Santa – Your Go-To Marketing Pro

By Shannon Cherry, The Power Publicist: Creative Marketing and Public Relations Expert

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert


He’s the one man who really knows if you’ve been good or bad. But did you additionally know that Santa also knows great marketing?

Just think about it. The jolly ol’ elf is one of the supreme marketers of all time – and nobody of us have even really seen him in the flesh!

So take a little advice from the guy who doesn’t fit the pop idol ideal (after all red suits and a belly like jelly aren’t exactly something the fashionistas rave about), but every year always makes a remarkable impression:

1. Stick with what works. Each year, Santa’s message is dependable. Santa Claus never changes his persona or what he stands for as he found one that works for him. All too often, business owners feel the need to jump on the ‘next big idea,’ even though what’s being done marketing-wise is established and accepted.

2. Know what gets attention. Although he’s promoting the same thing year after year, Kris Kringle also knows how to develop wonderful new angles to his service each and every year. Business owners need to continuously be thinking of fresh ways to create hooks that appeal, even if the message is the same.

3. Build relationships that last. Instead of bragging about how long he’s been in business or what his credentials are for supervising elves and reindeer, St. Nick finds out what his prospects want, then gives it to them. Entrepreneurs need to stop worrying about how they appear on paper because frankly, no one cares. Your prospects want to know what you can do for them, not that you have years of experience or multiple degrees.

4. Give-to-get marketing works. Why is Santa Claus a household name? Because he has built his credibility and visibility on trust by giving, not getting. Stop thinking about how to get customers, and start thinking of what your customers’ needs are and give it to them. You become the established expert and people always want to do business with an expert.

Start believing in Santa… After all, someone who has lasted for decades as an icon has got something going for him.. And then start using his techniques to make others believe in you too!

© Copyright 2012 Shannon Cherry, APR, MA

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