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Are You a Creative Entrepreneur Who Has No Time To Be Creative?

It happens to all of us.

Life. Business. Family. Endless to-do lists. Client emergencies. Family emergencies.

And then, you wake up one day and realize you haven’t done squat for months (or maybe even longer than you care to think about) to nurture your own creativity.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

3 Tools to Use When You’re Feeling Stuck and in Inaction

If you’re a mama I hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day.

My Mom taught me compassion, resilience, the importance of education, and how to be kind. I cherish her every day of the year. 🙂

Growing up she also helped me when I was feeling stuck, but once I was out on my own I had to learn a whole new set of tools for this.

It’s an icky place to be, isn’t it?

By Christine Gallagher

Too Fast or Too Slow: Why the Speed You’re Moving in Your Business May Be Hurting You

Years ago, I was at an event where the speaker was talking about keys to growing a successful business. And one of those keys was speed.

He said if you want a successful business, you need to move fast to capitalize on the money-making opportunities coming at you. According to him, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are moving far too slowly. Only a few err on the side of moving too fast, which turns into recklessness.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Why Some Criticism Hurts More Than Others

Last week, due to me misreading one of my Amazon reports, I took a quick peek on the German page of my “Love-Based Copywriting Method” book. And I discovered I actually had a review there. (In English, so yes I could read it.)

It was a one-star review and suffice to say the person REALLY didn’t like it. To the point of being a bit mean-spirited.

Which got me thinking — what is it about my Love-Based Copy Method book that triggers all these mean reviews?

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

A 3-Year-Old Can Do This (Can You?)

OK, soooo, I have great news today.

You don’t actually have to understand the science behind Quantum Physics to use it to dramatically grow your business in your business, like I do (and thousands of my clients have done).

It’s actually so simple that anyone can do it (even a 3-year-old)!

By Fabienne Fredrickson

Identifying Self Sabotage and Overcoming It

We live in a society where we love to hide how much we are working. We glorify images of people relaxing on the beach, reading novels in the park and frolicking with family and friends.

And I understand why – I mean really – who doesn’t love a great vacation? Or going on a trip with family or friends?

And on any given day – spending the day at the park does sound nicer than doing 4 sales conversations.

But I don’t believe that – as entrepreneurs – we inherently don’t like working. And most of my clients actually love most aspects of what they do (most being the key aspect here).

By Monica Shah

Do You Need to Pause in Your Business?

March was an interesting month for me.

Along with taking a week off to celebrate my dad’s birthday (his first birthday since Mom passed), I also played a key role in the copy and marketing strategy of a major 7-figure launch, had a big sale of my novel “The Stolen Twin” and had to finish up the edits on not one but TWO books (my next novel “Mirror Image” coming out in May and my “Love-Based Online Marketing” book which is available at a special 99 cents pre-order price right now).

And, I’m even more proud of the fact I got it all done. March was a very busy but very productive month.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

4 Steps to Changing Your Money Story (Even if You’ve Carried it For Decades)

Everything we experience in the world is a reflection of our thoughts. If you feel shame about celebrating money, you can’t expect money to celebrate you. -Marianne Williamson

We all carry a money story and it affects us every day, whether we’re aware of it or not.

We get programmed early in life: what our parents said about money and wealthy people while we were growing up, what our friends’ opinions were, our own personal experiences… even the messages in TV shows and movies help form our opinions.

By Christine Gallagher

What Happened to Those New Year’s Resolutions?

There are two great things about Spring – the weather and the weather.

But if you are anything like my clients – there’s also something that has disappeared a bit – it’s that excitement and energy and zeal that you had in January. It’s that feeling that you could do anything you wanted. That feeling that comes with a fresh sta

By Monica Shah

What Are You Thinking?

In all of my personal development classes – I think that best tool that I’ve learned is about how to be aware of the stories that we make up in our heads.

There’s nothing that can help you get through the disappointment, anger and frustration that can come up in business then to be aware of the stories that you are telling yourself.

By Monica Shah

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