. If you have the desire and set your intentions, you can tap into these higher realm vibrations, much the same way a radio can tap into a radio wave.

Even though grandpa was never was able to get his head around the idea of Internet marketing, one thing he DID understand is business. Below are 3 tips he shared with me in order to help you build a solid, successful business.

What does it mean to manifest? What was the first thing that popped into your mind? Was it 'to create, to come to be, to bring to reality?' Close. The definition is: 'clearly apparent to the sight or understanding!' Did you know that an infinite number of things are manifested every day? That's right! Each thought, each vibration, each feeling or belief manifests a response. Be it positive or negative, good or bad.

Do you know what you want, but you're not exactly sure how to get it Perhaps it is an idea for a new business, product, or career but you're not certain of the steps that you will need to take in order to reach your final destination? Has this indecision stopped you in your tracks? I have three words for you: "Don't let it!"

In today's society, so much is based on scales, decided by tests, and judged by comparison. It's no wonder that society, as a whole, has issues about achievement and the quest for success. Success, like most other things is viewed as a goal that has levels, and all too many people believe that they are incapable of achieving true success. Why is this?

Envision yourself in the driver's seat of your car. Where are you headed? What path are you taking? How long will it take you to get there? How do you get around traffic and road blocks? These are some questions that can be applied to life as well.

Do you find that your clients all seem to exhibit the same patterns at certain times? For example, you always seem to attract clients that want to negotiate your rates. Or you attract clients that challenge your boundaries. Your clients are mirrors into yourself and they are often your best teachers into both what you need to learn and what you have to teach.

We've been told for years that the best way to learn something is by example. That is why we are taught by teachers, use computer tutorials, and follow examples and exhibits in books. But what about in day to day life? Are there people that you can follow that intuitively know exactly what your needs and wishes are, so that you can copy their actions and/or solicit their advice? How does one go about finding someone to learn from? Go look in the mirror. You can achieve the things that you desire most in life, by following your own lead.

You may have heard that “Nature abhors a vacuum”. This saying is used to express the idea that empty or unfilled spaces are unnatural as they go against the laws of nature and physics. Maybe you don’t quite understand the scientific part of it (it’s not your strong suit), but Fabienne will share with you how she uses this law of nature and physics for her own business purposes.

One difficulty that some people have is that they are not sure how to proceed toward a goal. They have followed the steps of the Law of Attraction. They set a goal, they are sending positive energy toward it, and they believe that they will achieve their goal through the power of attraction. However, once they have done this, they are not sure how to proceed.

All of us has a voice within us, the one that we dismiss or push aside. This inner guide of ours never leaves us. It is always there, telling us the right answer. Often, it isn’t until later that we discover we should have listened to our intuition rather than putting it on mute.

Do you ever wonder about the self-confidence that successful people always seem to have? It's that self-confidence that got them where they wanted to be. They focused on the goal and the mind and body made it happen.

As a society we are often stuck in a rut. Not satisfied with our past and our present, but reluctant to step up to the plate and make the future what we desire. Too often this occurs because we don’t realize that we created the path we are on consciously or unconsciously. But nothing is written in stone. Change begins first with a thought, followed by a choice, which becomes an action.

Who are you attracting into your life and your business? Have you thought about it? How and why are these people showing up?

Do you sometimes compare your success to others with more success, feeling resentful, feeling less-than, and sometimes even BLAMING others for your own particular situation? What’s the antidote to blaming?

What happens when you get the overwhelming urge to act on an idea? Do you pay attention when the same scenario keeps presenting itself? Do you make leaps when all indications are pointed to the fact that it is the right time? If not, perhaps it's time to listen to the signs of the universe.

Remember when you were young and played “pretend”? You could be anything that you wanted to be, there were no boundaries or obstacles. Do you recall the fun that you had being free to decide your path? It was fun wasn’t it? If so, why did you stop? Perhaps because it was time to “grow up” and be responsible? How limiting! Guess what, now’s the time to begin embracing your childhood again.

Someone said "you cannot have a happy ending if the journey itself was unhappy." Wouldn't it be a shame to travel an unhappy lifelong journey? Determine what you love, envision it then follow it.

Never underestimate how powerful your story is. When you are ready to tell it at the drop of a hat, amazing opportunities arise.

The soundtrack of a movie is so important, it can make or break or break it in the box office. It got me thinking. What is our life’s soundtrack? What do we hear as we move through the scenes of our every day. Our stories are a big part of this soundtrack. The ones we tell and hear, and the ones we tell in our mind.

One's religious or spiritual beliefs and practices are very personal and unique to each individual. No one can force your beliefs, but there is one commonality amongst people who follow the laws of attraction.

Do you dream BIG? Using all of your faculties to imagine that you can obtain your wildest, biggest, seemingly impossible dream? Now that you've imagined it, have you asked yourself how to get it? If not, that could be what is halting your forward progress.

I like to think of my business and my life as flowing in the Universal Abundance Current. When I am aligned, this current flows naturally and easily, full of abundance, success, and joy no matter what is coming my way. But too often we find ourselves fighting against the current, paddling upstream by reacting to our circumstances, sure that if we just work hard enough and long enough that we'll get to where we want to go… which is actually located somewhere downstream! How do you let yourself trust the UAC?

I often get the same question from my clients: Monica, why does running this business seem so hard? Here are 3 ways to reduce the struggle in your business.

In practice building (and getting clients) it seems to be that most self-employed people just hope for the best. They simply keep doing what they've been doing and don't have a strategy for creating the practice they'd be truly and deeply happy with. This is a big mistake in my opinion.

Take a guess at the following question. How much time do you spend thinking about positive things versus negative things?

Have you ever considered the awesome power of the Law of Attraction? It can manifest so many great things in your life. Have you ever considered using it to help others? Does it work that way? Can it work that way?

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deep even breaths - in and out. Think back to the times when you were "in the zone", when you achieved everything you put your mind to seemingly simply by giving it your full concentration, your full attention, your full focus. Didn't it seem almost effortless? As if it just happened exactly as you desired it without serious work? That is the weapon that we each hold in our arsenal of life.

You crave prosperity in your business. You want the easy enrollments in your programs and workshops, the abundance of product sales, recognition of your expertise by receiving joint venture invitations, and you want the financial success that goes along with changing so many people’s lives. But why isn’t it happening for you?

Let's face it: being self-employed, our businesses are fundamentally a reflection of every part of us. It's not like working for a corporation where you don't really control the outcome of the business unless you're at the top. Who you and I "are" as people literally affects our businesses, every day, every minute, every second, with every breath.

For years, I’d wondered what my life purpose was, what my calling was, especially in business. I’ve always known that I was good at marketing, but I also knew I was here for something bigger than I could dream, yet I couldn’t figure out what that was. I’ll admit I had a sometimes painful upbringing and early adulthood, and I always wondered WHY this was all happening to me. If there’s supposed to be a reason for everything, then what was the reason I experienced so many deeply trying times? What was I supposed to do with all of it? I just couldn’t figure it out. Here's some tips to use to find yours.

In today's society, so much is based on scales, decided by tests, and judged by comparison. It's no wonder that society, as a whole, has issues about achievement and the quest for success. Success, like most other things is viewed as a goal that has levels, and all too many people believe that they are incapable of achieving true success. Why is this?

Sometimes, despite the stellar marketing plans, our "positive thinking", our resolve, our determination and manifesting, we have doubts about whether we can really "do" this. Let's admit it. Sometimes fear steps in anyway, despite our best intentions. The inner doubt begins to take over and we wonder if it's really going to "happen".

The use of positive affirmations to help facilitate the Law of Attraction in your life can not be understated. It is absolutely essential. But many people can be confused about positive affirmations, their purpose and how they are constructed.

The power of gratitude and appreciation is a great power indeed. It opens doors and new possibilities in your life. The Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like". If you are gracious and appreciative and let others know it, the positive energy you create will attract more positive things to you.

As a business mentor coach to solo-entrepreneur women, I work with women in all types of services businesses. You get excited talking about new marketing ideas, income opportunities and creative ways to package your programs and create products. Then something happens. The excitement stalls out. The inspiration drains from your body, and you can’t remember what you were so pumped up about. What happened? Here are 5 habits that can sneak up on you and pull you into the cycle of doubt.

The power and force of optimism can never be underestimated. In fact, your personal development and growth over your lifetime depends upon it.

What if you could obtain the tools to revitalize your life? It's simpler than you think. Learn these 3 tips from Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith's, bestselling "Mojo" and get off to a strong start.

I don’t hide the fact that I believe that marketing your business takes more than just going through the motions. If all it took was “just taking action” more women would be successful entrepreneurs. The reason more woman are NOT successful is because they don’t understand one simple secret that is so powerful, it can make the difference between having a successful business…or being forced to go out of business. The secret is simple...

Money is the thing that the majority of the population craves, but most people feel they don't have enough of. Why is that? Since we know how strong the powers of attraction are, and that like attracts like, the answer lies in the perception "but most people feel they don't have enough of."

Each of us possesses the ultimate tool for creating success and attracting the things in life we truly desire. What is the secret? Our positive thoughts. Oh, I hear the skepticism, but it is entirely true! In order for it to work we need to silence the negative self-talk voices that tell us that our thoughts are crazy or unachievable. Can it be done?

No doubt you've heard sayings about happiness and the power of positive thinking. For instance, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" and "some pursue happiness, others create it." Turns out that optimism truly is a powerful force. And, regardless of your circumstances or personal setbacks, you can choose to approach life with a sunny outlook, transforming negative thoughts into positive ones and increasing your chances of success. Still not convinced? Here are five findings that prove the power of positivity.

So you’ve been studying law of attraction. Reading the books, watching the videos, and going to the workshops. Still, you want to know why isn’t it working for YOU

Learn some quick changes that you can do right away to attract more ideal clients into your business this month, allowing you to make more money and help more people.

Have you ever noticed self-confidence is very much like money? It may not buy happiness, but it sure makes the journey more fun. And when it comes to money, they say the rich tend to get richer, while the rest of us wish we were better off. Here are 13 tips to be more confident!

As your business grows and you experience more success it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to your 5 Types of Energy to maintain the growth and also to enjoy the journey. Your energy is your #1 most important resource when it comes to growing your business. It's more important than money, ideas and, yes, even time. You see, if your energy is depleted, you'll never follow through, no matter how great the idea, how much money you can throw at it or even if you have plenty of time available.

Have you ever felt down after chatting with a friend or coworker? You may have felt fine before the conversation, but now, after hearing them complain about the weather, the economy, and a demanding neighbor or mother-in-law, you're starting to feel kind of cranky yourself, as if their negativity were somehow contagious.

In addition to the Law of Attraction, there are other lesser know, yet powerful laws to be considered when traveling upon your path.

Are you choking off the flow of money to you? Are you so immersed in "where is the money" and the panic, insecurity and frustration that goes with it? What do you do to open up your flow to money?

What if you could recharge your energy and pleasure in your life right now, by basing your time choices on the power of gratitude? Use these 5 tips, and enjoy the benefits immediately.

As a solo entrepreneur, your mindset and energy are the most important resources in growing and running your business. If you are thinking small, feeling doubtful or you don't have energy behind your programs and services, then your growth will be small -if you grow at all. In fact, creating programs and new services when you are thinking small or are mired in limiting beliefs is a sure way to create the very thing you are worried about - failure! It's vital to your success that you create from abundance. Here's an example of what I mean.

As you may know the Law of Attraction is one based upon attraction. Like thoughts and energy attract like. You may even know about the process of goal development and the necessity in the belief you will achieve your goals. Have you every really thought about the concept of attraction, and how it seems to exist beyond time? This may seem very esoteric but if you bear with me you may peer into the future a bit and see all the wonders awaiting you there.

Of the three Universal Laws of Attraction, the Law of Allowing may be the most difficult one to get our hearts and minds around.

It is the lack of understanding of Universal Laws that has us creating our lives by default. Once you understand these Laws, you can begin to create what you want in your life consciously and deliberately. Learn how.

I've been talking about the law of attraction for some time. I just called it something different–the Entrepreneurial Mind Set. It's extremely powerful, but just like anything else worthwhile, you have to work at it.

Are you aware of what a powerful creator you are? Do you know that everything that is happening to you or has ever happened to you is, without exception, in full response to your thoughts - and more importantly - the emotions behind those thoughts?

What's so amazing about gratitude? It's so powerful it can start turning things around for you. Now, granted, being grateful all by itself will probably not turn a sinking business into a profitable one. But, it CAN be the catalyst to a transformation.

I'm chuckling about the BUZZ that has been generated on the movie "The Secret". Everyone's talking about it. Are you? The Laws of Attraction have been topics of conversations for decades and the concepts have been around for thousands of years. But why do some intentions take so long or fail to manifest what you want? Learn why.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seemed to fall intoplace easily? It might have been a singular experience within the day or it felt like it was the entire day.If you have (and noticed it) you probably found yourself wishing that every day had that same ease to the things you felt and did. What is different about those days?

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