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Million Dollar Marketing Coach Kendall SummerHawk is an award-winning, sought after small business expert.

Kendall delivers simple ways entrepreneurs like you can design and price your services to quickly move away from 'dollars-for-hours work' and create more money, time, and freedom in your business. Kendall will show you how to design your services so you can turn what you know into lucrative information products, private intensives, workshops and high-end coaching programs. Kendall passionately believes you deserve to be financially successful by fulfilling your Soul's Divine Purpose™ via a thriving business, and that making great money is an important part of your spiritual path. She is the author of the book, Brilliance Unbridled, and the author of many best-selling home study programs such as "How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It!™," “7 Money Mindset and Pricing Strategy Secrets of an Authentic Million Dollar Coach" and "How to Add 6-Figures to Your Business -- Practically Overnight -- with Lucrative, High-End Platinum Style Coaching Programs."

Kendall's business is the perfect model of creating a 7-figure coaching business AND a romantic lifestyle that includes plenty of free time with her beloved horses, husband Richard and her friends and family in Tucson, Arizona.

Blog Posts by Kendall Summerhawk

What If I Fail?
Build Your Courage Muscles
The Cycle of Money in Your Business
Are You Giving Up Your Life To Be In Business?
Have You Taken This Biz Breakthrough Quiz? (3-minutes, Tops)
Free Yourself So You Can Leap Ahead
You’ve Got This!
Need More Confidence In Your Biz?
Want To Shorten Your Coaching Sessions? (FREE VIDEO)
Behind The Curtain Of My Decisions…
Goal Setting Secrets
Wishing You a Happy New Year
Have You Taken This Biz Breakthrough Quiz? (3-minutes, tops)
One Of My Favorite Pre-Workshop Rituals For Success
It’s Time For A Change…
Want An Instant Money Mindset Makeover? Use Mine…
What Is The Bridge You Need To Cross?
What’s Your Mustard Seed?
My Fave Mindset List
Keeping A Positive Attitude When Trouble Brews In Your Business
3 Beliefs You’ll Need As A Woman Entrepreneur
Needing A Cash Flow Boost Right Now In Your Business?
How To Gracefully Handle The Breakdown Before The Breakthrough
Is Your Content Marketable?
Clarity Rules!
Women Entrepreneurs Fear Their Power, Here’s Why…
4 Steps to Creating Coaching Income
Tips To Making More Sales From Simple Emails
Why We ‘Love Without Mercy’ In My Business
Which Habits to Ditch for 2013
Planning Your 6-Figure Business for 2013
Have You Heard My Personal Story?
Don’t Sabotage Your Priorities
Shrinking To Fit
Stay Committed
Quick Tips On Generating Income In December
Let Me Give You My Cash Flow Strategies In This This FREE Video Coaching Series
Want An Instant Money Mindset Makeover? Use Mine…
Where Do You Make Your Decisions From?
You Gotta Be A Control Freak about This in Your Biz
Coach, Mentor, Consultant – Which One Are You?
Quick Tips On ‘Spring Cleaning’ Your Marketing Plan
3 Easy Ways to Staying Focused on Your Goals
I Can’t Believe She Did That!
My 3 Simple New Year’s Planning Steps For 6 and 7-Figure Growth
How to Create Your 2012 Marketing Plan for Success
Your 2012 Business Skills Checklist
Simple Ways to Give Your Business a Financial Fresh Start for the New Year
Time To Use Bold Coaching to Turn Client Challenges into Successes
Ready To Turn Your Discovery Sessions into New Clients?
Let Go To Grow Your Business
Wanting and Longing are Two Entirely Different Emotions…
Am I Good Enough?
You’re Amazing
Get Clear on the Nature of Who YOU Are…
Get Clear on the Nature of Who YOU Are…
Try It With Me… Ask For Help No Matter What
Place From Which to Make Life and Business Decisions
All You Need Is Love
The Secret Is Out…Did You Hear It?
Honored to Be Named as a Finalist for the Stevies
It’s One Thing to Talk About the Law of Attraction, Yet Another Thing to Practice It
Anytime Something Makes You Feel Angry, Instead of Stuffing that Emotion, Ask These Questions…
Reading “The Happiness Project” – What’s one thing YOU want to change?
Are You Willing to Receive?
A Few Pearls of Wisdom After 10 Years in Business
Teaching, Via Video, the Secret Link Between Women, Debt and Self-Esteem
What do YOU do When the Moon and Stars Collide Instead of Align?
The Velvet Hammer
More Drama
Sh*& Happens
Don’t Worry
Be Drama-Free
Dream Big, Then Create Your Life and Business as if That Dream is Real
Money – A Mirror for Personal Growth
Getting Unplugged
What Habits are You Releasing?
Leaping Without a Net
Raise Your Standards
The Difference Between What You Have Now and What You Want
Is Your Man’s Money Beliefs Holding You Back From Success?
Work on Your Ability to Receive
What Are You Waiting For?
A-ha Moment
Stretch Goals
Where Is Money in Your List of Values
Is Your Program Experiencing ‘Failure To Launch’ Syndrome?
The Gift of Receiving
Is Your Family’s Money Legacy Keeping You From Growing Your Biz?
How To Tell The Difference Between Intuition And Fear
How To Make Decisions
What’s on Your “Makes Me Happy” List
What Are The Mindset Secrets of a Divine Feminine Millionaire Entrepreneur?
Are They Ignoring Your Marketing?
Are They Ignoring Your Marketing?
Are They Ignoring Your Marketing?
Are They Ignoring Your Marketing?
Are They Ignoring Your Marketing?
Are They Ignoring Your Marketing?
Disney Princesses
Resist the Temptation to Explain
A Lull in Business is an Opportunity to Look Within
Don’t Answer Half Way
Need Help Filling Your Next Event? Try This…
What Would YOU Do In This Business Situation?
Be Authentic
Your Ideal Vision?
Cross The Void
One Word that NEVER Came Up
How Are You Growing YOU Today?
A Few Insights and “A-Ha’s”
Clean Up Your Money
Align your Soul’s Divine Purpose™
Stand in Your Power
Rich People Aren’t Nice – Are They?
Stuck – This Can Happen to Me Too
The Big “A-Ha”
Act Like a 6-Figure Business Owner
Facinated by People Who Live their Life With Spirit, Grace & Generosity
Okay, So What IS Up For Us This Year, And How Will It Help YOU?
Did You Know That My Business — And Personal — Success Is Because Of This…
In Your “Selling Conversations” are You Forgetting to Appeal to Both the Feminine AND the Masculine Part of our Brain?
How Do You Measure A Year?
Are YOU My Next Platinum Client?
Will Your Information Product Really Sell?
So What’s My Secret To Staying Happy AND Sane In The Midst Of So Much Going On?
How To Be A Powerful Stand For Creating More Money In Your Business
Purifying Your Marketing Environment
Would You Like an Epiphany about the Economy?
5 Ways To Get You And Your Sales Out Of A Slump…Fast!
Want to Quickly Create a Miracle in Your Business?
Quick Tip on Confidently Handling that Dreaded Money Moment
Extreme Positivity
What Is Your Next Step?
Quick Tip on How to Prioritize Those Ideas Buzzing Around Your Brain
How Much More Can You Delegate?
Does she or DOESN’T she?
How to Get Clients by Giving Testimonials
The more you show up, the more money you make
3 Clever Ways Creative Women Entrepreneurs Can Finally Get Organized!
How to Get (and Stay) Focused on Success
Quick Tip for Using Bonuses to Get New Clients
Crap (Ugh…I Mean “Stuff”) I Don’t Do In My Business
Quick Way To Add Big Bucks To Your Business
1 Quick Way to Help Get Your Business Well Into 6-Figures
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Classes by Kendall Summerhawk

Articles by Kendall Summerhawk

How Is Your Relationship With Goal Setting?
My Embarrassing First Speaking Gig
You Are So Deserving
Tips On Making Your Offer In A Teleseminar
Feeling Jealous Of Her?
Are You Courageous Enough?
Grow Your List With Speaking (Simple How-To Tips)
3 Strategies For Handling Sales Rejection With Grace And Ease
Faced With A Challenging Client? Simple Tips On Handling Tough Situations
Simple Bookkeeping Basics For Women Entrepreneurs
My Fave Mindset List
Is Your Calendar Set Up To Support Your Success?
Is Your Hubby or Partner Complaining About Your Business?
How To Write An Ezine Article In Under 60 Minutes, Every Time
Are Your Clients Accountable Enough?
Stair-Stepping Your Fees
3 Essential Ways to Own Your Power
Simple Tips On Getting Control Of Your Business Bookkeeping
4 Tips for Creating a High-Level Mastermind
How to Transform Criticism into Business Growth
7 Easy Steps for Creating a Great Title that SELLS
Quick Ways Of Finding 5 New Clients This Month
Want My Personal List Of ‘What To Master’ In Your Business?
Little Secret Money Habits I Love Using…
Why Being A Control Freak Can Be Good For Your Business
How to Choose Easy Bonuses for Your Next Offer
Practicing the Mindsets Of An Abundant Coach
The Secret Behind Packages That Sell Themselves
Should I or Shouldn’t I? Easy Ways To Make Aligned Decisions About Your Business
Have You Solved The ‘Am I Worth It?’ Question?
7 Client Attracting and Creative Ways to Use Testimonials
Spiritual Tips To Stop Fearing Selling Sessions
7 Easy-to-Implement Ezine Marketing Tips
Easy Tips on Using Speaking To Grow Your Business
How to Intuitively Prioritize Your Great Ideas!
3 Steps to Move from 1:1 Coaching to Multiple Income Streams
Quick Fixes For Keeping More Money
Goal Setting Secrets For Women Entrepreneurs – Part 2
Goal Setting Secrets For Women Entrepreneurs — Part 1
Ready To Turn Your Discovery Sessions into New Clients?
3 Hot Ideas for Repurposing Your Videos
Are You Sabotaging Your Priorities?
Are ‘Money Trust’ Issues Impacting Your Business?
The Coaching Key To Make Running Your Business Not Be So Hard
Need To Be A Stronger Leader In Your Business?
You’ve Got Your ‘Money Cycle’ Upside Down, Here’s Why…
Have You ‘Snap Shot’ Your Business Yet?
Solving The “Am I Worth It” Question
Five Great Reasons You Need to Be Seeding – Every Day
Where Will The Money Come From?
How Much Is Your ‘Inner Accountant’ Allowing You To Make?
3 Surprising Ways To Use Your Values for Coaching Success
You Gotta Get Control Of Your Numbers
Business Conflicts? How To Handle Them With Feminine Grace And Power
What Are You Tolerating (And Is It Time to Stop)?
Your Simple, Readiness Checklist For Attracting Higher Paying Clients
Easy Ways to Network at Events
One Simple Strategy You Can’t Afford To Be Missing In Your Business
Are You Playing Invisible In Your Business?
What Do You Do When You Need More Workshop Sign-Ups?
Bouncing Back – How to Break Through a Business Breakdown
Are You Giving Away Too Much?
Do Your Discovery Sessions Need 911 Help?
What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You?
How to Attract The Best Joint Venture Partnerships
Who Are You Comparing Yourself To?
3 Ways To Give Your Business A Financial Fresh Start
You Gotta Go to Grow
5 Hot Tips for Powerful Discovery Sessions
Is It Me? How To Elevate Your Business From The Inside, Out
When Your Biz Faith Needs A Boost, This Will Help
Are You Over-Coaching?
Are You Stuck In Neutral?
Simple Ways To Keep Cash Flowing Into Your Business
Who Is Influencing Your Success?
6 Best Ways To Generate Revenue From Live Events
Simple Secrets To Solving The Question Of Value In The Minds Of Your Clients
3 Areas Of Inner B.S. You Can Let Go Of Today To Grow Your Business
How to Create Massive Connection with Your Audience
Where Do You Start Improving Your Business?
Choosing These Priorities Will Determine The Success Of Your Business
Time Saving Secrets For Running Your Business
Is It Time to Change Your Niche?
How Do You Turn A Breakdown With Your Coach Into A Breakthrough?
How To Get Your Spouse Behind You And Your Business
How to Confidently Add “Esoteric” Services to Your Coaching Packages
Are You Choosing Your Income Numbers or Letting Your Numbers Choose You?
Oh No, They’re Leaving! How to Get Your Clients To Stay Longer
Easy Strategies For Maximizing Your Time When Learning Virtually
Easy Ways To Keep Clients From Pushing Your Boundaries
How Do You Become The Divine Feminine Leader Of Your Business?
How To Confidently Make Your Offer In A Teleseminar
Do You Have These Emotions Mastered For 6 and 7-Figure Biz Growth?
Are You Ready To Be A ‘Tall Poppy’ With Your Income?
3 Easy Tips For Selling From The Stage
How To Raise Your Pricing Self-Esteem
How to Energetically Prepare for Delivering a Workshop
How To Choose The Right Priorities To Grow Your Business – Part 2
3 Key Actions to Make Money A Priority in Your Business
How To Choose The Right Priorities To Grow Your Business – Part 1
Handling Debt with Confidence and Clarity
What Trumps Budgeting Every Time For Generating More Money
What Do You Do When It’s Time to Let a Program Participant Go?
Are You Empowering Your Team to Be Income Producing?
Time Secrets of 6-Figure Entrepreneurs
Are Your Man’s Money Beliefs Holding You Back From Success?
Budget-Stretching Tips For Growing Your Biz
Quick Cash Flow ‘Slump Busters’ For Your Biz
How to Avoid Implementation Overwhelm
Is Making More Money Part Of Your Spiritual Path?
What Takes You Out?
Is Your Content Marketable?
The Key To Rapid Biz Success Is To Follow The Millionaire Entrepreneur’s Path
Breaking Through Marketing Writer’s Block
The Value of Making Soul Agreements in Business
Are You Losing Faith in Your Business Results Too Soon
Is Your Family’s Money Legacy Keeping You From Growing Your Biz?
Are You Talking Yourself OUT of Clients Paying You?
Money Habits Of Highly Successful Women
Millionaire Mindset Secrets of the Divine Feminine Entrepreneur
Which Works Better For You, Masculine Or Feminine Biz Planning Steps?
Are You Ready to Confidently Stand in Your Power on Stage at Your Next Workshop?
Are You Guilty Of Over Delivering And Overwhelming Your Clients?
Need Help Filling Your Next Event? Try This…
How to Avoid ‘Taking On’ Your Clients’ Money Drama
How Much Money Are You Subconsciously Programmed to Make?
My 3 Favorite — And Fastest — Business Growth Strategies
Client Payment Problems? Try These 3 Simple Tips
Is Your Man’s Money Beliefs Holding You Back From Success?
What You Must Make Time For To Grow Your Business
How Much Money Do You Deserve To Make?
Does Money Jealousy Have Its Green Eyed Grip On You?
Are You Energetically Blocking Your List From Growing?
Are You Missing These Teleseminar Promotion Secrets?
Is Your Money Cycle A Blessing Or A Curse?
Are You Secretly Avoiding These Million Dollar Money Habits?
Are You Unconsciously Giving Your Marketing ‘Bad Vibes’?
Is Making More Money A Blessing…Or A Burden?
The Magic: It’s Not What You May Think
Is Your Niche Hot…Or Not?
Are We Done Yet? How to Implement Everything Faster Without Overwhelm
Are You Pushing Money Away With These Behaviors?
How to Delegate Like an Empowered Business Woman
The Secret To Paying Yourself First, Even If Cash Flow Is Tight
Working From Home? Tips To Succeed Without Distraction
Oh No! Are They Ignoring Your Emails?
Quick Tips To Launch Your Teleseminar
Marketing With The Power Of One
How To Find Time To Market Your Business
Creative And Simple Tips For Planning A Profitable 2010
Are You Guilty Of Overwhelming Your Clients By Over Delivering?
What You Must Let Go Of To Grow
One Simple Way To Quickly Wean Off Of 1-on-1 Client
Are They Ignoring Your Marketing?
Is Growing Your Business Triggering Fear?
How To Get Your Next 3 Clients
Is The Money You Make Slipping Through Your Fingers?
5 Ways Being In A Master Mind Can Payoff
3 Easy Tips To Stop Procrastinating With Your Marketing
How To Transform A Business Challenge Into A Business Breakthrough
Will A Master Mind Help Your Business?
Smart Changes To Make In Your Business So You Thrive In This Economy
How To Turn One Idea Into Multiple Streams Of Income
Simple 6-Figure Business Checklist
Stop Falling Into The Marketing ‘Do Over’ Trap
3 Sneaky 6-Figure Self-Sabotage Mistakes You Must Avoid
5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow Right Now
Easy Tips For Hosting Your Own Live Event
Business Model Blunders It’s Best Not To Make
Million Dollar Tips On Managing Your Time
Is Your Virtual Assistant Letting You Down?
4 Marketing Basics To Get You To 6-Figures And Beyond
Tips To Authentically Market With Soul
Are Product Returns Signaling Bad Money Karma?
Breakthroughs For Marketing Writer’s Block
Is It Smart To Focus On One Offer?
3 Simple Steps To Wean Off 1-on-1 Clients And Create Leveraged Income
How To Add Quick Income To Your Business With Telephone-Based VIP Days
Tips To Transition From 1-on-1 To Membership Income
Would You Do This To Leap Into 6- or High 6-Figures?
What Does Your Marketing Archetype Say About You?
Payment Plan Strategies That Help Boost Sales
Secrets To Making The Leap Into 6-Figures (And High 6-Figures)
What’s Your Signature System? Here’s Why You MUST Have One…
How To Get Your Clients To Buy In This Market
Tips for Selling Back of the Room…Platinum Style
What NOT To Say When Selling A High-End Program
3 Tips To Choose The Right Clients For Your High-End Program
Do You Have The ‘Emotional Mindset’ To Sell Big Ticket Programs?
Why Your Clients WILL Pay For A High-End Program With You, Even In The Current Economy
The Million Dollar Marketing Checklist You Simply Must Have!
How Potent Is Your Vision?
What’s Better Than Gratitude?
How Good Is Your Small Business Brand?
Will Your Information Product Really Sell?
Purifying Your Marketing Environment Part 2
Purifying Your Marketing Environment Part 1
How To Be A Powerful Stand For Creating More Money In Your Business
4 Pricing Myths You Can’t Afford To Believe
Is It Time To Break Up With Your Virtual Assistant?
5 Ways To Get You And Your Sales Out Of A Slump…Fast!
5 Overlooked Reasons Why You Must Charge More!
Ending Entrepreneurial Overwhelm Once And For All
What To Do When A Client Wants To Quit
Prepare for Raising Your Fees – Here’s How…
Quick Money Saving Tips When Making a Recorded Information Product
Money Conversation with Your Prospective Clients
3 Ways Saying “No” to Clients Pays Off
What NOT to Do When Raising Your Fees
Using Teleseminars to Boost Your List
How to Keep Clients Longer
Sticky Money Situations in Business
4 Simple Tips to Move Your Business In A New Direction
3 Tips To Create Mini-Celebrity Status In Your Industry
How to Get Focused Instead of Fighting Fires
Six Quick Marketing Rituals That Work
Good Times or Bad Times? Who to Trust in YOUR Small Business
How to Create a Powerful and Motivating Bold Money Goal
Are You Specialized Enough?
Benefits of Offering Bonuses
1 Quick Tip to Add 5,000-20,000 Per Month to Your Business
Is Your Marketing Time Sacred?
How to Get Clients by Giving Testimonials
Business Success – How to Get (and Stay) Focused on Success
3 Clever Ways Creative Women Entrepreneurs Can Finally Get Organized!
Three Tips to Infuse More Style into your Marketing Strategies
Creating Effortless, Dream Businesses Start With “Soul” Agreements
Small Business Marketing: What Puts You Closest to the Money?
Money Consciousness – How To Reset Your Money Speedometer For 6-Figures
Marketing Strategy – Do You Know this Secret to Creating More Information Product Sales?
Email Campaign Blunders to Avoid
Small Business Marketing – Are You Playing Small With Your Marketing Strategy?
Client Boundaries – Horse Whisperer’s Advice for Handling Difficult Customers
Small Business Marketing: Five Simple Steps to Get Three New Clients, NOW!
Successful Entrepreneur Shares Top Marketing Strategy that Sells Every Time
Internet Marketing: How to Use Email Promotions for Big Results
5 Quick and Simple Tips for Creating Fresh Newsletter Content
Internet Marketing: Five Secrets for Writing (and Selling) from Your Heart
5 Marketing Strategies On Using Information Products to Make More Money
Distraction A Problem? Here Are Ten Easy Solutions
How is Your Money Integrity?
Will a Membership Site Work For Your Business?
Why Ignore These Potential Clients?
Is Hiring a Virtual Assistant Right for You?
Marketing Your Information Product – One Tip You Need to Know
Branding with Archetypes
What Exactly is YOUR Vision?
Costly Information Product Mistakes to Avoid
Why Are You Discounting?
Finding Your Brand
Are your Packages Boom or Bust?
Is Your Intention Up to Snuff?
Is Branding Just Baloney?
What Do Millionaire Entrepreneurs REALLY Think About?
Time to Raise Your Fees?
Speak Up for What You Want!
Exploring the Alchemist Archetype
Thrill Your Clients with a Touch of Luxury (that only costs you pennies)
Do You Cringe At Pricing Your Services?
Weeding Out Clients Will Grow Your Business
Don’t Skip These Steps In A Selling Conversation
How To Use Your Website To Shorten Your Sales Cycle
What Motivates People To Hire You
Quick Tips For Working Less And Making More
How To Find Focus And Turn Your Talent Into A Thriving Professional Business
5 Tips to Creating a Powerful Master Mind
Are You Ready to Move ‘Up Market’?
Can You Charge More?
Why Your Clients Will Pay More
How to Get a Big Project Done Faster
How to Charge More and Get It!
3 Ways to Respectfully Handle Your Less-than-Ideal Clients
Is Your Website Missing These 5 ‘Must Haves’?
How to Create Your Own Audio Mini-Seminar
Keep it Simple
Breaking New Ground
Marketing, Juggling, and Being Bold
Can You See the Difference?
Line Up Your Services for Branding Power
Don’t Goof! How to Choose the Right Information Product
5 Easy Ways to Get Marketing Driven Testimonials
How to Be Your Own Virtual Assistant
Create Multiple Streams of Client Income to Increase Your Bottom Line
Got Client Clutter? How to Attract and Keep an “A” List of Clients
Business Projects – Are Yours Stuck Mid-Stream?
Your Office Environment – It Also Plays a Key Role in Your Success
Money Consciousness for Busy Entrepreneurs
Business Dream Theme – How to Get (and stay) Focused on Success
Business Branding – Live Your Brand
Raise Your Value AND Your Prices
Choosing the Right Product or Service to Launch
Banish Seminar Overwhelm
Examples of Branding with Archetypes
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