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What You Can Do Now To Increase Your Cash Flow

I recently spoke with a new student about his business. Prior to joining our Business School, John experienced a tremendous decrease in revenue.

Despite putting his best face forward, he was stressed and not taking a salary.

He was worried – as anyone would be – about how to rebuild and get his cash flow back to where it used to be.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

My Wife Wouldn’t Hold My Hand

I asked my wife to hold my hand.

Yep. I’m a total mush cookie.

She said no. Totally turned me down. I guess I had it comin’.

By Justin Krane

Hospital Evicts 800 Pound Man

This 800 pound guy got kicked out of a hospital.

For ordering a pizza.


By Justin Krane

Trump’s Boo-Font in Baby Stroller

This mom’s stroller was Hyaj.

Jersey talk for huge. Like the size of Donald Trump’s Boo-Font Hairpiece.

By Justin Krane

Shvitz City

Man I was shvitzing (Yiddish for sweating).

I was grilling outside at the barbecue. In 100 degree weather.

What was I thinking? Probably some weird form of manliness. Without the musky cologne and white tank top.

By Justin Krane

(Hilarious) Employee Caught on Camera

This guy was caught on camera.

He wasn’t stealing anything.

He was just busting out his Michael Jackson dance moves. This guy had some serious moves. The robot, the running man, the moonwalk – he even tried the Maca-Rena.

By Justin Krane

How to Make Your Own Luck

Let’s talk about luck.

How to get lots of it (the good kind baby).

And, how to create it so you are never without it.

By Justin Krane

Key Numbers You Need To Know

Watch Justin on the CBS “The 504 Show” where he gives great financial planning tips to women – how to save AND spend (Get The Shoes!):

Key Numbers You Need To Know

By Justin Krane

Your Phone Montage

August 5th my son turned 13. Wait. I have a teenager? That’s crazy!

I went back to look at some of the pictures I took on my iPhone. I started scrolling through a bunch of older pics and videos on my phone.

By Justin Krane

Who’s Going to Support You?

That Nordstroms sale was awesome!

You totally scored! You found some great stuff – especially that scarf and new top!

By Justin Krane

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