2 Tips For Using A Virtual Assistant To Help You Market A Teleseminar

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A teleseminar is a great way to grow your business. It gives you the ability to share your information with a lot of people at one time, and if you record it, you have the ability to share it with even more people without doing anything more at all. The only down-side is people won’t know you’re having a teleseminar or have a recording of one if you don’t market them. The best way to handle the marketing is to hire a Virtual Assistant to handle it for you.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you market your teleseminars will give you the time you need to create more or allow you to work your business. This will be a relief for you and you’ll see a weight lifted from your shoulders. You’ll also find the desire to create more will be there, as well, because you’ll know the marketing task will be taken care of by your Virtual Assistant.

There are a number of ways your Virtual Assistant can market your teleseminar for you. Here are a few tips to help her market your teleseminar for you successfully.

1. Social Media

Social media is a great way to market your teleseminar. You have the ability to reach out to those you know are within your market, but you also have the ability to market to others. Your Virtual Assistant can schedule posts for you without you doing anything at all, if you choose not to. There are programs like Hootsuite that offer you the ability to give your Virtual Assistant full control to handle these posts for you.

2. Blog Posts

Writing blog posts directly related to your teleseminar or related to the content within your teleseminar is another way to keep that information in front of your market. Your Virtual Assistant can write these posts, or she can schedule what you’ve written. Once these posts are done, she can make sure they’re posted on the social media sites you’re a part of.

Along with social media and blog posts, there are a number of other ways your Virtual Assistant can market your teleseminar. These may include newsletters, social bookmarking, text and button ads, and article marketing. When your Virtual Assistant helps you market your teleseminars, you’ll have more people attend and you’ll have more time to create more to offer to your market, and you’ll grow your business.

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