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The Overlooked “Rule” That Will Boost Your Income More Than Anything Else

A couple of years ago, I decided to do something dramatically different in my business: I stopped putting equal effort and time into marketing everything, and I put more focus and effort into where the majority of my revenue was coming from.

On the surface it sounds logical, right?

Well, logical doesn’t always mean easy, and I had made my life very difficult by being busy, busy, busy – without the increased income to show for it. (Considering how darn hard I was working!)

By Christine Gallagher

How To Get Massive Visibility from Your Content

Do you have tons of content on your hard drive that is simply taking up space? Would you like to know how you can get massive visibility from your content? In today’s podcast Michele Scism shares with you what kind of content is the best content to share and then how to get others to share you and your content.

By Michele A Scism

How to Get 10% More People on Your Webinar

Did you know that less than 25% of the people who register for a free teleseminar, webinar, or telesummit will actually show up to the call? And less than 5% of the people who don’t show up, will ever listen to the replay. When you are using teleseminars and webinars to build your visibility and sell your products those statistics suck. So what can you do to get more people on your webinar?

By Michele A Scism

What Pokémon Go Can Teach You about Marketing

Yesterday as my daughter and her friend were headed out of the house, I asked where they were going. The answer, “To catch Pokémon in the park, it’s exercise!” LOL. Late last night my phone rings and it’s my son. He seems out of breath so I ask what he is doing, and he says that he and his girlfriend are walking around downtown catching Pokemon. It seems I can’t read a headline, or have a conversation without some mention of Pokémon. In fact, it even came up in my mastermind last week with my private clients! I haven’t played yet, but when a company can generate this much frenzy and increase their market value by 7.5 Billion dollars in less than a week with a free app, they’ve grabbed my attention; and I just had to share with you 3 marketing tips you can learn from the Pokémon Go craze.

By Michele A Scism

You Should Stop Doing This in Social Media

In this video, I’m revealing the one thing you need to STOP doing in social media.

Doing it won’t get you clients.

By Christine Gallagher

Case Study: Does Love-Based Online Marketing Really Work?

Are you turned off to traditional Internet marketing launches, but you don’t think there’s another way to successfully launch your products and services?

Traditional Internet marketing launches can be exhausting and draining — not to mention make you feel like a pushy Internet marketer. But what else is there? Can you REALLY launch your products and services using Love-Based Online Marketing and make money at it? Or this all a lot of pretty talk with no results to back it up?

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

How to Structure Your Lead Magnet’s Content

Lead magnets are KEY if you want to build a list and grow your business online.

You’ll need to make yours more attractive than, “Sign up for my list for all the latest updates!” Or,“Sign up for my newsletter!”

That won’t get you very far.

You’ll want to give people something that they truly can’t resist like a free report or a video series teaching them something they’d be interested in.

By Christine Gallagher

Video Podcast: How To Create a Webinar That Converts

In this week’s episode, I show you how to create webinars that convert. If you find your webinars are not working the way you would like them to, this episode is for you. Even though I talk about “webinars” throughout the video, a lot of the tips given will also work for teleseminars and talks as well.

Listen to my tips, and start selling on your webinars, instead of just building your list.

By Michele A Scism

Here’s How to Be Seen as a Leader Online

You know those people you see online who just seem to lead the way?

They’re respected, heard and admired.

They might even be seen as controversial at times for taking a stand.

With the online space noisier than ever, it’s even more important for us as business owners to break away from the pack. Having a “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition) is one thing – but that by itself is old school. People are MUCH MORE drawn to those who are willing to take a stand.


By Christine Gallagher

Marketing as a Divine Tool?

I cannot pretend to be or do anything that I am not.

And there is a vital component to my experience of success that I want to share with you, even though it feels a little edgy to do so.

If this conversation makes you uncomfortable, it’s ok. This is simply the truth of what has allowed me (and our students) to shift from struggling in business to experiencing absolute abundance.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

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