2013 Bring it On! Built in Success Tips for This Magic Year


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I am not a numerologist nor do I play one on TV, but I know a good number when I see one.

2013 came along at just the right time because it happens to contain my word of the year: THREE.  I know, a word of the year should be something glitzier like IMPACT or EMBRACE or FIERCE, but I can’t get 3 out of my head so I’m going with that.

Why 3? Because it’s easy to remember 3 things.

When I go to the store, if I only need to get 3 things I don’t have to write it down. Add a fourth item and I’m scrounging for a slip of paper so I don’t forget.

Three is also doable. If I gave you 3 things to do, you’d do them. If I gave you 5 or 7 things to do you’d spend a lot of time debating what could get done and in what space of time. You’re more likely to put something off. So stick to 3 and experience success.

Another reason I love three is it has a rich history of folklore and mythology around it. You can never run out of proverbs and sayings with the number three:

  • Three wishes.
  • Three wise men.
  • Three graces.
  • Three little pigs.
  • Things come in threes.
  • 3 R’s
  • The Trifecta
  • Triple Play
  • Etc etc etc ad infinitum

On my Facebook page, I’ve posted a question that has to do with YOU, 2013, your goals, and the number 3. I invite you to click on this link, chime in with your response and please share what you’ve posted with your peeps.

Join me in taking things to the 3rd degree in 2013! Go here to do it.

Nancy Marmolejo is a sought after marketing strategist who  teaches coaches and consultants how to get more clients, make more money, and live the lifestyle they've always desired.With over 100 media credits to her name and more than a decade in the online world, her tips are relevant, practical, results-focused, and always laced with fun. Download Nancy's free trainings by visiting http://TalentAndGenius.com

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