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Stop Procrastinating In 4 Steps

What’s your favorite way to procrastinate? A friend of mine finds herself cleaning every horizontal surface she can find. A client likes to bury herself in little errands such as going to the post office. Another winds up wasting hours on email, responding to or sorting every single message.

By Sophie Zollmann

3 Conversion Tips That Will Double Your Sales In the Next 30 Days

In order to have sales, you need to get your customers to say yes. I have talked about how conversion is more than just a sales conversation. You need to get to get your customers saying “yes” to you from the first moment they learn about you to the point where they can refer you to others.

By Michele A Scism

How to Get 800+ People To Come to Your Event

Last week, I spoke on stage to 800 people at Suzanne Evans’ Be the Change event. It is something I’ve bee visualizing forever – standing in front of that large of an audience and knocking it out of the park. When I first started out, I could barely imagine going to such a big event, much less speaking in front of such a large group. Now, my goal is to grow my event, the Legacy Live Event to that size. And, I know exactly how I’ll do it. My event size has essentially doubled every year. Getting big numbers is much more of a science than an art or even just good luck.

By Michele A Scism

The Clients You Are Seeking are Also Seeking You

Today’s show is on the topic of developing a highly successful coaching business with ease and joy, and growing your profits to their full potential. Even if you’re not a coach and own a different type of business, the tips that today’s guest will provide will help your business, as well.

By Karen Cappello

Prep For A Real Vacation In 5 Easy Steps

When you’re the boss of your own business, it can feel impossible to take a vacation that truly feels like you’re getting away from it all. But if you don’t get a break, you’ll burn out, and that can ruin your year. There are some simple ways to prepare for a vacation in advance – yes, this does require advance planning – so that your time out of the office is spent recharging and refreshing.

By Sophie Zollmann

Back It Up, Baby!

Do you back up your computer files regularly? If not, you’re vulnerable to computer crashes, file loss, and serious destruction to your business. It’s really important to back up your files to an external hard drive or online back-up service, but sadly, too many people don’t even think about it until it’s too late.

By Sophie Zollmann

Don’t Sweat It – Get An Editor

Its commen for alot of people to make mistakes, when spelling certain words.

Lot’s of people also have problems with to many typo’s.

By Sophie Zollmann

Prevent Brain Drain – Get A Partner!

When you’re working hard to create new, valuable offerings for your clients, it can be hard to come up with exciting materials all by yourself. If you’re operating in a silo, your ideas might start to get repetitive and unoriginal. One of the best ways to keep your creative juices flowing, your energy up and your ideas popping out one after another is to get another person to help.

By Sophie Zollmann

Get Less Stressed

As an entrepreneur, your days are packed from morning ‘til night with important activity. You’re developing new materials, courting new clients, supervising a website makeover, emailing vendors and clients, creating your marketing strategy, maintaining files, keeping track of expenses… And what about making time for friends and family? Working for yourself is a lot of work, and more often than not, leads to serious amounts of stress. But there are a few great tricks you can use to de-stress yourself, and I’m happy to share them with you.

By Sophie Zollmann

My Biggest Product Flop

Have you ever put A LOT of work into a product only to have it fall flat on its face? Over the past 5 years, I’ve created a system for launching products that works and has brought me over six figures of income.

But it wasn’t ALWAYS that way. I want to share with you the story of my very first product launch so you can avoid making the same mistakes I made.

By Michele A Scism

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