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November 28th, 2014
Mad Online Shopping Skillz

Justin Krane

Do you ever feel like you are a PROFESSIONAL ONLINE SHOPPER?

Like you have serious online shopping skill-z? You could SO get paid to shop for your friends? Right? Read the entire post »

November 27th, 2014
Use a Little Vitamin A to Quickly Grow Your Business

Michele A Scism

This week is Thanksgiving week and I want to share one of my most delicious recipes for success.  This one simple tweak is the shift that can quickly turn an expensive hobby into a profitable business.  It is that very critical first step between owning a business and leaving a legacy…  I like to call it Vitamin A… and the very best part is that it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Read the entire post »

November 26th, 2014
Tap Into This and Watch Your Results Skyrocket

Dana D'Orsi

Do you ever feel like you have no control over when you feel motivated and when you don’t? Then, you’re gonna love this week’s success strategy. Motivation is the force that drives us to do things. But most of us are completely unaware of exactly what inspires us into action (hint: it’s different for everyone). Read the entire post »

November 25th, 2014
Video Podcast: Is Your Business Leaking Money?

Michele A Scism

Ever wondered where in your business you could make more money? Or even better, keep more money? I am a third generation entrepreneur and this is a trick I have learned along the way. This is what I do in my business – at least once a quarter – that helps me keep more of the money I am making – I ask myself a series of questions. Want to know what the questions are? Watch the video!

Entrepreneurs Take Action Podcast

November 24th, 2014
Time Changes? Don’t Let Them Steal Your Time!

Paula Eder

There are predictable time changes that confront most of us twice a year. Depending on where you live, the dates that they occur may vary, but in most countries these changes are now a staple. Read the entire post »

November 23rd, 2014
5 Holiday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Meredith Eisenberg

Ahh… Thanksgiving is this week in the U.S. Didn’t it seem like just yesterday it was Halloween? How do the holidays sneak up so quickly? Before you know it, it will be 2015. Time flies when you are working hard.

In the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle, travel and family vacations and visits, it is so tempting to put your marketing (or your entire business) on hold from now until December 26 (when you start frantically planning for next year). You KNOW this is a big mistake, right? Read the entire post »

November 22nd, 2014
Calendar Management

Sophie Zollmann

If your business has you constantly moving, it can be difficult to find the time to maintain your calendar, confirm appointments and set reminders. And that can lead to unintentional blunders or embarrassing mistakes. But with just a little advance planning, you can make the time for everything you need to do – including precious personal time! Read the entire post »

November 21st, 2014
I Was Humiliated At My Friend’s Bridal Shower…

Fabienne Fredrickson

(ahem, this is a rather long note, but stay with me ‘til the end because I got a little emotional writing this and mostly because it will likely change the course of your business, OK?)

I’d like to tell you a story I’ve never actually told any of my students. In fact, it’s something I never told my friends and family, or even Derek until recently. Read the entire post »

November 20th, 2014
The Writing Life — Life Happens

Michele PW

I had some great intentions to get a lot of writing done.

Unfortunately that’s all it ever amounted to — great intentions. (As in the road to hell is paved with good intentions.) Read the entire post »

November 19th, 2014
Video Podcast: Is Sympathy Costing You Money?

Michele A Scism

Ever wondered what the difference between “sympathy” and “empathy” is for the entrepreneur? I’ll give some examples of exactly what I mean – and see if you have heard some of them – and whether it has kept you from making a sale… By way of illustration I will tell you exactly what happened to Zig Ziglar when he first started out. View the latest episode of my video podcast:

Entrepreneurs Take Action Podcast

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