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Testimonial Template and Best Practices

Discover how to easily get great testimonials and how to use them to attract your ideal clients! This template from Cindy Schulson will show you how.

Offered By Cindy Schulson

Are You Creative?

Worried you may not be creative, or you may not be creative enough? Take this quiz and find out just how creative you really are!

Offered By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Standards of Presence

Karen Cappello provides 10 methods that you can use to be fully present in your life that do not add any time to your day, and will increase your personal effectiveness dramatically.

Offered By Karen Cappello
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Time Management Tools: Strong New Voices For Wise Time Choices

Do you let self-criticism sap your energy and initiative? Well, believe it or not, you hold the power in your hands, RIGHT NOW, to turn the tables on your Inner Critic. Give yourself Paula Eder’s newest Time Management Tool “STRONG NEW VOICES FOR WISE TIME CHOICES: 3 Exercises to Tame Your Critical Voice With the Wisdom of Your Adult Voice.” Learn powerful ways that your Adult Voice can take charge and counter those negative, self-critical messages, starting today!

Offered By Paula Eder
Format/Delivery: Instant Access

Use This Quiz Today To Reduce Wasted Time and Energy

Time management tips are about becoming productive, not staying busy. This quiz by Paula Eder shows you how to tell the difference and successfully fight the hurry habit.

Offered By Paula Eder

The Inner Boundary Checklist: How to Use Your Intuition to Create Highly Effective Time and Boundary Choices Today

Are your accomplishments shrinking while your To-Do List grows? What if you empower yourself? Strong inner boundaries create new opportunities and possibilities for you. Claim Paula Eder’s practical and powerful Inner Boundary Checklist to be more proactive and productive, starting today!

Offered By Paula Eder
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How Creative Are You? – A Quiz

Are you a creative genius, or feel that you have untapped potential or are you just creatively tired. Take this short quiz by Dr. Laureen Wishom to determine your creativity level.

Offered By Laureen Wishom

Do You Believe In You? – A Quiz

We all get self-conscious from time to time, but is your confidence dangerously lacking? Does it need strengthening, nurturing, scaling up or are you full of self- belief? Not sure! Take this short quiz by Dr. Laureen Wishom and see if you believe in you.

Offered By Laureen Wishom

Are You Afraid of Change? – A Quiz

Not sure it you can handle change, or you are not comfortable with change, or you can’t figure out why you get nervous or anxious when change occurs. Take this quiz by Dr. Laureen Wishom and determine if you are or are not afraid of change.

Offered By Laureen Wishom

What is Your Personality Profile? – A Quiz

Are you an aggressive leader or a compassionate one? Do you take a stand and make your opinions well known, or retreat and let your critics have their say? Does your staff love you or are they tolerating you? Take this short quiz by Dr. Laureen Wishom and determine your personality profile.

Offered By Laureen Wishom

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