Growing Your Business With Social Networking Part One … Facebook


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There are basically five social media tools every business owner should use. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to grow your business or become an expert in your field, you should use them. It also doesn’t matter what type of business you run; you need them. Any business from the largest of corporations to a small direct sales business should use these five social media tools. They include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site right now. There are more profiles on Facebook than any other social networking site. This means you’re sure to find people interested in what you have to say. You’re sure to find people interested in learning more about your business. There are over 400 million profiles on Facebook; imagine how many contacts you could make with that many possibilities.

Facebook limits you to 5000 friends and when there are more than 400 million profiles you must create a fan page or group so you have the ability to communicate with them. When you make daily posts you’ll have the ability to stay in touch with them. The same thing goes for groups you join. You’ll want to make daily posts in these pages and groups as well. You won’t have to monitor them, which makes it even better yet.

It takes a little bit of hard work and dedication, but it can be done. The important thing is that you know how to make it happen. One of the best ways to do that is to hire a Virtual Assistant. She’ll be able to market your business for you and then create and maintain a fan page or group. Once you have a schedule created and she helps you follow it, you’ll have success using Facebook to market your business.

Sophie Zollmann of SophieZo Virtually There For You is a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager committed to working with online entrepreneurs to increase their productivity and income potential. She provides online business management services and virtual assistance in blog/email/social media management, WordPress website design & maintenance, 1ShoppingCart set up & maintenance, internet marketing, event planning, Real Estate support, schedule management, proofreading, article submission, dictation/transcription and much more. Find out more at

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