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Michele Scism is a decisive, driven and committed entrepreneur dedicated to helping business owners build thriving, leveraged businesses. She believes that business failure could be eradicated if business owners would make a few simple changes to the way they do business.

Michele is a leading authority on business growth and online marketing and the Founder of Her clients call her “The Results Lady” because as a business strategist she helps entrepreneurs turn their passion into expert status and then profits. She is an international speaker, radio show host and author.

Michele’s knowledge in the areas of online marketing and social media marketing have been recognized during recent interviews on several web TV shows, including being interviewed by Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

Known for her direct approach, desire to see business owners succeed, ability to get directly to the problem and her smile, Michele is all over the internet using social media, audio, video and blogging to get her word out and help entrepreneurs.

For free online marketing and social media tips and how-to articles you can find Michele online at

Blog Posts by Michele A Scism

Video Podcast: Those Annoying Pop-up Boxes
Email List Building: You’re Asking the Wrong Question
28 Days to Grow Your List AND YOUR INCOME Challenge
Video Podcast: Wasting Time Driving Traffic to Your Website
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10 Minute Blog Post System Part II
10 Minute Blog Post System Part I
Derek Sivers on How to Start a Movement
Why Most People Fail at Their Goals
How to Make Money During the Holidays
VIP Days: More Money, Great Results, Less Work
An Important First Step to Planning Your New Year
Quality Content Will Grow Your List Fast
Increase Your Profit With Your List
Creating a Vision that WILL Come True
Grow Your List With Offline Promotions
Video Podcast: How to Find the Buyers in Your Community
5 Ninja Email List Building Strategies
7 Tasks You Should Start Delegating Right Now
The Secret to Making it to The “Big Leagues” Fast…
Video Podcast: Social Media in 30 Minutes A Day
How To Get Massive Visibility from Your Content
It’s Only Failure If You Quit
4 Reasons Every Business Needs a Newsletter
21 Ways to Cash in On Content: #1 Create a Lite Version
How to Get 10% More People on Your Webinar
What Pokémon Go Can Teach You about Marketing
ETA Podcast Episode 56: How to Find the Buyers in Your Community
The Shocking Reality for Entrepreneurs
Looking for Free Traffic to Your Website?
What Pitbull Learned From Tony Robbins
Yes! It’s called Decide, Act, Profit
I Really Screwed Up
Bad Habits Are Ruining Your Business
Grow Your Business with Likes
3 Tips for Working ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business
Video Podcast: 5 Steps to Getting More Done in Your Business
Video Podcast: Lack of Focus Is Killing Your Business
Make Decisions in 3 Easy Steps
Video Podcast: How To Find Profitable Ideal Clients
Video Podcast: Profitable Tweaks
Video Podcast: Planning For Profit
Video Podcast: How To Build Your List With Joint Ventures
Video Podcast: How To Create a Webinar That Converts
Video Podcast: How to Get More Email Subscribers from Your Blog
Video Podcast: How to Create An Effective Newsletter
Video Podcast: Easy E-mail List Building Tips
Why Nobody Is Reading Your Social Media Posts
Stopped Growing Your Email List Because You Have Nothing To Say?
Video Podcast: Social Media in 30 Minutes A Day
Video Podcast: How To Hire A Bookkeeper for Your Business
Video Podcast: What Your Financials Tell You About Your Business
The Bad Habit That Is Killing Your Business
Here’s Why Your Last Launch Didn’t Make Money
Video Podcast: Where To Spend Your Marketing Time and Money in 2016
Video Podcast: Measurements – How Do I Use Them?
My 6 Biggest Lessons from 6 Years of Decisive Minds
Do You Have to HAVE Money to MAKE Money?
Video Podcast: Tracking Numbers to Build Your Business
Can You Grow Your Business By Making It Smaller?
Video Podcast: How to Stop Being the Bottleneck in Your Business
My Regret Busting Plan for 2016
7 Tips for an Amazingly Successful 2016
Video Podcast: My Coaching Industry Projections For 2016
An Important First Step To Planning Your New Year
Video Podcast: My “Be A Super Prepared Speaker” Checklist
5 Ways to Banish Bright Shiny Objects Forever
The Secret To Setting and Getting Your Goals
Video Podcast: Profit from Speaking Gigs Even if You Can’t Sell
Why Most People Fail at Their Goals
Video Podcast: How To Be Prepared For a Last Minute Speaking Gig
Video Podcast: How To Know When To Turn Down A Speaking Gig
How to Make Money During the Holidays Without Creating Anything New
How to Make Your Speaking Gigs Worth It.
How to Create An Irresistible Talk Description
How To Create a Speaker Sheet
The 6 Best Ways to Build Your Community in 2015
How to Stand Out At Your Next Event Even If You Are Painfully Shy
What Are You Willing To Do To Win?
Video Podcast: So You Want To Build A Legacy Business
My Defining Moment
3 Conversion Tips That Will Double Your Sales In the Next 30 Days
How to Get 800+ People To Come to Your Event
My Biggest Product Flop
Stop Being a Rebel and Do What Works…
The Most Frightening Event I Attended This Year
Why Even Bother?
Video Podcast: How To Hire A Coach
Video Podcast: Make More Money with Commodity Mindset
Video Podcast: Delegation vs Abdication in our Businesses
Video Podcast: Washing Windshields in the Rain
Video Podcast: What To Do With All Those Business Cards
Video Podcast: An Easy 6-Figure Revenue Plan For Entrepreneurs
Mardi Gras Challenge
Video Podcast: 4 Ways to Fill Your Events and Programs
Are You Ready?
Video Podcast: Finding The Perfect Client With Client Mapping
Video Podcast: Are Your Teleseminar Results Disappointing?
Video Podcast: Using Surveys as a Market Research Tool
If You Are Brave Enough To Do This – You Will Make More Money in 2015
Video Podcast: What Car Rental Can Teach You About Business
Video Podcast: Using Contests and Challenges To Get Noticed
5th Anniversary of Decisive Minds
Video Podcast: Marketing Tips I Learned From Pitbull
Video Podcast: Entrepreneurs Are Afraid
Video Podcast: Stop Setting Unrealistic Goals For Your Business
Video Podcast: 3 Tips To Improve Your Sales Pages
Video Podcast: The Five Stages of Business
Video Podcast: Build Visibility with Centers of Influence (COI)
Use a Little Vitamin A to Quickly Grow Your Business
Video Podcast: Is Your Business Leaking Money?
Video Podcast: Is Sympathy Costing You Money?
Video Podcast: Entrepreneurs Are Lazy
Sales Tips For Speakers
Entrepreneurs Are Cheap
Do You Need a Bookkeeper or a CPA?
3 Steps To Creating An Amazing Community
5 Tips For Building A Business That Serves You
Sometimes The Scary Path Is Less Risky
Ouch… The One Thing That Will ALWAYS Hold You Back…
Madame Michele Predicts the Future of Your Business
Your Momma Was So Wrong…
Make the Right Choice Every Time
The (Not So) Secret To Seven Figure Success…
Your Biggest Fear or Biggest Blessing?
Broke Is A Choice
Creating a Legacy or Simply Making a Living
Is Blogging Dead?
Is This the Last Ultimate Blog Challenge?
Using Scarcity To Enroll High End Clients
The 3 Things That Stand Between You and What You Want
Do You Have A Clear Money Map?
Are You Ignoring Your Business Finances?
7 Signs You Aren’t Earning Enough
Toddlers Know the Secret to Success
The One Thing That Ruins Most Online Businesses
Starting An Online Business on A Shoestring
Finding The Perfect Fit: Choosing Your Ideal Client and Unique Selling Proposition
How To Find The Right Assistant
3 Tips on How to Break Down Your Goals
3 Tips on How to Plan Your Content for the Year
What The Latest Social Media Trends Mean For Coaches
What Is Your Coaching Worth?
Creating a Vision that WILL Come True
How To Grow Your Tribe
Are You Ready to Put Your Best Post Forward (Guest Blogging Contest)
Want to Know How to Use Your Blog to Drive Traffic to Your Site? Read These
Ho Ho Ho – One Last Dash for Holiday Cash
It’s NOT Over – 5 Steps to Making Money in 2013!
Why Be Thankful?
Get Your Prospects To Pay Full Price With This Simple Three Letter Word
Learn How to Get More Clicks On Your Tweets – What the Research Says
Are You Using This Marketing Tool?
That Nasty 9 Letter Word
3 Places to Look for Sellable Content
What’s Your Problem?
What’s Your Unique Business Advantage?
The Last Minute Decision That Changed My Life Forever
How to Know Your Business is Ready for the Next Level
Read This If You Are on the Verge of Giving Up…
Three Ways to Quit Your J-O-B (and really own your business)
The Secret To Making It To The “Big Leagues” Fast…
Do You Have What It Takes? (or, are you just fooling yourself?)
Making Sure Your Testimonials Comply with FTC Guidelines
5 Reasons Your Clients Aren’t Renewing with You
Why It Is Almost Impossible To Make Money As A Coach (Unless You Do This)
10 Ways to WOW Your Customer for Less Than $10
The 3 Secrets to Attracting Traffic To Your Website
How To Use Emails To Market Your Products
Don’t Forget the Call to Action
Are You Letting Your Fear Of Not Being Good Enough Stop You From Launching?
Declare Your Independence Today
Seven Super Sneaky Ways to Get Your Blogging Done
Does Your Business Add Up?
The Three Social Media Mistakes That Cost You Money
How To Overcome Your Fear Of Selling…
The Easy Way To Turn A $12 E-book Into A $97 Information Product
How to Share Your Blog Post on Facebook
Delegate Doesn’t Have to Be a Bad Word
3 Steps to Making the Most of Your Facebook Timeline
So, What’s That Campaign Doing for You?
Getting Started with Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories
3 Ways to Get Your E-mails Opened
Are You Ready For the New Facebook Timeline?
3 Ways to Get That First Speaking Gig
Top 5 Questions People Ask About Website Security
Don’t Know What to Say On Social Media to Get New Clients?
Share To Win These Great Prizes!
Present to the Experience of Financial Abundance
Cutting the Technology Cord (do you have a job or own a business?)
How I Went From 4 Coaching Clients To 22 In 1 Year!
Facebook’s Graph Search Is Coming: Why You Should Care
Beyond Keywords: 3 Ways To Read Your Customers Mind
How Can I Help You?
How To Take More Action: 5 Powerful Tips
How to Add a Blog Post to Facebook
Why it Matters Where You Lean Your Hoe
What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions for Your Blog?
5 Reasons To Use Pictures In Your Marketing
December is the New January
How to Create Revenue Projections
Don’t Stop Now… 3 Ways to Be 6 Months Ahead in Your Business on January 1
Are You Blogging On a Regular Basis?
Using Facebook Offers to Promote Your Business
Movie Star Tips On How to Look Great on Video
Easy Tips for Better Networking
Are You Ready? (The Decisive Minds Toolkit for Being Prepared for Unexpected Opportunities)
How I Got 3 New Clients from One Facebook Post
It’s Here: How to Decide, Take Action and Pocket the $$$ – Free Video Series for You!
Why Do I Keep Going to Live Events?
3 Reasons You Need A Physical Product
Don’t Know What to Pin on Pinterest? Here are 5 Ideas for Great Visual Content
Are You a Time Starved Entrepreneur? Here Are Some Social Media Time Management Tips
The Four F Words That You Need for a Fantastic Business!
3 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Pinterest (Even If Your Business is Non-Visual)
Sales Secrets Revealed
Turn a Community Into Cash
5 and A Half Habits of Successful Guest Bloggers
5 Tricks for Using Keywords In Your Blog Posts
Marketing Lessons from the London Olympics
Who to Connect With Online
How to Find More Clients Using Linked In
The Importance of Accountability
Is Your Social Media Working for You? How to Determine Your Social Media ROI
The Quickest Path to Freedom in Your Business
The Basics Can Cost You When Not Done Correctly
How Many People Do I Need On My Preview Call to Fill my Telseminar?
Ultimate Blog Challenge
Lessons Learned from the Linked In Security Breach
Local Search Marketing: Google Places to Google Plus – What You Need to Know
Creating a Global Fanbase with Google+ Hangouts
5 Tips for Getting More from Google+
How to Maximize Your Facebook Business Timeline
Easy 3 Step Decision Making Process
3 Great Places to Find Speaking Gigs
Is Social Media Engagement B.S.?
Can People See YOU in Your Blog?
I’m In a “Hell Yeah” State of Mind
Increasing Your Online Visibility
Sunday Afternoon Reflections
Why You Should Take Part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge
Avoiding Common Internet Marketing Time Traps
Creating Your Own .tv Station
How to Get More Likes on Facebook
Google’s New Privacy Policy – Should I Be Worried?
How to Find More Followers on Twitter
7 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website
Linked In Basics: How To Use Linked In to Promote Your Online Business
Scribd – Another Avenue for Getting Your Content Out
Linked In Basics: How to Create An Awesome Linked In Profile
Twitter Basics: 8 Great Reasons Why You Need To Still Be on Twitter
5 Ways to Hack the Ultimate Blog Challenge
January 2012 – Ultimate Blog Challenge
10 Ways to Get Visibility From 1 Piece of Content
5 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas
Increase Blog Traffic With More Content
Use Your Love of Social Media to Create A Thriving Home Business
Using Testimonials to Promote Yourself
How to Stop Being the Best Kept Secret in Your Industry
5 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Social Media Manager
Six Steps to Creating Share-Worthy Content for Your Blog
Just Breathe…
Spring Clean Your Profile to Get Ready for the New Facebook Changes
9 WordPress Plug Ins To Make Sharing Your Blog Posts Easier
Are You Using Google Plus?
3 Easy Ways to Make the Most of the Blog Challenge
How to Get Around The 3 Social Media Roadblocks
How Do You Use Twitter to Get The Most Out of A Blog Challenge?
5 Elements of A Successful Website
Online Business Fundamental Rules
What’s In a Name?
What is the Global Social Media Managers Association™?
How to Make A Great Video
Online Business Fundamental Rules
Blog Participant vs. Blog Voyeur
Your Social Media ROI
2 Paths to Creating a 6-Figure Business Using Social Media
The Social Media Power of a Few Friends
Listen for the Monkey with Peter Guber
Social Media Strategy Key Components
A Few of My Favorite Quotes
The Top 3 FAQs About Attracting New Clients
Why Keyword Analysis?
What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?
Does Your Blog Need a Content Planner?
How to Use Blog Ads to Make Money by Darren Rowse
How to Host a Successful Event
It’s Almost Blog Challenge Time
Accountability Partners – The More the Merrier?
Mentoring Instead of Accountability Partnerships
An “IRL” Accountability Partner
Is it Live or Memorex? Virtual Accountability Partners
What Is an Accountability Partner?
How to Multiply Your Time
How to Publish Your Blog on Kindle
Tips for Achieving Your Goals
How to Make Money Blogging
Facebook – Visibility or Profits
Yes Elizabeth, You Must Still Blog
The Internet Marketing Easy Button
A Business Lesson From Martin Howey
How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business
Are You Fixing Their Problems?
How to Make Your Blog Stand Out
The Social Network
Do Unto Others…..
How to Make $11,188 During the Holiday Season
Seth Godin Explains Why You Need A Tribe
The Fine Art of Self-Promotion
What Masterminds Have Done For My Business!
Explode the Misconceptions About PLR by Nicole Dean
Blogging on Purpose!
Is Your Fear Getting In The Way?
Turn PLR Content Into Cash
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Articles by Michele A Scism

The 6 Best Ways to Build Your Community
How to Create a Speaker Sheet
My Super Easy Speaker Sheet Shortcut
Viral Marketing – The Art of Being Shareable
How to Build an Audience with Paid Ads
Create a List: How I Added Thousands to My List Using Other People’s Audiences
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How to Create an Application Process to Find Better Clients
How to Do VIP Days With Your Clients
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Don’t Waste Your Money on Marketing
4 Step Decisive Action Plan
What to Delegate in Your Business
Three Big Reasons Why Your Webinar Registration Page Isn’t Working
Split Testing 101
5 Marketing Metrics for Coaches
What Affiliate Partners Need to Promote Your Coaching Practice
10 Offline Ways To Get More Web Traffic
3 Big Reasons Nobody Is Signing Up for Your Webinar
The 5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make with Their Email Newsletter
The 10 Ways You Are Killing Your Business With Email
Grow Your Business with L.O.V.E.
Bigger Is Better: 3 Reasons Why Size Matters
The 5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make Growing Their Lists
My Secret to Building Know, Like and Trust
Top 7 Daily Money Making Must Dos
Put Down That Computer! 5 Ways To Plow Through Your To Do List
How Coaches Manage Their Time Wrong
How to Price Your Coaching Program
Designing Your Dream
How To Create a Handout That Makes It Home
Amazing Tips for A Successful Speaking Gig
The Top Three Things A Speaker Should Carry With Them At All Times
My 1-2-3 System for Getting Booked On A Telesummit or Podcast (Even if you Have a Small List)
3 Reasons You Are Not Ready to Speak Yet (and How to Get Past Them)
My Super Easy Speaker Sheet Shortcut
Is It a Business Or a Job?
Avoid These Top 3 Sales Conversation Mistakes
How to Fill Your Connections Calendar in 3 Easy Steps
Your 4 Week Plan For Making The Most Out of Your Next Live Event
Getting REAL: How To Know When Your Funnel Is Working
Three Simple Reasons Why People Aren’t Opting-In To Your List
Getting Past “I Need To Think About It”
5 Times Your Prospects Need to Say “Yes”
How To Create An Irresistible Promise
Is Your Product Overwhelming Your Audience?
How to Promote Your Product in 3 Easy Steps
5 Ingredients for the Perfect E-book
How to Make More Money Working with Fewer Clients
How to Increase Your Conversion Rate
How to Turn Your $10 Book into a $200 Product
Getting “Real” Your Sustainable Business
Is Your Business In That Awkward In Between Stage?
What Are You Afraid Of In Your Business?
Start Up Struggles
What Stage of Business Are You In?
The Five Fears That Are Destroying Your Business
The Absolutely No Excuses Guide to Creating Passive Income
The 7 Time Sucks vs. 7 Moneymakers
How to Boost Your Sales By 25% Or More
Create A Product In 4 Super Easy Steps
The Seven Building Blocks of Your Online Empire
The 5 “Real Secrets” To A Successful Online Business
How to Find Your First Coaching Client
Say What? Does Your Giveaway Match Your Funnel?
How to Build Your Business With Systems
Your Social Media Checklist
How to Get Experts On Your Teleseminars
3 Steps to Making More Money In Your Business Today
How To Use Twitter to Test Your Headlines
Relationship Marketing Done Right
How To Know What Your Ideal Client Needs
4 Steps to Creating a Great Info Product
Why Do We Care About Product Funnels?
How I Ask for the Sale
Get Your First Client – 5 Marketing Strategies
How to Ask for Testimonials That Create Trust
5 Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back
3 Ways to Grow Your Email List
Attracting Clients To Your Site
How To Build A Sales Page That Attracts
How To Use Follow-Up To Increase Sales
Attract More Customers With A Well-Developed Product Funnel
These 7 Things Will KILL Your Business
Are You Scaring Your Readers Away?
3 Tips to Staying Relevant to Your Subscribers
3 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make
5 Key Steps To Boost Business Profits
5 Steps to Getting People to Interview You
The System I Use To Get 200 People To Sign Up For My Webinars
5 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas
5 Steps to Creating Your 90 Day Marketing Plan
The Six Rules for Success as an Entrepreneur
Create Your Unique Business Advantage Using Your E-mail List
Promote Yourself With a Social Media Press Release That Rocks!
Event Sponsorships – How to Double Your Return!
How to Create a Sales Page That Helps Customers Buy From You
Build Your Team to Create A Six Figure Business
Use Market Segmentation to Serve Your Customers Better
How to Choose A Shopping Cart And Autoresponder for Your Business
The Nine Letter Secret To Business Success
5 Ways to Find Speaking Gigs
5 Tips for Treating Your List Well
Understanding Your Numbers Helps You Sleep At Night
HELP! I Don’t Know Which Topic to Pick for My Product
How to Use Your Blog to Write Your Book
Go from Shy to Speaker: The 5 Basics
The 5 Basics You Need to Build Your E-mail List
How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog
If I Don’t Start Making Money Soon…….
Google+ vs. Pinterest: Which One Is For You?
Increasing Visibility: Five Steps to Effective Facebook Ads
Increasing Visibility: The Power of Testimonials
How to Get Visibility by Sponsoring Events
Tips on Creating an Effective Facebook Fan Page
Affiliate Marketing: Five Ways to Make Money Helping Others
Get Noticed By Using Linked In Groups
Keywords: Why Do They Matter?
10 Tips for Creating An Awesome Social Media Profile (on any network)
Overcoming Social Media Procrastination
Are You Paying Attention to Your Audience?
Facebook Basics: Using Facebook for Networking
The Not So Secret Ingredient to My Social Media Success
Growing Your Business Through Networking
Five Tips for Creating A Coaching Program
6 Reasons You Need An Email Marketing List
3 Facebook Mistakes Business Owners Make
Facebook Fan Page Strategy in 3 Easy Steps
Online Business Owners: Avoid These 5 Outsourcing Mistakes
5 Easy to Outsource Tasks for Online Businesses
5 Advantages of Outsourcing for Online Business Owners
How to Use an Autoresponder for Customer Service
Make Money By Writing Product Reviews
Tips For Writing A Popular Blog Post
One Blog vs. Many Blogs
5 Tips For Great Accountability Partnerships
Grab Attention With Contests & Giveaways
Turning Website Visitors Into Subscribers
Guest Blogging Your Way to More Subscribers
Do You Ship Info Products?
To Be or Not To Be An Affiliate
Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket
Facebook – Fortune or Frustration
Expert Status: Well Worth the Work
Targeted Website Traffic Is Easier Than You Think
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