How to Create Your 2012 Marketing Plan for Success

By Kendall Summerhawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert


Your business success depends on your willingness and desire to “plan your work and work your plan” when it comes to marketing. But marketing systems do not need to be complicated, difficult or boring!  The key is to focus on high impact activities and do them consistently.

Here are simple steps to create your 2012 Marketing Plan – monthly, weekly, and daily steps that will catapult your business forward this year.

Step #1: Create Your Monthly Marketing Plan

Monthly Activity

Determine what you need to be doing today to create income 90 days from now.  Pick a single project that can be created and launched in 90 days or less, such as a group coaching program, a teleseminar, or VIP day. Think of this as your “90-Day Payday.”

Next, brainstorm and create a very detailed checklist of all the steps that go into marketing and launching your project. You’ll use this checklist as part of your Daily Marketing Plan. Do this monthly and watch your income soar!

Step #2: Create Your Weekly Marketing Plan

Weekly Activity #1

Every day, you need to be engaging in activities that give you visibility.  Consider attending a networking meeting, giving a presentation or interview, or delivering a teleseminar. And no, posting on a social media site doesn’t count! The point is to engage more actively with the public. Social media is wonderful and necessary, but it doesn’t carry the same impact as a live experience with you.

Being visible can be a real challenge for some coaches but unless you’re willing to be in the spotlight, you’ll receive less than stellar results from your marketing. So make a commitment and follow through each and every week.

Weekly Activity #2

Make it a priority to deliver Discovery sessions every week. One-on-one calls with prospective clients are the single best way to bring in new clients. These calls are vital to a successful, thriving coaching business.  No matter what stage your business is in — from just getting started to more advanced — if you create a goal to deliver a minimum of three Discovery sessions per week, you’ll always have new clients flowing in!

Step #3: Create Your Daily Marketing Plan

Daily Activity #1

Make three “opportunity” calls. The focus of these calls is on expanding your visibility – getting speaking engagements, finding joint venture partners, and scheduling interviews.

Daily Activity #2

Make three “connecting” calls by following up with three potential client leads. The purpose is to schedule Discovery sessions, which become part of your weekly marketing plan. These leads can come from networking events, referrals, and virtually all of your other marketing systems.

Daily Activity #3

Complete 1-3 tasks for your 90-Day Payday Project. These tasks are from the detailed list you created earlier. By simply focusing on a few of these tasks every day you’ll get your Payday Project completed and launched with ease.

Systems – applied consistently – are the ticket to a prosperous and fulfilling new year for your business.

© Copyright 2012 Kendall Summerhawk

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