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Here’s Why Your Last Launch Didn’t Make Money

Have you ever created an amazing product? One that would transform your clients businesses forever? As a reader of the Decisive Minds Blog, I bet that your answer is yes.

There is nothing better that pouring your heart and soul into launching a new product, class or coaching program. There is nothing more exciting than seeing all of your hard work end in more clients and more revenue in your business.

By Michele A Scism

Meet My Cousin John

Today I’m sharing some behind the scenes awesomeness (and tough love) from one of our Growth Track meetings…directed at my cousin John who enrolled last year.

If you’re not familiar, the Growth Track is the foundational program in The Client Attraction Business School for entrepreneurs who are building toward their first six figures (and for those already at six figures and beyond who wish to build a stronger marketing foundation).

By Fabienne Fredrickson

My 6 Biggest Lessons from 6 Years of Decisive Minds

If you had told me 6 or 7 years ago, that I was going to have a $500K a year business with no clients at all in my home state of Louisiana, I would not have believed you. After all, I come from a long line of entrepreneurs with “real life businesses” like trucking companies and grocery stores. And, before I started this business, I was not online all that much.

And, yet, here I am 6 years later, with a business that not only is successful but is poised to make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of businesses over the next 6 years.

By Michele A Scism

Do You Have to HAVE Money to MAKE Money?

The short answer is, “No.” You can effectively launch a coaching business online without a single dime. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, which does cost money, but we’re assuming you have those two components already.

By Michele A Scism

Video Podcast: Tracking Numbers to Build Your Business

In this video Michele outlines what numbers she tracks in her business. Every Monday her team provides her with a spreadsheet of tracking numbers so she can see if she is getting the numbers she needs to make her business work. See what numbers are important to track and how her team keeps her focused on what is important. She even has a download of the spreadsheet format she uses to track those numbers.

By Michele A Scism

Can You Grow Your Business By Making It Smaller?

Have you ever talked on the phone with someone who isn’t really there?

You get the sense that they are checking Facebook or their email and not fully listening to what you have to say. When my coaching clients do this during a phone call, it annoys me. They are wasting time and money—everyone’s time and their hard-earned money.

By Michele A Scism

Video Podcast: How to Stop Being the Bottleneck in Your Business

“Are you the bottleneck in your business?” Many people start to feel that they are the bottleneck in their business as their business grows. If it is just you doing everything in your business then it is obvious who is the bottleneck.

By Michele A Scism

My Regret Busting Plan for 2016

What do you regret doing (or NOT doing) this last year? Is there something you really wanted to do or have happen in 2015 – that hasn’t happened yet?

By Michele A Scism

7 Tips for an Amazingly Successful 2016

Not meeting your goals seems to be a familiar refrain this time of year. We start the new year with a lot of hope. And, then, life just starts getting in the way. This is especially true if you have a home-based business. You started your business because you wanted the flexibility to live your life. It seems a bit unfair when you end up working more than you ever did when you came into an office each day. On top of that, you aren’t don’t seem to be making progress.

By Michele A Scism

The Big Secret The Planning Gurus Aren’t Telling You

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, heck, you may have even purchased one, two, or seven different products to help you lay out your road to success in 2016.

I do have to admit that I (almost) fell prey to all of the marketing hype. I started to panic and it went a little like this:

By Krista Martin

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