Planning Your 6-Figure Business for 2013

By Kendall Summerhawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert


Six figures is truly a magical number to reach in your business. You have a whole new level of confidence, skills, and empowerment that make it even easier to grow into multi-six figures, building your reputation and your brand along the way.

As you begin your planning for next year, the first thing to look at is what’s been keeping you from achieving your six-figure goal up to this point. Have you implemented the key elements needed for this level of success?

There are 7 components you must have in place for a six-figure coaching business. Here’s your checklist for reflection and planning. Which ones do you need to work on this year?

1. A Clear Niche With A Specific Problem That People Are Willing To Pay To Resolve

There are 3 parts to an awesome niche and all are important. For example, if you have a clear niche with a specific problem but the people within it are unable or unlikely to pay your fees, you’re setting yourself up for a struggle financially. Simply put, your niche is the problem you solve, for a particular group of people, who have already demonstrated their willing to invest in a solution. When you have these 3 parts working together, your marketing and content development will come together much more easily and quickly, giving you the boost you need to get to six figures.

2. Different Levels Of Service That Build Sustainable Client Relationships

When you offer only one program or service, you limit the number of people you can serve. You also limit what you can offer your clients long term. Multiple levels of service create a natural path for clients to stay with you over a longer period of time. Plus it’s much easier to sell to a current client than to find new ones. Variety and choice will attract more clients AND keep them coming back.

3. A Business Model That Positions Private Coaching As Your Highest Paid Service

If your business is based only on private coaching, your fees need to be substantial to reach the six-figure mark – or you need a lot of clients. When you limit the number of private coaching clients, you create exclusivity (a great selling point) and you can charge premium rates for your 1-to-1 time. Plus, you can offer VIP Days as a great way for clients to start working with you before becoming a high-end, private client.

4. Bold fees That Instantly Increase Revenue

One of the fastest ways to increase your bottom line is to simply raise your fees. It can take courage to implement an across-the-board increase without adding anything additional to your packages. But when you step up your fees, you’ll step up your personal power, your confidence as a coach, AND your profits – hallmarks of the six-figure entrepreneur.

5. Testimonials That Show The Results Clients Get From Working With You

It’s wonderful when clients say glowing things about working with you, but it’s much better when they describe the specific benefits and results they received. Results-focused testimonials are vital for attracting more new clients and growing your business. Take every opportunity to collect them and display them – on your website, newsletter, print materials and more.

6. A Dependable And Proven System For Attracting Clients

Finding clients unexpectedly always makes for a great story, but it doesn’t make for a reliable way to build your business. A sustainable six-figure income comes from consistently implementing systems to attract clients. One of the easiest and most effective systems is Discovery Sessions. Get in the habit of having Discovery Sessions every week and you’ll have more clients and more income in 2013.

7. A Six-Figure Mindset That Pulls You Forward So Success Comes Easily

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”
~ Napoleon Hill

You can have every system, product, and service in place; a gorgeous website; and social media and peer connections galore; but if you don’t truly believe that you can have a six-figure business, then no amount of external trappings will get you there. It all starts with your mindset and the only person who can transform that is YOU!

Use this checklist as a guide for upgrading your business in 2013. And don’t fall apart if you’ve checked every box. Perseverance – one step at a time – will get your momentum going.

Start with your mindset and your niche, then get your Discovery Session system going. Layer in the other 4 elements, stay focused and in motion, and you’ll be on your way to six-figures this year!

© Copyright 2013 Kendall Summerhawk

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