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SO…how good is your press release? Do you have press releases that are well written and focused and that can bring in some great publicity, visibility and credibility to your business? If you’ve been having difficulty getting results with your media releases, maybe it’s time for a little studying. Shannon Cherry provides a quick quiz to take prior to you sending out your next news release.

A great way to attract business and also to advertise your business effectively is in media coverage. Getting the media to cover you can be the boost your business needs, especially when your target market is seven times more likely to read or watch a news story than an advertisement. Shannon Cherry gives some examples to help you take full advantage of every opportunity presented to publicize your business.

People think news is often about products or services. That’s actually quite rare. When journalists look at what’s newsworthy, it’s always about people, not ‘stuff’. That means your news needs to focus on people and how they are affected by whatever it is you are announcing. To get you started, Shannon Cherry shares some ideas of newsworthy releases and what they should include.

Some people find press releases intimidating.  They don’t have to be, they are essentially just a short news article about something important to your company. Michele Scism lists what you should include when your write a press release in order to drive traffic to your website and generate buzz around your business.

With the ability to instantly publish a press release online, the world of PR has changed. Press releases now have the power to both attract media attention and drive traffic. This change in accessibility has also changed how businesses write press releases. Here are a few tips to help you write effective online press releases.

Nothing works better to increase your exposure than a well written and focused press release. There’s not a better marketing tool that does so much! However, out of the hundreds press releases issued daily, very few are actually used by media professionals and producers. Why? From time to time it’s simply a question of available time or space. However, it’s far more common for a press release to fail because the writer doesn’t understand the how to write them. Shannon offers a quick quiz to take prior to your dispatch out your next news release.

Many business owners are under the false belief that writing an effective press release has to be done by an expert, and that it takes expert knowledge to magically garner media attention and visibility. The honest truth is that with a little time and energy you can write your own press releases.

Press releases (also called news releases) are one of the best recipes to have on hand to generate free publicity. But if you really want to attract the media to partake, you need to give them a good reason. And that reason is: you’ve got a great story.

Want to boost your business image? Get more prospects opting in? Have more satisfied customers working with you? Then you need to get some media coverage.

Do you want visibility and more exposure without spending a dime? An effectively written and distributed press release can generate quite a bit of attention for your products or services, and it costs you nothing but your time.

In the world of public relations, press releases are the explorers. They travel far and wide, visiting media outlets everywhere, and presenting information about your products and services. Media people decide whether or not to cover your business based in large part on those hard-working press releases. So, there's a lot riding on them. Therefore, it pays to take a little extra time to make sure they're outfitted correctly for the job.

Looking for ideas to help you figure out what to tweet about, post on your fan page, share on your blog, issue a press release on, or otherwise shout about you and your business to get some attention? Here are 101+ different reasons/occasions/ideas so next time you're staring at a blank status update box or brainstorming ideas for a press release, you can use this list to help you come up with the perfect idea.

So what makes a news release a winner? Let’s take a look at three reasons your press release could end up in the garbage and how to keep it out.

Think about the way you read articles. What is the first part you read? Your headline must reach off of the paper or screen, grab them by the ears and shake them up enough until they want to know more.

It is important to write press release in the third person because doing so often gives you an objective point of view on your product. For years we have been discussing the world in first and second person. Here are a few tips to help you get out of yourself and write a correct press release.

Most people don't have trouble writing a press release. The hard part is coming up with an idea to write about. Here's some ideas.

Press releases are a great form of offline marketing. Many business owners, coaches and consultants are aware of press releases and their potential for marketing success. However, many people try to 'ad-lib' a press release and end up in a journalist's trash can. Let's go over the basics of press releases to make them effective and properly formatted.

To increase your exposure, nothing works better than a well written and focused press release. Media coverage provides wider visibility than most advertisements, is perceived as credible – unlike most advertising, and of course, media coverage is free publicity! If you’ve been having difficulty getting results with your media releases, maybe it’s time for a little studying. Here’s a quick quiz to take prior to you dispatch out your next news release.

There are some definite strategies you need to use when writing a press release that gets results. There are also some long-standing, proven ways to completely and totally ruin your release. In an effort to help you get what you want out of your next press campaign, Karon would like to share the top three “bombs” with you.

You have your press release ready to send. But before you hit that "send" button, take a moment and run your press release through this checklist.

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