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Legal and Insurance Articles


Solo Entrepreneur Articles > Processes, Systems and Finances Articles

As a small business owner, think of yourself as the CEO. Every great CEO surrounds him/herself with really bright people. Justin Krane explains that you need smart business attorneys in your corner to prevent problems from happening.

All-in-one ecommerce systems (or online shopping carts as they're more commonly referred to) are at the heart of running a thriving and profitable online business. Here are five ways to automate and streamline your business when you use an all-in-one ecommerce system.

Where did all of the money go? It comes in . . . and then “poof, it’s gone!” Poof, the magic meister could getcha every time. You feel like you are making decent money, but when you look at your profit, the money is gone. Justin Krane provides tips on how to find the money!

Following several questions recently received from business owners asking for secure ways to send credit card information, here are the top four best ways to securely send your credit card information.

When just starting out, some wonder how to create their own intellectual property. They are worried about creating original content versus leveraging materials that others have developed. Fabienne Fredrickson provides suggestions on how you can create your own propriety system.

Business liability insurance isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity – unless you like lawsuits. Justin explains why as a business owner, you most likely need business liability insurance.

Getting ahead in your financial life is growing your wealth, being financially secure and feeling in control. A successful financial life means having a plan – a system for how you deal with your money. It is about being conscious and aware that you have a REAL financial plan. Justin shares what he does with his clients and how you should think about getting ahead in your financial life.

As you are developing ideas and implementing them for your small business, are you remembering to take the time to protect them? The internet has changed the pace of life and business, and unfortunately has made it easier for people to plagiarize your work and copy your brilliance.

From time to time it's always a good idea to scan your business and your life for any vampires, and if you find any, to send them on their way. Remember, vampires are seductive, so unless you're looking for them you just might miss them.

Hiring a virtual assistant (”VA”) is like any relationship. At first, you’re both feeling the love and everyone is happy. But after a few months you may start noticing tasks slipping through the cracks or that you’re having to spend as much time tracking your assistant’s tasks as you used to spend doing them yourself.

The cost of health care continues to rise at the fastest rate in our history. According to the Kaiser Family Institute, since 2000 health insurance premiums have increased by 73%. At the same time inflation has increased 14% and wages have climbed 15%. In 2005 alone, employer health insurance premiums increased by 9.2 percent…nearly three times the rate of inflation. Learn about the BizPlan; five year study.

As a solopreneur you will deal with the tax man at some point or another. Here are a few tips to keep your experience pleasant.

Every woman small business is run on agreements. Some of the agreements are printed and signed, like in a contract. They can be felt, seen, read and discussed. But what aren’t so obvious are the unspoken agreements we enter into everyday. The unspoken, “soul agreements” are commitments that you make to yourself that propel you forward to success.

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