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Why the Best Year Yet Bootcamp Rocked!

This week I wanted to give you insight into my learnings from last week’s event.  It was simply amazing!

This is my fifth year of doing events.  And Best Year Yet Bootcamp was my 7th one.

Here’s what made it so good:

By Monica Shah

Aspire to Become: Becoming Precedes Achieving

Welcome back for another Marnie’s Motivational Moment. We’re going through the A.C.T.I.O.N. acronym. Any goal, dream or aspiration requires ACTION. In this segment we’re talking about A for Aspiration. Aspire to become more!

By Marnie Marcus

Make Your Dreams Come True

Do you have big dreams? Do you have something that your heart longs for? Is there something you’ve always wanted to have, do or become? If so, this series of Marnie’s Motivational Moments is for you.

By Marnie Marcus

How Busy Business Owners Really Relax

As I went to my 7AM yoga/barre (called Shaktibarre) class – I had a moment of total frustration. I’m prepping like crazy for the Best Year Yet Bootcamp and for some reason I couldn’t seem to let it all go and just relax.

As I struggled to do my leg lifts – I was thinking about all the details of the event – over and over again.

So I stopped in the moment and asked the Universe, “What the he*** is going on here?”

By Monica Shah

Should You Be Willing to Take Risks, Fail, and Possibly Look “Dumb?”

I absolutely believe entrepreneurs need to be willing to do these three things.

Yep, over and over.

And it’s OK!

In fact, by definition entrepreneurship involves taking risks. 

By Christine Gallagher

What Are You Focusing On?

I often read e-mails from clients asking questions like:

“What should my title be?” (for the fifth time)

“What is my tagline?” (should we re-do it again?)

“Is my free gift OK? Should I re-write it” (for the third time)

By Monica Shah

Are You Still Tolerating That?

At dinner with friends recently, we had a great conversation about everything from Star Wars to Source Energy and the power of belief.

First, it’s so cool to have friends you can talk about those things with! I’m very grateful.

Second, that conversation also got me thinking about something I often talk about with my clients:


Over my years coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, I’ve seen that tolerations play a role in success.

By Christine Gallagher

How To Start Creating a Better Relationship With Money

I had lunch at my new Yoga studio that just opened – it’s literally two doors down from me and I couldn’t be happier about the whole situation.

I met a lovely lady who is starting to teach Yoga full time for the first time. She was a bit concerned about her business and how to get it all off the ground.

My response was, “Please don’t feel like you missed anything. Because the truth is that you were never taught how to really grow a business, or deal with money or figure out your expenses. No one was.”

She was visibly relieved.

By Monica Shah

How to Re-Focus Mid Year

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a bit more routine and structure in my days and to dive into the second half of the year. 😉

It’s actually a great time of year to refocus. You’re (hopefully) refreshed and ready to tackle the next few months like a champion, like I am. Do you believe you can achieve more in the next few months than you have all year?

By Fabienne Fredrickson

You ARE Different (and Awesome)

If you’re anything like me you’ve had a sense, for most of your life, that you weren’t like most other people. And while this may have been difficult at times, the good news is…

…it’s because you’re wired to be a business owner. And not everybody is!

By Fabienne Fredrickson

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