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Twitter and Google: 5 Best Reasons to be Tweeting

You know I’m a Twitter lover! Now I have even more reason to love this platform after the recent announcement of the Twitter and Google partnership has become public.

By Karen Yankovich

Easy LinkedIn Tip to Quick Profit

Unless you’re stalking your exes, let people know you’re interested in them!

By Karen Yankovich

Create Customers for Life With this 1 Online Tactic

Since my business is Social Media I am online all.the.time. It’s easy for me to bop around the internet to connect, engage, and share.

By Karen Yankovich

Top 5 Tips to Make Sure Your Facebook Post is Shared and Shared A LOT

Do you wonder how some people ALWAYS have great images associated with their blog posts when they post on Facebook?

Have you spent hours creating a fabulous blogpost, only to share it on Facebook and find out it comes up with crazy images, or no image at all?

By Karen Yankovich

Are You Building a List or a Community?

If you’ve been knocking around this crazy Internet world for any length of time, you’ve probably run into this whole notion of “list building.”

The money is in your list. Your biz success is in your list. How big is your list? What are you doing to build your list? And so on.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Tweet With Me! My List of Twitter Tips from A to Z

Below is my list of Twitter Tips from A to Z!

By Karen Yankovich

Doubting LinkedIn? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Even as much as I love LinkedIn, sometimes I too get a case of the “social media doubts”.

I catch myself thinking:

  • “Should I focus somewhere else more?”
  • “I haven’t seen much traction in a few days, should I be doing something else?”
  • “Is LinkedIn really for everyone?”

And then lo and behold I run across info like this…

By Karen Yankovich

26 LinkedIn Must Dos from A to Z!

Here are 26 LinkedIn Must Dos from A to Z!

By Karen Yankovich

What is the First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Think of Social Media?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “Social Media”?

By Karen Yankovich

Business Speak is NOT a Language

Are you afflicted with “Jargon Madness”? Yes, it’s a real disease and most of us have had a bout of it a few times in our business lives.

It creeps in when we least expect it, when our defenses are down, auto-pilot is on and we revert to the easiest way we know to explain what we do and who we are: Business Speak. Words that have been hijacked into the business world and used so repetitively they have lost their power to communicate true meaning.

By Karen Yankovich

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