About Solo-E Mission has been dedicated to supporting Solo Entrepreneurs worldwide – self-employed individuals who desire the financial and creative freedom of entrepreneurship without the sacrifice of personal freedom – since 2003.

We offer proven, no-hype business strategies, marketing techniques and entrepreneurial advice from successful Solo Entrepreneur Experts – in a variety of virtual learning formats and schedules to fit your Solo Entrepreneur lifestyle!


Team Solo-E

Terri Zwierzynski

Terri Zwierzynski - CFO (Chief Freedom Officer), Solo-CEO, Consultant, Singer, MBA (UNC-Chapel Hill)

After 15 years of employment with large and small technology companies, Terri became a corporate refugee in 2001. A non-conformist at heart, she is now a business strategist and marketing consultant to solo entrepreneurs, and a grassroots promoter of the solo entrepreneur lifestyle. She has grown from a few hundred subscribers into a site that attracts thousands of solo home business owners monthly from over 100 countries on six continents.

Terri’s passion for solo entrepreneurship stems from her conviction that everyone has unique talents to contribute to the world, and should be able to do that while maintaining their personal integrity and their lifestyle. As a wife, mother of two children, and owner of two dogs, she cherishes her ability to decide when to work, when to walk the dogs and when to chaperone a field trip. As a business owner, she relishes the freedom of doing work she enjoys, on her schedule, for clients she likes and respects.

Kimberly Strachan Kimberly Strachan Brodeur - Content Maestro & Solo-E Master Organizer

Kimberly loves paperwork, organizing files and assisting others with the details of life! Her background includes a diverse number of jobs and degrees in administration, education, social work and psychology. Her mission in life is to grow, love, learn and touch the lives of others. During this lifetime she plans to live in as many countries as possible: so far she's been a resident of 5 - spending time in Canada, China, Europe and Japan - and currently residing in the US.

  Julia Zwierzynski - Social Media Technician

Julia joins the company as our first family hire! She is a sophomore in high school. Soccer, cross country, track and swimming keep her busy.

Cindy Greenway- Infrastructure Architect and Certified Expert Outreach Specialist

Since starting her online business in 2003, Cindy Greenway quickly became very passionate about strategizing and implementing online marketing strategies. Over the last several years, she's been on both sides of the fence --- providing support to business owners to support increased growth, as well as supporting the Virtual Assistant community with building strong relationships with their clients.

In her role with Solo-E, Cindy supports the team with brainstorming and strategizing ways to best support consistent growth and visibility.

As a mother of two very busy boys, Cindy appreciates that she can contribute to her family financially while working in a flexible and rewarding industry.

Renee Maniscalco - PiP (PrestigePlus) Pleaser & Material Poster Superstar

Renee has a 15-year history of strong administrative support within a variety of business settings, which have included marketing research, project management and field supervision. Beginning in the fall of 2011, Renee expanded her vocational scope to the virtual domain and is thrilled to be a part of the growing entrepreneurial community! She is looking forward to utilizing her skills while on a path toward continued growth and development as a Virtual Assistant. Her goal is to continue to learn all of the available technology in an effort to assist her clientele as they focus on what they’re most passionate about: their business! Renee is the newest member of our team and is excited to have this opportunity with Solo-E Experts and members.

Monica Ross
Monica Ross - Virtual Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

Monica has run her own business since 1999 and taken great pride in building a large team across North America. A top notch QuickBooks Pro Advisor, she also specializes in working with couples on their personal finances. She knows what it is like to move from surviving in business to thriving and is committed to helping her clients do the same. The one thing that has helped Monica the most through the years is the close knit network of like minded individuals, like the kind that you can find at Solo-E.

Visit Monica's website,

Solo-E Vision

We envision a vast, worldwide network of ordinary, remarkable, passionate, lifestyle-inspired Solo Entrepreneurs with extraordinary ideas -- dreaming, learning, connecting and delivering their authentic contribution to the world -- together, through

Humankind is transforming
Humankind has its roots in an an existence where everyone functioned locally, fending for themselves-- growing their own food, building their own shelters, making their own clothes and weathering their own storms. The harmonious design of the universe promises that transformation toward a different existence is possible -- one where it is possible for each individual to do only the work they are passionate about - in a peaceful environment that is in harmony with their lifestyle.

Enabling this transformation, civilization has brought us democracy, where a free and open marketplace can flourish. Technological advancements have contributed the Internet (and other technologies yet to be discovered) that extend that marketplace to individuals, allowing the buying and selling of the fruits of individual talents, regardless of location. And the universe itself ensures that the right balance of talents is available, so that among all humans, buyers and sellers exist in equilibrium.

The opportunity for Solo Entrepreneurs
Solo Entrepreneurs, those who wish to express their talents within a solo business structure, benefit especially from this transformation. With the feasibility of reaching large numbers of perfect customers, and unlimited sources of knowledge on how to run their business, it will be possible for Solo Entrepreneurs everywhere to lead empowered, peaceful, fully-expressed lives. aims to create a no-hype environment where Solo Entrepreneurs everywhere can find solutions to the unique challenges of running a solo business: discovering their unique talents, marketing with integrity to their perfect customers, and operating a sustainable business without employees -- all while honoring their chosen lifestyle. We celebrate Solo Entrepreneurship and the remarkable individuals who make it happen!

Future Vision

Solo Entrepreneurs everywhere as shining examples to the world of how individuals can offer a powerful contribution to society without the confines of a big business. Working for yourself is an achievable, desirable goal - on par with (or better than!) "having a paycheck".

Our Ten Most Important Business Principles

Discover what you are uniquely talented for and passionate about doing.
Do only what you enjoy; delegate or refer everything else.
Perfection breeds procrastination. Aim for excellence and listen for the opportunities to improve.
Mistakes are just learning opportunities in disguise; our challenge is to unmask them. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t taking enough risks.
You can’t be successful alone. Find and embrace others who share your integrity and figure out how you can help each other. Ask for help, and be generous in sharing your learning with others.
Operate with a "give to get" mentality. Do for others, share with others, and it will come back to you ten-fold. Forget competition and instead look for ways to collaborate.
Work with whom you want, when you want, and charge what you are worth.
It is ultimately more profitable to market and run your business with integrity.
Say yes to things you really want to do and be good at saying NO to everything else.
Being a Solo Entrepreneur is a fun, all-consuming, joyful existence!

Acknowledgement and special thanks to:

bullet The first incarnation of, envisioned by Genece Hamby.
bullet The AWE-SUM group, which kept me sane and centered through my first couple of years as a Solo Entrepreneur.
bullet The Founding Members of Team Solo-E, who jumped in to help when we didn't even quite know what we were creating: Kimberly Strachan, Amy Ewart, Karen Tax, Jeff Morrow, Nina East, Janis Pettit, Sandra Ries, BZ Riger-Hull, Lorraine Cohen, Karol Eller, Emily Page, Pam Thomas, Jon Nix, Deb Morek, Charlotte Farrior, Mary Nations, Vickie Bevenour, Kerry Studwell, Chris Hutchinson, and Kasey Zanolli.
bullet Rose Hill, the creator of SoloBizVille (which merged with in early 2005).
bullet My life partner, who continues to support me as I do this crazy work at all hours of the day and night.
bullet Last, but not least, my children, for whom I wish to leave the world of work a MUCH better place.

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