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November 30th, 2014
Should I Put My Prices On My Website?

Fabienne Fredrickson

There is some debate about whether or not you should put your pricing on the web if you want to get clients. The decision depends on what you are offering and the price of the packages. For example, if you offer products that are immediately downloadable or fulfill by mail, then pricing is obviously needed. People can’t buy if the price and a “buy now” button aren’t available. Read the rest of this post »

November 2nd, 2014
Sales Tips For Speakers

Michele A Scism

As a speaker, have you ever found yourself in a position where you have had a great reaction from the audience, you make your offer at the end, and then no-one buys – leaving you wondering what went wrong? I witnessed something at an event that is a big faux pas for speakers and that will help YOU from ever making the same mistake at your speaking engagement. It is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it. View the latest episode of my video podcast:

Entrepreneurs Take Action Podcast

October 17th, 2014
Cherry Bomb: Your Sales Focus Is So Loud You Can’t Hear What I’m Saying

Shannon Cherry

Recently at a networking event, I was a bit nervous. I barely knew anyone, being relatively new in the area – which was the reason I went to this event in the first place. In addition, I had been at a couple of events which I already knew were not a good fit for me, so I was dubious about this one. Read the rest of this post »

June 12th, 2014
EXPOSED: What Extroverts Know About Sales + Why It Matters to You

Krista Martin

We all know that extroverts are naturally good at sales. It’s much easier for an extrovert to be successful as an entrepreneur, too. And introverts, oh man, well, bless their little hearts… Read the rest of this post »

June 7th, 2014
How to Make Networking + Sales Consults EASY

Krista Martin

At one point or another, we’ve all had to face a conversation that we really dreaded. It might have gone really well or not so well. I am guessing that once you had the conversation, though, you felt relieved. It felt good. And you could move forward. Your online business grew. Read the rest of this post »

May 23rd, 2014
How to Overcome the “I Can’t Afford It” Objection In Your Sales Conversations

There’s nothing better than a sales conversation that ends in closing a new client.

There’s nothing worse than being on one and not being able to convert one. Read the rest of this post »

May 22nd, 2014
He Wanted My Thin Mints

Justin Krane

Man are those Thin Mints good. I will gladly pay $4 a box. Gimme 10 of them pronto. I put them in my freezer and have them for dessert. Ah-may-zing! Read the rest of this post »

May 19th, 2014
Don’t Focus On SALES. Do This Instead.

Krista Martin

Sales is so last year. Actually, it’s further back than that. It’s more like so 10 years ago.

That’s good news for you, right? I mean, if you are like the majority of the population, the word “sales” brings up all types of negative emotions. Read the rest of this post »

May 14th, 2014
Why Selling Doesn’t Have to Suck

Years ago in my very first sales job I had to sell Medicare supplemental insurance to 65+ year olds. Read the rest of this post »

March 20th, 2014
A Simple Way to Ensure Potential Sales Don’t Fall Through the Cracks

Dana D'Orsi

Picture it…You’re wrapping up an enrollment conversation. You feel confident that you’ve made a real connection with this prospect, you’ve shown how you can help her achieve her goals and you believe that she sees the value in what you have to offer. Then, you hear her say, “It all sounds great, but I’ll have to think about it and get back to you.”

Sigh… Read the rest of this post »

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