Four Ways to Annoy Your Twitter Followers

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Last month I wrote about the Four Ways You are Annoying Your Facebook Friends. I’d like to follow that up today with the same thing, but this time on Twitter.

Many of these are simply newbie mistakes…understandable, but I hope as a newbie you’ll fix these quickly.

  1. Sending an automated DM. Yes this functionality is built-in to many twitter interactive suites (like SocialOomph, etc.) along with the auto-follow feature. A word to the wise: I get a lot of DMs and if they aren’t personalized with my name (my real name, not my Twitter handle), I ignore them.
  2. Adding me to your Mafia family, etc.. Ugh! While I do play games online, I don’t really want to be inundated with these silly notices. I often unfollow people who send me these…I’m pretty sure I’m not alone!
  3. Every other tweet is to your program, product, or other sales page. I cringe when I see this. Read my lips: Twitter is not the place to sell stuff, it’s a place to share information and build relationships. If you build real relationships, then sales, alliance opportunities and other good things will happen. But if you go on twitter with the intent to sell something, I guarantee you will fall flat.
  4. Completely automating/delegating your Twitter stream. I use a fair bit of automation in my twitter stream, automatically tweeting blog posts, new articles posted at Solo-E, etc. I also delegate the posting of announcements about teleclasses and other events to one of my trusted VAs. But I’m also on Twitter at least a couple of times daily, responding to tweets, creating new personally-written tweets, and hand-picking interesting information to retweet. If you turn your Tweet stream into a one-way communication, you are missing the point, and missing the opportunity to really connect with folks! Please don’t completely rely on automated/pre-scheduled tweets, or delegate the whole thing to a VA. Get on Twitter and be real!
    1. Ok, those are my pet Twitter peeves…what are yours? Please add them in the comments below!

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13 comments on “Four Ways to Annoy Your Twitter Followers
  1. Fnnkybutt says:

    I really dislike when someone tweets the same thing (usually a link to something of theirs) over and over and over.

    The auto DMs? Hate them! A twitter friend suggested another friend to me – so I followed friend #2, sent her a tweet saying “hey! Friend#1 said we should meet! looking forward to getting to know you…” All I rec’d back was a DM that said “Interested in working from home? Click here…” Unfollowing ensued.

    • Terri Z says:

      Oh, yes another pet peeve — the DMs with the invites to work from home, join an affiliate program, etc. Definite unfollow!

      Multiple tweets of the same thing are also annoying, I agree!

  2. Sue Koch says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing! Even worse than that promotional DM is when they go so far as to reply or mention you directly with spam. Very annoying and intrusive!

    • Terri Z says:

      I find that most accounts that do that tend to have few followers and tons of updates…I usually report them for spam via Twitter. It is definitely annoying!

  3. So what its not going to make me go out and buy something just cos some big names says I should! Simple answer is stop following them or block their tweets! This is suppose to be a social network and it hasn’t stopped millions from around the world joining twitter these people with pet peeves are anti social and will never fit in what ever social network they join

    • Terri Z says:

      That’s an interesting perspective, Alan. And I do stop following or block tweets of those that do these things…that was the purpose of the post, to help educate folks who are new to social networks that their behavior might be annoying (and might be why they don’t get the results they may desire.)

  4. Technoslick says:

    Re: #3 – The real concern is that social media marketers are selling the concept to others, to repeat (for profit) what we have agreed is repulsive, if not just annoying. “If you throw enough up against the wall, some is bound to stick,” is how they are justifying the spamming technique, just like with email. So…the only ones listening to your advice are you, me, those who have commented here and anyone else not interested in making a quick buck off of Twitter. Hmm..we may be in a shrinking group that will fast become a tiny minority. :

    • Terri Z says:

      Oh, I hope not (that we become a shrinking minority)! The good thing is that Twitter has rules against spamming (and makes it easy to block the offenders) and they seem to go in and get rid of spammers periodically as well.

      I honestly would not necessarily classify folks who do the things above (my “pet peeves”) as spammers…just misguided. Unless they DM me repeatedly…then I’d call that spam.

  5. Nataliaruizperez says:

    Hate sellers on twiter…..a litle bit is ok to show a new product but all the time!!!!
    Hope some day people understand.

  6. Remember the good old days when we used to talk to each other on Twitter? It does looks more like a newsfeed now… I took most of my conversations to Facebook because Twitter just doesn’t have the engagement I once enjoyed from it.

    • Terri Z says:

      I do still chat with folks sometimes via Twitter…but it’s just so difficult to remember the thread when the replies are hours apart, etc. Tools sometimes help but Facebook is just plain easier for conversation, especially with multiple people!

  7. Terri Z says:

    Allyssa Gregory wrote about this recently; read her post for another take on why people may (or may not) be following you on Twitter:

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