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Nina East is a Content Development & Content Marketing Strategist, creating marketing, training and sales content since 1988.

Nina is known for her ability to capture your words and thoughts, transforming them into valuable content to be used in multiple ways. Her clients often comment that what she produces sounds more like them than what they could have possibly created themselves.

While the typical thinking is "Content is King", Nina's approach to it is that content - great content - is actually the life force running through your business. Everything you do, say, and even think, is fodder for powerful content to get your message out into the world. The problem is getting that content out of your head and in to useful service. Without great content that is visible to the world, your business can't serve your audience the way you want. Helping people shine, so they can perform their life's work, is a driving force for Nina.

When it comes to content development, Nina thinks of herself as a true partner - what she refers to as being an "intimate outsider" in your business. Her expertise is in co-creating your content development plans to align with your business goals, resulting in an easily implemented content marketing system. Her versatile Done-With-You and Done-For-You styles, along with her "intimate outsider" role in your business, make her the perfect partner for creating valuable content in YOUR voice.

Nina's background as a successful business coach, her high energy and genuine enthusiasm, coupled with a passion to help people be more of who they are - completely, fully, and in full-visibility mode - creates her signature approach to content planning and development. Her strategic approach makes sure it not only works, but works for you.

Recently, Nina has applied three of her greatest interests - personal development, marketing and content development - along with helping others shine - to her latest endeavor, Smart Confident Woman Magazine, published on iTunes and in the Google Play Store.  The magazine is specifically for women entrepreneurs who understand that their personal development and business success and intimately connected.

Nina is usually described as being ahead of her time, and not at all what you would expect. She has had multiple careers and businesses - often described as a serial entrepreneur or serial expert. It is probably more accurate to call her a Renaissance Woman.

In addition to running two online companies, Nina has been a leadership and personal development trainer, a published author, the director of student development at a liberal arts university, a manager of a traditional retail store, the lead certifier for the International Association of Coaching, the senior trainer at the world's largest coach training program, a motorcycle safety instructor, and a firewalk instructor…so she brings a unique understanding of the joys - and challenges - of owning your own business and taking action that might otherwise scare you.

Nina moved back to her hometown in 2003 and is still enjoying the nostalgia of it all. She currently lives in the house next door to the one she grew up in, with her fiesty, smart (and somewhat anxious) hybrid dog, Scout, and her  two, completely-in-charge kitties, Coco Puff and Lucky.

You can reach Nina at

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