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5 Benefits Of Blogging For Business

There are many great reasons to maintain a blog for your business. Here are my five favorites:

By Sophie Zollmann

Blogging 101 For Entrepreneurs

You know how blogging can drive traffic to your website, but did you know that writing blog posts can be fun and easy? No, really! Here are a few simple rules that, when followed, can pave the path for a smooth and pleasant blogging experience. Enjoy!

By Sophie Zollmann

Book The Best Event Venue

The venue you choose can make or break your business event. Meetings can be deathly boring, retreats can feel impersonal, and even holiday parties can be dull when held in stodgy, corporate conference rooms. Successful events cater to the needs and tastes of attendees, so it’s essential to keep your clients in mind when booking a venue.

By Sophie Zollmann

50 Shades of Stank

You get some perfume / cologne for your birthday. You try it on – and it smells as bad as your uncle’s breath.

You take it back to Bloomingdales to return it.

By Justin Krane

Survey Says: Get Some Help!

A great way to connect with your clients and make them feel listened to is to send them a survey. Asking for their feedback on a few questions is both flattering to them, (you’re soliciting their valuable opinion) and useful to you (you get to learn more about what they want and need).

By Sophie Zollmann

Let’s Do This

Does Dealing With the Cash Flow in Your Business Stink?

Sales… Clients… Customers…Money, and Profits.

That’s really what you want, but it’s not happening. Major bummer.

By Justin Krane

Did You Just Waste an Outfit?

You need some new clothes. Especially for work.

Your closet is about as stale as a leftover bag of Ruffles potato chips.

By Justin Krane

Drowning in Applications? Let Your VA Process Them!

Isn’t it a great feeling when your coaching program is flooded with applications? You know you’re really delivering a valuable service that people need and want, and they are willing to pay for it. Hooray for you! But…

By Sophie Zollmann

I’m Trapped in a Washing Machine

I get a lot of business owners calling me.

From inside a washing machine. They are trapped.

By Justin Krane

The Oprah Story You Were Never Told

Oprah has had some hair drama over the years.

When she was an anchorwoman at age 22, her producer told her to tame her hair.

It was too big.

By Justin Krane

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