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5 Ninja Email List Building Strategies

In this episode I give you 5 Ninja secrets that really work to build your email list! Stop wasting time on strategies that don’t work. Implement these 5 tips and start growing that email list.

By Michele A Scism

How I Grew My Facebook Group to 2500+ in Under 8 Months

I finally got serious about starting and growing a free Facebook group this past winter. Through trial and error, I’ve learned A LOT about what works and what doesn’t work.

As of this writing, we are at 2580 members strong, and growing at a consistent rate of about 30-50 new members per day.

By Christine Gallagher

Video Podcast: Social Media in 30 Minutes A Day

Do you feel like you are wasting a lot of time on social media? Even worse, do you feel like it’s for little result? In this episode of Entrepreneurs Take Action, I’ll show you the strategy we use at Decisive Minds that will help you build community and engagement on social media.

By Michele A Scism

Simple Pointers for Using Facebook Live in Your Business

This week, I’m working on putting together a juicy 5-day free challenge all about how to GROW your list, engage your tribe, and make offers that thrill them.

It’s going down inside my free Facebook group, and the opportunity to grab YOUR seat in the challenge is opening up very soon.

One of the cool tools I’ll be using in the challenge to connect with you, answer your questions, and keep you pumped and motivated is Facebook Live.

Are you using it yet?

By Christine Gallagher

How to Get Off the Doing-Your-Own-Webinar Fence

This week I’m talking about YOU and WEBINARS.

Maybe you’ve dipped your toe in the water and have done a webinar or two, but didn’t have a great experience.

Or maybe you’ve never done one and have been kinda paralyzed about it for whatever reason.

Either way, I’m pretty darn sure you need to watch my video strategy this week. 🙂

By Christine Gallagher

4 Hot Ways to Build Your List With Video

By now you know the HUGE impact video has on your online presence and credibility.

I’ve always said that it’s the next best thing to face to face as far as building trust, and the cool thing is, you create a video once, and it creates traffic for you forever.

Not to mention, video goes hand in hand with social media as it’s so easily shareable these days.

By Christine Gallagher

Video Podcast: How to Get More Email Subscribers from Your Blog

Are you blogging all the time but nobody is reading what you write? Imagine what it would be like to have new leads signing up daily for your email list, just from your blog posts.

This video will show you how to create a blog that gets read, and builds your email list.

By Michele A Scism

Facebook Retargeting: Low Hanging Fruit

Facebook advertising is a great way to stay in front of your existing audience and to widen your following, but many people are overwhelmed by what’s involved with Facebook advertising. You may be hesitant to dive in fully. If so, start with the low hanging fruit. Don’t let it die on the vine.

By Marnie Marcus

#Hashtag Best Practices to Rock Your Social Media Presence

By now you’ve noticed that the almighty “hashtag” has become a part of our everyday vernacular.

From the evening news, to sports events, to the business world, it’s here to stay.

I remember back in 2009 when I was just starting out as a social media consultant. I’d give workshops and talks and mention using hashtags on Twitter. The majority of the faces in the room looked utterly perplexed, even after I’d done my best to give a thorough explanation!

By Christine Gallagher

Video Podcast: Easy E-mail List Building Tips

Can you make money without an email list – sure. But if you are building a community online then your email list is part of that. Email marketing works, but a lot of entrepreneurs are not focused on the importance of building that email list.

In this episode, Michele gives her best 5 tips for building your email list.

By Michele A Scism

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