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Launching New Products and Programs


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Meredith Eisenberg shares the mistakes people make in creating their freebies for clients, and how you can build a freebie to entice people to sign up for your list.

When you are generous with your content and expertise, your customers love it! But there is this moment when it shifts, when your content becomes too much for them. How to avoid overwhelming your customers with too much content.

Launching my Glambition™ Radio show on iTunes this week got me thinking that now would be a great time to share some easy but effective tips on how to launch a new product, program or service. I have 7 basic steps to a launch. Here’s a brief description of each step and how it works.

Do you want to explore a new concept, idea or philosophy but you aren’t sure if it will fly? Do you have a great business idea but the energy is heavy and you know you want to move forward but it feels like you are walking in quicksand? I recommend using that age-old creative strategy: Experiment!

If you offer high end services or products, one of the best freebies you can offer is a free consultation. A free consultation allows you to prove that you really know what you’re talking about and helps to build a one-on-one connection with the potential client. Shannon Cherry suggests to follow these steps to really boost your business with a free consultation giveaway.

No matter what it is you’re launching — private clients, VIP Days, group programs, workshops, even teleseminars and info products — getting your ideal clients engaged on the phone with you in a Discovery session is a must have part of your client attraction sequence. And no matter how new or experienced you are today at delivering discovery sessions, there’s always room for improvement. Kendall SummerHawk shares 3 simple tips on how to use preframing to increase your discovery session success rate.

Entrepreneurs typically move too fast when it comes to launching their product. And there's a reason why you should slow down and control yourself and do it right.

Have you had a recent launch not go as well as you had hoped? If you’re like most coaches in this situation, you surveyed your clients and determined the perfect product or program for their needs. You dug deep into your well of inspiration and created something that truly excites you. Then you worked on the offer and released it into the world. And… nothing. No takers – or not many. What happened? Kendall SummerHawk lists 5 key elements that make an offer irresistible to potential buyers.

You've been working on your book or your program or product for several months or maybe even years. You're close to finishing -- you just have one or two more things to do. Of course, every time you finish those one or two things, one or two more things crop up. It's never ending.

After being in business for as long as I have, there's one thing that never fails to amaze me -- the capacity entrepreneurs have to sabotage their own success. (Not to mention how creative those ways can be.) While there's about a million ways this manifests itself, here's one way I see popping up over and over again. And that's timing.

Are you trying to fill a smaller group coaching program or mastermind series? Maybe you are seeking six to 12 members. If you are promoting the offer with a teleclass, then closing the sale with callers is a bit different than the regular process. The “Cherry Picking Method” is one of the best ways to close the sale with a group mastermind program. Fabienne will show you how this method works.

While individual coaching is the fastest path to cash, sometimes people prefer to run groups. If you have a busy practice, groups can be a wonderful way to leverage your time, so you get paid by multiple people for the same time slot. If groups appeal to you, here are a few tips to enroll clients.

Writing a book is a smart idea to build business. So, I am all for books! Yet they do have one big limitation – the amount of money you can earn. However, you can take this very same material and turn your book into an information product which has a much higher perceived value.

It may be time to make the important shift from trading hours for dollars to offering packages. This is a key step for achieving your financial goals more quickly. It also simplifies your billing and fee collection when you sell packages vs. counting up the hours you worked and sending invoices. But letting clients know about your changes takes a bit of finesse. This announcement can be a delicate communication that needs to be handled in the right way.

Information products are a great way to set yourself up as an expert and build trust – as well as build your revenues. Here are three different information products you can create to share your knowledge with prospects at different levels.

When most entrepreneurs decide to launch a product, they’re mostly thinking about how many products they’re going to sell or how much money they’ll make during the launch. Now while that’s a great reason to have a product launch, it’s actually not the only reason. In fact, I may go as far to say it’s not even the most important reason. Let’s take a moment and go through the top 5 reasons to have a launch that have nothing to do with selling that particular product.

Of all the marketing tools out there (and make no mistake about it, product launches are a TOOL — nothing more, nothing less) product launches have got to be the most frustrating, misused and misunderstood tool. There is nothing that will bring an entrepreneur to their knees faster than a busted launch. Michele will share the top 3 mistakes entrepreneurs make when launching a product or program.

You just finished creating your first product or program. Congratulations Now comes the next step — selling it. And the best way to do that is to have a product or program launch. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Send out some emails, get a sales letter up, maybe do a free preview call. Nothing to it. Unfortunately this is an area where I see conscious/heart-centered entrepreneurs sabotage themselves all the time. Remember, conscious entrepreneurs often struggle with the idea of making a lot of money. Well, a product launch can certainly bring in a great deal of money in a short amount of time, which makes it ripe for sabotaging.

Hosting a business event is like your very own film premiere or book launch—an opportunity for greater exposure, and a powerful way to engage new clients, lever­age your brand, increase profits, and generate some fantastic PR. While it can be an exhausting process, it’s usually highly rewarding when planned and executed well. Read on for vital tips and essential information to set you firmly on the path toward event hosting success. A lucrative event needs a clear vision behind it, so you must first decide on its objectives and goals. Ask yourself the following questions.

If you’re trying to wean off of 1-on-1 client work then you’re probably exploring different options available to you to replace that income. One of my favorite quick start income streams is to offer a virtual VIP Day retreat.

If you're a coach, author, speaker, or an entrepreneur with programs and products, part of your daily routine is to have conversations with potential clients and enroll them into your services. What you probably don't realize is enrollment starts way BEFORE you ever have a conversation with a client. What do you need to do first?

Most people don't have trouble writing a press release. The hard part is coming up with an idea to write about. Here's some ideas.

For years, decades actually, you’ve been taught to create marketing “funnels” and “pyramids” and that these, in essence, create the backbone of your marketing plan. Truth is, they don’t work.

You’ve listened carefully to what your market wants. In response, you’ve crafted your new offering with care. You’re SURE it’s going to be hit and you’re ready to begin racking up those sales. Tah-dah! You’re ready to unveil your new product or service….and then….nothing. Uh-oh. What went wrong?

Few things in business are as exciting as seeing a need, putting together a program or product to meet that need, expecting it to quickly fill, only to watch as it fizzles with few, if any, signups. If you’re planning on offering a new program or product you MUST read these 3 tips. They’ll save you from experiencing a boatload of embarrassment and disappointment and will help you make your next launch a success.

So many businesses are "launch-based" -- never earning revenue unless something is actively being promoted or clients are locked into long-term contracts. And then, once that promotion is over, the business owner is frantically trying to create the next program, product or service to launch. Imagine it, high revenue one month, low revenue the next two, then high again, then low. Your revenue isn't meant to be a roller coaster ride.

Kendall routinely attracts several thousand people to her teleclasses. Here are her personal tips on how you, too, can use this ultra convenient way of marketing your business to help you accelerate your results.

Where do I start? When launching a product, program, service, or new business everything has to be done. Right? A little overwhelming? Right? Here are a few simple points to get the right things done while not spending all your time on the tiny details.

What's a launch and what are the steps involved. Ali Brown lays out the seven steps and how they work.

Forget the worrisome over-planning of a traditional “marketing campaign.” Let go of the anxiety created by the check (and re-check) lists of your past. My business coaching clients have implemented this surprising marketing shortcut, and increased the results of their product or service launch.

Here are 4 tips on how to create anticipation and make more sales for your next product or program launch.

Here are 3 quick tips you can use to quickly sift through your ideas and choose the ones that are MOST likely to be high-payoff for you!

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