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Video Podcast: Those Annoying Pop-up Boxes

I get it! You hate those pop-up boxes on websites. So why do you see so many of them? Because they work! Marketers know that the thoughts people have (hate pop-ups) vs. the actions people take (opting in on a pop-up) are two totally different things. studied 1.7 Billion pop-ups and found that the average pop-up converted at 3.09% and the top 10% converted at 9.28%. That’s awesome!

By Michele A Scism

Email List Building: You’re Asking the Wrong Question

Here’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind when they start thinking about email lists:

“Which service should I use?”

You’ve probably wondered yourself, and maybe even spent a few hours (or days, or weeks) researching your options.


By Michele A Scism

28 Days to Grow Your List AND YOUR INCOME Challenge

February 1 to February 28, 2017

28 days of focus on your list building and how to convert those leads into clients.

  • Over 4 Billion Email accounts worldwide.
  • 90% of all Emails are delivered to the intended recipients inbox compared to 2% of Facebook Fans seeing your post.
  • 6.3 hours per day are spent checking email by US Workers.

Your List Will Not Grow When You Ignore It!

Focus on Your List Building with this FREE challenge!

By Michele A Scism

Video Podcast: Wasting Time Driving Traffic to Your Website

In today’s episode of Entrepreneurs Take Action, Michele shares why she thinks you are wasting time driving traffic to your website. If you know Michele then you know that she is not going to let you off the hook.

By Michele A Scism

My FREE List Building Challenge is Coming BACK!

A list, a following, a community, a tribe.

People say you need this if you want to build a sustainable business online.

They talk about it as if it’s the Holy Grail.

By Christine Gallagher

Increase Your Profit With Your List

Here are some of the biggest mistakes list owners make with their email marketing efforts:

By Michele A Scism

3 “Secrets” to Successfully Delivering Content That Makes Buyers Love You (Before AND After the Sale)

If you provide paid content in the form of courses and products, you’ve likely asked yourself these types of questions:

“How much information do I include?” “What order do I give it in?” “How do I ensure they get results?”

You want knock it out of the park on both fronts: by selling a lot of what you’re offering (because you’ve made it so attractive), AND by getting your customers great results from what they learn.

By Christine Gallagher

How My $105.13 in Ad Spend Turned into $7,000

When a recent Facebook ad campaign worked really well as far as ROI, I realized I had to break it down and share it with you!

In this week’s video I’m giving you the real deal on how this worked, AND how this would NOT be hard for you to do, too.

By Christine Gallagher

5 Ninja Email List Building Strategies

In this episode I give you 5 Ninja secrets that really work to build your email list! Stop wasting time on strategies that don’t work. Implement these 5 tips and start growing that email list.

By Michele A Scism

How I Grew My Facebook Group to 2500+ in Under 8 Months

I finally got serious about starting and growing a free Facebook group this past winter. Through trial and error, I’ve learned A LOT about what works and what doesn’t work.

As of this writing, we are at 2580 members strong, and growing at a consistent rate of about 30-50 new members per day.

By Christine Gallagher