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How to Find Hidden Money In Your Life, Right Now

At the risk of sounding like a get-rich-quick scheme (yuck!) I am writing you today to let you know that you can indeed afford anything you want.

Meaning, there is money in your life – right now – that you don’t know exists.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

The Martian

As we walked in to see The Martian, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As we walked out – it had become one of my top favorite movies of all time. I won’t spoil it for you – but I do think you should go see it. One of the messages behind it is all about problem solving.

The main character in the movie never gives up because he can’t. His life is at stake.

By Monica Shah

How To Turn Any Failure Into Gold

Have you ever been hesitant to do something to grow your business because of a past mistake or failure?

This is so much more common than you realize.

Recently, one of our students who owns a successful practice – we’ll call her Jennifer – expressed concern about growing her business to the next big level.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

How To Enjoy Every Day (Even The Hard Ones)

Ever wake up, think of all you need to get done, and just want to pull the covers back up over your head?

A lot of business owners tell me they feel this way.

The enthusiasm and passion they had for their work has melted like ice cream on a hot August afternoon… and they are just left with a never-ending list of things they need to get done. Talk about a daily grind!

By Monica Shah

Want to Transform the World? Or Maybe Even Start a Movement? Here Is Your First Step

In the movie “Jerry Maguire,” Jerry’s life is turned completely upside down. He loses everything only to gain everything he ever wanted.

But, you know how it all started? Because he wrote a manifesto.

He wanted to change his industry. He saw a problem and decided to do something about it.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Have You Set Up Your Week For Success?

I know Mondays have gotten a bad rap over the years. The weekend is over, it’s the start of the work-week and its endless to-do lists, frantic running around and feeling like your time is no longer your own.

(And, if you don’t like what you’re doing for a living, all those overwhelm feelings just got amped up.)

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

What It Means When You Have To Get A J-O-B

Regardless of whether you quit your day job to build your business or your business hit a plateau and you are starting to wonder if you should get a J-O-B to help out with the finances, you are at a very critical place in your life and the life of your business.

I have had clients express to me that they feel like a failure at this point.

They feel like they may not be cut out for entrepreneurship, after all.

They come to me with a heavy heart, a tear in their eyes and are ready to give up.

By Krista Martin

A Little Secret About Sabotage (Learned From “Cutthroat Kitchen”)

One of my fave guilty pleasures is “Cutthroat Kitchen.” If you’re not a fan of the show (What?!?! That can’t possibly be?!?!) what it is is a competition cooking show where 4 chefs bid to sabotage each other, with the last one standing the winner.

What’s fascinating to me is how much it’s taught me about sabotage.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

How To FEEL and Grow Rich

Though we often talk here about strategic things like marketing techniques and plans for growing your business, today I’d like to take a different tack and talk about your…

By Fabienne Fredrickson

Tory Burch. 41 Million

Tory Burch, a fashion designer got 41 mill.

It was from a patent infringement lawsuit. Some company was trying to knock off her stuff.

Tory could have ignored the knock offs and gone on with her business.

By Justin Krane

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