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August 21st, 2014
You Hot Or Cold?

Justin Krane

You get in your shower at the hotel. You turn the water on – and it is crazy hot. You turn the knob the other way, and it gets even hotter?

You can’t figure out which way is hot and which way is cold. Read the rest of this post »

August 16th, 2014
Work On The Business – Not IN The Business

Sophie Zollmann

Whether it’s a new year, a new quarter, or just a new day, it’s still a new opportunity to structure your time, manage your energy, and delegate bothersome tasks so that you can focus on your big picture – your business. Spending a lot of time on necessary but less-than-thrilling details can steal your energy and enthusiasm for what you love most: developing your business. Read the rest of this post »

August 12th, 2014
Yanni Meets John Tesh

Justin Krane

It was the worst hold music ever. The same song playing over and over. I was trapped in a Yanni & John Tesh vortex trance. I would have taken Milli Vanilli over Yanni and Tesh. Maybe even a little Michael Bolton.

I couldn’t hang up the phone. I had to deal with some health insurance stuff. I had to be patient. Yanni and Tesh were killing me!!!! Read the rest of this post »

August 4th, 2014
Benefits Of Using An Online Project Management System For Your Team

Sophie Zollmann

When you have a team of employees or people you outsource to, keeping track of what’s going on can be very difficult to do. If you’re not careful emails can be lost, deadlines missed, and tasks unassigned. That’s not what you want, so it’s best to start right away with an online project management system. Read the rest of this post »

July 19th, 2014
3 Tips For Using A Virtual Assistant To Revamp Your Business

Sophie Zollmann

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know how challenging it can be to continue to bring in new business month after month. Once you have customers purchasing from you, it may be a little difficult to go back out and find more. Or you may find, as the economy and technology changes, your business may need to change as well. Read the rest of this post »

July 17th, 2014
Do You Double Dip?

Justin Krane

Ya know those people that double dip? The ones that dip their chips in guacamole, take a bite, and dip the same chip back in the guacamole? What’s up with those cocktail party crazy people?

We don’t want their germs in our guacamole. Read the rest of this post »

July 15th, 2014
Gmail Chrome Extensions Track Your Mail and Save Time!

Paula Eder

For Gmail users, MailTrack is a free Chrome Extension that is worth taking a look at.
Read the rest of this post »

July 14th, 2014
Complete for Gmail – Chrome Extension Types for You to Find Time!

Paula Eder

Complete is a Chrome extension for Gmail that has the potential to find you lots of time!

My VA recently came upon this Chrome Extension and, being a fan of anything that speeds up the process of on-line work, brought it to my attention.

Read the rest of this post »

July 12th, 2014
Simple But Not Easy – Simplify and Make More Money in Your Business

Shannon Cherry

SIMPLIFY. Such an inspiring word. We strive for it. We try to cut out the extras, the waste, the stuff that’s not meaningful and sucking up our time. We want to simplify our lives… so we can actually HAVE A LIFE! Do more of what we LOVE! Find more JOY each day!

That little thing called a job often gets in the way though, doesn’t it? Managing your business is no small feat. You are a dedicated, hard working entrepreneur who wants, needs rather, to see your business grow and profit.
Read the rest of this post »

July 9th, 2014
Losing Money?

Justin Krane

Who is happier, someone worth $3 million that is now worth $2 million, or a millionaire that is now worth $2 million? Read the rest of this post »

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