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Why You Are Wasting Time On Your Info Product

Selling products while you sleep sounds, well, down right dreamy, right? Krista Martin shares insights on why you are wasting your time on your info product and how to make a lot of money in the shortest amount of time possible.

By Krista Martin

How to Price Your Coaching Program

How much are you worth to your clients? Pricing is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs. Michele Scism shares tips on how to price your coaching program.

By Michele A Scism

Why It’s Important To Track Where Prospects Find You

Are you currently tracking prospects and how they find you online? If not, start now. Fabienne Fredrickson emphasizes how important this is for building your small business.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

How to Handle “I Need To Think About It”

So what the heck are you supposed to do when someone says that they need to think about it? Krista Martin explains how to effectively handle this situation with an ideal client.

By Krista Martin

How To Find Your Ideal Clients Online

Many business owners become so busy with their full client load that they virtually stop marketing. But if you (they) stop marketing, there won’t be clients in 6 months. Fabienne Fredrickson explains how you can move your marketing online.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

Avoid These Top 3 Sales Conversation Mistakes

Was your last sales conversation a flop? Did you make the sale? Michele A. Scism will show you the three main mistakes entrepreneurs make in their sales conversations and a quick way to fix them so you can start enrolling more clients tomorrow.

By Michele A Scism

Getting Past “I Need To Think About It”

Imagine having less “I need to think about it conversations” and more enrollments! Michele Scism shares three main reasons your prospects are “thinking” and not “buying” (and how to move them past that point).

By Michele A Scism

The 7 Easiest Places to Find New Clients

Have you ever felt the anxious pinch (or sometimes it feels more like a punch in the gut) at 3am wondering where you can find your next client? Krista Martin shares the 7 easiest places to find new clients.

By Krista Martin

Four Ways To Raise Your Rates Without Resistance

How do you know when it’s time to raise your rates? Fabienne Fredrickson shares four ways to raise your rates without resistance.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

5 Times Your Prospects Need to Say “Yes”

The biggest problem most businesses have is lack of money. That lack of money is simply a result of the fact that not enough people are saying “yes” to you and your business. Michele Scism shares 5 points of conversion that every business should be focused on.

By Michele A Scism

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