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Getting Past “I Need To Think About It”

Imagine having less “I need to think about it conversations” and more enrollments! Michele Scism shares three main reasons your prospects are “thinking” and not “buying” (and how to move them past that point).

By Michele A Scism

The 7 Easiest Places to Find New Clients

Have you ever felt the anxious pinch (or sometimes it feels more like a punch in the gut) at 3am wondering where you can find your next client? Krista Martin shares the 7 easiest places to find new clients.

By Krista Martin

Four Ways To Raise Your Rates Without Resistance

How do you know when it’s time to raise your rates? Fabienne Fredrickson shares four ways to raise your rates without resistance.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

5 Times Your Prospects Need to Say “Yes”

The biggest problem most businesses have is lack of money. That lack of money is simply a result of the fact that not enough people are saying “yes” to you and your business. Michele Scism shares 5 points of conversion that every business should be focused on.

By Michele A Scism

What To Do When Prospects Request a Lower Price

As a business owner, you need to set your pricing structure at different levels to suit a variety of clients. Fabienne Fredrickson shares a couple of tips that will help you figure out how to handle and respond to a request for a lower fee.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

How to Make More Money Working with Fewer Clients

If it is so much easier to make bigger sales, how come more people don’t do that? Michele a. Scism shares three reasons why you aren’t making big sales (and how to fix them).

By Michele A Scism

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

The truth is, conversion happens in many place in your business. But some struggle with closing the sale. Michele A. Scism shares tips on how to increase your conversion rate.

By Michele A Scism

Five Ways To Handle a Price Increase With Clients

When it’s time to raise your prices, many questions come up. Fabienne Fredrickson shares the best way to tell current clients that rates are changing.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

What is a Sales Funnel + Why You Need One

What is a sales funnel and why do you need one to grow your online business? Krista Martin explains how this important piece will allow you to achieve great results.

By Krista Martin

The Best Way To Convert Leads As An Event Sponsor

When you’re a sponsor or have an exhibit at a big event, your main goal is to convert leads into new clients as much possible. You want the opportunity to talk to people about what you do, let them get to know you, and then schedule a follow up appointment so you can go more in depth with them. Fabienne Fredrickson shares tips on how to covert leads as an event sponsor.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

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