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Your Phone Montage

August 5th my son turned 13. Wait. I have a teenager? That’s crazy!

I went back to look at some of the pictures I took on my iPhone. I started scrolling through a bunch of older pics and videos on my phone.

By Justin Krane

Who’s Going to Support You?

That Nordstroms sale was awesome!

You totally scored! You found some great stuff – especially that scarf and new top!

By Justin Krane

This Dog Ate 62 Hair Ties

This is insane.

Tiki, a black labrador, ate 8 pairs of underwear, 62 hair ties, 4 rubber bands and a Band-Aid.

Holy consumption.

By Justin Krane

Never Ending Money Salad

You’re at a restaurant. You want to eat healthy and have a light meal.

You order one of those special fancy shmancy salads.

They bring your salad, and it is the size of outer Mongolia.

By Justin Krane

How To Raise Your Rates (Free Template!)

You know your business is successful. You are getting plenty of clients, and you’re really enjoying the process of bringing them into your fold. But do you know how to tell when it’s time to raise your rates?

By Sophie Zollmann

What’s On Your Bucket List?

Not the list for the rest of your life, but just the one for this month. Do you want to try out that hot new restaurant? Attend your child’s play? Get a pedicure?

By Sophie Zollmann

Get It Together – Get Organized!

Undisciplined, sloppy, inefficient. Messy, unorganized, discombobulated. Do you worry that those words apply to you?

By Sophie Zollmann

How To Write Great Marketing Emails

Most entrepreneurs rely heavily on email marketing to fill their programs and sell their services and products. Email is great because it’s trackable, fast, and costs you nothing in paper or postage.

By Sophie Zollmann

Shameless Shopping Plug

You go shopping to find that perfect shirt that will go with your new pair of jeans.

You try everything on. Nothing really works.

You finally find that perfect shirt. It looks SO good on you. Right?

By Justin Krane

What To Do When Business Is Slow

If you’re starting your business, it’s likely that your clients are creeping in slower than a sleepy snail. For others, certain times will be sluggish due to weather, tourism, holidays, etc. When it happens, don’t despair – and don’t drown your sorrows by binge-watching an entire season of Downtown Abbey!

By Sophie Zollmann

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