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Solo Entrepreneur Virtual Classes: Webinars, Teleclasses & Teleseminars


Marty Marsh

Just how long do you intend to keep riding the crazy revenue roller coaster? When was the last time you actually took a salary out of your business? Discover the "9 Best Practices for Business Success And How You Can Use Them to Finally Get Off the Revenue Roller Coaster And Have More Customers and Clients Than You Can Handle. Month After Month After Month."

Class Leader: Marty Marsh
Class Date(s): 04/22/14 (Tue) 12:00PM-1:30PM ET
Attend at 12noon or 4pm ET. TeleClass available by phone or webcast. You must attend live. No recordings will be provided.

Fabienne Fredrickson

It's time you align your business with your mission, market it authentically and monetize it the right way. Join Fabienne Fredrickson for a FREE two-part live 90-minute video webcast and discover the 9-step formula for creating a meaningful mission driven 6-7 figure business.

Class Leader: Fabienne Fredrickson
Class Date(s): 04/22/14 (Tue) 1:00PM-2:30PM ET

Learn how to get testimonials. It's this week's topic on Holly Chantal's Land of Brand call.

Class Leader: Holly Chantal
Class Date(s): 04/23/14 (Wed) 12:00PM-1:00PM ET

Shannon Cherry

A recent study found that as many as 90% of the stories you read every day in the newspaper came about because someone sent a press release. Why aren't some of those stories about you? Now is the time to register for Shannon Cherry's free 30-minute training to help you understand how to get free publicity.

Class Leader: Shannon Cherry, APR, MA
Class Date(s): 04/24/14 (Thu) 12:00PM-12:30PM ET
The webinar is available on several days & times to accommodate your schedule. Pick yours.

Cindy Schulson

Many coaches, consultants and other solopreneurs struggle because they continue to make some massive, but easily fixable, mistakes. Cindy Schulson is excited to share a free NEW webinar to help you pinpoint these mistakes so you can turn things around and make it easy for your favorite clients to say YES to you!

Class Leader: Cindy Schulson
Class Date(s): 04/24/14 (Thu) 2:00PM-3:00PM ET
The webinar is available on several days & times to accommodate your schedule. Pick yours.

Kendall Summerhawk

As an entrepreneur, do you often feel at a loss as to how to produce income when you need it most? Especially if you don't have a big list? And have you heard how offering higher-end programs can be so lucrative for others...but perhaps you didn't feel ready, didn't know how to get started, or wanted a way to "test the waters" first? Join Kendall SummerHawk for a FREE online training webinar for entrepreneurs where you're going to discover how to get started offering the fastest and easiest method for generating immediate money in your business..."VIP Days".

Class Leader: Kendall SummerHawk
Class Date(s): 04/24/14 (Thu) 6:00PM-7:00PM ET
The webinar is available on several days & times to accommodate your schedule. Pick yours.

Suzanne Evans

Be the Change is Suzanne Evan's brain child: an outrageous combination of education, information, and entertainment. She was sick of seeing the same stuff repeated and repackaged by others and decided to do it her way. In just four short years, the Be the Change Event exploded onto the scene. Growing into one of the most dynamic, powerful events for business owners who are committed to create unprecedented profits. It all starts with a decision. Don’t miss your chance to experience the business building event of the year.

Class Leader: Suzanne Evans
Class Date(s): 04/25/14 (Fri) 8:00AM-8:30PM ET
April 24 - 27 in Las Vegas, NV

Cindy Schulson

You're invited to attend a FREE live training with Cindy Schulson where she will teach you how to create a MAGNETIC MESSAGE that attracts your favorite clients and is true to who you are.

Class Leader: Cindy Schulson
Class Date(s): 04/25/14 (Fri) 1:00PM-2:00PM ET
The webinar is available on several days & times to accommodate your schedule. Pick yours.

Forget about the ABC's, we should've drilled down on the ROI's in order to succeed in business and in life. Join Marley Majcher for this SMARTY Webinar Series where she will teach you about ROI: the three letters that matter the most.

Class Leader: Marley Majcher
Class Date(s): 04/25/14 (Fri) 3:00PM-4:00PM ET
Recording available if you cannot attend.

Dana D'Orsi

Are you tired of working TOO MANY HOURS for TOO LITTLE INCOME and ready to figure out a different way? Join Small Business Marketing & Productivity Expert Dana D'Orsi for her newest FREE training to learn 7 simple ways to boost your income while reducing your stress.

Class Leader: Dana D'Orsi
Class Date(s): 04/28/14 (Mon) 1:00PM-2:00PM ET

Karyn Greenstreet

How do you find new members and make sure they're a good fit for your mastermind group? Successful mastermind groups start with great marketing and good communication. How do you find new members and make sure they're a good fit for your mastermind group? If you have already developed your mastermind group concept and need to find new members, this class is for you

Class Leader: Karyn Greenstreet
Class Date(s): 04/30/14 (Wed) 1:00PM-2:00PM ET
Live teleclass meets 1 hour each week, for 4 weeks starting Apr 30th. Sessions will be recorded.

Monica Shah

You are ready. The time is now. This is your year to breakthrough in business… even if you just started. Join Monica Shah for The More Money Tour where she will teach what every woman needs to know to make more than enough money in a business she loves.

Class Leader: Monica Shah
Class Date(s): 05/03/14 (Sat) 9:00PM-5:00PM ET
LIVE event: May 3 (Atlanta). Times TBD

Wouldn't you finally like your business to become what you've always dreamed it could be? There’s so much to do to run a business these days. The details and decisions can be quite overwhelming. Well you can FINALLY stop spinning and put the pedal to the metal. Join Jeannie Spiro for her Business Breakthrough Mastermind Day and get the support you need to create the business you want.

Class Leader: Jeannie Spiro
Class Date(s): 05/09/14 (Fri) 9:00PM-5:00PM ET
LIVE event in Providence, Rhode Island.

Marty Marsh

Learn about email marketing and anything else you want to know about email marketing is yours for the asking. Freestyle discussion and Q&A on all things email marketing. Get your best practices questions answered, get your technical questions answered.

Class Leader: Marty Marsh
Class Date(s): 05/14/14 (Wed) 7:00PM-8:00PM ET
Monthly, on the 2nd Wednesday. You may participate by phone or webcast. Recordings are always available if you cannot attend.

Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson is revealing her exact 9-step formula that you can start following immediately to authentically create a meaningful 6 or 7-figure business. She'll share the exact spiritual marketing principles that she's used to grow her own business to multiple 7-figures and show you how you too can have a meaningful, mission-driven business and earn the income you deserve, by doing good in the world.

Class Leader: Fabienne Fredrickson
Class Date(s): 05/20/14 (Tue) 9:00AM-5:00PM ET
May 20-22 in Atlanta, Georgia. Attend In-Person OR Virtually via Webcast.

Monica Shah

There are 3 things that will guarantee extraordinary results in your business forever – get them all in a single, powerful weekend. Join Monica Shah for her 3 day event, where you will learn everything you need to know about making money. (Think of this as your crash-course in success). You’ve got the passion. Now get the plan.

Class Leader: Monica Shah
Class Date(s): 05/29/14 (Thu) 9:00AM-6:00PM ET
Live Event May 29 - 31 in Atlanta, Georgia

Michele A Scism

Aren’t you tired of being an under earner? Aren’t you ready to be a highly paid authority in your industry? Are you serious about doing something about it? Then join Michele Scism for her Live Make More Money Tour Event where she will teach you how you can go from under earning expert to a highly paid authority in your industry.

Class Leader: Michele A Scism
Class Date(s): 06/02/14 (Mon) 9:00PM-5:00PM ET
Live event 6/2 (Seattle, WA) 6/27 (Boston, MA) 7/17 (Phoenix, AZ) 8/11 (Dallas,TX) 8/28 (Houston, TX).

So… YOU are your brand. That means that every aspect of your communication with the world needs to act like a real brand, not a real person (but yet you still need to be authentic and act like a real person. Confusing? Join Marley Majcher for this SMARTY Webinar Series where she will teach you how to package your personality and build a strong brand around yourself - your PUBLIC self.

Class Leader: Marley Majcher
Class Date(s): 06/27/14 (Fri) 3:00PM-4:00PM ET
Recording available if you cannot attend.

Michele A Scism

Join Michele Scism & Michelle Shaeffer, two entrepreneurs and bloggers who several years ago discovered the amazing power of blog challenges and decided to create the The Ultimate Blog Challenge to get more bloggers connected and motivated to succeed! The goal is to write and share a new blog post every day during the challenge month. How great would it be if you were able to get your blog post in front of hundreds of people? You will be connecting and building relationships and see amazing traffic visiting your site.

Class Leader: Michele A Scism and Michelle Shaeffer
Class Date(s): 07/01/14 (Tue) 9:00AM-9:00AM ET
Virtual event for bloggers held every quarter - January, April, July and October

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