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Known as America’s Divine Guidance Coach™, Eva Gregory is living her purpose and passion by teaching spiritually-focused entrepreneurs how to tap into and apply their own Divine Guidance to build healthy, sustainable businesses.

She loves helping the change-agents of the world have a greater impact, because she believes this is the fastest way to make the planet a better place. Professional coaches, speakers, authors, trainers, and healers who help individuals develop, evolve and transform have raved about Eva’s work for years.

In her Spiritually-Rich Business System™, it’s the combination of practical, step-by-step training and intuitive, spiritual awareness that paves the path to prosperity faster and more easily than clients can achieve on their own, that sets Eva apart from other coaches.

And she is crystal clear about helping people find their OWN way of doing things, because so many of her clients “live outside the box”. When they work with Eva – they get to create what works for them, which gives them better results!

Named International Coach of the Year in 2006, Eva brings diverse life and career experience to her service to clients around the world.

Eva has earned recognition as a master coach, Law of Attraction expert, conscious channel, industry leader and author of The Feel Good Guide To Prosperity and Life’s Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction: 7 Essential Ingredients to Living a Prosperous Life co-authored with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Jeanna Gabellini.

She has shared the virtual stage with luminaries including Neale Donald Walsch, John Assaraf, Cynthia Kersey, and Mary Morrissey.

Eva was named one of the Top 100 Women In Ecommerce in 2012, and won the ICF Award for the San Francisco Bay Area Coaches Conference in 2001.

Eva’s greatest satisfaction, though, comes from guiding thousands of clients worldwide to tap into their Divine Guidance to achieve results in their lives and work that were beyond their reach before they shifted their thinking in new and positive ways through her coaching, products, services, and training.

Clients rave about the impact Eva’s work has on the joy and success they welcome in their lives. Visit her website to access powerful tips to create a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity now.

Blog Posts by Eva Gregory

Fearlessness Is Not an Independent Achievement
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Balance Personal and Professional Responsibilities Without Losing Sleep
The Benefits of Meditation and Prayer in Everyday Life
Finding Your Life Purpose
Ancient Secrets to Quiet Your Wandering Mind
Design the Life You Desire With a Life Plan
Serve Right
Create a Vision for Your Life Today
Enjoy Healthy Therapy From Writing Your Life Story
Listen With Your Heart and Follow With Your Mind
Feel the Fear…But Find a Believer
How to Discover Purpose in Your Life and Avoid Boredom
Yes, No, Maybe So?
Curiosity Didn’t Kill The Cat…
Growth and Comfort: Worlds That Collide
Light Bulb Moments
Abundance Abounds
Labor Day
A Whole New Outlook in an Instant!
What A Tortoise Can Teach You About Your Business
Work Right
4 Simple Guidelines to Finding True Inner Peace
Simple Everyday Activities That Can Make You Happier
How to Regain Confidence Even if Your Struggles Have Destroyed You
Reinvigorate Your Life With a Summer of Discovery
Rejuvenate Your Life With a Low-Stress Summer Vacation
Who Are You? Pondering Your Personal Identity
Free Yourself by Overcoming the Fear of Loneliness
My Declaration of Independence
Overcoming Failures to Reach Success
The Science of Getting Rich
Achieve Your Goals Regardless of Obstacles
The Secret To You…A Gift From The Secret Scrolls
Over 90% of Your Success Comes From This…
Shocking Social Experiment About Women
Is This You?
Overcoming Adversity
A Leadership Movie You Will Not Forget
In the Garden Of Thoughts
You Get What You Give
Watch This…While You Can
Unleash The Power of 10%
Live Inspired
YES! Live Your Life Like it Matters!
Welcome The Rain
Because Our Children are Watching Video
A Pep Talk Video
Words That Changed my Life Video…
Even Eagles Need a Push
Chain of Kindness Video
Why Being Happy Matters Video
A Little Video to Stir Your Soul
The One Flaw In Women Video
The Simple Gesture Video
No “I” in Team Video
Soaring with Spirit
I Am Thankful for You Video
Do You Suffer From Anxiety?
A Video About Not Giving Up!
Our Choices Will Determine Our Destiny
Everyone Wants To See YOU Succeed!
The Richest Man in Town
Change is Good, You Go First
Simple Secrets to a Happy Life!
One Idea That Can Change Your Life
To a Child You Just May Be the World Video…
Walk The Talk Video
Inner Guidance Video
Nature’s Inspiration Video
You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School Video
One Word That Defines Success Video
First Thing Every Morning Video
You Are the Light Video
You Are Love Video
Just Believe Video
Get in Touch with the Divine in You
Let This Be YOUR Year!
Goal Getting
What Is Your Theme for 2012?
Congruence And Self Sabatoge
Trusting the “Voice”
Buddying Up
Listen to Your Inner Melody
The Power of Masterminds and Dreaming BIG!
What Would You Do?
Connecting with Your Spirit Guides
Two Weeks
Every Morning I Have A Choice
Tithing – By Giving You WILL Receive
Think It, Believe It and Lose It – Easily!
The Voice of Action
The Gift of Divine Guidance
Take A Vibrational Vacation
The Abundance of Being Thankful
GOALS: Light Bulb Moments
Learn Life’s Lessons
Long, Long Ago!
What Would You Do?
Your Age is a Gift
HAPPINESS: Grabbing Life by the Tail
Speeding Up
Give Me More!
It’s the Thought that Counts!
The State of Happiness
Give a Little Bit
Getting In Sync
Speak From Your Heart With Kindness
Do What You Love
Do Everything-On Purpose
Come on, Confess it!
Coming Undone Is a Good Thing
Don’t Overload, Unload
Close Your Eyes And Dream
Choose Your Path
Can You Hear Them Now?
Where Does Faith Fit In
Growth Knows No Limits
A Whole New Outlook In An Instant
In The Driver’s Seat
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Your Best Is Always Good Enough
New Year Equals New Life
Speak From Your Heart With Kindness
Readying for Winter Harvest
Thanksgiving — The Gift in Itself
Don’t Take It Personally!
Pay It Forward and Create Miracles!
Be Inspired, Not Tired
Inner Light
Joyous Journeys
Learning to Think Powerfully, Like the Masters
Choose Your Friends Wisely
It’s time to Think and Grow Rich… Again!
Eenie, Meenie
Power of Social Media
Don’t Take it Personally!
Doing MY Thing, Minding MY Own Business
Do Everything – On Purpose
What Instrument Do You Play In The Symphony Of Life?
Let Your Light Shine Through
But They Mean Well
Deliberately Set Intentions All Day
Fuel Your Day With Positive Emotions
Wonder Woman Wannabe?
Dare to Dream – It’s the First Step!
It’s Never Too Late for A Happy Life
Abundance and Prosperity
Putting Your Mind to It Reaps Massive Benefits
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Abundance Abounds
The Painting
Channel Surfing – Riding the Waves of Inner Guidance
One Bad Apple
Be Number One
Just Say No!
The Miracle of Giving
Thanksgiving – The Gift in Itself
LAW OF ATTRACTION: The Law of Attraction
SUCCESS: Close Your Eyes and Dream
GOALS: Soar To Freedom
SUCCESS: It Really Isn’t Who You Know, but Who You Assemble!
SUCCESS: Manifesting What You Want
ACTS OF KINDNESS: Give a Little Bit
LAW OF ATTRACTION: You Have To Believe It To See It
The Universal Law of Attraction
SUCCESS: Uncovering The Essence of You
SUCCESS: In Your Shoes
GOALS: Follow the Leader
GOALS: Do What You Love
Are You Positive Or Negative?
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Break Away from Self-Limiting Thought Patterns
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Top 7 Action Tips to Ignite Your Productivity
A Quick Guide to Gaining Extra Time and Making it Count
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Persistence Pays: Learning to Finish What You Start
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Top 10 Strategies to Negotiate With Confidence
7 Common Obstacles to Your Goals and How to Navigate Them
Are You Running Your Mindset Or Is Your Mindset Running You?
Your Best is ALWAYS Good Enough
Which Side Of The Road Am I Supposed To Be On?
Where Does Faith Fit In?
What Did You Just Say?
We Just Need To Have FUN!
Uncovering The Essence of You
Tithing – By Giving You WILL Receive
The State of Happiness
Get in Touch with the Divine in You
GOALS: Soar To Freedom
Serenity NOW It is Possible
Reprogramming Thoughts For Instant Success
Red Hot
Tap Into Higher Knowledge
SUCCESS: One Bad Apple
Manifesting What You Want
GOALS: Light Bulb Moments
SUCCESS: Learn Life’s Lessons
It’s Just A Number
It Really Isn’t Who You Know, But Who You Assemble
It Really Is Okay To Skip To The End
It Coulda Been Me
In Your Shoes
Law of Attraction: In the Driver’s Seat
HAPPINESS: Grabbing Life by the Tail
Getting in Sync
Follow the Leader
Don’t Overload, Unload
Take A Vibrational Vacation
Two Weeks
The Power of Masterminds and Dreaming BIG!
Trusting the “Voice”
GOALS: Do What You Love
Do Everything – On Purpose
Listen, Relax and Allow
Coming Undone-It’s A Good Thing!
Close Your Eyes and Dream
Choose Your Path
Can You Hear Them Now?
Being Vs. Doing
Make Time Stop Managing You
It’s Never Too Late
To Grow, or Not to Grow … There is No Question
The Ultimate Reward
The Secret to Making it B-I-G
Coming From Love
The Big Shift
The 411 on Selecting and Achieving Your Goals
Let This Be Your Time! How to Align Your Goals With Your Life Purpose
Opening the Floodgates of Success
Your Personal Big Give
SUCCESS: Ready, Set, Huddle
Putting Your Mind To It Reaps Massive Benefits
HAPPINESS: One Giant Leap for the Life You Love
You Can Let Time Stop Managing You
It Coulda Been Me
Magic Words
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Here and Now
Making Peace With Now
Committed or Trying?
Wonder Woman Wannabe?
The Power of Thanks
Pesky Behaviors in Others
Choose Your Own Economy
Eenie, Meenie
Empower Yourself for Success Today
Dare to Dream – It’s the First Step!
Are You Positive or Negative?
Allowing the Objects of Perfection
Developing A Magnetic Lifestyle
Clearing Out the Old to Make Room for the New
You Can Have it All… Just Not All at Once!
Goal Getting
What’s Your State of Mind?
Congruence and Self-Sabatoge
Are You Soaring Or Snoring? Handstand Or Quicksand – You Make The Call!
Buddying Up
Are You Be-Ing?
Down Economy? What Down Economy?
Other Universal Laws
Freeing the Voice Within
Extreme Self Care – Taking Time For Your Life
Success Revisited
Desire Rain
Wishes DO Come True!
Next Destination: Your Life
The Chocolate Love Affair
Learn How to Make FEAR Your Ally
Is the Energizer Bunny Mocking You?
Tune Out and Tune In
Just Say No!
You are Always At Choice
Are You Careful or Careless?
Who Are You Truly?
Live Life Fully
Peering into the Future
One Bad Apple
You are the Brand
Developing Online Credibility
Unlease Your Creativity
The Universal Law of Allowing
The Universal Law of Deliberate Creation
The Law of Attraction
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