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Tracking Numbers to Build Your Business – Spreadsheet

Money Magic Spreadsheet

Karen Cappello shares her very simple yet powerful resource with you that she uses with her VIP clients. The Money Magic sheet is a weekly tracking spreadsheet that you can easily put into practice in your own business.

Offered By Karen Cappello
Format/Delivery: Download Excel Spreadsheet

Monthly Revenue Tracker
& Average Revenue Rate Video Tutorial

One of the most critical, and often overlooked, things in business is to choose a monthly revenue target and track your revenue daily. This Average Monthly Revenue Tracker not only does that, it shows you a method to ensure your revenue goals are reachable.

Offered By Sandra P. Martini

My Financial Control 100

Assess your level of financial organization, using this tool. Then, identify areas for focus. The intention is to help you become financially well organized and to create a plan that will make you bullet proof. (You may also learn you are already among the best!) It focuses on four areas of your finances: Personal Finances; Borrowing & Saving; Financial Planning; and Business Finance.

Offered By Nina East