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Terri Zwierzynski, MBA (UNC-Chapel Hill) became a corporate refugee in 2001, after 15 years of servitude employment. After her initial shock at being unemployed, she vowed to “never work for an idiot again!” and decided to work for herself (and try to live up to that vow!)

Terri’s passion for solo entrepreneurship is grounded in her conviction that everyone has unique talents to contribute to the world, and should be able to make that contribution and still maintain their personal integrity and their lifestyle - on their own terms, as their own boss. She launched in 2003, now the largest virtual resource website for solo entrepreneurs.'s mission is to provide a quality selection of online resources for building a solo business, presenting solopreneurs with the wisdom of proven, truly Expert coaches, consultants, trainers and implementers - no get-rich-quick, hype or fluff. offers thousands of articles, classes, home-study programs, free business templates, ebooks and other resources from over 50 Certified Solo Entrepreneur Experts - mentors that Terri personally trusts.

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Solo Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Red Cups…
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My First Video: Introduction
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Social Media Land and the Illusion Of Success
Why So Many Women-Only Programs?
Three Essentials to Successfully Breaking Into a New Market
Are You Undermining Your Credibility as an Expert?
An Innovative Approach to Pricing
Why I Don’t Believe in “Competition”
Conquering Procrastination: A Personal Journey
One of the Best Giveaways of the Year
Can You Make Money On Twitter?
Solo Entrepreneurs: What Does Success Look Like To YOU?
Four Ways to Annoy Your Twitter Followers
Twitter Party, Anyone?
My Anti-Guru (and Anti-Formula) Rant
Four Ways You are Annoying Your Facebook Friends
Facebook Profiles: Personal or Business?
Building Your List — The Folly of Relying on Google
Customer Service Tip: Saying No without Saying No
Are You Diluting Your Solo Business Brand?
Increase Your Ezine Subscriber Rate 50-200% with a Lightbox/Popup
Business Plans and Goals: What To Do When It’s Not Working
Live Events: Four Things I Learned Last Year
Avoiding the Income Roller-Coaster
Making Progress Toward Your Goals While You Are WAITING?
Practicing the Power of Positive Thinking
My Rant Against Keyword-Less Titles (And a Free Keyword Research Guide)
Busting the “Hours For Dollars” Paradigm
Do You Run Your Business Like It’s Black Friday?
Ceding Control to Your Team
Are You Throwing Your Money Away on Information Products?
Three Reasons Losing Clients Can Be GOOD For Your Business
Why you NEED to delete that email
Is the One-Hour Teleclass Dead?
Fishing and Marketing – What Clients Really Want
Fishing and Marketing – How to Grow Little Clients into Bigger Clients
Fishing and Marketing: How Little Fish Turn into Big Fish!
Fishing and Marketing: Why the Quest for New Clients is Never-Ending
Telesummits are Hot! (or Not?)
EVERY Business Owner Needs to Watch These Videos
The Top 10 Questions Business Owners Have About Finding, Hiring and Working With a Virtual Team
The Secret to What to Say on Twitter
Should you lower your prices?
10 Reasons a Blog is Better Than a Website
31 Time Management Tips
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
And now just for fun…
The Grateful Life of a Solo Entrepreneur
Can a Lifestyle be a Niche?
Social Networking: Top 10 Tips for Twitter Success
Virtual Book Tour: Becoming an Online Business Manager
Link correction: Viral Twitter Tactics
3 Tips to Make Your Website Sell
Building a Service Business is All About Building Relationships
The How and Why of Twitter — It’s All About People
Email Marketing: 5 Keys to Gold Medal-Winning Thank You Pages
Can You Use Twitter to Build Your List?
Twittering, Twhirling and Twellowing…Oh My!
5 Steps to Get Website Visitors to Subscribe
Want more subscribers? Start with the right visitors!
Support that Keeps Us afloat vs. Challenge that Makes Us Grow
7 Free SEO Tools — Courtesy of MarketingSherpa
Home Based Business Stressing You Out? Three Ways to Restore Your Sanity
Five Ways To Give Away Your Expertise Profitably
Marketing Strategy: Give Away What You Know (and Lots of it!)
10 Steps to a Great Support Team (Part II)
10 Steps to a Great Support Team (Part I)
Global Meeting Planning Tool
Why finding a good VA is a lot like dating
Does your email inbox overfloweth?
Start Saving on Your 2008 Tax Bill Today!
Success Challenge: Focus
“Keeping the Joy Alive” Podcast
101 Real-Life Stories and Tips: MarketingSherpa’s 2008 Wisdom Report
Want to Make a Personal Difference in 2008?
My Biggest Internet Marketing Lesson From 2007
Excellent email deliverability tips from MarketingSherpa
Long vs. short subscribe forms
Solo-E makes the Top 100 Business Blogs List!
Five Critical Tips for Marketing Success
“Website of the Year” finalist:!!!
Single opt-in? Double opt-in?
How to spot a poor customer in 5 minutes or less
Joint Ventures Made Easy!
Free Press Release Builder
Celebrating freedom from email addiction
Finally Figured Out Where I Am: I’m In “The Dip”!!
Target markets, niches, ideal clients and FREAKS
The 4-Hour Workweek
How Do I Grow My Business?
Is Article Marketing Doomed?
Forgetting your target market
Giggle Goals
Waiting for the perfect wave
Niche…it’s so much more than just a target market!
Five Signs You May Need to Contract For More Help
Niche and the Search Engine Optimization Game
The Myth of Working For Ourselves
An Affiliate’s Quandary
5 Simple Ways to Improve Ezine Signup
You can’t leverage what you don’t have
5 Simple Makeovers For Your Website
How Much Joy Can You Stand?
A Do-Nothing Work Day
Classy affiliate links for FREE
The Ebb and Flow of Entrepreneurial Energy
Client retention
Reuse, recycle, redistribute…
Improving your double opt-in rates
The costs of operating from fear
Fear of Success
Self employed survival correlated with tax deductions
Putting the shine on your attraction niche
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4 Proven Ways to Restore Your Sanity While Running Your Solo Business
5 Things You DON’T Need to Start an Online Business
Three Tips for Cleaning Out Your Overflowing Inbox
The Secret to a Successful Online Business: It’s All About Building Relationships
Top 7 Practical SEO Tips For Solo Entrepreneurs
The Rising Cost of Health Care and the Solo Business Owner
Marketing Mythology: Putting Lipstick on a Pig
4 Steps to Increase Your Ezine Confirmation Rate by 50%
Got Website Visitors? 5 Steps to Get Them to Subscribe
Home Based Business Stressing You Out? Three Ways to Restore Your Sanity
Solo Entrepreneur Marketing Strategy: Give Away What You Know (and Lots of it!)
10 Steps to a Great Virtual Support Team
The Customer is Always Right, (Especially when you think they aren’t!)
Home Based Business Marketing Plan: 4 Tips to Fine-Tune Your Niche Marketing
Tax Deductions: One Way to Minimize Self Employment Taxes
Internet Marketing Dilemma – Improving Your Double Opt-In Rates
Part 2: Designing Virtual Classes Your Students Will Rave About!
What Is A Solo Entrepreneur?
Part 1: Designing Virtual Classes Your Students Will Rave About!
Seven Simple Steps to Writing Your First Book
The Only 10 Questions You Need to Answer in Your Business Plan
10 Essential Tips for Starting Entrepreneurs
Saying “No” Gracefully to Customers and Colleagues
Top 10 Business Plan Myths of Solo Entrepreneurs
Your Ideal Client – A Key Concept for Solo Business Marketing
Differentiation: Smart Marketing Strategies for the Solo Entrepreneur
Successful Business Decision Making
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