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Nancy Marmolejo is a sought after marketing strategist who  teaches coaches and consultants how to get more clients, make more money, and live the lifestyle they’ve always desired.

She cut her teeth in business running the snack bar at her Dad’s flea market in the era of feathered hair, tube tops, and Aqua Net. It was the greatest place on earth to learn branding, guerrilla marketing, daring publicity, and customer service. She credits her late father for being the best business mentor a girl could ever have.

Years later, she became an urban school teacher where she fine-tuned her abilities to see the potential in everyone she met. In 2003, Nancy launched her own business and quickly made her mark as a creative strategist, a social media early adopter and innovative thinker.

Fast forward to today and Nancy’s achievements are many: national winner of the 2006 Anna Maria Arias Award for business innovation, Entrepreneur of the Year from the National Hispanic Women’s Association, over 100 media credits (including Smart Money, the Orange County Register, Redbook), featured in 5 books on business and social media, named to numerous “Best Of” lists from social media innovators to marketers, and a respected expert with a loyal following from around the globe.

Using her proven systems and results-based coaching style, Nancy’s clients learn how stand out in their fields to make more money, attract great clients, and leverage opportunities.

Known for her creative and spirited style, Nancy is all over the web as an avid social networker and trend watcher. She lives in California with her amazing child and a very large orange cat.

Blog Posts by Nancy Marmolejo

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What Would You Do With Your Business in a Crisis? Here’s What I Did
The Responsibility of Visibility: Reflections on Tucson
Save the Earth: Host a Virtual Retreat
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Nancy’s Quest to Eradicate The Crap Around Us
Business Tip: Surround Yourself With Amazing People
The Elusive Cricket in My Kitchen
I Heart My Biz Love Notes
How to Be The BEST Guest Expert Around
Are You Keeping Things Fresh?
Fake Blog, Real Sales Page
Stand Out by Engaging Your Audience: Here’s How
Social Media for Visibility: Get on the Dancefloor!
Junebugs, Mentors, and Your Business
Read This Book: The Zen of Social Media Marketing
How to Create a “Who’s Who” Event Using Social Media
Do “Magic Pill” Solutions REALLY Work?
Basketball Breakthroughs: Baby Steps to Success
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Mediocre Doesn’t Sell!
Sometimes You Just Have to Say “Happy Birthday”
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The Transparency Challenge
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Pour Some Sugar On Me
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Flea Market Wisdom: Branding Tips You’ll Never Forget
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Not My Grandma’s Oakland
Why “Their” Killer Strategies Don’t Work for Everyone
Copycats of Copycats of Copycats
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Stay Relevant: Update Your Message
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Facebook Event Spam: Please, Please Stop!
Survey Says: YES They’ll Buy From You!
Rise to the Top
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Stepford Wife Social Networking: Turn Off the Canned Replies Already!
Why Do You Want More Visibility?
Humble Pie
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Articles by Nancy Marmolejo

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10 Essential Tips for Business Success
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Goofed In Public? Here’s What to Do…
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