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How to Attract More Money Part 2 – Releasing the Shame

Many of us are carrying a significant amount of money shame and we don’t even realize it. Here's a quick quiz by Monica Shah to determine how much shame you are carrying.

By Monica Shah

The Reason It Feels Hard to Get Paid What You’re Worth

Darn near everyone gripes about money. We each have triggers about making, spending and saving money. Most complain about not getting paid enough. Either you have an abundance of clients but they don't pay you for the real value you give or you don't have enough clients and you're scared to charge what you deserve. Jeanna Gabellini explains that you might not even know what you deserve because you've been brainwashed to take what you can get.

By Jeanna Gabellini

People Pay for Solutions

Benefits make you money, so find the unmet need - simply ask, listen carefully to show you really care, reposition your offerings to solve the problem - watch your bank account grow.

By Christine Gallagher

Your Value is an Inside Job

Knowing your value is an inside job. It is something you have to believe in no matter what anyone else says or does. You can get a lot of advice about what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to pricing your services. The problem is that everyone is coming from a place of their own limiting beliefs.

By Liz Uram

Simple Tips On Getting Control Of Your Business Bookkeeping

Dealing with bookkeeping is likely your least favorite part of running your business, especially if you’re a creative type. The good news is, you don’t have to be your own bookkeeper in order to be empowered with money in this area of your business. Kendall SummerHawk shares 3 critical aspects that come into play any time you’re discussing, managing, planning or making money.

By Kendall SummerHawk

Little Secret Money Habits I Love Using…

Have you heard the phrase, “little hinges swing big doors”? The same is true for money. It’s the little actions you can take now that will add up to a big difference you’ll soon be able to see in your bank account. Kendall SummerHawk explains that by making tiny shifts in your money mindset and money-handling habits you’ll begin the journey of getting this important part of your life in complete alignment and upleveled so you can quickly grow.

By Kendall SummerHawk

Discover How To Shift Beliefs That Hold You Back

Have you noticed that you seem to be stuck at a particular income level? It might be a monthly target or your early income. Very often, this is a function of your inner beliefs about money, especially in relation to others, your spouse, family members, friends and even your parents. Fabienne Fredrickson suggests changing your mindset as way of taking your business to the next level.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

Stand Out from the Competition by Positioning Yourself Strongly

Stand out from the competition by focusing on your remarkable advantages, telling your authentic story, and positioning through price.

By Christine Gallagher

What Scrabble® and Business Have in Common

A few months ago a friend introduced me to the wonders of playing Scrabble through Facebook -- while I'd played years ago and moved on to playing an updated version ("UpWords") with my Mum, I hadn't thought about transferring lessons learned in Scrabble to business until recently.

By Sandra P. Martini

Business Success: It’s Not All About Finding Your Niche and Growing Your List

A while back I was involved in a hit and run car accident. As witnesses pulled around me to continue on their day, I started thinking about personal responsibility.

By Sandra P. Martini

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