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Overcoming Fear of Selling Articles


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There are 3 ways to grow your business: raise your prices, work with more customers or sell more products to your current customers. The second and third options here are very important but Krista Martin asks you to focus on the one that is most commonly avoided: raising your prices.

It’s probably no surprise to learn that the possibility of rejection is the #1 fear stopping most women entrepreneurs from adding more clients to their businesses. Kendall SummerHawk shares 3 strategies to help you find your center and step into your power in a sales conversation when threatened by feeling rejection.

Fear. Dread. Panic. Angst. Worry. Anxiety. Doom. The feelings most women have associated with getting on the phone and speaking with a potential client are anything but positive or life-affirming. And yet, in our hearts, we women entrepreneurs LOVE talking with people. Kendall SummerHawk shares with you 3 mindset shifts that will place you purposefully in your place of empowerment when speaking with prospective clients!

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve got a pile of business cards sitting on your desk and a list of people you are supposed to call, but you just aren’t doing the follow-up that you should be doing. Deep down inside, you just don’t want to bother people. You’re worried about coming off as salesy or pushy. Perhaps you’ve already contacted them once. And if they wanted to work with you, they would have already written back, right? Not quite.

Here’s the sneaky thing about mental blocks — they usually make their presence known through sabotage (your business, your relationships, your life, etc.) rather than let you know through more civilized means. Wouldn’t it be so much nicer if they simply tapped you on the shoulder and said “hey — this is an issue for you, maybe you should take care of it?” So, how do you know if this is something you’re doing? Read on to find the 3 danger signs.

For some people, facing the fear of rejection that is possible on the get-acquainted call can be daunting. You may be so focused on dreading the potential of rejection that conducting the call itself becomes difficult. Fabienne understands how this can happen and has a couple of suggestions to help you look at what’s happening in a new and more powerful way.

Whether you’re new to leading teleseminars or you’re a seasoned pro, there comes a moment in every “preview” call where it’s time to ask for the sale. And while you may think that just because you’re on the phone, no one can see you gulp, trust me, your listeners can instantly detect any indications of nervousness about making your offer. Here are 3 tips that will help you present your offer on the phone with confidence, grace and ease!

I was conducting a session last week with a new Revenue Breakthrough Mastery Participant and we were reviewing what to say in an initial session with a potential client. After I gave her an example script, she said to me, “Monica, I think that sounds great, but I would never have thought to say that to her. I just wouldn’t have come up with those words. I just don’t have that kind of confidence in marketing myself or putting myself out there. It just makes me want to hide in my room, or take more nutrition classes, or just do anything but go out there and try.” Can you relate?

I am sick to death of the so called “Law of Attraction,” the delusional notion that one can somehow become successful in sales by cleaning out files, chanting slogans, scribbling goals on pieces of paper and positive affirmations. Let us today, begin with a new manifesto: The Law of Action.

When making cold calls "are you doing it all wrong?"

Some years ago, in her book “Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters,” Debbie Allen made the point that it is perfectly okay to toot your own horn, to tell the world who you are and what you do, and do it at every opportunity. And to do it without any shame.

If you’re too shy to “sell” or if you hate selling altogether, try educating your clients and prospects and then selling becomes unnecessary. Here are a few tips.

Some business folks are so turned off by all the hype-y emails they get screaming “Buy! Buy! Buy” that they’re afraid to try to do any selling in their own ezines and newsletters, for fear that they’ll turn off the people on their list. Let me remind you that if you have been gathering email contact information from your site visitors for the purpose of being able to build relationships with them AND eventually sell them something, then that’s exactly what you should be doing.

Do you find that your readers, fans, friends, colleagues, audiences love you, and yet they aren't buying from you? How frustrating! Here are the 4 most commons traps why your people aren't buying from you even though they love what you are up to.

In my work with thousands of heart-centered small business owners (mainly coaches, consultants, speakers and authors), I find many of them resist the idea of marketing. It’s a love/hate relationship. You know you should market yourself, but you hate the idea of promoting yourself. You have a belief that somehow you’re “selling out” or compromising your integrity if you promote yourself boldly. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Why would anyone want to continue to cold call? Well actually, because it’s the most direct and effective way to generate new business. The problem is, of course, that most sales representatives cold call badly which is why it does not work for them.

So many small and solo business owners over the years have told me they feel held back by their fear of selling. If you’re in that position, let’s look at that fear as, it's not so hard to overcome.

Undoubtedly, any business can slip into a slow period. BUT...the trick is to know WHAT to do to get your business back on track as quickly as possible and better yet, HOW to avoid slipping into a slow spot in it in the first place. Here are 5 tips I personally use to coach my clients out of slow and into "go!"

I always tell my clients to prospect every day, no matter what. I tell them that no matter what is going on with their business (or their life), they should find the time, even if it's only 15 minutes or half an hour, every single day to make prospecting phone calls. Recently, however, I have been guilty of not practicing what I preach.

What is selling? Read on.

What can strike terror into the heart of even the most successful sales professional or entrepreneur? What can crush self-confidence, destroy self-esteem and leave even the most seasoned sales professional quivering with humiliation and defeat? "The Terror of Cold Calling" But fear not! Here are Top Ten Tips for Terminating Telephone Terror.

Many of you are cold calling or introductory calling, as I prefer to think about it'to set new business appointments with prospects. In order to effectively set new business appointments, it is important to determine the goal of your initial telephone call. Learn what that goal should be.

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