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Managing Your Time Articles


Solo Entrepreneur Articles > Time Management Articles

Procrastination is a big problem for many, many people. And finding time is a lifesaver when you’re running out of it – quickly! Procrastination has created a big problem for you – so what do you do? Paula Eder shares the Procrastination "Do's" and "Don'ts" to help with your time management.

Procrastination is a serious challenge for LOTS of people, so if you’re one of them, you are not alone! The reasons that people procrastinate vary, but the results are the same – ALWAYS. Paula Eder shares some timely tips to get you on track and on time!

Calming self-talk not only reduces stress, it actually helps you find more time. And you can give yourself this calming gift whenever you want to – it’s up to you. Many of us don’t tap into that power – but how about starting today? Paula Eder shares tips on how to do so.

Our schedules are, all too often, our masters rather than our servants. And when that’s the case, our schedules aren’t truly ours. Paula Eder explains that self-reference is definitely the foundation on which a really useful schedule has to be built.

Proactive Time Choices offer a clear answer to lots of difficult time challenges and nagging time questions. They are also a surefire path to empowerment and enhanced energy. But it can be very easy to fall into reactivity when it comes to time. Paula Eder suggests you pause to think about ways that you are being reactive in your decisions about your time.

Procrastination steals your time and energy. It eats away at your confidence and self trust. It adds to your stress. It’s nothing but frustrating and discouraging! And it’s something that we all do from time to time – often unconsciously. Paula Eder shares tips on how to address your procrastination head-on!

It can get crazy at times, don’t you think? There is just SO MUCH to do to run your business, spend time with the ones that matter the most to you and then – oh yeah – to actually have time for yourself and time for planning so that you have a purposeful and meaningful life. Krista Martin shares the most productive habit you have and three ways to fix it.

Boundaries are key to finding time for what matters most to you. However, many people struggle with this skill. Paula Eder helps you learn how to establish boundaries that work for you by exploring the advantages and the challenges in implementing this time tool.

Transitions are challenging; however, the mindful navigation of transitions spins those challenges into profound gifts. That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of your feelings and your needs as you move through life transitions. The following tips by Paula Eder are proven guidelines that you can adapt according to the life transition you are facing.

Take it from my nap-loving orange cat: there are far more reasons to take a nap than to slave away working yourself to the bone. Ah, but perhaps you were raised by HUMANS who over-emphasized the virtues of hard work. And you may say, “But I own a business- if I don’t work, who will?” I’m not saying to abandon work and responsibilities, but chances are you’re working harder and not working smarter. Here are 5 reasons why you want to showcase your expertise and make it a big part of your marketing so you can work smarter and not harder.

Procrastination is a time challenge for everyone. Whether it’s something you do infrequently or a chronic problem, procrastination has a profound effect on your productivity, your energy, your confidence, AND your self-esteem! Paula Eder explains how to address the challenges presented by procrastination.

Multitasking can be an excellent time-saving tool … when it isn’t diluting needed focus, taking you out of the moment, and slowing you down. Paula Eder shares tricks to multitask effectively.

Planning, or more specifically, time planning, is the kind of topic that you’ve probably read about on lots of time management blogs. In fact, you may be tempted to stop reading because you’ve tried time planning before and it hasn’t really helped. But don’t stop … because Paula Eder thinks you’ll find this is a different, intriguing and very practical perspective on planning.

Perfectionism is a major challenge for many smart, high-achieving people – and perhaps most especially for successful women. Are you one of them? Does perfectionism slow you down, skew your perspective, and poison your time? Paula Eder shares insights on the perfectionist.

You know what a time suck is, right? Those things business owners do that take up time but don’t grow your business. Michele A. Scism shares what sucks most small business owners time and what you should focus on to make more money.

Overcoming procrastination is a goal for many professionals who come to business coaching. Not surprising, since business owners and the self-employed are more likely to find themselves wasting time without the structure or discipline of a job, supervisor or peers to keep them on track. Susan Martin shares tips on how to overcome procrastination.

Incremental time is a powerful way to approach your time choices. When it comes to time, one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s where incremental time comes in. It’s about taking a mindful and flexible view of your tasks and priorities – a view that ultimately frees you to plan and allocate your time in the chunks that best fit your needs. Paula Eder explains that shifting to a more flexible stance can help you find focus and get unstuck when you need to.

If you run a small business or work for yourself, you know how hard it can be to get things done. When the buck stops with you, trying to manage it all can be overwhelming. One of the biggest time management mistakes you can make in your business – or in your life – is to let time wasters creep in and eat up your time. Susan Martin shares some time management tools you can use right away to get things done.

When you lower your stress you enhance your energy, expand your perspective, and transform your time. Here are some practical, actionable ideas from Paula Eder to get you started on lowering your stress levels right now!

Want a “behind the scenes” look at tools you can use to help stay productive in your business? Dana D'Orsi is sharing 10 of her favorite time-saving resources. Enjoy!

Boundaries define your time … and your life. When you set your boundaries, you are saying yes or no to an activity or commitment. You are shaping your time and creating the map for your journey through it. Paula Eder shares 5 tips to help you set your own boundaries.

Internal boundaries present challenges for many. The challenges arise both in setting internal boundaries and in maintaining them. Paula Eder shares tips on how to establish and maintain internal boundaries for your time success.

One of the biggest challenges for the business owners I work with is work/life balance. With so many competing priorities in their business (marketing, service delivery, product creation, strategic planning, administrative tasks and building business relationships) AND in their personal life (family, friends, managing a household and self-care), it’s easy to see how it can be difficult to juggle it all. Dana D'Orsi shares her top 5 tips for managing everything on your plate.

We all encounter stress from day to day and minute to minute. It’s a fundamental fact of living for everyone, stress is. Since it’s built right in to the human condition, it’s not the absence of stress that we should strive for – but better ways to manage it. Paula Eder explains that it’s in our hands to decide whether our stress moves us forward or holds us back.

Task planning is a time management skill that offers a surefire path for getting you from where you are to where you want to be. Paula Eder explores another aspect of task planning...that’s the way that specificity can help you accomplish more.

Perfectionism is NOT the pursuit of excellence! That’s a crippling illusion. In reality excellence is choked and stifled by perfectionism. Paula Eder shares 3 Negative Messages and 3 Positive Retorts the next time you feel perfectionism sneaking up on you.

In today’s busy world, the seasoned or start-up business owner and the employedpreneur must have time and energy. Dr. Laureen Wishom shares 10 tips that will make a difference in how you master your time and maintain your energy levels while you grow to succeed.

Staying on track and on time, whether you are working alone on a project or managing other people is a key skill for productivity and success. Digging down a bit, we see that staying on track is about maintaining focus. And digging down a little further, I’d add that it’s about knowing what to focus on. Paula Eder shares tips on how to stay on track and on time.

Deadlines don’t sound very inviting, do they? But while the word deadlines sounds daunting, Paula Eder explains that the best way to deal with deadlines is by embracing the reality that you are in charge (not them).

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of scheduling their appointments whenever the client is available, as opposed to thinking about when is best for them as a business owner. Fabienne Fredrickson explains how clustering client appointments can make the biggest difference from the early stages of your business to the days when you need to manage a full practice.

Avoiding traffic and working from home can be a major blessing. There are always two sides to a coin though. Finding ways to combat the challenges will make life-work balance come much easier! Marley Majcher shares 5 tips for work-life balance when working from home.

Time management tips are strategies that keep bold new plans from fading into guilt and regret. This proven approach from Paula Eder gets results! Learn how to craft intentions that support you and enhance your self-esteem. When you practice daily, you create a healthier relationship with time!

Time management tips help you to excel in the activities that matter most to you. In fact, the science and art of deliberate practice can transform your life. Paula Eder explains how you can use deliberate practice to stay focused.

Mistakes: We try not to make them, but we do. And it’s not the fact of making mistakes that’s the problem – it’s trying to deny and turn away from them that really gets us into trouble. Paula Eder explains that the foundational step in learning from mistakes lies in accepting them.

Aging is an incremental and profound process that we all experience. And yet, it’s also a process that we tend to be in denial about. In denial, that is, until some change makes our aging undeniable! Paula Eder shares tips to provide specific stepping stones for you as you navigate your own, unique aging process.

Values conflicts are like quicksand sometimes. They throw your best-laid plans out of whack and keep you spinning your tires. Yet they aren’t always obvious or easy to spot. Sometimes you need to backtrack, starting with a behavior and following its trail back to its root. Paula Eder shares tips on how it call all work.

Values, and, more specifically, the congruence between our values and our activities, form the foundation for our choice-making and our time success. Paula Eder shares 5 Timely Tips to help you clarify your core values as you explore Heart-Based Time Management™ even further.

The one topic that almost every solopreneur needs improvement in is time management. Marley Majcher shares 5 ways you can take control of your time.

Time and regret are words you may not often see associated on a blog that’s focused on managing your time for business and personal success. But our focus here is on Heart-Based Time ManagementTM. And regret, if you think about it, has a huge impact on our hearts … and by extension, on our time. Paula Eder takes a closer look at how they interact, and how they impact the experience of time.

You probably think life would be so much simpler if you could just concentrate on helping your kids with their homework or running a faster mile. The reality is that we all have to juggle a wide variety of goals. Eva Gregory shares strategies to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Aging is a fact of life. It is continually happening for all of us, so long as we are lucky enough to be alive. Paula Eder explains that with aging come many changes. That they come is predictable. How they manifest for each of us – and how we deal with them – is as unique as we are.

Your sleep is so important! And yet, when it comes to self-care and time management, sleep time is often what we sacrifice to get just-one-more-thing done. While that “one-more-thing” may seem very important in the moment, when it sets you back, sleep-wise, that deficit affects everything that follows. Paula Eder shares insights on your sleep, your energy and your time.

Time management tips empower you with vital disciplines. Flexibility stands out as a graceful and restorative essential. Don't confuse it with its destructive look-alike, reactivity! Use these 3 strategies by Paula Eder to maximize flexibility and banish reactivity.

Time management tips are tools that challenge you to grow. Use them to boost your self-esteem and your effectiveness, too. Learn from Paula Eder how 3 simple feel-good strategies focus and strengthen your best time choices.

Our values lie at the very core of who we are. The more clearly we understand and articulate our values, the more profoundly we know ourselves. Paula Eder digs deeper to see what values are all about.

Putting on your big girl pants can be scary, but if you want your business to thrive instead of merely survive you have to take control. Small business owners everywhere are squandering their most valuable resource: Time. Marley Majcher shares 5 hidden time sucks you should stop doing TODAY.

What I see over and over again is how we as entrepreneurs resist fear and discomfort. When we are afraid we see it as being wrong, and we do everything we can to run away from it. Monica Shah shares the real reasons you may be procrastinating and how you need new rules that serve you as an entrepreneur.

Every now and then, you may ponder the complexities and maybe even some chaos in your life. You might struggle to figure out what’s next. Maybe you feel confused at times about which way to go. Have you thought about setting your life priorities to make your life easier? Eva Gregory shares some tips on establishing priorities to give you a clearer focus on how to allot your time.

Time management tips have to take root in your brain to take charge of your time. As soon as you reduce regrets and second-guessing, you stop spinning your wheels! Paula Eder shares 3 ways to maintain forward momentum.

Time management tips build far more than personal effectiveness when you tap your inner strengths. Develop these 3 innate powers from Paula Eder and watch your relationships improve as well as your outlook on life!

Time management is always a hot topic in the business community. Since time management is really about planning, it seems like the first step to improved time management is to start talking about putting a strategic plan in place. That’s what time management comes down to anyway – knowing where you want to go and having a plan to get there.

Time management tips help you create a framework for personal growth by solving recurrent problems. Paula Eder shares 3 steps to use compassionate curiosity to transform a difficult part of your day. Successfully address troublesome issues that undermine your wellbeing, steal your time and deplete your energy.

Time planning is a skill that is a foundational building block of success. Whether you’re talking about creating and sustaining a business, or living each of your moments as fully as possible, time planning is, truly, the vehicle that gets you from Point A to Point B … and beyond. Paula Eder shares tips for time planning for your business.

Time feelings have a huge impact on your energy and your perspective on time. Your sense of what is possible depends, to a very large extent, on the time feelings that you bring to each situation you find yourself in. Paula Eder shares 3 quick time tips to identify and then re-frame ways that many of us give away our power over time.

Time management tips that attempt to avoid all risk carry one guarantee; they will waste your time. On the other hand, strategic risks foster vitality and growth in countless areas of your life. But exactly how do you risk wisely? Paula Eder shares the following 3 guidelines that will help you discover what challenges to embrace to make the most of your time.

Time management tips always center on one thing - your power over your time. Paula Eder shares 7 Simple Steps to reframe ways you routinely give away your power over time.

Aging is a process that we are all engaged in from the moment of our birth. As we move through our developmental stages, we see our aging through a variety of perspectives. In youth, we are often eager to accumulate years. But as we get older that changes and we wish that we could slow the process down. Paula Eder shares 5 timely tips to keep in mind as you journey through time.

Do you ever get that when you sit down to write or do a task in your business? Those “I just want to go play in the park” feelings don’t happen all the time – but when they do, Monica Shah suggests a couple of steps to get back into action.

Focus is one of the most powerful time management skills in your toolbox. It’s about being in the moment, and consciously choosing where you put your energy. Paula Eder offers you 5 tips for enhancing your ability to recognize, value, and make use of this powerful time tool as your moments unfold.

Time management tips open doors, reveal pathways and unlock traps. Use these 3 Simple Keys by Paula Eder to access your immense time wisdom that just waits to empower your life!

Time management tips help us manage everything else that spins out of control. It's essential. Because what we don't manage will end up managing us. Would you like to simplify? Paula Eder shares 3 tips make it much easier to clear clutter, even if you've struggled unsuccessfully for years.

Scarcity is a matter of perspective and choice, rather than a description of reality. The Scarcity Mindset is a trap – and it’s one that needn’t snare you! Paula Eder shares 3 time choices you can make to free yourself from the mind-numbing Scarcity Trap

Time management tips create your royal road to living with joy - if you know what you want to do with the time you find! If you ever dread free weekends because you can't decide what you really want to do, follow these 3 tips by Paula Eder to truly relish your time.

Do you get to spend enough quality time with the people who mean the most in your life? You try to enjoy time together, but life always seems to get in the way, doesn’t it? Eva Gregory shares strategies to add quality to your relationships – a few minutes at a time.

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you could get more accomplished each day? Perhaps you struggle getting started or get hung up on the details. Use these strategies from Eva Gregory to ignite your productivity and get things done.

Time management tips can protect you from the setbacks posed by your most serious opponent - yourself! So learn how you trip yourself up. Then create a clear path to success using these 5 power questions from Paula Eder.

Personal and professional obligations can often take over your life. Therefore, it’s important to make a concerted effort to set aside time to engage in activities that you find meaningful and enriching. Eva Gregory provides suggestions for freeing up an extra hour in your day and transforming it into meaningful time.

Time management tips help you extend your sense of what's possible to accomplish. How? By making a series of assertive time choices that align with your passionate commitments. If you have lost your passion, learn how to say "Yes!" to projects that connect you to your power, your deepest values and your capacity to celebrate your life! Paula Eder lists five power questions to clarify your priorities.

When it comes to completing a job, task, or project, have you ever choked under the pressure and wondered if you would finish? If this has happened to you, you might have ended up feeling guilty and profoundly disappointed in your own abilities. Even though your desire for an end result is high, the difficulty level or time required to complete the task could make you want to give up. If you struggle to complete what you start, these strategies from Eva Gregory are for you.

For some people – perhaps even for you – increasing productivity is akin to finding the Holy Grail. Why has upping productivity taken on such mythical proportions? Simply put, increasing productivity means increasing earning potential. If you own a business where you provide any type of service, taking steps to increase your ability to deliver the service in less time will allow you to take on more clients and earn more money. Use these strategies from Eva Gregory to increase your efficiency so you can be more productive.

Paula Eder

Time management tips are about becoming productive, not staying busy. This quiz by Paula Eder shows you how to tell the difference and successfully fight the hurry habit.

Offered by: Paula Eder

Time management tips can be lifesavers in times of crisis. These 5 essential steps by Paula Eder help you create the margin of safety you need for emergencies.

Prioritizing is a powerful time management skill that not only helps you enhance your efficiency and effectiveness; it also allows you to declutter your time and free up moments for what is most important to you. Paula Eder suggests that you consider self-care as a priority, as you read on. It is a vital element in any time plan, and one that often falls off the table when busy people are prioritizing.

Time management tips involve unlearning as much as learning. And these three time management questions by Paula Eder will free you from a huge time trap - your habitual thinking!

Time management tips are useless unless they apply to you, aren't they? And stress is one of the worst time-killers. So empower yourself; discover your personal stress profile by taking this simple quiz by Paula Eder.

System maintenance is one of those key tasks that (too often) gets pushed to the bottom of the priority pile. And yet, just as regular exercise and a healthy diet keep your body in shape, system maintenance is your assurance that everything is “go” in your on-line world. Paula Eder provides some system maintenance tips to save you time and trouble in the long run!

Do you tend to put off the activities that you least like in your business? Do you find a million other so-called ‘urgent’ items on your to-do list; like hanging the laundry or dusting the bookshelves? Are you a bit of a procrastinator? Lisa Bloom explains that your success in business is very much about the story you tell. 

Time management tips can be lifesavers in troubled times. During confusing transitions, Paula Eder suggests using these 3 essential pointers to set boundaries and save yourself from sliding into dangerous waters.

Time management tips are powerful agents to help you survive and thrive. Use this exercise by Paula Eder to generate a personal resilience profile. From this base of strength, you can develop an array of approaches for whatever comes your way.

So you sit down and start to work.  You have to write your newsletter.  You’ve got to write two promotional e-mails.  You need re-work your calendar for the week.  You have a few clients to reach out to and some follow up with current clients. You’ve even got it neatly organized on a to-do list.  None of the tasks seem too hard, but when you count up all the time you’ll spend on them, it does seem overwhelming. Monica Shah shares her top three tips to keep you moving forward even if “you just don’t feel like it”.

Time management tips are not just about efficiency - they are key to celebrating your vibrancy. When winter drags you down, why not ride the inner and outer rhythms of midwinter like waves, savoring your time as well as enjoying a new level of effectiveness? It's time to explore your midwinter rhythms, so you can develop the art of creating just the right rituals for yourself, and making them part of your life. Paula Eder shares how you can provide yourself with 3 priceless gifts as winter wears on.

Time management tips suggest groundbreaking paths today, but do you revert to tired routines tomorrow? Paula Eder shares these 5 simple steps to distill daily lessons. Watch how your life changes!

Entrepreneurial overwhelm is one of the most common reasons for business failure – we don’t list it as “overwhelm” per se, but it’s the underlying cause. Overwhelm creates paralysis, it results in us searching for a “magic pill” or other quick fix and it takes our focus off what we should be doing.

Time management tips that propel you to the top get their power from your wisdom, creativity and experience. You know you worked hard and succeeded using wise time choices. Paula Eder lists 7 focused questions to build on your most productive time choices this coming year!

If you are wondering how to have more time in your day while increasing your productivity, Dr. Laureen Wishom shares her best list of 37.5 Ways To Be More Productive that I have utilized to increase my productivity and become more effective.

For the solo entrepreneur, time management is critical. If you are not managing your time as well as you could there is good news. Time management is a skill that can be acquired. Enjoy 5 more tips to start controlling your time.

For the solo entrepreneur, time management is critical. If you are not managing your time as well as you could there is good news. Time management is a skill that can be acquired. Enjoy these 5 tips to start controlling your time.

Has it ever felt like you are pushing a bolder up a mountain in your business?  Trying so hard to get things done, but feeling like nothing is really working?  The clients aren’t coming.  The money isn’t flowing. And then at the end of the day, you look up and realize it’s already 6:00 PM and you haven’t crossed half the items off of your to-do list. Monica Shah lists examples of possible time wasters and how watching the clock can solve this problem.

Time management tips help you live with power and purpose - but only if you identify your personal time issues and adopt just the right approach. Paula Eder provides 5 quick questions to discover if your productivity is paralyzed by perfectionism.

Do you ever feel like you don’t have a life outside of your business? Because you’re an entrepreneur you probably love what you do and enjoy spending as much time as possible working on your business. But if you pick your head up and look around and find that you have been consumed by your business, don’t worry. Here are some tips for taking back control.

Is your e-mail inbox and answering machine full of messages? No time for personal pampering? Want to spend more quality time with your kids? Dr. Laureen Wishom lists 10.5 Tasks you can get done when you only have 15 minutes to spare.

Yes, only 5 minutes of planning leads to career and business success. That’s all it takes to make a dramatic difference in what you achieve. Just that small investment of time (5 minutes) gives your day direction and provides you with momentum that leads to long-term success. Dr. Laureen Wishom shares her 5-Minute Secret to getting things done!

Time management tips are life-enhancement tools. And time balance is a key component of your toolbox. "Experts" may have impressed upon you that productivity means being perpetually busy. Well, nothing's further from the truth! Paula Eder provides 7 time balance tips so that you can enjoy a new level of personal productivity!

Wasting time is the biggest obstacle for entrepreneurs in getting things done. You don’t get results from things you don’t implement. Derek Fredrickson lists the four time wasters that are the biggest culprits and how you can put strategies in place to be more productive.

Here are some more tips to get more time from the time you have.

If only I had more time! I can’t tell you how many times I hear that a day from clients, on social media, in forums and on teleseminars. Admit it: you have uttered those words too. Time, as you know, is the most precious commodity we deal in. You can make more money, but you can’t have more time… or can you? Here are some tips to steal some extra time out of your busy day.

Time management tips are versatile tools that evolve as you grow. To build on your solo efforts, join forces with an accountability buddy and follow Paula Eder's 7 essential steps to enhance your effectiveness!

Time-saving tips can set you free from the things that hold you back and keep you stuck.  Sometimes it’s external roadblocks and inefficiencies, and sometimes we create our own hurdles. Paula Eder shares time-saving tips to help you break the shackles of perfectionism.

Time management tips that value efficiency over well-being forget that without self-care you undermine yourself and your ability to live fully! Paula Eder shares these 3 central self-care strengths to maximize your effectiveness.

Time management tips often fail to address one of the most serious drains on your time - unresolved anger. Paula Eder invites you to discover 3 dangerous anger traps and learn a simple and powerful 3-step exercise to free your time and boost your effectiveness!

Perhaps you have been inspired to line up an accountability buddy to provide support as your business progresses. Paula Eder shares 5 focused tips to help this partnership grow strong roots and produce an abundant harvest!

Time management and organizational skills greatly enhance your ability to work on-line efficiently and effectively. This is especially true when it comes to social media and your networking efforts there. Paula Eder explores how using Facebook Lists can help you with your online time management.

As an entrepreneur, you probably have an enormous to-do list. Even when you get an assistant, the number of tasks you need to complete can be overwhelming. Fabienne Fredrickson shares her tips on how to prioritize your daily tasks to focus on money-generating activities.

Time management tips embrace your whole life - and balance coordinates your whole life. After all, without balance in your life, you fall. So call on your creative intuition to create the best balance possible for every day you live! Paula Eder provides tips on how to achieve balance using creative intuition.

Time success can be elusive – and especially so the bigger the project and the busier you get. Paula Eder encourages you to consider teaming up with an accountability buddy and shares three of the most important keys to making the buddy system work.

Finding time to increase your effectiveness is always time well spent. That’s because as your effectiveness grows, your productivity and your confidence increase, too!  It’s a positive spiral that will have you eager to stretch, set goals, and enjoy new accomplishments! Paula Eder shares her tips on how accountability buddies energize your effectiveness.

Time boundaries are key to your productivity and your time success, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or anyone with a to-do list that is longer than the hours in your day! Paula Eder discusses how maintaining clear and strong time boundaries is essential to your on-line success.

Look how far you've come! And yet, you just know there's more time you'd like to claim for special projects. Paula Eder explains how joining forces with an accountability buddy can help you remain on course.

Time resilience is one of the most powerful tools in your time management toolbox.  When the best laid plans go awry, time resilience introduces the flexibility, creativity and agility that are necessary to thrive. Paula Eder provides time resilience skills that will aide in making helpful time choices at pivotal times.

Do you have a huge to-do list that weighs you down? Maybe you have ideas, but you aren’t sure which one to do first? Fabienne Fredrickson provides a strategic four step system to prioritize your projects.

When you are in balance, your energy flows because you are in harmony with yourself.  Living in balance means you give yourself the time and space to live each and every moment fully. Paula Eder shares 2 more timely tips about this important subject.

Finding time to find balance in your life enhances your energy in profound ways.  This, in turn, allows you to be as productive as possible while enjoying your moments fully. Paula Eder shares 3 tips and insights to deepen your understanding of balance.

Time management tips are lifesavers when your plans plunge into tailspins. Sudden change turns schedules inside out when you least expect it! Paula Eder suggests keeping 3 essential boundaries in mind that can make all the difference.

Time Management tips that reduce procrastination will enhance your enjoyment and boost your productivity, too! Paula Eder shares her proven strategy to start on time and maintain your momentum.

When looking at your own time lies and distortions, things get quite a bit murkier.  But don’t let that stop you! Just remember that your false assumptions are flimsy.  Paula Eder explains that once you let yourself see them, that becomes clear, and you can proceed with that confidence to change your thinking.

Killer Time Lies trick you into neglecting your proactive power. Paula Eder examines 3 tips to help you dispel those distortions.

Balancing our time is vital to our well-being, but how do we achieve it? Paula Eder provides a short exercise that will improve your Time Balance from the perspective of energy.

Maintaining focus and staying in charge of your time is a top priority for most entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Paula Eder provides 5 Timely Tips to help you stay on track with your Online Time Management.

Scarcity is so constricting, isn’t it? The good news is that scarcity (and especially time scarcity) is, in very large part, a mindset. Yet finding time to tap into abundance and expand your horizons requires some focused effort. To make a strong start, one surefire step is to actively challenge your outworn assumptions about time scarcity. Paula offers 3 swift steps to move from scarcity to abundance and dissolve your killer time lies.

Time management tips are quite useless! That is, until you incorporate 2 essential strengths - decisiveness and prioritizing.

You feel it as soon as you wake up. Some mornings, you glow with confidence. You make the most of your time! It's like you're running on premium fuel. But what happens the very next day? Suddenly, you're overwhelmed, dispirited, and time speeds by. What's even worse, the pessimism you wrestle with feels every bit as real as the optimism you enjoyed before! What's going on? How can the energizing world of opening possibilities and the world of time scarcity and frustration coexist?

Time management tips are like puzzle pieces. It's how you put them together that counts. If you find yourself drained halfway through your day, despite your best efforts, this fresh approach may make all the difference. To stay resilient, relaxed and nimble, experiment with Time Energy.

Service providers, including virtual assistants, online business managers, writers, designers and social media specialists, often spend more time working in their business, trading hours for dollars. Often that way of doing business causes too much stress for too little pay. But that can be changed. Any service-based business owner can add more time (and more money) to their business with some of these simple ‘rules of the road’.

Finding time to savor each moment always expands, deepens, and brightens your world. And accessing the wisdom and optimism of Time Energy™ always helps you do that! So as you explore about how to use your Time Energy™, you may take pleasure in knowing that Time Energy™ actually grows as you use it. Abundance is an excellent (and accurate) word to keep in mind, when thinking about Time Energy™.

Time management tips are really brain building exercises in disguise. Using them strengthens your decisiveness. Each time you establish powerful priorities and follow through, you establish inner direction and self-trust. You gain confidence. In short, you become more of who you've wanted to be all along.

Time management tips that are heart-based never turn you into a drone. Quite the contrary - you function at peak productivity when vital and proactive. Heart-based time management helps you build capacity by going deep. Start by exploring 5 tips to sharpen your scheduling skills with intuition.

Isn't it wonderful when you're in the flow? Work is a breeze, and nothing fazes you. You stay clear and focused. Your alertness helps you respond to setbacks and surprises without being thrown off course. But then, there are those other days… sometimes lots of them! You're so tired. You're cranky and feel caged in, and whenever you embark on a task, it feels like you need way more time than you have! What if you possessed a secret weapon against overwhelm?

How productive do you think you really are? Answer this: have you ever started working thinking you are productive, only to look at the clock and realize it’s hours later – and you still have nothing accomplished for the time you spent? Sorry to break it to you, but your time is money. And hours wasted online are simply lost income.

Here are 5 favorite tips for getting the MOST from the information and programs you purchase, so they put money IN your pocket.

Finding time in periods of change and transition requires reestablishing balance. This is a skill that you can develop and hone for yourself. As you bring more intentionality to the process of managing change, what might start as a stagger can evolve into a dance!

Our lives ask us to rise to the challenge of change on a daily basis. But step back and think about it for a second. Do you really feel prepared for each transition that comes around the bend?

As the person in charge of your business, we often where many hats: advertising exec, marketing rep, product creator, service coordinator, blogger, manager and more. And chances are you are spending countless hours on these tasks. More than you want. But you think you must in order to ‘get it all done.’ Shannon is here to say, you don’t. She will share three easy steps to avoid this.

Just how committed are you, really, to making your business a success? If you want to make a success of your business it is going to take work. You’ve got to show up and work. You’ve got to make a plan and then work that plan.

Finding time includes expanding how you use and enjoy your time. After all, if you find new ways to appreciate your moments and enhance your effectiveness within the same 24 hours, the quality of your life is improved!

You’re a busy business owner, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to work on your projects, no matter how important you consider them. You should definitely try to carve out larger blocks of time for your activities, especially if they’re important to you. But you may also find that you can get more done by using micro-actions. What are micro-actions?

Finding time by using Priority Power™ is empowering, energizing, and adds flow as you navigate your day. As you work with your time priorities, soft deadlines are a particularly useful tool. “Soft deadlines? That sounds like an oxymoron! What are they?” you ask.

Solo-entrepreneurs often find themselves awash in tasks, with little time for their “heart” work. Let’s face it, there are a lot of activities that can quickly eat up time if they aren’t managed properly. But the thought of structuring and systematizing the workload can feel very restrictive to a freedom-loving entrepreneur. The truth is that systems liberate you – helping you get more done in less time so that you really do have more time and freedom in your life. Here are 8 hot tips on how to get more done so you can make more money.

Let's envision an ideal beginning to your day. You know your path and all that's on it, because your plans follow your priorities. Even setbacks and surprises feel manageable. The most important tasks will get accomplished, no matter what. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Prioritizing is a lifelong linking of your heart, your mind, and your responsiveness to ongoing change. Here are some benefits you enjoy when you prioritize.

Finding time to overcome procrastination is a challenge that you can actually address in just 5-minutes – with 100% success – all the time! I know that sounds like an extremely bold claim, but in my experience, it really is true.

Do you feel that pull towards the very thing you know you shouldn’t? You think I’ll just have a quick look, I’ll just check my email, I’ll just see who’s on facebook, I’ll just eat one piece or slice. And here’s the thing, it’s a fine line. There is no harm in the ‘just quickly’ whatever. The harm is in doing it all the time.

Time management tips possess power to shake up your life, if you're willing to challenge yourself. Here's how to stretch for success.

Hear that? That’s your profits going down the drain due to digital time wasters. These are online sites and media that suck us in and keep us hostage from focusing on more profitable endeavors. But now is the time to get control of these time wasters. Just follow these five steps.

Time management tips work when you are 100% aligned with them. But what about the perplexing times when you know what you value, but "somehow" end up doing something quite different with your time?

Time management tips encourage you to say "No" to one thing to say, "Yes" to another. How freeing it is, when you want to make time for new possibilities! But perhaps you hesitate at the thought of setting limits. If so, these 5 tips can help you learn how to let go so that you can move forward.

Are you ready to create fresh potentials for yourself and your time? Here's an opportunity to explore what currently holds you back! You can gather profound insights by traveling to your roots. From your first breath, your family's time choices shaped you. Their time legacy still moves through you like an invisible force - until you turn the spotlight on it!

Time management tips improve with age - your age, that is! Here are 5 wise ways to use age-related challenges to create new self-awareness, compassion and capacity to let go.

Time management tips are useless - without courage to back them up! Here are 4 proven tips to help you set boundaries to protect your valuable time.

Time management tips ultimately explore how effectively you exercise power over your life. The quality of your decision-making every waking moment of your day is too important to take for granted! Not surprisingly, three of my time management articles that received the strongest positive response in the last year centered upon related themes.

You probably want to be as productive as you can be, too. Especially when it comes to your marketing. After all, the more you get done, the more clients you can serve, and the more income you generate. When I stop and give myself credit, I’m pretty dang productive (most of the time), but I’m by no means perfect at it. I’m a work in progress for sure, but I do pay attention to what serves me and what doesn’t. The following are just some tips of how I work and some of the tools I use that help me keep on track and get things done.

Boundaries are one of the core elements of time management. It’s a misconception to think of boundaries as barriers. In reality, knowing yourself and your boundaries frees you to relate much more openly. These three quotations are a rich smorgasbord of wisdom and each insight relates to boundaries.

Time management tips rarely discuss using mistakes. Would you like to put mistakes to work for you, so that none of your time is wasted? You can. And you gather valuable gifts, if you bring the right energy to the process!

What if you could protect time every week for those special activities that are just for you? Learn 3 steps to create and protect a personal sanctuary.

Studies have confirmed that while there are many personality characteristics common to most entrepreneurs, a very independent spirit is the one trait shared by each and every one. Most small business owners would not give up the freedom that comes along with owning their business to work for someone else, even if it meant making more money. But there is a danger to being too independent.

Time management tips give you power. Setting successful time boundaries is one of the most significant time management skills you can develop. Once you cultivate the understanding of how to say "no" to distractions, and make it stick, you own your time.

Time management tips can help you tap deep energy reserves. But bad advice disguised as helpful encouragement can drain you dry. Want to learn how to tell the difference when you are pressured, stressed, and just plain exhausted?

Time management tips can help save time and reduce stress. Ready for your day? Here come the transitions, the conflicts, and people problems!

As a home-based entrepreneur, help can come to you in many forms, from the kid’s morning carpool to a personal assistant who can help with errands and organizing. Most of us know we need the help, but we put off making the decision with all types of excuses, like “I can’t afford to hire someone!” or “I don’t need to have someone else do THAT. It’s so easy—I can handle it!” Contrary to our limiting beliefs, HELP comes in all shapes and sizes. And, you don’t have to be an advanced business owner, or spend a ton of money to deserve an extra hand. These days there are independent contractors and affordable hourly workers that can free up HOURS of your time each week… if you just let them. Here’s how to get started.

Time management tips to reduce procrastination are all around you. But only special, strategic questions can reveal your unique power to break through those deadlocks once and for all. That is, if you are willing to answer 3 questions honestly! Is your time worth that much to you?

Learn how to stop multi-tasking in order to work more effectively and efficiently. A Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager can help. Here's how.

Time management tips to clear clutter? Absolutely! Time and space management are natural allies, encouraging you to develop focus, determination and prioritizing skills.

Time is the most important asset you have—and unlike money, once you’ve spent it, you can’t earn any more. That’s why it’s so important to make the most of your 24 hours, especially as a business owner. So, how can you become more productive and profitable, without working insane hours and sacrificing your personal life? Read on for a few steps on how to start managing your time like a successful entrepreneur.

What if you could address your baseline needs - like accomplishing the top tasks on your to do list before you are overwhelmed by a swiftly advancing deadline? Learn about 3 top time boosters savvy efficiency experts use for effective To Do Lists.

No matter how much you may believe in abundance, time is the one resource that is non-renewable. Every moment is precious and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Which is why likely the biggest shift you can make to grow your business is to get a handle on how and where you spend your time.

What if you could dissolve your procrastination blues today? Tackle your Procrastination Time Gremlin by answering 5 simple questions and prepare to sail ahead!

Finding time to complete the items on your to-do list is an ongoing challenge. Sometimes those lists become so challenging in and of themselves that we want to avoid them … and that’s not a good idea! It is important to take time - even just five minutes - at the beginning and end of the day, to plan, prioritize/consolidate, and review your list (or lists). These tips will help you to focus on each piece of the process.

Oops – here they come! Transitions. Conflicts. People problems. Emergency calls from home. You grit your teeth as you constantly shift your focus back and forth, for a minute, or a month. You manage it, usually, but it takes quite a toll. How does each new demand pull down your productivity? Would you like some support as challenges proliferate? Well, developing Flexible Focus will give you the support you need.

Are you struggling with “implementation overwhelm”? That’s when you find yourself bouncing from one idea to the next, with nothing yet fully implemented. How can you consistently implement new projects, minus the overwhelm?

Finding time to stop procrastinating is one of the best time management skills that you can ever develop for yourself. But think about it: you don’t even know that you’re procrastinating unless you have some goals. So, the good news is if you know you’re stuck, it’s because you know where you want to go or what you want to do. How can you get from where you are to where you want to be?

Time management strategies must address your personal challenges to be truly effective. Countering your Time Gremlins wins you still more time. Isn't it a delicious feeling to break free of them? These Time Gremlins are clever... But believe me, you can be smarter! It's best to take them on one at a time. Start with one of the most widespread ones, The People Pleaser gremlin.

Do you often wonder where your day has gone? Does your "To Do" list frequently have as many or MORE items on it at the end of the day than it did at the start? Do you feel overwhelmed and stress is becoming a familiar companion? If this sounds like you recently, putting some time management techniques to use should help alleviate the load. Where to begin?

I spent the week in San Francisco with my mastermind group. The days were long and a bit grueling, but it was worth it. I learned so much that was my head was literally spinning by the end of every 10-hour day. Long days doing strategy with my colleagues meant that I wasn’t able to get as much done in the office. And to top it off, I’ve committed to doing the Insanity exercise program – which is a 45-minute exercise routine that you do every day for 60 days. So I was left with how to fit my daily tasks into an even smaller container.

This article gently reminds WAHMs and all work-at-home professionals to make time to unplug. Too many entrepreneurs start a business and become a workaholic. They need time for family, friends, fun and self-care. This article provides information on how to avoid that trap.

Developing healthy habits can ensure your success. You just have to stick with something long enough for it to become a healthy habit. Planning your week ahead of time can become a habit to help you to have a much more productive week. What are Weekly Criticals, and how can they help you plan your week?

In a world where so much lies beyond our control,it's good to know that your Time Gremlins are completely dependent upon you. They use your energy and they hitchhike rides on your plans, trying to scoot under your radar. They're smart, these Time Gremlins! But you can be smarter. Here's a handy identification guide, with antidotes furnished to outwit 3 of the trickiest Time Gremlins.

Finding time is not just a matter of time management. That’s an odd thing for a time management coach to say, but it’s true … and important. Finding time is a matter of energy management, too. One of the biggest energy drains that we all experience is F-E-A-R. How can you keep fear from stopping you in your tracks?

There is never enough time in the day to do what you want to do. Your inbox just gets bigger and bigger. Your “to do” list gets longer and longer. Your brain feels like it’s about to explode. Grrr!
When this happens the best thing to do is spot the one thing that is taking up most of your time, or better yet, what is taking up most of your inbox? In some cases you will want to delegate that to a virtual assistant in other cases you may find that a great online tool can automate a process for you. Can this tool help you save time?

Finding time to work at your peak productivity is a time challenge that we all face. The reality is that the busier we get, the more likely we are to be pulled off course. Not only that, but often what is going to be most helpful to us when stressed is exactly the opposite of what our initial, knee jerk response may be. Here are 5 tips to get you on track … and keep you there.

Time management tips can lead to luscious opportunities. Every time you wrestle a time trap open, you liberate new options with new strength. Why? Because most time traps hide values conflicts.

Finding time might begin for you, today, with finding the courage to say No. Maybe your schedule and To Do List are jam-packed, and adding one more thing will throw everything else out-of-whack. But saying no to a request (or a demand) for your time can present challenges. Sometimes, refusing to engage in low-priority activities and commitments is quite easy, isn’t it? But every so often, the refusal may get caught in your throat. Your chest tightens, and… you’re just scared to death to say no. How do you handle situations like this when they arise in your life now?

Time is concrete and finite … but it really is true that 24 hours can be enough. It requires that you learn and practice some skills. And most importantly, it requires that you keep in mind that this is a perpetual process of learning, as you hone and adapt these skill sets to your individual situation and needs. Here are Seven Timely Tips to help you along your path to heart-based time success!

Time management tips are completely pointless. Unless you're strong enough to set effective time boundaries, you might as well plan on living your life according to others' priorities. If, however, you're truly committed to winning back your time, avoid this 1 most common mistake at all cost!

Clients are always so curious about how I manage to get it all done. And it’s no wonder because now that I see it all down on paper, it does seem like a lot. What I realize from coaching people over the years is that I have indeed figured out a few things about getting it all done, or at least, a lot of it done, while still having sanity and a lot of fun in my life.

Finding time by finding your power is one of the most gratifying ways you can experience a new sense of freedom! You might think that this would be a massive undertaking. But often, it’s as simple as changing your self-talk and reframing the way you look at your responsibilities. How can you avoid these all-too-common verbal traps and access your personal power in ways that may really surprise you!

Finding time for a quick energy realignment can help you create a framework to sharpen your focus and increase your productivity, profitability, and enjoyment. So, how can you give yourself an energy realignment when you need it? Here are 3 dependable tips to help you get your energy unified at the start of your day.

Time management tips double in power as you develop the power to set boundaries that stick. Asking 3 laser-sharp questions in advance makes all the difference.

Don't you love it when you feel energized, alert and confident? Challenges feel workable, and you transition easily from one task to the next. When you look back at the end of the day, you feel contentment and appreciation. But then there are those days when nothing seems to go right. Instead of smoothly navigating sudden curves, your productivity sputters, maybe stalling out completely! How can you regain control of your time?

Time management tips mobilize you when you need to respond fast. Once a serious disruption throws you off your feet, every second counts. These 2 guidelines help provide you with a crisis management plan for earth-shaking changes.

Time management strategies gain their power from your skill at setting boundaries. Only when you firmly say no to old pastimes can you truly say yes to new ones. But saying no can be hard, especially to those whose cooperation you'd like! Here are a few helpful tips.

Have you ever tried revising an agreed-upon time commitment with
someone, only to find it nearly impossible to budge? Here are 3 pointers to negotiate a new level of freedom while reinforcing what's best in your important relationships.

How Productive Are You? Take the quiz and find out!

Loyalty to self helps communication flow. Establish a loving and supportive inner climate so you can weather others' responses. Here's how.

Time management strategies certainly elevate you to new levels of effectiveness, because they liberate your energy! In 2010, these 3 productivity articles ranked the very highest amongst our readers. Here are sample tips from each.

As the New Year begins, think of the opportunities that beckon, along with those projects calling for your immediate attention. Chances are, you'd like to venture into fresh territory with some of your time. But others may assume you have allocated that time to them. If so, are you ready to take back your time? It's not always easy. But when you approach this challenge with clarity and compassion, well prepared to negotiate, you may be amazed by how much time you can free up. Your relationships may grow, too. Here are three proven guidelines. They can make the difference between setting time boundaries that endure and those that erode ... or backfire!

Finding time to accomplish the things that you perpetually postpone would be a wonderful triumph, wouldn’t it? We are at the point in the year when our well-intentioned resolutions are really feeling the test of time. Do you find yourself rationalizing right about now? What reasons do you give yourself for postponing, or dropping, those goals that seemed so positive and doable a couple of weeks ago?

Time management tips work so much better when you're fresh and revitalized! Want to cultivate an inner sanctuary to generate more personal power? It's easier than you might think.

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and just wanted to run away? Sometimes, procrastination gets the best of us self-employed people. It seems that everything is priority and we tend to put some things on the back burner. The thing is, if the items on your to-do list have to do with marketing and Client Attraction, then you don’t want to ignore them (if you do, your pipeline of prospects will be empty in 6 months, or less).

Time management tips celebrate life? Certainly! Dissolve your procrastination blues by becoming a better friend to yourself. Then you can celebrate the boost in your morale along with your enhanced productivity.

Time management tips can open new potentials by helping you rid yourself of inessentials. So use 3 wise gardeners' tips to find time to clear the clutter from your life, be it in your space or on your To Do List.

What if you could savor each day while filling all your important obligations? These 3 proven tips will show you how.

Finding Time when you need it often boils down to a matter of saying “No” to one thing in order to say “Yes” to another. These choices don’t necessarily involve other people. Maybe you are contemplating an internal time boundary – one where you need to let go of an old pastime so that you can create space in your life for a new interest or project. Or maybe it’s an external boundary and you find that you are dreading saying that “No” to others whose cooperation you’d really like. Either way, here’s a tip that I find very helpful.

Finding time to get everything done requires that you do some planning. If you don’t, you’ll be at sea in the midst of a floating array of seemingly random (and demanding) tasks, priorities, and dreams. And planning requires both focus and flexibility. I emphasize flexibility because so often, when we develop plans, our attitude is that we need to stick to them no matter what! There’s a whole world of difference between disciplined follow-through and rigidity.

Finding time is just about the best thing going, don’t you agree? Wouldn’t you love to find an hour or so, right now? What would you do with it? I bet the ideas are already pouring in! But what if you didn’t have to find that time? What if you could create it for yourself?

What if you could tune up your project the way you tune up your car, with simple diagnostic instruments? Now you can! 3 simple tips can help you pinpoint just what to do.

Here are 3 tips as gold keys to open the most stubborn time trap.

Finding time is always a great feeling, isn’t it? I think it’s especially luscious when you can turn the tables on your time traps and start seeing (and using) them as opportunities. How can that be possible?

Finding time for balance in your life is challenging – and especially so during times of transition. And what is fall if not, quintessentially, a time of transition? Here are some tips and insights to help enhance your understanding of balance.

Finding time would be so much easier, if only it weren’t for those time traps! Isn’t it puzzling, that you’re willing to give up so many wonderful pastimes in order to slide into those ruts that you’d sworn to “just say no” to? Well, why not try a fresh approach?

What if you could flip frustration and helplessness upside down? Transform your time by creating a radical shift in consciousness. Three simple steps get you there.

Now that summer is in full swing, do you find yourself happily rushing around between weekend trips, barbeques and outdoor parties, while still trying to squeeze in a regular work schedule?

Feeling overwhelmed and losing focus? That's nothing new! It's a fact of the solopreneur lifestyle that most of the time we're so inundated with information that we very easily get sidetracked, resulting in not getting stuff done. In this article I'll share with you my top ten tips for beating the overwhelm and staying focused.

Do you often wonder where your day has gone? Does your "To Do" list frequently have as many or MORE items on it at the end of the day than it did at the start? Do you feel overwhelmed and stress is becoming a familiar companion? If this sounds like you recently, putting some time management techniques to use should help alleviate the load.

Finding time to clear out clutter is not just a matter of cleaning up or reorganizing your physical space. Clutter has the potential to trip us up and slow us down in almost every area of our lives. Procrastination can add to clutter and to feelings of overwhelm. The good news is, it doesn’t need to stay that way. Read on for some very timely tips about how you can clean up procrastination clutter … or avoid it altogether!

Finding time to keep ahead of all the clutter in your life, whether it’s in your space, your time, or in your mind is one of the biggest challenges that we face in this day and age. Not only that, but the busier you get, the harder it can feel to keep up. If your space is filled with clutter, maybe it’s hard to imagine digging out EVER. Where do you begin?

Finding time for what matters most to you is a matter of setting priorities and then following through on your time choices. Sound simple? In a way it is. But, as with so many things, the details of implementation can be a challenge. It’s very easy to lose track of time when you are working on the computer, but you can change that and empower yourself to take charge of your time again. How? Here are three quick tips to get you started.

What a mystery! Special pastimes beckon to you invitingly. But it is as if your day has a slow leak. Before you know it, night has fallen. What happened to your time? It got caught in a time trap.

What if you could see the world with new eyes? How powerfully are you willing to live? Learn 3 steps for breaking dead-end patterns to transform how you use your time.

What if you could move through mental logjams to stay fresh and creative? There are 3 questions that activate your problem-solving genius.

What if you could effectively calm self-doubt and anxiety when you set important new boundaries? Learn how to detect 3 warning signs of self-sabotage, and reclaim your power with 3 unstoppable antidotes.

Summer’s fun has come to an end, and for many of us, the kids are back in school. Fall is a precious time to buckle down and get some real work done with your business before the holidays are here. You may feel busy at every moment, but at the end of the day are you pleased with your results? Perhaps it’s time for a time management tune-up. Here are some strategies to get you started.

What if you could experience your time as more relaxed yet more effective - not later, but right now? See how 2 super-quick and simple tools help you feel better and work smarter!

Finding time for abundant living becomes much easier as you embrace your power to change your mindset. That’s because it’s not only WHAT you do, but it’s HOW you do it that makes all the difference!

Finding time to get it all done isn’t easy, as we all know! Using Segmented Planning allows you to be responsive to the events and emotions that invariably crop up in your day. Learn more.

In this article, we take a look at using Segmented Planning as a time management tool.

Finding time to get it all done is your daily challenge. If you’re like me, you probably like to plan your day ahead. Planning is a wonderful time management tool and flexibility is key to making optimal use of your time. One way to enhance your flexibility is to engage in what I call “Segmented Planning.”

Finding time when you are so busy that you feel like you can’t squeeze in one more thing is a big, daily challenge for many of us. I am guessing that you probably know THAT feeling very well!

What if you could plan successfully, even when your day's turned upside down? Here are 5 simple and effective steps to keep your plans and your day on track.

Living in abundant time enriches you, here are 3 keys to help you harvest this abundance!

Let’s face it. . .the world’s crazy. No matter how much you do, it seems as if there’s another avalanche ready to bury you and you’re constantly running, running, running to stay ahead or even to keep up. So how do you get things done, not just any old “things”, but the right things?

Nowadays, it's all too easy to fall into a scarcity mentality. Scarcity thinking ties you up in knots and sours your perspective. Worst of all, it's so common that you may not even realize you're ensnared in its vicious cycle. Are YOU caught in a scarcity trap without even knowing it? Here's a quick quiz to find out.

What if balancing your life became easier, even pleasurable? It's simply a matter of following these 3 tips, and watching your life improve.

What if you could enter a zone of relaxed creativity even when your life turns frantic? You can create flexible focus by following these 3 simple steps.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re making the most OF and FROM your time. All too often, I see women entrepreneurs spending their time on the wrong things, even though they have the purest of positive intentions at heart. The results they typically have to show for all of this time spent are too long of a to-do list, a shortage of high end, high quality clients, long days, late nights and not enough money at the end of the month. If you feel like you end your day with more to do than you got done, then the tips I’m sharing in this article will help you get control of your time and learn how to invest your time in the activities that promise to pay you back with a handsome return on your investment.

How can a simple checklist possibly transform your life? Learn 3 compelling examples of how checklists can help you think, decide and avoid disastrous mistakes.

Are you drowning in email? Got dozens or hundreds of messages in your inbox waiting for you to sort through and respond to them? Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about clicking the "check email" button? Don't panic! You can overcome that flood of email!

What if you had a map to locate precisely how to achieve your potential through new time choices? Well, you do! These 3 tips will help you listen to your body to boost your energy and reach your goals.

Have you experienced the satisfaction of focusing on a project, right up to its successful completion? It's wonderful! At times you might feel carried forward by the flow of your concentration. Best of all, you build confidence, each time you keep on track. But rigidity ... that's another matter! It's essential to learn the difference between focus and rigidity in daily decisions! Here are 3 ways to strengthen FLEXIBLE focus and avoid the pitfalls of rigidity.

Do you allow interruptions to throw you off track? What if you could keep these interruptions from eroding your effectiveness? Use these 3 tips to develop strategies to stay on course!

One of the benefits of a home office is never having to wear a scratchy wool suit or pantyhose (unless you want to). The danger is that it’s easy to let that professional image slide if you spend the workday sitting on your couch wearing yoga pants and channel surfing in between conference calls. Follow these tips to maintain a professional image while working at home.

What if you could profit from your Twitter time and enjoy it at the same time? These 3 top tips can help you make a strong start.

What if you could ditch the stress while still moving forward? These 3 easy steps to realign your goals can work wonders!

I’m often asked, “Kendall, HOW do you launch so many new programs and products so quickly, without going bananas?” They think I must work bazillion hours or have an army of team working feverishly around the clock. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The beauty of a “lifestyle” business is that by learning how to implement faster, you can spend more time off doing the other things you love, all while your income keeps flowing in. Here are three of my favorite tips to help you achieve this, by implementing faster, and without overwhelm.

What if you could remember everything you need to do without a mile long To Do List? Now you can! Learn how now.

No matter what, there will always be 24 hours in a day. So why doesn’t that leave you with enough time to get everything done? Your to-do list is turning into a wish list, the family hasn’t seen you for weeks, and you’ve given up on sleep. Too much time is spent trying to cram in too many things, so how can you gain control of your time before it drives you crazy?

What if you could wake up every morning with goals that truly energize you? Learn 3 ways to turn time-trapping goals into inspirational ones right now!

The real challenge for the woman entrepreneur isn’t how to deliver a great service but how to find time to market. Unfortunately, avoiding marketing only leads to feeling guilty or overwhelmed. Or worse, feeling downright scared because you’re cash flow is shriveling up. If you’re being totally honest you have to admit that the reason you don’t seem to find time to market is because you’re either not sure what the best way is to market your business, you don’t want to feel pushy or inauthentic, you’re not sure where to start or you’re afraid that it won’t work and you’ll have failed. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Our world is filled with change … all the time! Finding time to deal with the sudden changes that can present themselves to us is a difficult challenge that is compounded by the fact that, by definition, we are unprepared for them! What can you do to prepare? Here are 5 tips to help you keep sudden change from totally disrupting your time choices, your ability to take care of yourself … and manage your life.

What if you could recharge your enthusiasm to reach your top goals? These 3 guidelines help you to redirect your energy for productivity and success.

Are you a follow through kind of person? Or do you start a bunch of projects and ideas and complete none of them? Small and solo business owners with 6-figure incomes have learned a secret--- they make a lot more money by following through meticulously on their plans, strategies and ideas.

The biggest lament I hear from Soul Proprietors is that they just don’t have the time to market their business. Business people are busy people. There’s no doubt about it, but that doesn’t change the fact that — if you aren’t consistently marketing your business — you eventually won’t have a business to market.

It's become a routine with me, and I'm guessing millions of others, that every New Year, I reassess how I'm spending my time and if I'm "getting the most out of each day" -- in quotes since the definition of that phrase is different for each of us. We're always talking about "getting more done" or "getting things done" when what's really important is "getting the RIGHT things done" at any given time. So how do you know if something is "the right" thing to be doing?

In my experience the biggest problem small business owners face is time management - getting stuck doing mundane tasks or putting out fires, instead of being the CEO, the one who develops and implements the strategy and uses their expertise delivering the services they are passionate about.

For solo entrepreneurs, time management is one of the toughest parts of the job. You are a jack-of-all-trades: running the back office, fixing the computer, answering the phone, handling invoices, and, of course, doing the work that actually earns you revenue. It's easy to get so wrapped up in administrative tasks that it becomes difficult to grow the business without working longer and longer hours to keep up with paperwork and other demands. Here's how you can keep control of your time and make sure that you're earning what you're worth.

What if you could set boundaries that paved the way to cooperation and success? Learn 3 tips to banish guilt and enjoy new boundary opportunities!

What if you could transform deadlines into creative exercises that build your confidence? Learn how approaching them as boundary builders can open the door to new opportunities!

What if you could say no to unwanted demands and distractions without feeling guilty? Learn how assertiveness can actually deepen and protect your primary relationships in 5 essential ways.

Have you ever felt exhausted at the end of the day, knowing you worked your butt off and yet wondering what the heck you actually accomplished toward your goals or, worse yet, wondering why nothing has been crossed off your "to do" list? It's more than a little frustrating to say the least and can lead to a feeling of overwhelm. Here are seven "implement today, let's get things moving" strategies guaranteed to increase your productivity!

What's the best way to sort out your demands at home from your demands at work? Learn how to establish boundaries that really work for you by exploring these pros and cons.

What if you could visualize your way to greater clarity when setting boundaries? Let your intuition pave the way with this simple, expansive visualization.

What if you could set boundaries that really stick without creating a backlash? It may be easier than you think, once you take the quiz and follow these 3 simple strategies.

Finding time for what matters most to you is not a matter of magic. Not at all! Each and every one of us can develop the skills and apply the discipline needed to find time. Paula has compiled some tips and touchstones that will help you along your path to time success. Give them a try

What if you could stay on track without distractions, regardless of what is happening around you? How much more would you accomplish! These 2 kinds of boundaries will definitely help you improve the flow of your day.

What if you knew how to navigate through any crisis? These 5 time tips and survival strategies are universally helpful.

What if you could transform even the most difficult challenges into priceless learning experiences? How would this affect your confidence and resilience? Learn how to take the essential first step right now.

What if you could break the vicious cycle of aggression and retaliation that characterizes so many boundary battles? You can enjoy better results and better work relations by using these 3 assertiveness guidelines.

What if you could approach any time problem with confidence, knowing you could succeed at every stage? Understanding the 6 Stage Model of Change well enough to initiate the all-important second stage is a great start!

If it feels like it’s taking forever to get your website up, publish your newsletter or launch your first program or information product, then it’s likely procrastination is the cause. To get you into action, here are three simple tips you can use right now to stop procrastination from holding you back from marketing your business.

Remember the commercial of the woman in a business suit top, pajama bottoms and bunny slippers while on a conference call? Way back when, I used to think that symbolized home office life. Ahhh, the joy of it. Once I started running my business from home, however, reality set in very quickly! So how do you handle it? Here are some tips that have helped insure my sanity over the years.

How happy are you with your ratio of time spent online versus time spent enjoying friends and family? These 3 simple strategies will help you steer your life towards what matters most to you.

What if you could get more done without multitasking? In fact, what if you could get still more done, and with less stress? For personal effectiveness & stress reduction, use these 3 time management tools instead.

Most business-owners don't enjoy handling administrative tasks. We prefer to be brainstorming for that next big idea, executing our business plan, or out networking to build buzz. The good news is that there's a simple way to handle repetitive tasks more efficiently and make more time for the fun stuff. It's called batching. Here are five areas where batching makes sense.

Do you feel like everyone controls your time except you? If you want to make time choices that work for you without alienating others, read on.

What if you could banish impulsive detours from your life? Learn just how you can overcome major obstacles and boost your productivity with delay of gratification, as you keep these 5 important benefits in mind!

What if you could transform even the most difficult challenges into important learning experiences? How would this affect your confidence and resilience? Learn how to take the essential first step right now.

What if you could launch that dream project today and see it through to reality? Here are 3 priceless pointers to get you started right now.

Never check email in the morning. That’s the title of a really great book about managing time by Julie Morgenstern and it’s pretty good advice. It may or may not be practical advice for you — you may have lots of reasons why you must check email first thing in the morning — but the truth is that these days, for most of us, email is a wonderful and indispensible tool — and the bane of our very existence at the same time. It’s the very thing that — more than anything else — keeps us from marketing our business. Here’s a brief summary of how I set up my email so that I can manage it more easily, with less stress, and I always have a clean inbox.

How much time do you lose worrying instead of working? If you feel paralyzed by deadlines, learn a fresh approach for dealing with your fears.

Don't wait another minute to bring more pleasure into your day. Try this simple five-step exercise for a month and experience 5 powerful lifetime benefits.

Do you suffer from Musical Chairs Syndrome? If your priorities scatter and jostle for attention when the pace picks up, learn from 3 tips how to keep you in charge of your day.

Are your projects sometimes blindsided by the intensity of others' demands? You can start to reclaim your productivity and your time by following these 7 proven tips.

Do you feel like you are running in a squirrel cage? Can't keep up with it all? Learn how to utilize the X2 Rule, plus 5 powerful tips, to put you back in charge of your time!

What if you could boost your planning power for your day, and enjoy extra productivity without the stress? It's simple when you use the 2 Column Method for Planning & Review!

Have you ever noticed that entrepreneurs will scrimp and save every dollar they can but then fritter away hours of their time on unproductive (and often un-fun) activities that add nothing to their income?

Keeping up with business and social engagements sometimes means sacrificing our personal hobbies and relaxation time. But making time for ourselves, even on a busy day, can and will help us feel better and function better. Although it's admirable to spend time taking care of work, friends, family, and pets, it's even more important to spend time taking care of ourselves. 

What if you could set time boundaries easily and effectively? How would that open up your day? Learn how to get off to a strong start using 3 simple strategies to set boundaries in a way that will be heard and respected.

What if you could graduate from perfectionism to stress-free productivity? Learning these 3 unexpected lifetime benefits can mobilize you! Regain control of your life and your time right now.

What if you could coordinate your strategies to set aside the time and the money you need? Use these questions and suggestions to focus your efforts and achieve success.

“I’m a solo entrepreneur,” you say. “Why would I set up systems that might squelch the creative energy in my small business?” After all, you started your business because you wanted freedom, right? This is a great question! The truth is that while you may have left a more corporate environment with dreams of doing things your own way (having flexibility and freedom), there are some very good reasons for putting systems in place. In fact, I can name at least seven gifts you’ll receive when you systemize your small business.

How would your life change for the better if you knew for certain that your best was enough? These 3 strategies will teach you how to overcome paralyzing perfectionism.

What if you could enhance your effectiveness in applying time management techniques and money saving tips to your life? Learn 7 essential insights to bring new focus and success to your work.

What if you could double your effectiveness by learning 6 essential stages of change? Simplify the big job of time management by breaking it into these 6 central components.

What if you could free yourself from debilitating perfectionism by understanding yourself better? Start with 3 simple sentence completions to gain liberating insights.

How does time get away from you, and how do you feel about it? What if your values were so clear, that you could live by your priorities and love the results? Want to start today? Learn how to create a Values Journal that simplifies your time choices.

What if you could turn your daily dissatisfactions into lessons about how to supercharge your day? Use these 3 simple time strategies to jump-start your energy and enthusiasm.

Here are some tips for overcoming the insidious paralysis of perfectionism.

What if you could make the parts of your life "fit" like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle? It may be easier than you think! The first step is getting clear on your external values. Start now with a simple 3-step exercise.

What work challenges do you face as an extrovert? Apply these 3 time tactics to increase your enthusiasm and effectiveness while overcoming your challenges.

What if you could harmonize the parts of your life that clash? You can start right now, by clarifying your values to make the best time choices ever. To learn more about how, read on.

What if you could use time management to not only increase your productivity but to safeguard your energy, too? Learn 3 simple but powerful strategies to enhance your vitality.

What if you could recharge your energy and pleasure in your life right now, by basing your time choices on the power of gratitude? Use these 5 tips, and enjoy the benefits immediately.

What if you could enrich your life by taking time to ask yourself a few important questions? Learn how reflection points add intentionality to your time choices.

Time management tips can create transition effectiveness, and help you meet tough times with renewed confidence. What makes the difference between challenges you respond to with self-assurance and those that keep you paralyzed or sleepless at night?

What if each day brought you fresh gratitude, brightening your outlook and energizing you? Begin with this very simple exercise that brings immediate benefits.

Do you find yourself unable to finish tasks or continually ruminating about details that others might ignore? Are you hyper-critical of anything that you produce? When you reach the end of a project, do you feel compelled to do “just one more thing”?

The real world of he home office: unforeseen distractions, a lack of structured time, and sometimes a perceived loss of identity. But don't give up the dream just yet! By putting into place a few simple ideas, you can reap more of the rewards of staying home-bound. Based on my experiences and those of my clients, here are 10 simple ways to help you stay on track.

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a very busy time of year for everyone, but for overwhelmed and time-starved solopreneurs it can be even more challenging. Here are five tasks that you can delegate right now, so that you can claim back some time and focus on doing what you do best.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books on time and productivity management and most of them appear to have been written by dedicated individuals who work in a vacuum -- they certainly aren't entrepreneurs building businesses from home offices with all the distractions that environment can bring. When I first started my business, I quickly realized that it was much easier for me to manage my time while in the corporate world than in the "spare bedroom" world.

It's easy to let things slip over the summer - after all the weather's far too nice to be indoors organizing your office! However, the reality is when you do settle back into working after a break unless your office is organized you spend more time looking for files, business cards, papers, than you do working.
It's a lot of wasted time! Use my tips below and get your office schedule back on track.

Do you find yourself falling into the trap of focusing on what seems important, only to feel like you're missing out on creating the wealth, grace and ease you truly want from your business? Happily, the solution to this very common business problem is pretty simple. And, the good news is, it doesn't involve any complicated time management systems. So let's look at 4 simple tips that I personally use that will help you put the soul back into your day and more dollars into your bank account.

How to get focused is the #1 challenge most entrepreneurs struggle with. That used to be a big problem for me too, until I learned a few simple techniques. These will make a big difference in creating a high six figure home-based business.

They always say that the teacher teaches what they most need to learn. Lately I've had a number of my coaching clients who are struggling with using time effectively. As a result they feel the frustration of not moving forward as quickly as they could.

As a solopreneur there is always an endless list of projects that we want to work on or need to complete. Setting aside time in our schedule to work "on" our business is essential if we are to grow our businesses. Read on as I share five top tips with you so that you can plan for success.

Every day we are bombarded with hundreds of emails, only a small percentage of which are necessary. Spam filters are great at filtering most of the unwanted emails but a small amount do get through, adding to the number we have to sift through!

Spam. Those annoying, time-consuming emails that clog your Inbox and ruin your day. You wonder: How did it ever get so bad? While it’s not possible to completely eliminate spam, there are quite a few things you CAN do about the problem to reduce your burden.

How do creative women entrepreneurs keep both creativity and order in harmony? The answers are easier than you might think. Here are three simple tips I use to keep my creative muse inspired and my office organized.

Working less and making more may seem like a pipe dream to some, but for me and the people I inspire, it's become a reality. Learn how.

Here are the 5 actions you can take to make starting and finishing projects possible.

Here are 5 simple tips to organizing your work day so you gain some of the same advantages you would by hiring an assistant.

The number one question people ask Marnie Pehrson is "How do you do it all? How do you run 10 Web sites, raise six children, and write books?" She shares some secrets on how to maximize your time to accomplish more without getting out of balance.

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