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Imagine being the go-to person in your field… the expert your prospects want to do business with… the one everyone is talking about… the one getting more money consistently. Now imagine being that successful with authenticity and integrity… in a way that you build lasting relationships with those you serve.

Shannon Cherry, APR, MA, Your Creative Relationship Marketing Expert, helps you do just that by creating a powerful presence to make more money. Her background as a PR and marketing pro, as well as a TV reporter and anchor, combined with a unique ability to see through the clutter, gives her the expertise to build your exposure, increasing your credibility and visibility.

For more than 18 years, she has helped businesses increase their traffic, fill seats in programs and get more profits. Shannon has helped her clients appear in Parents, NewsWeek, Entrepreneur, USA Today and the New York Times, as well as on The Today Show, Fox News, The History Channel, CNN and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

She founded Be Heard Solutions in 2002 to help helped experienced and ambitious, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants to create and grow the business they desire– without compromising on their sincerity and principles.

She proudly walks her talk: Shannon’s business has been debt-free since its inception and she consistently works only 25-27 hours per week to spend more time with her family in the capital of New York.

Blog Posts by Shannon Cherry

Cherry Bomb: The Audition
Enjoy Your Holiday Season Without Missing a Beat!
Cherry Bomb: Your Sales Focus Is So Loud You Can’t Hear What I’m Saying
Drip Your Way Into More Profits
Your Email Marketing Rut And What To Do About It!
Cherry Bomb: I’m Ditching My Facebook Page
Email Marketing Tips (Free Infographic To Share)
Email Unsubscribes? Get Over It and Learn From It Instead.
Cherry Bomb: ROI? Most Don’t Know What It Really Is!
Are You Facing Some Of These Common Business Challenges?
You Are The Brand (Period).
What Happens To You Everyday Can Be Opportunities
Business Lessons From THE Prince
Is Your Website Holding You Back?
Creative Marketing Made Easy
Simple But Not Easy – Simplify and Make More Money in Your Business
This Proven Strategy Can Increase Repeat Customers By 300%
It’s All About The Hat!
Life Happens When You Make Business Plans
Go On Vacation and Keep Your Business Running
Cherry Bomb: Make A F**kin’ Decision Already
Are You Trying To Put Out A Forest Fire With A Garden Hose?
Entrepreneurs Can Get Sponsors – And Not Just For Events!
Are You Running Around Trying To Keep Things Going?
Quiz: Are You Ready For Sponsors?
Some Free Advice To Start The Week Off Right!
Declutter Your Marketing
Sometimes Rinse and Repeat Leaves You Flat
What Two 8-year Olds Can Teach You About Visibility
To Host Or Not To Host Your List
Go Big or Belly Up?
Some Ideas To Save You Money In Your Business This Year
No Resolutions, No Themes – Just Simplicity
Here We Go… and Here You Go!
Three Unusual Local Marketing Strategies
How I Reduced My Hours To 5 Per Week During My Move
How to Get Everything Done in Your Day
Your HR Policies Can Make or Break Your Company
Increase Your Competitiveness by Selling Value, Not Commodities
Creating a Success Action Plan
Getting Help for your Business: Choosing a Blogger For Your Site
To Host Or Not To Host Your List
Bland, Boring Marketing Begone
Brag! Brag! Brag! Blah!
Stop Taking Your Customers and Prospects For Granted! Here’s How:
Get More Referrals Easily
Work Hard. Play Hard
Nope, You’re Not Getting My Business Card
Motivation For Business Start-Up
Business From Home as Motivation to Success
Using Self-Motivation to Deal with Problems
Are You A Martyrpreneur?
5 Great Tools for Small Business Project Management
How to Write More in Less Time
How to Manage your Guilt
Using Persuasion to Engage Customers
Smart and Effective Ways To Market Your Brand
Publicity and P.R: Why Avoid it?
Learn To Evaluate Business Advice
Eliminate Distractions and Get More Done
Tweak It And Profit: Offering 2 Options 2 Boost Sales
Planning Your Marketing Content Using an Editorial Calendar
Automating Your WordPress Administrative Tasks
Enjoy Your Weekends More
The Art of Pinterest: Creating and Using Boards for Business
The Art of Pinterest: 5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business and Marketing
Tapping into Your Peak Productive Time
3 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd
The Art Of Pinterest: Simple Ways to Create Stunning Pins
Turning “Down Time” into “Productive Time”
The Art of Pinterest: Creating A Business Pinterest Page
Put the Kibosh on Junk Mail!
How to Brainstorm New Ways to Monetize Your Business
Operation Business Cleanout: Why Less Is Sometimes More
Operation Business Cleanout: It Might Be Time To “Clean House”
Recycle and Repurpose This Spring!
Can You be Sponsored As a Small Business Owner?
The ABCs of Motivation, Part 4
I’m NOT That Kind of Girl
The ABCs of Motivation, Part 3
The ABCs of Motivation, Part 2
The ABCs Of Motivation
Stand Out
The Perfect Pitch for Bloggers
It’s Personal
Three Values for Success
2013 – The Year of Simple
Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want in Your Business
Creating Your Own PR Plan
Want Credibility? You Need to Earn It
Re-evaluate Your Intentions and Goals for a More Profitable 2013
Forget the 12 days of Christmas… Look at the 12 WAYS to Get Publicity
Santa – Your Go-To Marketing Pro
Get Some Media Coverage This Holiday Season
Everything Old is New Again: Re-Gifting is Good Business
Learn. Grow. Adapt. Success.
Getting Ready for the New Year – Part 5
Are You a One -Trick Pony?
Getting Ready for the New Year – Part 4
Limiting Beliefs Are Like Company Overstaying Their Welcome
Getting Ready For the New Year – Part 3
Getting Ready for the New Year – Part 2
Getting Ready for the New Year – Part 1
Being Grateful for Your Business
Got The ‘Shopping Momentum Effect’?
Accomplishing More in Less Time
Make More the Last Two Months Of the Year
Your Politics Are So Loud I Can’t Hear What You Are Selling
When it Pours, Have an Umbrella
I Think I Can
Advertising vs. Publicity: Which Comes Out on Top?
Companies Will Sponsor You to Attend the Events of Your Choosing
Are You Burning or Guiding Your Tribe?
Are You Ready To Make The Grade
Why Local Media Coverage Matters to Your Online Business
Press Releases Bring in More Business
Why Organization is Important
Take a Risk
Stop Scraping By
Simplify For Better Results
What Hat Are You Wearing?
Beat Stress and Have a Better Business
Marketing Champions
Beat the Heat by Taking Action
Getting and Keeping Customers For Your Business
Love Your Business and Your Life
No Excuses
Stop Slacking Off As a Solo Entrepreneur
Highlight Your Success
Sponsorship Deals
You Aren’t Doing it Right if You Don’t Make Mistakes
The ABC’s of Motivation
Why Time Tracking is Important for Your Business Optimization
How to Re-energize Your Business Profits This Spring
Investing to Stretch Your Potential
You Are Not Investing in Your Business When You go Into Debt
Make Creativity Happen
Be a Rebel, Be Yourself!
Top Marketing Question: How Do I Get Traffic For my Business Website?
Motivate Yourself by Attending a Live Event
Top Marketing Questions: How Do I Make a Six Figure Income?
Top Marketing Questions: How Much Time Does it Take to Be a Success?
Editorial Calendars – A Key to Visibility Success
Embracing Your Inner Smile
Publicity – Some Ideas From 2 Kindergarteners
Growing the Perfect List
When You’re Ad Swapping to Grow Your List, Remember WIIFM!
Ad Swapping to Grow Your List
Want to Grow Your List? Make sure Your Squeeze Page Has These Elements
Want a Responsive List? Bribe Them With a Great Offer
It’s All About Time Management When it Comes to Your Business and Life
Motivation: The Key to Your New Year’s Goals
Save Money in Your Business in the New Year
Think Like a Winner
Understanding the Psychology Behind Buying
Mistakes to Avoid When Holding a Holiday Sale
Why You Need Content Marketing
The Basics of Sponsorship Marketing
Do You Have Great Content?
Want Great Content? You Need to Find Your Voice
Why Content is King in Your Marketing
Things an Intern (Free Help!) Can Do For You
Using Influence to Get More Sales Easily
Want a Great Intern? Then Don’t Miss These Tips
Get More Subscribers Using Facebook
Small Tweaks to Get Better Outsourcing Results – Even When the Help is FREE
Smart Ways to Get More Passive Income
Business C.H.A.R.M. School: Coming Soon!
Brownies and Patience
Improve Your Focus for Increased Productivity
Small Upselling Tweaks to Make More Profits
Are You Busy? Or Are You Productive?
Smart Tweaks for Less Shopping Cart Abandonment
Small Tweaks to Add More Money to Your Pocketbook
Why Testing and Tracking are Important to Your Business Success
7 Small Tweaks to Stay Connected to Your Customers Any Time of Day
Smart Tweaks for A Better ROI
Small Tweaks to Add More Money to Your Pocketbook
Jumpstart your Stagnant Business with Buying Customers
Has Summer Stalled Your Business Growth?
Down with ‘Me Too!’ Product Creation
Smart Ways to Market Your Business Gifts for More Profits
Spotting the Fake Expert
What Freedom Really Means to an Entrepreneur
Excuses Don’t Make It Right – Planning Does
How to Get Your Email Subscribers to Buy
Is Your Marketing Like a Dinner Conversation?
Thank Goodness Oprah is Gone!
Here’s Why Your Business is Falling Flat
Better Marketing Made Easier
One of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in Your Online Business
Customer Service is Going to the Dogs – Part 2
Customer Service is Going to the Dogs – Part 1
Why Systems are Key to Having More Time AND Profits
Getting to Yes – It’s About the Relationship
Recycling is More Than Just for Earth Week
Get Up and Try Again
Get Lucky? No Blarney Needed
Do We HAVE to Read the Kissing Part?
The Tripe of Hype – Time Out on Majestic Monikers
Loads of Money or Loads of Victims
Get ready for #BeHeard Day
I’m Wasting my Time…
Fall in Love With Your Customers
Hear No Business; See No Business; Speak No Business
The Science of Success
Keep Their Attention with a Great Angle to Your Press Release
Get Your Name Recognized
Results aren’t guaranteed…
The Most Important Rule
The Importance of the “Big” Picture in Business
The Uses and Abuses of Testimonials
Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready for the New Year? Part 4
Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready for the New Year? Part 3
Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready for the New Year? Part 2
Help Make a Difference
Is Your Strategy Ready For the New Year? Part 1
Are You Using Your Marketing Strategies Effectively?
Why Your Marketing is Failing You…
What My Twins Can Teach You about Sponsors
The $$$ Question: How Do I Get Sponsors?
Sponsorship ROI: More Than Just a Logo
Is Your Sponsorship Proposal Doomed for the Recycle Bin?
Does Your Coach Know the Strategy Behind What They are Teaching?
Does Your Coach Know the Strategy Behind What They are Teaching?
Get your Buzz on With your Own Holiday – Part 2
Sponsorships are Available for Every Organization
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Classes by Shannon Cherry

Articles by Shannon Cherry

Finding and Keeping Great Interns (Free Help!)
Getting Subscribers To Take Action On Your Emails
Make The Most Of Your Emails
Make Your Emails Stand Out (And Get Better Conversions In The Process)
Tips To Make Your Presentation A Winner
Refreshing Your Marketing Messages
Finding The Help You Need For Your Business
Email Marketing Is NOT Dead! It’s Vital!
Identifying What You Can Offer Your Community
Start Thinking Outside The Box
Get Known And Get More Clients
Stop Taking Your Customers And Prospects For Granted!
Top Ways To Get More Clients
Get More Referrals With Better Content
Getting Better Referrals
Smart Methods to Building a Responsive Subscriber List
Turning Subscribers Into Customers
Want More Opt-ins To Your List? Gain Their Trust
Give Your Dying List Some CPR
Make Sure Your Landing Pages Do The Job
Why an Effective Sales Team Is Important for the Success of a Business
Finding and Emphasizing Your Core Competencies
Boost Your Biz: How to Find a Business Coach
Get Free Business Help: What to Put in an Intern Agreement
Cutting Costs: Are You Regularly Examining Your Expenses?
Reasons Why Many Businesses Fail
How to Find The Right Subcontractor/Freelancer
Article Writing 101
Using Persuasion to Engage Customers
Copywriting Tip: Why Double Headlines Work
9 Steps To The Best Press Release Possible
Smart and Effective Ways to Market Your Brand
Press Release Success: Boosting Business with Press Releases
Creative Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Dollars
Brainstorming Alternative Ways To Make More Money In Your Business
Personal Branding Tips for Success
Create an E-Mail Signature That Attracts Business
Public Speaking – Put Yourself “Out There” to Generate Leads and Sales
3 Tips to Improve Your Article Writing
How to Create Templates for Smoother Systems
Corporate Sponsorship For Speakers: 5 Good Reasons Blanket Sponsorship Doesn’t Work
Battling Burnout Part 3
Battling Burnout Part 2
Battling Burnout
Find An Edge and Get More Clients
The Real Secret To Being Newsworthy
When It Comes To PR, Don’t Forget To Go Local
How To Predict Your Sales Future
Want Success In Your Business? There is Only One Path.
Get Your Writing Groove On
Add An Hour (or Two) to Your Schedule Without More Work Time
How to Add More Time to Your Day
More Effective Blog Marketing
Triggers That Make People BUY
Refueling the Passion in Your Business
Top Reasons to Attend an Event
Plan Your Own Party Every Day
Writing An Effective Press Release
Is Your Press Release Ready for Big Time Buzz?
Go Local And Get More Publicity
Creating A Viral Report That Brings You More Money
How to Make Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Profitable
Go Viral, Get Profits
Perseverance Leads to Joy
7 Ways Service Providers Can Get More Out Of The Time They Have
Secrets to Growing A Successful Service-Based Business
Are You Productive Enough? Stop Wasting Time While Working
Not Getting Your Marketing Done? Here’s How to Correct That
Have A Business? Need A Vacation?
3 Easy Steps to Get More Time in Your Business
Keeping A Project From Going Off-Course
Why You May Be Struggling in Your Business to Succeed
Make An Emotional Impact For More Sales
Stop Slacking Off As A Solo Entrepreneur
Out-Of-The-Box Strategies to Get Customers
Dealing with Stress
Why Your Blanket Sponsorship Proposal Is Garbage
Using Webinars to Grow Your Business
Think More Creatively
Smart Ways to Manage Your Cash Flow for a Debt Free Business
Successful Webinars Made Easy
Ban The Comfort Zone in Your Business
Get Your Business Edge Over The Competition
Have Courage to Take Your Business to New Heights
Are Time Wasters Sucking Your Profits Away?
Attract More Prospects Easily
You Can’t Take Someone Else’s Success Story And Make It Your Story
Top Tips If You Want to Start Using Press Releases As A Visibility Tool
Piggybacking Your Way to Success
Get Media Coverage to Boost Your Image Internationally
Get Your Passion Back for Your Business
Want More Juice to Your Visibility? Add Press Releases
Smart Ways to Convert Online Visitors to Customers
Getting More Credibility
Focus On You, Too
Using Twitter as a B2B Sales Generator
Corporate Sponsorships Are Available For Small Businesses
Feeling Lonely As An Entrepreneur? You’re Not Alone
Positive Reasons You Should Be Saving Money
Improve Your Blog Writing in 3 Easy Steps
7 Tweaks to Get Your Prospects Reading Your Article
Small Changes to Increase Your Productivity in Your Home Office
Is Your Blog Getting Enough Interaction and Reaction?
How to Increase Your Sales RIGHT NOW!
The Top Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Business
Want to Make More Sales? Find Out Why People Buy
9 Tips to Make More Money from Your Email Marketing
Boost Your Opt-ins with Co-registration
5 Killer Ideas to Grow A List That Converts!
Driving Traffic to Get More People On Your List
How to Grow and Maintain a Profitable Opt-In List
What Valuable List Building Real Estate Are You Forgetting About?
Joint Venture Or Rummage Sale?
How Can I Grow My List?
Is The Money Really In The List?
How to Get More Credibility for Your Business
Persistence — And the Three Steps to Success
R-E-S-P-E-C-T is Not Just an Aretha Song
Is Your Marketing Integrated?
The Most Powerful, Amazing Word
Go Ahead! Toot Your Own Horn!
Using Effective Communications Strategies for Better Marketing Results
Grow Your Influence
You Don’t Want to Fail in Your Business
5 Things To Include In Your Corporate Sponsorship Proposal
Small Businesses Are Ripe for Getting Sponsors
Getting a Sponsor Through Building a Relationship
Does Size Matter?
How To Get A Sponsorship
3 Things a Journalist Won’t Tell You About Why Your Press Release Sucks
The 3 Steps To Getting Companies To Sponsor YOU
Why the Headline of Your Release is the MOST Important Part of the Release
Me and You and Press Releases
Build MORE Interest Using Autoresponders
Do You Know What to Write About in Your Press Release?
What’s Newsworthy for the News Media?
How to Write a Press Release Right
The Uses and Abuses of Testimonials
A Holiday Sale Can Infuse Your Pocketbook with More Profits
The Benefits of Holding Your Own Holiday Sale
Your Content is Key to Your Success
Getting Inside Your Ideal Clients Mind to Market to Them Effectively
You Need to Market Online and Offline For the Most Impact
Are You Using Creative Relationship Marketing?
Are You Really Living Your Brand?
Why Marketing is a Lot Like Working Out
Are You Making This Mistake in Your Marketing?
Knowing When It’s Time for a Divorce
Sponsorship: It’s More Than Just For Live Events
How Good is Your Press Release?
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